This list including some bio. sketches is compiled from the "History of Manitowoc County Wisconsin", by Louis Falge, ed. in chief. 2 vols. Chicago: Goodspeed Hist. Assoc. 1911-12. (Repr. with index. 2 vols. Manitowoc: Manitowoc County Gen. Soc., 1976-79. 1,138 pp.). We have to thank Helen Kautzer for transcribing the St. Wendel Catholic Church records. It represents hours upon hours of work. The list is also comprised of part of the county marriage index, church records, newspaper microfilms, other family researchers, the "History of Northern Wisconsin" and the Marriages microfiche through 1907. It is far from being completed. Hopefully you can find who you are looking for.


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AABOL: Anders
m: 3 Jul 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.74)
to: Marit K. Kvale

AABOL: Carl A. m: 6 Aug. 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.259) to: Gunild M. Larsen Eaton news: Married- By Rev. A.D. Alfson, Mr. Carl Aubol to Miss Julia Larson, on the 6th inst. Both parties are well known and have many friends who wish them a life of prosperity and happiness. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, August 11, 1885 P.3

AABOL: Edward S. m: 22 Apr. 1889 (co. mar. index v.5 p.446) to: Sarah Korstad

AABOL: O. Otto m: 25 June 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.75) to: M. Inge Oppen

AABOL: (also have Abol) See AMUNDSON

AALBER: Halvor J m: 27 December 1869 to: Anna Kathrine Pederson

AANONSEN: Anders emigrated from Norway in 1848 p: Aanon Aanonsen and Aase Andersdatter b: 13 Aug. 1796 m: Tarjas p: Ellef Olsen and Anne Andersdatter b: 1798 children: Tarjas Kristine (b. 8 Mar. 1829 from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc) Tobias (b. 26 Mar. 1831 from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc) Thor Andreas (b. 30 Oct. 1833 from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc)


AANUNSON: (also have Anunson) See TORKILDSEN


AASLAKSON: T. m: 10 Aug. 1858 (co. mar. index v.2 p.34) to: Anne Halverson

AASLAKSON: also have an Aslaksen

AASTAD: Ed m: 24 Aug. 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.397) to: Emma Eberhardt (she wasn't on the county or the state index) COMES BACK FOR A BRIDE Ed. Aastad Wedded to Miss Emma Eberhardt Today Joyful notes of wedding bells today peal forth the happiness of two well known young people, announcing the marriage of Miss Emma Eberhardt and Edward Aastad which was celebrated this afternoon, Rev. Rogue of St. Paul's Norwegian Luthern church officiating. The ceremony was attended by only a small gathering of friends and immediately following the bridal pair left the city for a wedding tour after which they will go to Ludington to make their home. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Eberhardt, and was engaged as an efficient teacher in the public schools for several years. Mr. Aastad was formerly with the Chicago & North Western R'y Co. in a clerrical (sic) position and recently accepted a position with the Tubbs Mfg. Co. at Ludington as chief book keeper, and has made his home there for several months. A large circle of friends recognize the worth of the young couple and will be happy to tender well wishes for a future of joyous happiness. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, August 24, 1905 P. 1

AASTAD: Isaac m: 30 June 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.282) m: Inga J. Gilbert children: (Male) Aastad (b. 10 July 1904/co. bir. index v.13 p.102) Marriage License obtained Isaac Aastadt and Inga J. Gilbert both of Manitowoc Der Nord Westen, 25 June 1903 ******** WERE MARRIED TODAY. Miss Inga Gilbert and Isaac Aastad are Wed. In a church very prettly decorated for the occasion and before an assemlage of over one hundred friends and relatives who had come to express their congratulations and well wishes and to witness the ceremony joining in wedlock two happy hearts, Miss Inga Gilbert, a popular north side young lady and Isaac Aastad, where this afternoon united in marriage at the St. Paul's Norwegian church, Rev. Rogne officiating. The bride was charmingly attired in a wedding gown of white silk, trimmed with lace and carried a hug bouquet of bridal roses while the groom appeared in the conventional black. The couple were attended by Miss Inga Aastad as bridesmaid and Walter Gilbert as groomsman. No reception was given and the couple will leave on the train this afternoon for a wedding tour of New Orleans and other southern cities. The bride who has been making her home with Mr. and Mrs. Gunder Torrison for the past six years, is a most estimable young lady and is very prominent in Norwegian church circles. Mr. Aastad is a trusted employe of the O. Torrison company with which company he has held a position for a number of years. He was formerly a member of Co. H and is deservedly popular with his friends. Mr. and Mrs. Aastad upon their return to this city will take up their residence in a home prepared for them on North Eighth street. A host of friends extend congratulations to which the Hearld gives a hearty second. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Tuesday, June 30, 1903 P. 1 ******** A large gathering of friends surprised Isaac Aastad and bride on Wednesday evening at their new home. The visitation was in the nature of a house warming. As a testimonial of esteem, the party made Mr. and Mrs. Aastad the recipients of a very handsome gift. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Friday, October 30, 1903 P.1

AASTAD: See August Eberhard bio. See ROBLEY

ABB: Joannis m: Maria Magdalena children: Adam Roman (b. 28 Feb. 1867/bapt. 17 Mar. 1867 St. Fidelis Cath. ch.)


ABBET: Lewis m: 6 Apr 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.238) to: Emeline J. Mathey

ABBOT: Ephraim m: 14 February 1867 to: Ann Maria Teeten

ABBOT: Spencer m: 11 March 1868 to: Irene Dawes

ABBOTT: E.L. m: Maria (Smith) First marriage in county

ABBOTT: Eldridge L. b: 17 Feb. 1819 in Danbury, Mass. conf: 27 Mar. 1853 from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc p: James and Rebecca (Barneens) Abbott m: Lorena M. b: 14 Feb. 1822 at Victory, Ont. co., New York conf: 27 Mar. 1853 from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc p: Ira and Mahala (Redway) Smith children: Almira Mahala (b. 13 Mar. 1839 at Manitowoc/bapt. 6 Mar. 1853) Newman Claudius (b. 1 Feb. 1841 at Manitowoc/bapt. 6 Mar. 1853) Maurice Eugene (b. 13 Aug. 1843 at Manitowoc/d. 28 July 1852, drowned) Emily Maria (b. 2 Mar. 1845 at Manitowoc/bapt. 6 Mar. 1853) Alice Electa (b. 29 Apr. 1847 at Manitowoc/bapt. 6 Mar. 1853) (children's info from records of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc) Mrs. E.L. Abbott, sister of P.P. Smith of this city died at Benton Harbor, Mich. on Monday morning, aged 70. Mrs. Abbott came to Manitowoc in 1837 and was married to E.L. Abbott the following year. This was the first marriage of white people solemnized within the boundaries of the county. The ceremony was performed in the building lately torn down by A.B. Melendy to make room for his present residence. Benjamin Jones was then justice of the peace and it was he who united the couple in marriage. E.L. Abbott was one of the first gang of men who made Manitowoc their home, having come here in 1836. His wife came with the family of Ben Jones and was one of the first white women to settle in Manitowoc. There are but few of these old settlers now left and year by year the number is reduced. Manitowoc Pilot, Thursday, May 14, 1891 P. 3 Tombstone Laura Abbott Tombstone E.L. Abbott

ABBOTT: Leland m: 31 August 1879 to: Minnie Fiegel

ABBOTT: Ulyssis G. m: 30 Dec 1891 (co. mar. index v.6 p.131) to: Jessie A Bartelle children: Vera (b. 16 Dec. 1892/b. at Two Creeks/co. bir. index v.8 p.374/father Ulysses)


ABEL: Aug. Fred. Erd. m: 29 Aug. 1876 (co. mar. index v.4, p.107) to: Marie C.H. Klieg children: August W. Fr. Abel/b. 27 Jun 1877/same father/mother Maria Klug (co. bir. index v.3 p.213)

ABEL: August m: Caroline Krug children: Ida H.A. (b. 13 July 1878/co. bir. index v.3 p.320/mother Caroline Klug Oskar Earl Bernhard (b. 2 Jan. 1887/co. bir. index v.7 p.77) Or Bernhard Oskar Carl Abel

ABEL: Henry m: November 1873 to: Bertha Reseburg HENRY ABEL, of Sheboygan, was born in what was then the town of Abel, now the town of Schleswig, Manitowoc County, Wis., May 30, 1852, and is a son of David Abel, who settled on section 13, in that town in 1850. The town was organized in the spring of 1856. and was called Abel in honor of the father of the subject of this record, but the following year it was changed to Schleswig. David Abel was born in 1799, in Prussia, Germany. In 1849 he emigrated with his family to Sheboygan County but the following year settled in Manitowoc County, where he lived until his death, which occurred in 1881. The wife and mother died three years later. Their family numbered twelve children, but several of them died in early life. There are now living two sons and two daughters. The only surviving brother of the subject of this sketch is Frederick Abel. He was a faithful soldier in the War of the Rebellion, and was a member of the Twenty-seventh Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry. In the course of the war he was severely wounded and taken prisoner. He now resides near Appleton, Wis. Henry Abel continued to live in his native county until 1888, when he removed to the city of Sheboygan and engaged in business. He operates a wood-yard boarding house and saloon at No. 836 Indiana Avenue. Mr. Abel was married in November, 1873, in Manitowoc County to Miss Bertha Reseburg, a daughter of Louis Reseburg, an early settler of that county. It may be an interesting fact to state that the first marriage in Manitowoc County was that of J. Kammer and Frederika Abel. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Abel have two children, Olga and Louis. Mrs. Abel was born September 25. 1854. Mr. Abel was elected Alderman of his ward in the spring 1892. "Portrait and Biographical Record of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin", Chicago Excelsior Publishing Co., 1894, Pages 231-232

ABEL: John (this mar. not on co. index) m: Paulina Schroder children: Adolph (b. 8 Dec. 1904/at Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.13 p.192)

ABEL: John F.W. m: 7 Dec. 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.335) to: Emma A.W. Krueger

ABEL: Wilhelm m: Karoline Fulk children: Albert Wilhelm August (b. 17 July 1868/bapt. 18 July 1869 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

ABEL: William Carl Chirist(sic) should be Christ m: 19 Dec. 1880 (co. mar. index v.4, p.171) to: Ida Johnson children: Walter C.H (b. 28 Aug. 1882/co. bir. index v.5 p.280) Edwin F.W. (b. 8 Feb. 1885/co. bir. index v.6 p.298) Lotte Emilie Car. (b. 26 Jan. 1890/co. bir. index v.8 p.277) Albert Gustav Reinhardt (b. 7 Jan. 1893/co. bir. index v.9 p.5) From Der Nord Westen, 21 Dec. 1905: Capt. and Mrs. Wilhelm Abel celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary on Tues. The local organization of Spanish-American War Veterans attended.

ABEL: (also have Able) See BARTEL See CROLL See KAMER See KASTEN See KLUG See LORFELD See David Lorfeld bio. See MAHNKE See Fred Raatz bio See SALOMON See SCHIMELPFENIG See STREUBING

ABELE: August Chas. m: 19 May 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.150) to: Mary Aug. Zeischold

ABELING: Friedrich confirmed: 3 May 1874 (from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

ABELING: Wilhelm b: Ritterrothe, Hannover res: Tn. Newton, farmer p: Christoph Abeling and Dorothea Kirchhof m: 23 Apr. 1858 at Newton (co. mar. index v.1 p.230) also (m: Mar 1858 co. mar. index v.6 p.140) to: Wilhelmine Horstmann p: Heinrich Horstmann and Maria Wendke


ABELS: Remigins m: 17 Jan 1891 (co. mar. index v.6 p.77) to: Minna Stahl

ABERMAN: William (not on co. mar. index) m: none listed children: (no name) Aberman (b. 25 Mar. 1901/don't have v. or p. numbers)


ABOL: Anton m: 16 Mar. 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.12) to: Maren Kyan

ABOL: also have Aabol

ABRAHAM: Walter m: June 6, 1936 to: Antoinette Bies young Antoinette Antoinette on wedding day

ABRAHAM: (Divorce - 1884) Abraham Hannah, vs. Abraham, Frederick Married 8 May 1869 City of Manitowoc. Children: Peter, 12; Andreia, 9; Martha, 3. The two girls live with the plaintiff, the son lives with his grandfather.


ABRAHAMS: Heinrich m: Weibke Harder children: Weibke Margaretha Abrahams/b. 14 Aug 1868/Manitowoc

ABRAHAMSEN: Frederick (possibly Abraham divorce above?) m: Hannah children: Annie Andine/b. 7 May 1875/co. bir. index v.5 p.16

ABRAHAMSEN: Theodore m: 9 Nov 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.67) to: Clara Maria Halverson


ABRASON: Fredrick (age 28 at marr.) p: Christopher and Anna Abrason m: 8 May 1869 to: Hannah Hansen p: Peter and Auduvn Hansen MARRIED: On the 8th inst., at the Parsonage, by Rev. T.B. Dooley, Fredrick Abrason to Hannah Hansen, all of Manitowoc. Manitowoc Tribune Thursday, May 13, 1869 pg. 4

ABRONE: William m: Mary Rehrauer children: William (b. 11 Mar. 1882/at Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.6 p.1) (also have William b. Mar. 1, 1882/at Two Rivers) (no name) Abrone (b. 25 May 1893/co. bir. index v.6 p.1)

ACHENBACH: Elisabeth children: Johann Eduard/son of ?? (b. 27 Jan. 1853/bapt. 15 Jan. 1857) Heinrich (b. 20 Aug. 1854/bapt. 30 Apr. 1855) Allana Louise/dau. of ?? (b. 14 Oct. 1855/bapt. 15 Jan. 1857) (info from records of First German Evang. Luth. ch.)

ACHENBACH: Jacob b: 5 May 1838 in Hessen Darmstadt res: Manitowoc p: ?? and Catherina Achenbach m: 29 Nov. 1867 (co. mar. index v.4 p.4) to: Margarete Krug b: 16 Oct. 1849 in Germany res: Manitowoc p: Heinrich Krug and Margarete Achenbach

ACHENBACH: Jakob m: 29 Nov 1867 (co. mar. index v.4 p.4) to: Elisabeth (nee) Krug children: Heinrich (b. 11/4/1868, at Rapids/bapt. 5/22/1870)from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)(co. bir. index v.2 p.31) Eliza J.V. (b. 27 May 1869/co. bir. index v.5 p.75/father Jacob) Louise Elisabetha (b. 4/6/1873 at Rapids/bapt. 6/1/1873)from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)(co. bir. index v.3 p.3) Anna Maria (b. 20 June 1875/co. bir. index v.3 p.116) (also have b. June 29, 1875) Bertha M. (b. 14 Sept. 1877/co. bir. index v.3 p.216) Auguste L. (b. 20 July 1881/co. bir. index v.5 p.262) Charles John (b. 27 Mar. 1884/co. bir. index v.6 p.182) Ella Wilh. Joh. (b. 7 Mar. 1891/co. bir. index v.8 p.291) Oscar J. (b. 16 Sept. 1893/at Rapids/co. bir. index v.9 p.112) *Note Also see v.1c p.218 Oscar changed his last name to "ALLERTON"on October 9 1952 in Cook County Illinois** Document The document reads underneath: One of the most prized possessions of Mrs. Elizabeth Achenbach, 82-year- old Alverno resident and county pioneer, is a passport issued in Germany in 1867 to permit her to sail for America and her new home. Although somewhat discolored because of its age, the original document is still in such an excellent state of preservation that the engraver had little difficulty in securing the above reproduction. Mrs. Achenbach celebrated her 82nd birthday anniversary last Friday and welcomed many guests at the home where she resides with her son, Charles. She regaled them with stories of the events of her early life prior to the time she secured her permit to sail to this country and of all the difficulties she and her late husband had in hewing out a farm from the wilderness surrounding Manitowoc shortly after the Civil war. Manitowoc Herald News, Tuesday, October 20, 1931 p.3

ACHENBACH: Johann m: Elisabeth born Klein children: Elisabeth (b. 31 July 1858/bapt. 5 Oct. 1858 from record of First German Evang. Luth. ch.)

ACHENBACH: (also have Aechenbach/Aechenbacher) See BORN See MATHEISEN See SCHERER See THEISEN



ACKER: John res: Sheboygan m: 12 Jan. 1887 (St. George Cath. ch.) (same date, co. mar. index v.5 p.338) to: Theresia Kress (also Theresa)


ACKERLAND: Charles A. m: 4 Sept. 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.176) to: Libby Poranto children: Charles (b. 30 Apr. 1903/co. bir. index v.12 p.305) From Der Nord Westen, 29 Aug. 1901 Marriage License obtained: Charles A. Ackerlund and Libby Poranto both of Two Rivers ******** MARRIED HERE IN 1901 SEEKS A DIVORCE Annullment of a marriage perfomed here Sept. 4, 1901, is being asked in Kenosha courts where Charles Akerland has filed suit against his wife Elizabeth Akerland. He alleges that Mrs. Akerland deserted him two years ago. He asks custody of their 14 year old son. Mrs. Akerland was formerly Libbie Peronto. Manitowoc Herald News, Manitowoc, Wis. February 2, 1920 P. 8

ACKERMAN: Jacob m: 25 Mar. 1850 by Nicholas Dittmar, J.P. (co. mar. index) to: Christina Spindler

ACKERMAN: Theron (not on co. mar. index) m: 31 December 1871 to: Sarah Alice Dunn

ACKERMAN: William m: 12 October 1862 to: Mary A. Carpenter

ACKERMANN: Henry (not on co. mar. index) m: Helene Klienshaus children: (no name) Ackermann (b. 23 Mar. 1885 at Meeme/co. bir. index v.6 p.229)

ACKERMANN: Henry m: 29 Apr 1889 (co. mar. index v.5 p.455) to: Anna Bauer From Der Nord Westen, 02 May 1889: Marriage of Heinrich Ackermann with Miss Anna Bauer, both of Town Newton, in the Holy Catholic Church, by Rev. J. Peil, Mon., 29 Apr.

ACKERMANN: Paul m: 12 Nov. 1879 (co. mar. index v.4, p.149) to: Bertha Bauer children: Joseph (b. 31 Oct. 1879/co. bir. index v.5 p.90) Oscar (b. 1 May 1881/co. bir. index v.5 p.131/d. Sept. 19, 1881/Manitowoc/ Ella (b. 25 Sept. 1882/co. bir. index v.6 p.137) (No name) Ackermann/b. 5 Sep 1900/co. bir. index v.11, p.263/Newton

ACKERMANN: Paul From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Silver Brook Farm. Born in Newton 1857. Wife born in Newton 1858. Married in 1878. Settled farm in 1878. Post Office, Manitowoc; Section 1, Newton Township.


ACKULARIUS: (there is also an Arkularius) See STIRN

ACRE: John (age 25 at mar.) (also spelled Acker) b. Bohemia p: John and Betsy Acre of Brit. Prov. Canada m: 1 Jan. 1867 (co. mar. index v.4, p.21) to: Lizzie Lichne (age 18 at marr.) p: Frank and Anna Lichne children: Edward (b. Nov. 16, 1868 from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc) Infant son (bapt. Oct. 15, 1869 from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc)

ADAIR: John C. m: 21 May 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.192) to: Elida May Bell

ADAM: Frank m: 16 Feb. 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.259) to: Agnes Kanselberger children: Michael Adam (b. 4 June 1885, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.6 p.255/mother Kanzelberger) Anna Mary (b. 15 Oct. 1887, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.7 p.167) Barbara William (b. 3 Aug. 1889, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.7 p.350) Sophia (b. 26 Apr. 1893, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.9 p.75/mother Kanzelberger) Joseph (b. 13 Feb. 1895, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.9 p.285/mother Kanzelberger) Wilhelmina (b. 3 Nov. 1896, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.10 p.173/mother Kanzelberger) Ottilia Adam (b. 14 Dec 1900, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.11 p.318/mother Kanzelberger) Agnes Adams (b. 24 May 1903, Two Rivers/co. bir. indexv.13 p.20/mother Kanzelberger)

ADAM: Jacob m: Mary children: (Female) Adam/18 Jun 1896/Kiel, Wisconsin/co. bir. index v.10 p.168)

ADAM: Jacob A. b: Duterty of Darmstart, Germany occ: Carpenter in Town of Rhine, Sheboygan County p: Jacob Adam and Catharina Becker m: 7 Dec 1895 civil ceremony, Kiel (co. mar. index v.6 p.327) Witnesses Peter Adams, Annie Yugenheimer to: Anna Reichert b: Town of Schleswig p: Valentine Reichert and Julie Bub children: Arno Adams (b. 1 July 1901/Schleswig/co. bir. index v.12, p.26/Adams on index) Edgar Adam (b. 1 Oct. 1906/at Schleswig/co. bir. index v.14 p.91) From Der Nord Westen, 12 Dec. 1895: Marriage of Jakob Adam with Miss Anna Reichert, both from Rhine, a few days ago.


ADAMS: Albert Waldo m: 16 Sept. 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.205) to: Emma Chloupek

ADAMS: Alexander m: 3 Feb. 1912 from records of St. John's Ev. Lutheran church, Newtonburg to: Emma Emilie (nee) Kassbaum

ADAMS: Frank W m: 3 Oct 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.84) to: Mary Ann Rogers Married: At the Presbyterian parsonage in this city, by Rev. J.M. Craig, October 3, 1882, Mr. Frank W. Adams, of Clinton Falls, Minn., and Miss Anna Rogers, of Two Rivers. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, October 10, 1882 P. 1

ADAMS: Jacob m: Mary children: Heilda (b. 9 July 1898/co. bir. index v.10 p.397)

ADAMS: John W m: 20 November 1879 to: Emily Wheeler

ADAMS: May b: 31 May 1888/conf. 12 Apr. 1903 from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc

ADAMS: Ralph Butler m: 4 July 1891 (co. mar. index v.6 p.100) to: Deala Whittier

ADAMS: Samuel b: 15 Mar. 1898 in Sheboygan/conf. 18 Feb. 1902 from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc

ADAMS: Thomas (age 50 and widower at marr.) conf: 31 Mar. 1910 from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc res: Manitowoc p: Alexander and Anne Paget Adams both born in England m: 24 Jan. 1911 at the home of the bride (St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc) wit: Edward George and Ida Madge Pilger to: Rose Pilger (age 46 and widow at marr.) p: Frank and Kate Skvor both born in Bohemia

ADAMS: Thomas m: Margaret Adams children: (Birth order from 1900 Manitowoc ward 1 census) Annie Alex Margaret Mary Thomas Samuel Florence Adams/b. 6 Jan. 1900 (co. bir. index v.11 p.152)

ADAMS: Thomas m: none listed children: (Female) Adams (b. 27 Jan. 1901/co. bir. index v.11 p.373)

ADAMS: See HAG See MONK See MONKA See NICKELS See William Williams Waldo bio.

ADAMSKI: Paul m: Julia Zeblinski children: Angelica (b. 13 Oct. 1906/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.14 p.128)

ADELMANN: Alois m: 20 Jan. 1874 (co. mar. index v.4, p.79) to: Wilhelmina Schafer children: Peter/b. 16 Mar. 1875/Liberty/co. bir. index v.3 p.146) John M. (b. 23 Mar. 1876/Liberty/co. bir. index v.3 p.154) Joseph (b. 12 Aug. 1877/Liberty/co. bir. index v.3 p.284)

ADELMANN: Aloys m: 14 June 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.44) to: Elizabeth Dietrich children: Ludwig/b. 21 Sept. 1883/Liberty/co. bir. index v.7 p.331) Wilhelmina/b. 31 Dec. 1884/Liberty/co. bir. index v.8 p.15) George/Gregor/b. 27 Mar. 1886/Liberty/co. bir. index v.8 p.135/mother Dietrick) Mary M./b. 5 May 1889/Liberty/co. bir. index v.7 p.367) Alois/b. 28 Aug. 1890/Liberty/co. bir. index v.8 p.318) Elisabeth/b. 2 Oct. 1891/Liberty/co. bir. index v.8 p.368) Caecilia/b. 11 Feb. 1893/Liberty/co. bir. index v.9 p.28) Rose M./b. 16 July 1894/Liberty/co. bir. index v.9 p.244) Wilhelm/b. 17 Mar. 1897/Liberty/co. bir. index v.10 p.255)


ADLER: Adolf (also Adolph) m: 1 May 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.292) to: Augusta Kubisch (also Kubish) children: Margaretha A./b. 9 Jun. 1886/co. bir. index v.7 p.7/father Adolph/mother Kubish) Augusta/b. 15 Aug. 1887/co. bir. index v.7 p.149) Arthur Hein. Cad./b. 6 Dec. 1889/co. bir. index v.7 p.276) George C. Adler (b. Oct. 25, 1898, at Manitowoc/from obit in Evergreen cem.) From Der Nord Westen, 24 June 1886: Marriage of Adolph Adler with Miss Augusta Kubisch, both from Manitowoc, on 01 May in Manitowoc by Justice of the Peace John O'Hara.

ADLER: See Rev. Paul E. Herb bio.

ADOLF: Anton m: 8 June 1908 (from record of St. Fidelis Cath. ch. bk.1 p.11) to: Maria Schram

ADOLF: Christian (also Adolph) m: Regina Reinhard children: Johannas (b. 1 Apr. 1863/bapt. 22 Apr. 1863 Cath. ch., Centerville..Adolf) Anna (b. 27 June 1865/bapt. 16 July 1865 St. Joseph Cath. ch..Adolph) Christian (b. 16 May 1868/bapt. 31 May 1868 St. Wendel Cath. ch...Adolf) Maria (b. 11 Aug. 1870/bapt. 4 Sept. 1870 St. Fidelis Cath. ch..Adolf)

ADOLF: Peter m: Maria Ana children: Catharina (b. 14 June 1874/bapt. 21 June 1874 from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)


ADOLFS: Anton (from birth record of St. Fidelis Cath. ch. bk.1 p.3) b: 22 Mar. 1875/bapt. 11 Apr. 1875 p: Christian and Regina Adolfs

ADOLPH: Christian m: 8 July 1858 (co. mar. index v.4, p.26) to: Regina Rhein

ADOLPH: Christian (Adolf on index) m: 13 Oct 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.377) to: Amalia Scharenbroch Wedding photo Amalia died around 1909 (likely in Appleton). Christian then re-married to Lena Kress Neils on May 4, 1909 (likely in Appleton). Christian died in Appleton. - Bob Domagalski

ADOLPH: Christian m: Regina Adolph children: Peter/b. 13 Aug. 1861/Meeme/co. bir. index v.1 p.148) (Note: The following is a possible son and his wife of this Christian and Regina no proof yet but the b. year of Anton and the fact that he was also born in Meeme township points to it) Anton Adolph (Manitowoc 36-112) Husband of Mary March 22, 1875-April 16, 1943 Son of Christ Adolph and Regina Brakeiser (both born Germany) Farmer -born Town of Meeme Died from "coronary occlusion -arteriosclerosis -chronic rhum heart disease" Buried at Calvary Cemetery, Sheboygan [?] ******* Regina Adolph nee Brakeiser (Manitowoc 21-1) Widow [of Christ Adolph] Died May 26, 1924 at age 78 years Parents are marked as unknown Born in Germany Died from "cerebral apoplexy" Buried in Sheboygan County

ADOLPH: Elisabeth b: 27 Aug. 1881/bapt. 18 Sept. 1881/from records of St. Fidelis Cath. p: Peter Adolph and Anna

ADOLPH: Gertrud (from birth record of St. Fidelis Cath. ch. bk.1 p.1) b: 17 Apr. 1872/bapt. 5 May 1872 p: Christian and Maria Anna Adolph (sent in by a researcher/see contributors page) Peter Adolph was married to Maria Anna Schaden, and therefore this entry should read p. Peter and Maria Anna Adolph. Christian was a brother to Peter.

ADOLPH: Julia b: 27 Feb. 1877/bapt. 11 Mar. 1877/from records of St. Fidelis Cath. ch. bk.1 p.5) p: Christian Adolph and Regina

ADOLPH: Peter m: Maria Anna Shaden children: Maria (b. 5 Nov. 1865/bapt. 21 Nov. 1865/from record of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.4)



ADRAHEIM: See Ferdinand A. Woodcock bio.


AEAPERT: Joanis m: Theresia Eisert children: Ana Maria (b. 21 Feb. 1865/bapt. 25 Mar. 1865 St. George Cath. ch.)

AEBISCHER: Christian b: Jaglsberg, Schweise res: Maple Grove, farmer p: Johan Aebischer and C. Wochstatter m: 21 Sept. 1856 at Maple Grove (co. mar. index v.1 p.134) to: Susannah Lerche p: Michael Lerche and Johanna Fausch children: Karoline (b. 30 Jan. 1859/bapt. 4 Apr. 1859 at St. John-St. James Evang. Luth., Reedsville) Susanna Wilhelmine (b.9 May 1861/bapt. 7 July 1861 at St. John-St. James Evang. Luth., Reedsville) Friedrich Wilhelm (b.27 July 1863/bapt. 20 Sept. 1863 at St. John-St. James Evang. Luth., Reedsville) Emma Caroline (b. 10 Apr. 1868 in Charlestown, Calumet co., Wis./bapt. 24 May 1868 in Charlestown, from baptism record St. John-St. James Evang. Luth., Reedsville)

AECHENBACH: (also have Achenbach) See SPIEGEL

ACHENBAECHER: Jacob m: Elizabeth children: Ida (b. 7 Feb. 1887/co. bir. index v.7 p.73)

AEGERTER: Otto m: 25 May 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.247) to: Lizzie Westfahl (she isn't on co. mar. index)

AFFELD: August m: 9 May 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.276) to: Emma Kiehn From Der Nord Westen, 07 May 1903 Marriage License obtained August Affeld of Manitowoc and Emma Kiehn of Kossuth

AFFELDT: August F.W. m: 30 Jun 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.253) to: Emilie W.L. Radtke

AGER: F.H. m: 22 February 1893 to: Flerna Christianson

AGERN: Oliver m: 3 Mar. 1879 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.141) to: Anna Alfson

AGERN: See bio. of Alf H. Alfson

AGIS: See Ernst Hammel bio.

AHARNDT: John (also have an Ahrndt) m: 28 Apr. 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.159) to: Marie Mahey From Der Nord Westen, 25 Apr. 1901 Marriage License obtained: John Aharndt and Mary Mahey both of Two Rivers

AHEARN: William Frank m: 17 May 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.25) to: Mary Rehrauer children: William G./1 Mar. 1882/Two Rivers Urban Joseph/b. 25 May 1883/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.6 p.84/d. Nov. 5, 1888/co. death index v.3 p.28 Frank A. (b. 11 Feb. 1885/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.6 p.263) Leo A. (b. 15 Sept. 1888/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.7 p.265) John J. (b. 8 Aug. 1890/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.8 p.76) Raymond Michael/b. 16 Nov. 1893/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.9 p.159/father Willie) Clements V. (b. 23 Mar. 1903/co. bir. index v.12 p.278) The following three children are on the 1900 Two Rivers ward 4 census Martha age 14/b. 1886 Joseph age 9/b. 1890 (probably John Joseph) Roland age 7/b. 1892

AHEARN: William m: June 22, 1910 to: Auguste Simonis Wedding photo

written on back of Ahearn wedding pic: William & Auguste Simonis Ahearn Wedding Picture June 22, 1910 Left to Right: Frank Hess, Martha Ahearn, George Simonis and Issobel Beth Hess. Photo courtesy of the Two Rivers Historical Society

AHEN: Peter m: 3 Aug. 1867 (co. mar. index. v.4 p.1) to: Anna Richter

AHERN: (also have Ahirn) See BRASSELL

AHIRN: Will John m: 21 Nov. 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.159) to: Anna C. Bertram

AHL: Francis p: Peter Ahl and Rosa Marx m: 20 Nov. 1918 (from record of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.363) to: Norma Rader p: John Rader and Maria Tintinger

AHL: John m: 5 Oct. 1880 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.168) to: Anna Holzer

AHL: Paul m: Ursula children: George/b. 22 Feb. 1860/Newton/co. bir. index v.1 p.123/father Peter Ahl/mother Ursula)

AHL: Peter m: 16 Oct 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.418) to: Rosa Marx Joseph (b. 18 Apr. 1896/Newton/co. bir. index v.10 p.77) Mary (b. 28 Sept. 1899/co. bir. index v.97 p.145)

AHLERS: Albrecht (also Albert) b: 25 Oct. 1850 in Hannover res: Cato, Manitowoc co., farmer p: Albrecht Ahlers and Sophia born Lindlow? m: 1 Nov. 1876 from record of First German Evang. Lutheran ch., Manitowoc (mar. not on co. mar. index) to: Maria Siebert b: 5 June 1855 in Franklin, Manitowoc co. p: Georg Siebert and Elisabeth Schirmer children: Georg Heinrich (b. 18 Aug. 1877/bapt. 23 Sept. 1877 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville) Clara Henriette Elisa (b. 4 June 1881 in Cato/bapt. 2 July 1881 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

AHLERS: Albrecht m: Sophie Lindloge children: Albrecht Ahlers Jr. (b. ? from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville) Anna Ahlers (b. Apr. 1861 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville) Henriette (b. 1862 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

AHLERS: Albrecht m: 30 May 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.73) to: Sophia Witt

AHLERS: Anna confirmed: 2 Apr. 1882 (from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

AHLERS: Ferdinand m: Louisa children: Jane A. (b. 17 Jan. 1869/co. bir. index v.1 p.299)

AHLERS: Friedrich m: Luise (nee) Claasen children: Johanna Auguste Mathilde Lotte/b. 1/12/1869/bapt. 4/25/1869 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

AHLERS: Friedericke confirmed: 11 Apr. 1877 (from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

AHLERS: Fritz m: Louise (nee) Klaassen children: Friedericke Lisette Maria (b. 3/3/1863/bapt. 6/1/1863 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

AHLERS: Heinrich Albrecht m: Anna Sophia nee Lindloge children: Anna Elise Friederike (b. 4 Apr 1861/bapt. 5 May 1861/Trinity Luth. ch., Liberty) sponsors: Anna Christine Friederike Haaker, Elise Rebbecka Lindloge. Henriette Helene Sophie (b. 4 Oct 1862/bapt. 16 Nov 1862/Trinity Luth. ch., Liberty) sponsors: Mrs. Henriette Selle, Sophie Free, born 4 Oct 1862, baptized 16 Nov 1862.

AHLERS: Heinrich Albert confirmed: 10 Apr. 1864 (from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

AHLERS: Lizette confirmed: 4 May 1873 (from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)


AHLGRIM: Charles (not on co. mar. index) m: Auguste Witte children: Robert Frederick/b. 12 Mar. 1896/Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.10 p.83) Edmund Carl L./b. 28 Mar. 1894/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.9 p.146)

AHLGRIM: Johann Carl m: 3 Jun 1893 (co. mar. index v.6 p.200) to: Auguste Louise Dorothea Peters

AHLGRIMM: August m: 20 Jan. 1877 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.113) to: Elise C F Kasten

AHLGRIMM: John m: 6 Jun 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.27) to: Caroline A L Gutschow

AHLGRIMM: (there is also Algrimm) See STAHL


AHLSWADE: George m: 28 Feb. 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.287) to: Kate Katzenmeyer From Der Nord Westen, 04 Mar. 1886: Marriage of George Ahlswede with Miss Katie Katzenmeier, both from Kossuth, on 28 Feb. in Kossuth by Justice of the Peace McCarthy.

AHLSWEDE: Carl m: 17 Feb. 1878 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.127) to: Marie Bautzendahl (Bolzenthal) Charles Ahlswede/b. Apr. 19, 1880, Kossuth/par: Charles Ahlswede/Mary Bolzenthal/ from obit in Evergreen cemetery Emma/b. 15 Oct. 1881, Kossuth/co. bir. index v.5 p.135) (Benjamin) Ahlswede/b. 9 Nov 1884, Kossuth/par:Charles Alsvader, Mary Bolzendthal/ from obit in Evergreen cemetery

AHLSWEDE: Charlie m: 19 Apr 1902 (co. mar. index v.7 p.210) to: Minna Mahler children: Arthur/b. 3 Aug. 1903/Manitowoc Rapids/co. bir. index v.12 p.380)

AHLSWEDE: Charles From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Elm Stock and Grain Farm. Born in Kossuth 1854. Wife born in 1859. Married in 1878. Settled farm in 1885. Four children. Post Office, Manitowoc; Section 34, Kossuth Township.

AHLSWEDE: Edwin m: 28 Dec 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.233) to: Mathilda Kuhen children: (Edward) Aulsoader/30 Oct 1890, Kossuth/par:Edward Aulsoader, Mathilda Kean (1900 Kossuth census: Edward Ahlswede/b. Oct. 1890/par: Edward and Mithadla(sic) Ahlswede)

AHLSWEDE: Heinrich m: 9 July 1876 (co. mar. index. v.4 p.105) to: Louise Antholt children: George (b. 24 Jan. 1880/co. bir. index v.69 p.245/mother Anthold) Oscar Ahlswede/b. Mar. 1891/par: Henry and Louisa Ahlswede/1900 Kossuth census Ardsvade/b. 29 Mar. 1891/from state microfiche births Reel: 0118 Record: 001904

AHLSWEDE: Henry From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Gem Stock and Dairy Farm. Born in Kossuth 1853. Wife born in 1853. Married 1876. Settled farm in 1876. Five children. Post Office, Manitowoc; Section 35, Kossuth Township.

AHLSWEDE: Ludwig b: 1817, Germany m: Johanah Ahrns b: 26 Sep. 1819, Germany d: 13 May 1899


AHNSORGE: G. m: Friederike Krueger children: Gustav (b. 22 July 1872/bapt. 30 Sept. 1872 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)




AHREND: August m: Friedericke Ahrend children: Sophia Wilhelmine Aug./b. 19 Nov. 1869/Kossuth/co. bir. index v.3 p.69)


AHRENDT: Charles m: 14 Nov. 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.302) to: Minnie Kracht children: Raymond J. Ahrndt (b. 19 Aug. 1904/co. bir. index v.13 p.143/ father Ahrndt/same mother) Edna Lizzie Cary (b. 23 July 1907/bapt. 1 Sept. 1907/sponsors: Christ Arndt, Frau L. Waskow/from record of St. John's United Ch. of Christ, Manitowoc city/father Arndt/mother Wilhelmine) Malvin Henry (b. 26 Mar. 1910/bapt. 5 Feb. 1911/sponsors: Henry Arndt, Marg Kracht/from record of St. John's United Ch. of Christ, Manitowoc city/father Arndt/mother Wilhelmine)

AHRENDT: Christian (also ARNDT/AHRNDT in Pioneers' Rest #89A) m: Sophia Schroder children: Maria Carolina H. (b. 4 Mar. 1869/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.3 p.67) Wilhelmine (Hattie)/born 14 June 1869, married Jake Giefer Friederick (Fritz)/born 06 Nov 1870, Klara Louise/born 25 Feb 1872, married August Schroeder Charles (Charlie) J./born 24 Jan 1874 Wilhelm F.J./born 02 Mar 1876 Johann A. (John)/born 04 Mar 1878 later moved to Monomonee MI. Heinrich F (Henry)/born 11 Apr 1880 married Nellie Koch Anna Louise (Lizzie)/born 21 Apr. 1881, Two Rivers/married William Waskow Also have Anna Louise/b. 21 Apr. 1882, Two Rivers from another index of births Edward George (Ed)/born 24 Aug 1884, moved to Racine in about 1910, married and had 7 children and lived there the rest of his life Else (Elsie) Friedricke/born 03 Aug 1887. Elsie later married and moved to Racine. Christian and Sophia Frederick Ahrndt (Christian's father) Christina (Bong) Ahrndt (Christian's mother) Christ and Sophia (Schroeder) Ahrndt who are together on one picture and Christ's parent's Frederick and Christina (Bong) Ahrndt who came over from Mecklenburg-Schwerin between 1852 and 1854. Frederick purchased 120 acres of land on the corner of what is now Hwy 42 and Hillcrest Rd in the Town of Two Rivers. Sophia's family came over from the Jurgensdorf, Mecklenburg- Schwerin area and landed in New York on the Ship Rastede in December of 1853, wintered in Chicago and came to Manitowoc County and settled on Saxonburg Rd. in 1854. Her Father and Mother were Johann and Fredericke Schroeder, buried in Saxonburg Cemetary. All the above Ahrndts are buried in Pioneers Rest Cemetery, Two Rivers. (from researcher/see contributors page)

AHRENS: A.W. m: mother not listed children: (Female) Ahrens (b. 31 July 1887/co. bir. index v.7 p.188)

AHRENS: August From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Farmer and Stock Breeder Post Office, Manitowoc; Section 6, Manitowoc Township.

AHRENS: August m: Friedericke children: John George C. (b. 20 Oct. 1867/Kossuth/co. bir. index v.3 p.62)

AHRENS: August m: Friedericke children: George Albert Joseph (b. 11 Dec. 1871/Kossuth/co. bir. index v.3 p.76)

AHRENS: August E. m: 17 May 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.190) to: Ottilie Lemke children: Harrison Herman (b. 29 Nov. 1888/Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.1a p.135) Richard W. (b. 23 Apr. 1892/co. bir. index v.131 p.294) Elmer Oscar (b. 4 Oct. 1895/Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.10 p.23)

AHRENS: August m: ? Lembke children: Wesley (b. 20 Sept. 1903/Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.12 p.361)

AHRENS: August Fried. Wilh. b: 1 Mar. 1828/d. (have 2 dates 20 Dec. 1907 and tombstone 20 Feb. 1902 m: 1 Dec. 1855, Tn. Kossuth by Henry Spencer, J.P. (co. mar. index) wit: G.W. Wilms, Ludwig Ahlswede to: M. Friederike Protzmann (Friedericke Protzmann on co. mar. index) children: Carl Lui Herman/6 Feb 1874, Kossuth/Wisconsin Births & Christenings Index Louis H. (b. 24 June 1881/co. bir. index v.10 p.363)

AHRENS: Chas. m: 15 Sept. 1902 (co. mar. index v.7 p.232) to: Emilie P. Cammers children: Gladys Charlotte (b. 16 Mar. 1904/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.13 p.71/mother Emilie Conners) Rachel A. (b. 6 Oct. 1905/co. bir. index v.14 p.22/mother Emilie Conner)

AHRENS: Francis (Arens on mar. index) m: 1 Oct. 1878 from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch. (co. mar. index. v.4, p.134) to: Maria Magdalena Strupp children: Frank Arens/b. 25 July 1879/bapt. 29 July 1879 from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch./mother Magdalena /co. bir. index v.3 p.389/arntz/mother Struip on co. record) Henry Aneat/b. 18 Jan 1881, Centreville/par. Frank Aneat, Magdalena Strupp/ (no name Aneat/state microfiche reel 0116; record 001004 (no first name)) John Peter Arens/b. 18 Aug. 1882/bapt. 29 Aug. 1882 St. George Cath. ch./Maria Magdalena Strupp Twin 1 Arant/18 Aug 1882, Centerville/Frank Arant, Magdalena Straub (no name Arant/b. 18 Aug. 1882/state microfiche reel 0116; record 001494)) Twin 2 Arant/18 Aug 1882/Centerville/Frank Arant, Magdalena Straub Joseph Arends(b. 3 May 1884/bapt. 14 May 1884 St. Wendel Cath. ch.) (Joseph Arendts/b: 03 May 1885, Centerville/state microfiche Reel: 0117 Record: 001276) Wilhelm Arends (b. 16 Dec. 1885, Centerville/bapt. 27 Dec. 1885 St. Wendel Cath. ch.) (Wilhelm Arends/b: 16 Dec 1885/state microfiche Reel: 0117 Record: 001588) Ema Magdalena Arendt (b. 18 Apr. 1890/bapt. 27 Apr. 1890 St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Magdalena Theresia Arends/b. 3 Mar. 1892, Centerville/bapt. 13 Mar. 1892 St. Wendel Cath./ co. bir. index v.8 p.204/mother Magdalena Strusz) Jacob Ferdinand (b. 6 Oct. 1893/bapt. 21 Oct. 1893 St. Wendel Cath. ch.) George John Arends/b. 21 Sept. 1895/bapt. 6 Oct. 1895 St. Wendel Cath. ch./co. bir. index v.10 p.34/ mother Magdaline Struph) Peter Dominic Arends/b. 14 Aug. 1897, Centerville/bapt. 25 Aug. 1897 St. Wendel Cath. ch./ co. bir. index v.10 p.312/mother Maria Magdalena Strupp) Albert Henry Arends/b. 3 Aug. 1899, Centerville/bapt. 13 Aug. 1899 St. Wendel Cath. ch./ co. bir. index v.11 p.106/mother Lena Strupp) Clarensius Wilhelm Arends/b. 2 May 1901, Centerville/co. bir. index v.11, p.388/mother Magtalena Strupp) Mary M. Arends/b. 28 Mar. 1906/co. bir. index v.14 p.49/mother Mary Lena Strupp) From Der Nord Westen, 08 Oct. 1903: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ahrens of Centerville celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary Thurs. last week, attended by their 13 children plus many relatives, friends, and neighbors. (Note: I combined all the diff. entries for these two people at their anniversary entry. Most of the children are on the 1900 census under the surname Arndts)

AHRENS: Johann Christian m: 2 Jul 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.359) to: Augusta Louisa Huldy Runge children: Harvey Gerald (b. 9 Apr. 1897/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.10 p.228) John, Jr.(b. 7 Jan. 1901/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.11, p.330/mother Gustie on index) Cora (b. 17 May 1902/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.12, p.198) Vera (b. 11 July 1904/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.13 p.110) Mildred (b. 3 Sept. 1907/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.14 p.255) Wedding photo

Back of Wedding photo

Courtesy of the Two Rivers Historical Society. From Der Nord Westen, 09 July 1896: Marriage in the Lutheran Church, Two Rivers, Thurs. last week, of John Ahrns with Miss Augusta Runge.

AHRENS: Louis Henry Sam. b: 24 June 1881 (state vital records, delayed births registrations, sequence #82) m: 15 Dec. 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.309) to: Rosa Anna Arnholz children: Lousa also Walter (b. 16 Sept. 1904/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.13 & 1b, p.185 & 157/mother Rose Arnholtz) Irene (b. 22 Oct. 1905/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.13 p.329/mother Rose Arnholtz) Arthur (b. 12 Sept. 1907/co. bir. index v.14 p.141/mother Rose Arnholtz)

AHRENS: William J. (not on co. mar. index) m: Anna Donath children: Clara M. (b. 7 Feb. 1898/co. bir. index v.88 p.431) Mabel E. (b. 30 Nov. 1898/co. bir. index v.88 p.432) Verna (b. 2 Aug. 1901/co. bir. index v.12 p.46) Elwood William (b. 15 Nov. 1893/co. bir. index v.9 p.291)


AHRENSDORF: Gustave m: Louisa Tegge children: Mary (b. 2 Sept. 1906/Mishicot/co. bir. index v.14 p.91)

AHRENSDORFER: Mr. From Der Nord Westen, 06 May 1897: Mr. and Mrs. Ahrensdorfer in Tisch Mills celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Sunday.

AHRENSTUF: Gustav m: 25 Feb 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.291) to: Louisa Tegge

AHRND: Friedrich (see Arnd) m: Christine born Bunke (also have Banker)(Bong/from researcher/ see Christian and Sophia Ahrendt) children: Friederike (b. 26 May 1857/bapt. 24 May 1858 from record of First German Evang. Luth. ch.)(co. bir. index v.2 p.102/mother Caroline)(female) (Note: I think they are on the 1860 Two Rivers twp. census p.284 as Arnat)


AHRNDT: Charles children: Edna (b. 23 July 1907/co. bir. index v.14 p.255)

AHRNDT: Charles m: 14 Nov. 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.302) to: Minnie Kracht children: Raymond J. (b. 19 Aug. 1904/co. bir. index v.13 p.143) Edna (b. 23 Jul 1907, Two Rivers/Wisconsin Births & Christenings Index

AHRNDT: Henry m: 11 July 1906 (co. mar. index v.7 p.449) to: Petronilla Koch children: Hugo (b. 3 June 1906/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.45 p.541/mother Petronella Koch) George (b. 5 May 1907/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.45 p.543/mother Petronella Koch)

AHRNDT: Herman res: New Denmark m: Anna Schaefer res: Two Rivers From the Two Rivers Reporter, June 24, 1884: Mr. Herman Ahrndt of New Denmark and Miss Anna Schaefer of the town of Two Rivers were married last week. The nuptial knot was tied by the Rev. J. Koehler.

AHRNDT: (also have Arndt/Ahrendt) See AHRENDT See SCHROEDER

AHRNS: August m: Friedericke children: Carl L. (b. 6 Feb. 1874/co. bir. index v.3 p.85)


AHRNSBRACK: Wm. m: 2 May 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.270) to: Tena Fenn From Der Nord Westen, 30 Apr 1903 Marriage License: William Ahrnsbeck of Hermann and Tina Fenn of Meeme


AIGETTINGER: August m: 30 June 1851, Tn. Two Rivers by Lor Petersen, J.P. (co. mar. index v.1) to: Anna Maria Hallauer



AKIN: George m: Delia children: (Male) Akin (b. 19 Sept. 1903/co. bir. index v.12 p.380)

AKINS: Geo. W. m: Dahlia Gribling children: Marshall J. (b. 18 Aug. 1905/co. bir. index v.13 p.320)

ALAN: Carl m: Bridgitta Dancy children: Carl (b. 17 Feb. 1872/bapt. 25 Feb. 1872/from record of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.18)


ALBEE: Edward F. m: 26 November 1881 (not on co. index) to: Jane Ann Mowers

ALBEE: George H. b: 2 Jan. 1831 at West Swanzey, New Hampshire p: Mr. and Mrs. Hardin Albee grandparent: Icabod Albee m: 26 Apr. 1859 to: Mary A. Burns (from Lowell, Mass.) p: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burns Mary Burns died at Neenah, WI. Jan. 17, 1886 children: Jennie A., b. Aug. 31, 1860; Annie M., b. Mar. 13, 1862 2nd wife: married on Apr. 19, 1892 to Mrs. Clara Miller Sanford of West Menasha. (mar. announcement for George/Mary in the Manitowoc Herald, 5 May 1859)

ALBEE: George H. m: 27 Jan 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.106) to: Jane Spencer ALBEE-SPENCER - At the residence of Mr. Ed Rand in this city on Saturday, January 27, by Rev. J.M. Craig, Mr. George Albee of the city of Manitowoc and Miss Jennie of Kossuth. Mr. Albee is a member of the firm of Plumb & Nelson and quite an enterprising young man. His bride is a daughter of one of the leading farmers of Kossuth. We wish the young couple unalloyed happiness. Manitowoc Pilot Thursday, February 1, 1883 ********* Married; at the residence of the bride's sister in Manitowoc, by Rev. J.M. Craig, George H. Albee and Jane Spencer. The groom has long been employed in the prosperous business of Plumb & Nelson, and has steadily advanced therein. The bride is well known throughout the county and many and hearty are the wishes for the future happiness and joy of the newly made couple. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, January 30, 1883 P. 1


ALBER: James m: 6 Oct. 1874 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.85) to: Zulpha Glarer


ALBERS: Capt. W.T. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Notary Public and Real Estate Insurance: Phoenix, Brooklyn; Home, N.Y.; Rockford, Ill. Post Office, Cleveland; Section 28, Centreville Township, Manitowoc co.

ALBERS: W.W. m: 2 Sept. 1876 (co. mar. index. v.4 p.107) to: Mathilda Vollrich

ALBERS: Wilhelm Theodore b: 22 May 1840, in Bavaria p: Red. Albers and Johanna VonHofen m: 2 Sept. 1875 (2 Sept. 1876 from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) (co. mar. index v.4 p.107/W.W. Albers on index) to: Mathilda Vollbrecht p: Carl Vollbrecht and Dorothea Zillier children: Rudolph Carl (b. 17 June 1877/bapt. 30 June 1877 from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Olivia (b. 16 May 1879, Centerville/bapt. 22 May 1879 from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)(co. bir. index v.3 p.368/mother Folbecht) Lydia Ottilia (b. 29 Sept. 1881, Centerville/bapt. 9 Oct. 1881 St. George Cath. ch.) (co. bir. index v.5 p.135/mother Volbrecht)


ALBERT: John m: 8 Nov 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.318) to: Catharine Wachtel


ALBERTS: Johann Peter res: Manitowoc m: 13 Oct. 1850 at Two Rivers (co. mar. index v.1 p.25) wit: August Klingholz and Joseph Kalb both of Manitowoc to: Christine Kuehl from Two Rivers.

ALBERTSEN: Even m: 4 Jan 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.104) to: Caroline M Sohns

ALBERTSEN: Even m: Lina children: (from records of Gibson Evang. Lutheran church) Agnes Mable/b. 29 Nov. 1883/bp. 27 Jan. 1884 Oscar Bernhard/b. 2 Jan. 1885/bp. 29 Mar. 1885 Lilly Emma/b. 27 Apr. 1888/bp. 7 July 1888

ALBRECHT: No name m: Anne Nell or Well children: Anna Albrecht (b. 23 Mar. 1863/co. bir. index v.11 p.148) Anna Albrecht (b. 23 Mar. 1899/co. bir. index v.11 p.148)possibly a second entry Anna Albrecht (b. 28 Dec 1899, Meeme/parents:Albrecht, Anna Nell

ALBRECHT: Adolph (Albracht on co. mar. index) m: 18 Dec. 1899 (co. mar. index v.7 p.84/she is v.7 p.82/clerk error?) m: Mary Wotacheck children: Gladys (b. 23 June 1900/co. bir. index v.12 p.344/same parents) Also have b. 23 June 1903 from Wisconsin Births & Christenings Index Earl (b. 8 October 1901, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.12 p.34/mother Mary Watocheck) Leona (b. 12 Oct. 1904, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.13 p.143/mother Mary Watocheck) Cerial (b. 2 Sept. 1906/co. bir. index v.14 p.57)

ALBRECHT: Anton (He is Anton Albrecht in her obit) m: 18 Nov. 1880 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.170) to: Paulina Gesell children: Mary (b. Feb. 1884/from 1900 Two Rivers census) John (b. Sept. 1887/from 1900 Two Rivers census) Julia (b. Sept. 1892/from 1900 Two Rivers census) Albert Rudolph William (b. 20 Apr. 1896/co. bir. index v.10 p.144)

ALBRECHT: Anton m: 12 Feb 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.184) to: Elizabetha Duchow

ALBRECHT: ANTON From Der Nord Westen, 23 Nov. 1905: Last Sat. Mr. and Mrs. Anton Albrecht celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary. Relatives, friends and acquaintances enjoyed the lively party.

ALBECHT: Conrad m: Ernestine children: David/b. Nov. 1886/from 1900 Manitowoc Town census Arthur/b. Sept. 1888/from 1900 Manitowoc Town census Martha Emilie H./b. 15 Mar. 1890/from 1900 Manitowoc Town census/mother Plantikow Else Joh. Aug. (b. 13 Mar. 1892, Man. Town/co. bir. index v.8 p.308/mother Plantikow (Elsa on 1900 Manitowoc Town census) Emil (b. 9 Jan. 1898, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.10 p.357/mother Plantikow) Conrad/b. Apr. 1899/from 1900 Manitowoc Town census

ALBRECHT: Conrad Ludwig b: Braunschweig (age 31 at marr.) res: Two Rivers p: Conrad Albrecht and Wilhelmine born Brandt m: 1 May 1874 from record of First German Luth. ch., Manitowoc (co. mar. index. v.4, p.81) to: Dorothea Schmadebeck (nee) Meissner (widow) b: Mecklenburg-Schwerin (age 39 at marr.) p: Joach. Meissner and Sophie born Bremer children: Herman Heinrich Fried. (b. 21 Sept. 1875/co. bir. index v.3 p.107/mother Dorothea Meissner) d.? m: Ida Willert.

ALBRECHT: Conrad Ludwig b: 23 July 1843, Germany/d. 14 Jan. 1928 m: 26 Oct. 1887 (co. mar. index v.5 p.370) m: Ernestine J. Schurr children: Arthur Friedrich Conrad (b. 30 Sept. 1888, Manitowoc/d. 28 Feb. 1964/ m. Mathilda Nickels) Conrad Heinrich Ludwig (b. 13 Aug. 1899, Manitowoc/d. 19 Aug. 1955, Waukesha, WI/m. Sophie Gross Emil (b. 9 Jan. 1898, Manitowoc/d. ?/m. Helen Turkoski Martha Emilie Helen (b. 15 Mar. 1890, Manitowoc/d. 8 July 1967, Waukesha, WI./ m. Benjamin Torrison Elsie Johanna Augusta (b. 13 Mar. 1892, Manitowoc/d. 30 July 1985, Milwaukee, WI./ m. Emil Lutz. (I'm not sure where the info about the children came from.)

ALBRECHT: Ernest m: Kate Heindl children: Kate (b. 21 Sept. 1907, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.14 p.255/mother Kate Heindl)

ALBRECHT: Ernst J.K. m: 18 Aug. 1887 (co. mar. index v.5 p.368) to: Emma S. Guse

ALBRECHT: Ferdinand F.W. m: 6 Dec. 1856, Manitowoc co. to: Caroline F. Meder

ALBRECHT: Francis m: 31 July 1879 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.153) to: M. Fedeway

ALBRECHT: Francis m: Francisca (Kraus?) children: Amilia (b. 13 Dec. 1882, Cooperstown/co. bir. index v.6 p.62)

ALBRECHT: Frank m: 11 Nov. 1875 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.98)

ALBRECHT: Fred C. m: 1 Nov. 1904, St. Johns United Church of Christ, Manitowoc city wit: J.A. Howard, Mrs. K. Nagel (co. mar. index v.7 p.351) to: Josephine Novak

ALBRECHT: Friedrich Wilhelm b: Posen res: Centerville, farmer p: Gottlieb and Anna Albrecht m: 1 May 1869 at Centerville (co. mar. index. v.4, p.25) to: Wilhelmine Auguste Plintskie p: Karl and Charlotte Plintskie

ALBRECHT: Fritz m: Minnie Wegner children: Herman Albrecht (b. 10 Oct. 1900, Meeme/co. bir. index v.11, p.302/mother Mina Wegner) Emma Albrecht (b. 30 Oct. 1903, Meeme/co. bir. index v.13, p.4/father Fred, mother Mina Wegner)

ALBRECHT: Geo. Washington m: 11 Nov. 1879 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.151) to: Charlotte Mueller

ALBRECHT: George Christian m: Ellen Flanagan children: Mae (b. 16 Dec. 1882/co. bir. index v.6 p.140)

ALBRECHT: George m: Nellie Flanigan children: Julia B. (b. 2 Sept. 1884/co. bir. index v.7 p.30) also v.6 p.161/mother Nellie Albrecht

ALBRECHT: Godlib (also Gottlieb) m: 1 Oct. 1864 (co. mar. index v.2 p.261) to: Anna Carolina Richter

ALBRECHT: H.C. m: Catherine children: George Washington (b. 22 Feb. 1853/bapt. 1 Jan. 1854 from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc)

ALBRECHT: Henry m: 13 Dec. 1859 (co. mar. index v.2 p.58) to: Christine Brawmann

ALBRECHT: Henry m: Ernestine Bormann children: (Male) Albrecht (b. 30 May 1885, Meeme/co. mar. index v.6 p.266)

ALBRECHT: Herman H. m: 28 June 1906 (co. mar. index v.7 p.446) to: Ida Christine Willert From Der Nord Westen, 28 June 1906: Marriage License obtained Hermann Albrecht and Ida Willert both of Two Rivers

ALBRECHT: Johann m: Sophie children: Johann C. (b. 18 June 1881/co. bir. index v.5 p.171)

ALBRECHT: John B m: 16 Apr 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.239) to: Annie Seidl

ALBRECHT: John F.C.C. m: 29 Apr. 1880 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.163) to: Sophia L.C. Russbilt children: Johann C. T./b. 19 Jun 1881, Manitowoc/father Johann Carl J.J. (b. 11 Aug. 1882, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.5 p.279/father Johann/mother Rassbult) Ludwig J.C. (b. 8 Aug. 1885/co. bir. index v.6 p.305/father Johann/mother Russbult)

ALBRECHT: Joseph m: 4 April 1874 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.121) to: Anna Jonder

ALBRECHT: Roland William b: 7 Aug. 1916, Meeme/d. 8 Aug. 1968, Plymouth, Sheboygan co., WI m: Wilma Meta Hilda Perronne

ALBRECHT: Wilhelm (see Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht) m: Wilhelmine Plinski children: Emma D. (b. 16 Sept. 1873/co. bir. index v.3 p.7) Wilhelm Ferdinand Karl (b. 9 Sept. 1875/co. bir. index v.3 p.104) Hulda H. (b. 8 Mar. 1877, Branch/co. bir. index v.3 p.211)

ALBRECHT: Wm. m: 10 July 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.461) can't find spouse on index


ALBRICHT: F.F.W. (Ferdinand Albrecht on childs bapt. record) b: Eggesin Prussia res: Mishicot p: Martin and Carolina m: 6 Dec. 1856 at Mishicot (co. mar. index v.1 p.148) to: Carolina F. Meder p: Ludwig and Frederica children: Maria Johanne Albertine (b. 14 Sept. 1857/bapt. 20 July 1865 at St. John-St. James Evang. Luth., Reedsville)

ALBRIGHT: Alder Monroe m: 24 May 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.326) to: Florence Rebeccah Goodrich 24 May 1904 Marriage Licenses: The following have been granted licenses to marry: A.M. Albright, Saginaw, Mich., and Florence R. Goodrich, Saginaw, Mich. Manitowoc Pilot Thursday, May 26, 1904 pg. 8

ALBRIGHT: Ed. News article

ALBRIGHT: Edward G. b: DePere, Brown co., Wisconsin res: Two Rivers, Wisconsin/laborer p: John Albright and Sarah Bedwill Albright m: 16 May 1906, Two Rivers, Wisconsin/Roman Catholic by Claude V. Hugo wit: Edward Orth, Mennie Jendria, Leo Palzer and Mary Samz(?) (co. mar. index v.7 p.442) to: Mary Lindermann/also Lindeman b: Prussia, Germany p: Andrew Lindeman/Lindermann and Mary Kersch children: Elnora (b. 8 April 1907, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.14 p.207/mother Linderman) Marriage License obtained Edward G. Albright and Mary Lindemann both of Two Rivers. Der Nord Westen, 17 May 1906: ******* Marriage of Edward Albright & Mary Lindenau(sic) Dan Cupid captured another couple last Wednesday morning when Miss Mary Lindenau was united in marriage to Edward Albright at St. Luke's church, Rev. Father Hugo performing the sacred rites. Friends and relatives of the married ones were present at the ceremony. After the ceremony, the newly wedded pair with the best men and bridesmaids drove to Paul Braun's studio to take a sitting for the nuptial photography. The wedding was celebrated at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lindenau, living on the Mishicot road. The Reporter, Sat., May 19, 1906

ALBRIGHT: George m: 13 Sept. 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.346) to: Amalia Palzer George Albright and Amelia Palzer, Two Rivers, have been licensed to wed. Manitowoc Daily Herald, September 8, 1904 p.1 ******** (They married on 9/13/1904 at St. Luke's, Two Rivers./from researcher)

ALBRIGHT: John m: Sarah Eleina Bedwell children: Ethel Edna (b. 13 July 1900/co. bir. index v.10 p.322/mother Sarah Helena Bedwill) (13 Jul 1897, Two Rivers/John Albright, Sarah Helena Bedwill/Wisconsin Births & Christenings Index/ (Edna Albrecht/b. July 1897 age 2 on the 1900 Two Rivers census/no father mother Sarah) John (b. 26 Aug. 1899, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.11 p.127)


ALDER: James William m: 23 May 1906 (co. mar. index v.7 p.449) to: Lynda Bertha Kunz James W. Alder of Columbus, Ohio, was married yesterday morning with Miss Linda Kunz, daughter of the well-known brewery owner Louis Kunz, by Pastor Machmueller. Only the next of kin attended the ceremony. In the afternoon the couple left for a trip into the South. Der Nord Westen, 24 May 1906 ********** A large party of friends of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Alder who were married yesterday, gathered at the depot for the 2:55 pm passenger thinking the wedding party would leave on that train. The bridal couple did not appear and when someone suggested that the two might board the train at Calumet station, the crowd purchased tickets for Newton. They were destined to bitter disappointment however, as the newly married pair did not leave the city until 5:54 and took the south bound train at that time. They were unmolested while their friends unloaded old shoes and rice among the natives of Newton. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, May 24, 1906 P. 2

ALDRICH: H.A. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Farmer and Stock breeder. Born in New York State, 1835. Wife born in Green Bay 1844. Married in 1862. Five children. Post Office, Cooperstown; Section 13, Cooperstown Township.

ALDRICH: Henry A. m: Mary King children: Mabel Clare/b. 29 Apr 1876, Cooperstown/mother Mary Lucy King/ (state microfiche/Reel: 123 Record: 2321) (mar. announcement in the Manitowoc Herald, 17 Apr. 1862)

ALDRICH: Samuel b: N.Y. res: Manitowoc p: Seth and Ruth Aldrich m: 28 Dec. 1853 at Maple Grove (co. mar. index v.1 p.26) wit: Orlando Hagy and Winston Colton to: Eunice D. Steele p: Benjamin and Mary Steele

ALDRICH: William see church histories/St. James Episcopal

ALDRICH: See ALLEN See Conrad Baetz bio. See KING See Hezekiah Huntington Smith bio.

ALEF: Aponaens m: 14 Dec. 1879 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.159) to: Katharina Kau

ALEF: Peter (see Peter Alf/may be same person) m: Josephina children: Joseph (b. 10 Aug. 1882, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.5 p.235)

ALEFF: Joseph m: 2 Mar. 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.395) to: Emilie Wilsing

ALEFSON: Toleff m: 27 Sept. 1878 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.134) to: Leda A Soper

ALEXANDER: Henry m: none listed children: (Female) Alexander (b. 11 Mar. 1882, Kossuth/co. mar. index v.5 p.191)

ALF: Andrew m: 28 Nov. 1880 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.171) to: Barbara Kline

ALF: Andrew m: Barbara children: Hubert (b. 2 May 1883, Two Rivers/co. mar. index v.6 p.85)

ALF: Peter m: 11 Jun 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.5) to: Josephine Schriber

ALFSEN: A.O., Rev. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Pastor Lutheran Church. Born in Norway 1848. Came to America 1860. Ordained in 1872. Wife born in Wisconsin 1852. Married 1872. Four children. Post office, Oslo; Section 36, Township Cato

ALFSON, A. H. Farmer Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago Section 29 Town of Cato, PO Reedsville Came to Country 1861 b. Norway, 1851

ALFSON: Albert m: 21 Dec. 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.423) to: Mary Olson children: Agnes Alfson/b. Mar. 1, 1906/d. Feb. 1974/from obit in cem. #41 (no name female) (b. 21 Aug. 1907/co. index v.14 p.255/father Alfred/same mother) MARRIED: Mr. Albert Alfson and Miss Mary Olson, two well-known young people of the town of Rockland, were united in marriage at Reedsville on Thursday, Dec. 21, Justice of the Peace Charles Etzler tying the nuptial knot. The marriage was solemnized under a special dispensation granted by County Judge Chloupek, the couple having neglected to take out a marriage license. The groom is a prosperous farmer. The couple will have the well wishes of a host of friends. Manitowoc Pilot Thursday, December 28, 1905 pg. 1

ALFSON: Alf H. b: 19 Sept. 1861, in Norway. Decl. of intent book has 1851 p: Halvor and Mary (Tollefson) Alfson m: None given Alf is in cemetery West Valders cemetery, Liberty twp. #41

ALFSON: John m: 30 June 1900 (co. mar. index v.7 p.107) to: Emma Berge children: Herbert Alfson (April 25, 1901/from obituary cem. #41) Oscar Herbert Alfson (b. 25 Apr. 1901, Cato/co. bir. index v.11 p.397/mother Berg) Bennet Morris Alfson (b. 11 Apr. 1904/Cato/co. bir. index v.13 p.98) (no name female) (b. 23 Sept. 1906, Cato/co. bir. index v.14 p.207) Evelyn (b. 23 Sept. 1906, Cato/co. bir. index v.14 p.140)

ALFSON: Rev. m: none listed children: (Male) Alfson (b. 19 Sept. 1890/co. bir. index v.8 p.105)

ALFSON: Tollef m: Alice Soprio (Soper in obituary) children: (Male) Alfson (b. 5 Jan. 1889, Cato/co. bir. index v.7 p.286/mother Soper)

ALFSON: Tollef m: Alice children: Jenny Luella (b. 6 Nov. 1894, Cato/co. bir. index v.9 p.335)


ALFSTAD: Thomas m: 23 Sept. 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.295) to: Aletta M. Anderson September will be a good month for marriage licenses. To date, with but twelve days gone, a total of nineteen licenses have been issued. Late applicants were....Thomas Alfstad, Liberty and Letta Anderson, city. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Saturday, September 12, 1903 P. 8

ALFSTEAD: Thomas m: Lettie Anderson (also Letta) children: Christena (b. 11 May 1904, Liberty/co. bir. index v.13 p.90) Olga (b. 17 Oct. 1905, Liberty/co. bir. index v.14 p.91/father Alfsted) (no name female)/b. 18 Oct. 1905, Liberty/co. bir. index v.13 p.329/father Alfstead)


ALGRIMM: (there is also Ahlgrimm) See GENS

ALIE: Norbert m: Julia Benoit children: Christine (b. 21 Aug. 1864, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.5 p.294) Mary J. (b. 24 June 1865, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.5 p.302) Jane (b. 28 May 1868, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.5 p.310) Francis H. (b. 25 Sept. 1869, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.5 p.320)


ALJOE: See William Stone bio.

ALLEE: John res: Two Rivers m: at Rowley's Point to: Ann Elliott res: Rowley's Point (mar. announcement in the Manitowoc Herald, 30 June 1855)

ALLEE: Moses m: Elisabeth Brady children: Maria Litia/b. 12 Aug 1891, Cooperstown/state microfiche births Reel: 118 Record: 2032 (Female) Alie/b. 17 Feb. 1895, Cooperstown/co. bir. index v.9 p.280/father Moses Alie/mother Lizzie Brady) Alexia Cathrine/b. 19 Feb. 1895, Cooperstown/co. bir. index v.9 p.328) (No name) Allie/b. 2 Feb 1888, Cooperstown/Moses Allie, Elisabeth Brady/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index


ALLEN: Abraham conf: 4 May 1890 at Two Rivers from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc

ALLEN: Adrin res: Meeme m: 22 Oct. 1856 to: Laprina Roberts p: Robert and Mary Roberts

ALLEN: Adwin m: 22 Oct. 1856 to: Zaphrina Roberts

ALLEN: Andrew From Der Nord Westen, 08 Nov 1906: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 05 Nov.) Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Allen in Two Rivers just celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary.

ALLEN: Andrew m: 15 Oct 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.38) to: Etta Elliott Mr. Andrew Allen and Miss Edith Elliott stepped under the rule of Hymen the other day. Their "credentials" were made out by Mr. H. Wiemann, a Justice of the Peace of the city of Two Rivers. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, November 1, 1881 P. 4

ALLEN: Andrew J. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Principal Keeper of Twin River Point Light Station Post Office, Two Rivers; Lot 1-16, Two Rivers Township.

ALLEN: Anson A. b: Ft. Ontario, New York res: Two Rivers, carpenter p: Hosea L. and Minerva m: 27 Dec. 1857 in Manitowoc Co. (co. mar. index v.1 p.225) wit: C. Rotes and W.A. Aldrich to: Charlotte S. Farnham p: W.W. and W.

ALLEN: Carl m: Bridgitta Darcy children: Margarita Anna (b. 27 Feb. 1874/bapt. 5 Mar. 1874/from record of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.24)

ALLEN: Calvin b: Bradford Co., Pennsylvania res: Manitowoc Co. p: Johnathan Allen and Anna Allen m: 28 Nov. 1855 at Manitowoc Rapids (co. mar. index v.1 p.92) to: Mary Shannon p: John and Julia Shannon

ALLEN: Charles A. m: 24 Apr. 1902 (co. mar. index v.7 p.212) to: Mable Frances Houghton children: Marie F. (b. 29 Nov. 1902/co. index v.12, p.249)

ALLEN: Charles Wesley m: Aggie Bebeau children: Mary Etta/21 Feb 1885, Two Rivers/mother Igive Bieban/Wisconsin Births & Christenings Index (state microfiche birth index Reel: 117 Record: 1127) Laurentia S. (b. 22 Oct. 1886/co. bir. index v. 7 p.163) Aggie (b. 6 July 1903, Two Rivers/co. index v.12 p.369) (no name male) Allen (b. 12 Oct. 1904, Two Rivers/co. index v.13 p.144/mother Agnes Bebeau) Allen birth: 12 October 1904 Two Rivers, Wis. death: 12 October 1904 Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin burial: Two Rivers, Wis. father: Charles W. Allen mother: Agine Wisconsin, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1968

ALLEN: Charles Wesley m: 29 Apr 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.188) to: Adelia E Bebau

ALLEN: Edmund m: 28 June 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.390) to: Olga Behrendt children: Anona E. (b. 23 Jan. 1906/co. bir. index v.14 p.20) Melvin (b. 31 Dec. 1906/co. bir. index v.14 p.20) Sylvester Allen/31 Dec 1906, Two Rivers/mother Olga Brendth/Wisconsin Births & Christenings Index

ALLEN: Emmerson m: Betsy Ferralson children: James Emmerson (b. 15 Mar. 1863, Cato/co. bir. index v.1a p.34/mother Betsy Tenalson)

ALLEN: Ethan m: 25 October 1868 to: Olive Tarbox

ALLEN: George m: Louisa Qualmann (got surname from her obituary in Evergreen) children: Arthur Karl (b. 24 Feb. 1896, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.10 p.115)

ALLEN: H.L. res: Two Rivers m: 14 Jan. 1855 at Two Rivers by Wm B.D. Honey, J.P. (co. mar. index) wit: Madison and Mary Thomas to: Hannah Thomas res: Mishicott (mar. announcement in Manitowoc Herald, 24 Feb. 1855)

ALLEN: Hanson A. (Anson A. Allen on co. index/see Anson Allen) m: 27 Dec. 1857 to: Charlotte S. Farnham

ALLEN: Hosea Lane b: 1 or 18 June 1807, New York/d. 1 Apr. 1883 m: Minerva Jones b: 15 July 1808, New York?/d.19 Dec. 1848

ALLEN: Jessie m: 15 February 1902 to: Agnes Pease

ALLEN: John res: Two Rivers, lumberman p: Abraham Allen, wife dead m: 24 June 1855 at Two Rivers (co. mar. index v.1 p.76) to: Anna Elliot p: Stephen and Anna Elliot

ALLEN: Luhman E. m: Rike Rosboldt children: (no name female) Allen/b. 13 Jan. 1903/co. bir. index v.12, p.266)

ALLEN: Margaret see Presbyterian churches

ALLEN: Merret, Jr. (also Merrit) b: New York res: Tn. of Two Rivers, lumberer p: Merrit and Permelia Allen m: 24 May 1854 at Tn. Two Rivers by Timothy Harrington, J.P. witnesses: Peter Roth and Edward Crumpegel married at the residence of Peter Roth (co. mar. index v.1 p.37) to: Jane R. Hamilton (b. N.Y.) (widow) p: Charles and Fanny Langford

ALLEN: Rufus m: Hattie M. Whitcomb married in the house of her father, Cyrus Whitcomb, near Two Rivers (mar. announcement in the Manitowoc Herald, 4 July 1861)

ALLEN: William m: Brigitta Lynch children: Elenora (b. 24 Feb. 1877/co. bir. index v.5 p.227) Elenora (b. 27 Feb. 1877/co. bir. index v.5 p.242/2 entries)

ALLEN: William A. b: New York res: Mishicot, carpenter p: W.L. Allen and Minerva m: 5 July 1857 at Two Rivers (co. mar. index v.1 p.175) to: Mary D. Elliot p: Steven and Jane

ALLEN: William A. m: 1 Jan 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.257) to: Mary A. Martin children: Eva (born 25 Apr. 1887, Two Creeks/co. bir. index v.7 p.163)


ALLES: Friedrich b: Meklenburg-Schwerin res: Newton, farmer p: Johann and Dorothea m: 26 June 1857 at Newton from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. Newtonburg (co. mar. index v.1 p.196) to: Louise Klasen p: Johan and Frederike children: Lissette Marie Friederike (b. 11/23/1860/bapt. 3/1/1861 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

ALLIE: Adolph m: 4 Oct. 1851 by Joseph Brunner, Cath. Priest, wit: T.P. Allie, Peter Allie (co. mar. index) to: Julia Manseau

ALLIE: Alfred Oliver b.16 Aug 1894, d.26 Nov 1970 m. Blanche Emond in April 1918 WEDDING - The Two Rivers Chronicle, April 13, 1918 CORPORAL ALLIE MARRIED HERE Corporal Alfred Allie came home from Camp Custer to claim Miss Blanche Emond as his bride and the couple were married at St. Luke's church last Wednesday morning. This was the first military wedding to be held here and the big church was crowded to witness the wedding of a brave and true soldier boy wearing the uniform in which he will fight for his country and a charming young lady clad in a handsome gown of white carrying a large bouquet of flowers. No more handsome or impressive wedding was ever held in the city. The couple was attended by Archibald Allie, who was also in the service and wore a soldiers uniform, Miss Luella Ruelle, Daniel Stangel and Miss Rena Smith, Aaron Emond and Miss Rose Allie. Pretty little Loraine Gloe, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Gloe acted as flower girl and carried a basket of flowers. Before entering the service, Corporal Allie was employed in the office of the Eggers Company. He is loyal and true and will fight with more determination now that he leaves a handsome wife who will await his return while he is over the seas. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Emond. The couple left Wednesday afternoon for Camp Custer where Mr. Allie is stationed. Sent in by a researcher, see contributors page.

ALLIE: David (Allee in newspaper) b: Canada res: Two Rivers, laborer p: David and Mary m: 24 Mar. 1856 in Two Rivers (co. mar. index v.1 p.?) to: Adelaide Boutain p: Balonie and Anhange (mar. announcement in Manitowoc Herald, 5 April 1856)

ALLIE: Eugene John b: 4 Aug. 1856, at Two Rivers, WI./d. 31 May 1920 p: John Vincent and Clarissa (Bennett) Allie, from Canada. m: 22 Nov. 1880 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.169) to: Sophia Delille b. 8 April 1861, in Kewaunee, WI., dau. of Joseph and Sophia (Lacey) Delille. children: Edward, Julius, Vernie, Henry, Walter, Elmer, Charles, Irene, Philo and Jarvis. Gothere(sic) Jos./b. 21 Feb. 1883, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.6 p.87) Eugene J./b. 3 Jan 1885, Two Rivers/state microfiche Reel: 117 Record: 1144) Julius (age 4 yrs./cemetery #89B 1889 according to death index/Eugene Julius?) Elmer Eugene/b: 15 Sep 1886, Two Rivers/Wisconsin Births & Christenings Index George E./b. 12 Jan. 1890, Two Rivers/co. mar. index v.8 p.70) Eduard - cemetery #89B ossw/Julius) Charles E Allie 18 Nov 1893 (birthdate from cemetery #89B) Cecilia Irene/26 Mar 1895 (state birth microfiche Reel: 0119 Record: 001991) (mar. Edward Tome/obit for Irene Tome says March 24/1905 state census - Irene C) Joseph/b. 2 Nov. 1896, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.10 p.180) Verna Joseph/b. 3 Nov. 1896/Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.10 p.144)(Vernie Joseph in death index) Phylis M. (b. 29 Apr. 1901/co. bir. index v.12 p.5/mar. Martin Velicer) Gervase/b. 31 May 1904, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.13 p.143)

ALLIE: Evangelist Frank m: 7 May 1895 (co. mar. index v.7 p.297 to: Emily Saintville children: Amanda/b. 8 Jan 1897, Two Rivers/par:Frank Allie, Emily Sanville/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index Edward Earle/b. 8 Oct 1906 Two Rivers/par:Frank Allie, Emma Sanville/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index Marriage of Frank Allie with Miss Amelia Sanville yesterday in St. Lukas Church of Two Creeks. Der Nord Westen, 09 May 1895

ALLIE: George m: none listed children: Maria (b. 6 Sept. 1866, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.4 p.112)

ALLIE: George m: Jeanette children: Mary Lucia/b. 12 Aug. 1883, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.6 p.80)

ALLIE: George m: Maria children: David/b. 4 Nov 1868, Two Rivers/ Alice J./b. 4 Apr 1870, Two Rivers/

ALLIE: George W. m: 3 Jan 1881 (co. mar. index. v.5 p.3) to: Sophie Lafond MICHIGAN WOMAN DIES WHILE ON VISIT AT TWO RIVERS Mrs. George Allie died at the hospital today following an operation a week ago. The decedent was a resident of Houghton, Mich. She came here in July for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell La Fond, Sr., at Two Rivers. She was 52 years old. Besides her husband, two sons, George, Jr., and Arthur reside at Houghton, William at Calumet, Mich., and Reuben at Lansing Mich., the later being editor of the Evening Press. The funeral will take place Friday morning from St. Luke's church, Two Rivers. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Wednesday, November 19, 1913 P. 4 ****** (Note: This appears to be Sophie)

ALLIE: Henry Vincent b: 22 Sept. 1862, Two Rivers, WI. p: John Vincent and Clarissa (Bennett) Allie, from Canada. m: 1885 to: Olive Gauthier (b. 4 Aug. 1866) p: Adolph and Alvina (Sanville) Gauthier Children: 2 sons, 4 dau.

ALLIE: John m: 12 May 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.227) to: Olive Gauthier children: Vincent O./b. 8 Sept. 1888, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.7 p.267/mother Olivia) Isabella/b. 16 Jan. 1896, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.10 p.43/mother Olivia)

ALLIE: John Vincent b: 14 Feb. 1833, Canada p: Peter Allie m: Clarissa Scalastique Bennett b: 28 Feb. 1834, Canada/d. 14 Dec. 1916 Children: Eugene, b. 1856 Nelson, b. 1858 Hortancy, b. 1859 Joseph, b. 1861 Henry Vincent b.1862 Albert, b. 1866 Lydia, b.1867 Frankie, b.1869 Mary, b. 1871

ALLIE: Joseph m: Clara Melera children: Henry Wallace/b. 16 Nov. 1894, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v. 9 p.267)

ELLEE: Vincen (I think this is supposed to be John Vincent Allie and Clarissa Bennett) res: Twin Rivers m: 16 Apr. 1854, Tn. Manitowoc Rapids by Ethorn A. Brown, J.P. wit: Norbrey Ellee, Julia Ellee of Twin Rivers to: Clarissa Bennoies res: Mishicott


ALLIE: Levi m: Deliah Lafond children: (No name) Allie/b. 7 Jun 1893, Two Rivers/mother La Tond/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index Rose K. (b. 16 Mar. 1902/co. bir. index v.12, p.103) Albertine/b. 11 Jan 1906, Two Rivers/mother Adelia/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index Albert/b. 11 Jan 1906, Two Rivers/mother Adelia/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index

ALLIE: Louis m: Rosa Tischie children: Elizabeth/b. 9 Aug 1866, Two Rivers/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index

ALLIE: Moses res: Cooperstown m: 3 Feb. 1853 (co. mar. index v.1 p.19) wit: Theophas King(?) and Arnt. Paquin to: Catharine Finally

ALLIE: Moses From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Four Corner House. Born in Cooperstown 1855. Wife born in Kewanne(sic) County 1863. Married in 1884. Two children. Post Office, Cooperstown; Section 1, Cooperstown Township.

ALLIE: Narcisse m: 14 June 1880 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.164) to: Alice Delille children: Angelun/b. 28 Aug 1882/Two Rivers/parents: Varcissus Allie, Angeline Allie/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index Marella M./b. 25 Apr. 1888, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.7 p.259) Dorothy/b. 21 Feb 1903, Two Rivers/par: Nelson Allie, Alice Delile/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index

ALLIE: Mrs. Vincent From the Two Rivers Reporter, Saturday, June 14, 1913: OLD TIMERS - (photo with article)

ALLIE: Oliver Alfred m: Ottilia Lafond children: Ottilia/b. 14 June 1893, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.9 p.74 Olivier/Oliver A./b. 16 Aug. 1894/co. bir. index v.9 p.259)

ALLIE: Oliver (Olivier on mar. index) m: 28 Nov 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.431 to: Odelia Lafond (looks like Oeliba on index) children: Arthur F./b. 17 Aug 1897, Two Rivers/mother Delia Lafond/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index Mary Louise/b. 6 Aug 1900, Two Rivers/Deliah La Fond/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index Ester/b. 12 Dec. 1903, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.13, p.54/mother Delia Lafond) Ethel/b. 12 Dec. 1903, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.13, p.54/mother Delia Lafond) Father Allie Dies Monday in New York TWO RIVERS—The Rev. Arthur F. Allie, 58, former Two Rivers man and a veteran widely known Maryknoll missionary who was imprisoned by the Japanese in Hong Kong from 1940 to 1942, died at an Ossining, New York hospital at 3:30 a.m. Monday, where he had been a patient the past two months. He had been in failing health the past year, forcing him to return to the states from a Chile, South America, assignment last November. At his bedside at Ossining for the past week were his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred O. Allie, of Two Rivers, who flew to New York when Father Allie’s condition became critical. Funeral Wednesday Funeral services will be held with a solemn Requiem High Mass at 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Maryknoll Seminary at Maryknoll, N. Y. Burial will be in the Maryknoll Cemetery. Father Allie was born in Two Rivers on Aug. 17, 1897, a son of the late Oliver and Odele Allie. He attended St. Luke Parochial School and was graduated from Two Rivers High School with the class of 1915. Attending the University of Wisconsin for a year, he entered the Army in World War I. After his service with the Armed Forces he entered the Institute of Musical Art in New York City, graduating four years later. While serving as supervisor of music in the Brooklyn, N.Y., public schools from 1919 to 1923 he became well known as a baritone soloist in that area. Retiring from the teaching field Father Allie enrolled in Mount St. Mary Seminary at Emmetsburg, Md. and in 1931 entered Maryknoll Seminary and was ordained in the Catholic priesthood on June 16, 1935. To Korea in 1940 His first assignment as a Maryknoll missioner was at the Maryknoll Junior Seminary at Los Altus, Calif. In 1938 he was assigned as a missionary to Korea where in 1940 he was taken prisoner of the Japanese. Interned at Hong Kong for two years, he was repatriated and returned to the states. During his extended visit to his Two Rivers home after his repatration he gave numerous talks on his experience as a prisoner of the enemy. After nearly three years in this country, Father Allie was assigned to Guatemala where he opened a new Maryknoll mission in 1945. Later he was made regional supervisor of Maryknoll missions in Mexico and Central America, a position he held until 1947. From 1947 to November of 1954, when he became afflicted with illness and returned home, he served as group supervisor of all Maryknoll missions in Chile, South America. Before returning to Maryknoll Seminary in New York, Father Allie spent nearly two months with his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Allie. Surviving Father Allie are five sisters, Mrs. Rose Sundberg of Seattle, Wash., Mrs. Ethel Foster of Baker, Oregon, the Misses Alberta and Albertine Allie of Sturgeon Bay, and Miss Esther Allie of New York City, and another brother, Archibald Allie of Belleville, Ill. Manitowoc Herald Times, August 22, 1955 P.2

ALLIE: Peter m: Marie children: Odyster(sic)/b. 18 Aug. 1868, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.4 p.142) Alexander/b. 7 Dec 1870, Two Rivers/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index

ALLIE: Vincent m: no mother listed children: Maria/b. 14 Feb. 1867, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.4 p.116)

ALLIE: Vincent m: Caletina (Celestia) children: Evangelist/b. 25 Nov. 1868, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.4 p.150) Elizabeth/19 Feb 1871, Two Rivers/mother Celestia

ALLIE: Walter m: 29 Aug 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.400) to: Jose Jakarbowsky children: Claude Peter/b. 25 May 1906, Two Rivers/mother Jacobosky/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index

ALLIE: (also have Alie/Allee) See Gottlieb DAMLER bio. See GAGNON See George KNIPFER See MONKA See MONKA Brothers bio. See PAQUIN see Louisa SCHAEFER bio

ALLINGER: Charles m: 28 Sep 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.316) to: Flora Donath children: Pearl/b. 9 Feb. 1896, Schleswig/co. bir. index v.10 p.169) Hubert/b. 10 Mar. 1897, Kiel/co. bir. index v.10 p.220) Eugene V. or J./b. 27 June 1900, Kiel/co. bir. index v.11, p.235)

ALLINGER: Michel m: 14 Nov. 1877 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.126) to: Maria Ann Kessen

ALLINGER: also have Ollinger

ALLIS: See Andrew Smith bio.


ALLWARDT: Carl (see Allwert) m: 15 Nov. 1868 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.17) to: Caroline Mueller children: Louise Sophia Johanne/b. 5 Sept. 1869, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.2 p.274/also v.1 p.310) John J.C./b. 22 May 1879, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.3 p.443) Wilhelm A.H./b. 3 May 1881, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.5 p.169) G.C.O.M./b. 27 May 1883, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.6 p.100) GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATION AT ALWARDT HOME TODAY Memories of fifty years of companionship are being recalled today by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alwardt, pioneer residents who in their comfortable home at 1225 South Ninth street, celebrate their golden wedding anniversary. A family reunion is being held and this evening relatives and friend will be entertained. The celebration of the anniversary was deferred for a week owing to the illness of members of the family, the wedding day of Mr. and Mrs. Alwardt having been Nov. 15, 1868. The couple have resided here practically all of their married life. Mr. Alwardt having been employed as car repairer for the Northwestern line for thirty-three years. There are three sons, Charles, George and John, all of whom, with their families, are here for the celebration. Three grandchildren, Lester, Edna and Lyla Alwardt were among those who tendered congratulations to the half century bride and groom. Both Mr. and Mrs. Alwardt enjoy good health and the celebration today is a happy one. Manitowoc Herald News, Saturday, November 23, 1918, Page 4 (NOTE: Chas. Ahlwardt and Caroline on Zorn's Directory 1915-1916)

ALLWARDT: Carl m: Caroline Wendendorf children: Fredericke I.J./b. 11 Mar. 1877, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.3 p.208)

ALLWARDT: George Otto m: 12 May 1906 (co. mar. index v.7 p.439) to: Minnie Althen From Der Nord Westen, 03 May 1906: Marriage License obtained Geo. Alswardt of Manitowoc and Minie Althen of Two Rivers ******** Marriage of George Alwardt (sic) and Minnie Althen celebrated at Two Rivers. Couple to reside here. Manitowoc Herald News, May 13, 1921 P. 2

ALLWARDT: John m: 25 Aug 1900 (co. mar. index v.7 p.113) to: Emma Rambadt children: Lester Charles/b. 20 July 1901, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.12, p.46) Edna W./b. 21 June 1903, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.12, p.294)

ALLWERT: Carl m: Caroline Muller children: Carl Heinrich Johann/b. 26 May 1873/co. bir. index v.2 p.490


ALPH: Hubert m: Veronica Alph children: Joseph/b. 25 Apr. 1864, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.4 p.75

ALT: Carl m: 26 July 1874 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.84) to: Franziska H C Ludwig

ALT: Emma confirmed: 30 Mar. 1890 (from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

ALT: Karl m: Franziska (nee) Ludwig children: Emma Anna Ludwig (b. 6/18/1876/bapt. 10/8/1876 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

ALTENBACH: Alexander m: August 1909 to: Francisca Peters August 25, 1909 The Sheboygan Press Alexander Altenbach and Miss Francisca Peters of St. Nazianz were united in marriage by Rev. D. F Thill at the Holy Name church at 8 o'clock this morning. Relatives and friends celebrated the event at the home on Lincoln Ave.

ALTENBERGER: Fred (Note: They are both buried in cem. #83) b: Town of Rhine, Sheboygan County p: Fred Altenberger and Margaretha Maurer m: 11 Sep 1900 at St. Peter and Paul, Kiel (co. mar. index v.7 p.116) to: Helena Anhalt b: Town Rhine, Sheboygan Co. p: John Anhalt and Barbara Knier Wedding photo

ALTENBERGER: Frideric m: Margaret Maurer children: Frideric (b. 6 July 1871/bapt. 10 July 1871 St. Joseph Cath. ch.)

ALTENBERGER: Jacob m: 21 Nov. 1899 (co. mar. index v.7 p.79) to: Elis. Scharembrach Because they love, Jacob Allenberger, of Point Mills, Mich., and Miss Lizzie Schrenbrock, of Meeme, have been granted a license to wed. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Saturday, Nov. 11, 1899 P.2



ALTER: Fred L. Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago City Engineer Manitowoc

ALTER: Gustav m: 30 Dec 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.68) to: Hattie Guttmann children: Fred L./b. Nov. 25, 1892/d. Mar. 1972/from his obit in cem. #44) Margaret/b. 27 Jul 1901, Manitowoc/state microfiche Reel: 121 Record: 1198 At the close of the old year several couples were married during the month of Dec. Gustav Alter with Miss Hattie Guttmann by Court Commissioner W. Bach, with a party afterward in Williams House. Der Nord Westen, 01 Jan. 1891 ******** From the Files of the Pilot - Twenty-five Years ago (1890) Mr. Gus Alter and Miss Hattie Guttman were married on Tuesday, Dec. 30. Mr. Alter is a young man of large ability and eminently sound character. He fills an important position in the store of Schuette Bros. The bride is a young lady whose friends are limited only by her acquaintances. Manitowoc Pilot, Thurs., Dec. 30, 1915

ALTER: Oscar A. m: 8 May 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.189) to: Dora Julia Beer children: Erwin Oscar/b. 15 Feb 1885, Manitowoc/state microfiche Reel: 117 Record: 1323 Eugene/b. 7 Dec. 1887, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.7 p.208) Married – On Thursday evening, May 8, at the residence of Mrs. Kern by Rev. J.M. Craig, Mr. Oscar A. Alter and Miss Dora J. Beer. Mr. Alter is one of these young men on whom Nature fixed the stamp of gentleman. He is a rising business man and in all things merits the esteem of his acquaintances. Mrs. Alter is a young lady of considerable mental endowments and has been a successful teacher. The young couple are blessed with traits of character which will insure them a happy future. Manitowoc Pilot Thursday, May 15, 1884 ******* From Der Nord Westen, 13 May 1909: On Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Alter, eminent residents of our city, celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary. Friends had planned a surprise party for them but found that the couple was taking a trip to Chicago and so the plan was dropped.

ALTER: Otto Wilhelm m: 4 Dec 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.327 to: Johanna Minnie Maria Pruss children: George Herman/b. 24 Oct. 1896, Manitowoc/mother Minnie/bapt. 10 Apr. 1909/sponsors: Marie Gauger, Lydia Truss from record of St. John's United Ch. of Christ, Manitowoc city) (Male) Alter (b. 28 Oct. 1896/co. bir. index v.10 p.159/mother Minnie Pruss) Marriage Wed. last week, of Otto Alter with Miss Minnie Pruss, both from Manitowoc, by Pastor Fuerstenau. Der Nord Westen, 12 Dec. 1895 Otto Alter

Photo compliments of the Manitowoc Library

ALTER: See RICHTER See John Schuette bio. See Louis Schuette bio.

ALTHEN: Anton m: 24 Dec. 1858 (co. mar. index v.2 p.54) to: Maria Althen children: Maria (b. 22 June 1861 (co. bir. index v.2 p.164) John Anton Althen/27 Mar 1869, Two Rivers/state microfiche Reel: 114 Record: 2629

ALTHEN: Frederick Martin m: 26 Dec. 1897 (co. mar. index v.7 p.32/she is 1898) to: Hannah Elizabeth Magee children: Seymour Belliny Harvey/b. 8 June 1899, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.11 p.89) Corinne/b. 16 Apr. 1901, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.11, p.364) Loyd Thompson/b. 21 Mar. 1904, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.13 p.71) Victor Horace Eugene/b. 28 Oct. 1906, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.14 p.141) Marriage 26 Dec. of Fr. Althen with Miss Hanna Magee of Two Rivers. Der Nord Westen, 29 Dec. 1898 (year is off) ******* Marriage of Fred Althen & Hannah Magee At the home of the bride's parents in the Town of Two Rivers on Wednesday, Dec. 28, Rev. J. N. Davidson spoke the words which united two loving hearts "for better or for worse, until death do us part". The contracting parties were Mr. Fred Althen of this city and Miss Hannah Magee of Two Rivers. The wedding was a quiet affair, only near relatives of the contracting parties witnessing the ceremony. The groom is at present employed by the Manitowoc Aluminum Novelty Co., in this city and is a young man of exemplary character. He was formerly a resident of Two Rivers, holding several public offices of responsibility in that city. He is well known throughout the county, having been a candidate for assemblyman in the second district two years ago on the Social Democratic Ticket. At the breaking out of the Spanish War he resigned his position as a teacher in a school near Two Rivers and went to the front as a corporal in Company H. After going through all the hardships of the Porto Rico campaign, he returned to this city with his company. After being mustered, out he accepted a position with the Manitowoc Aluminum Novelty Co., where he is still employed. He expects however, to resume teaching. The young lady whom he has chosen for a helpmeet in life is accomplished and well fitted for the new duties she is to assume. The happy couple will make their home in this city for a time and have the best wishes of a host of friends for a happy and prosperous voyage on the matrimonial sea. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Dec. 29, 1898

ALTHEN: George Frederick m: 4 Oct. 1902 (co. mar. index v.7 p.238) to: Martha Maria Mueller children: Arthur George/b. 23 July 1906, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.14 p.90/mother Martha Miller)

ALTHEN: Heinrich b: 16 Mar. 1845 in Preussen, Rheinprovinz res: Manitowoc p: Johannes Althen m: 5 Sept. 1872 from record of First Ger. Evang. Luth. ch., Manitowoc (co. mar. index. v.4, p.64) to: Christina Bender b: 4 Dec. 1854 in Meeme, Manitowoc co. res: Manitowoc p: Johann Bender and Louise Meiners children: Heinrich T.C./b. 20 May 1877, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.3 p.420)

ALTHEN: Heinrich m: Christina children: Catharine (b. 26 June 1866, Mishicott/co. bir. index v.2 p.366)

ALTHEN: Heinrich m: Christina children: Heinrich (b. 18 Oct. 1868/co. bir. index v.2 p.384)

ALTHEN: Heinrich m: Christina children: John Heinrich Louis/b. 13 June 1871, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.2 p.398)

ALTHEN: Heinrich m: Christina Meiner or Menier children: Marianna A./b. 24 Feb. 1874, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.3 p.418 Maria L./b. 24 Dec. 1876, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.3 p.418

ALTHEN: Heinrich m: Catherine Meiner children: Christine Wilhelmine/b. 16 June 1864, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.2 p.357)

ALTHEN: Henry m: 18 May 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.156) to: Mary Notz children: Julia Caroline Louisa/b. 12 May 1903(Twin), Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.12, p.369) Julius Carl John/b. 12 May 1903(Twin), Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.12, p.369) From Der Nord Westen, 16 May 1901 Marriage License obtained: Henry Althen of Mishicott and Mary Hotz of Manitowoc

ALTHEN: Henry m: 16 Dec. 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.312) to: Minnie Schmidt children: (Female) Althen (b. 28 Feb. 1904/co. bir. index v.13 p.54)

ALTHEN: Jacob m: Christine Althen children: Heinrich (b. 18 Oct. 1868/co. bir. index v.2 p.384)

ALTHEN: Johann m: 8 Sep 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.267) to: Bertha Marie Rahmlow children: Louise Charlotte Augusta/b. 4 Oct. 1896, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.10 p.144) From Der Nord Westen, 13 Sept. 1894: Marriage Sat. in Two Rivers of Mr. Altin with Miss Bertha Rumloe in the Ev. Church.

ALTHEN: John m: 22 Dec. 1858 (co. mar. index v.2 p.22) to: Frederica Schulze children: John Ernst/b. 7 Nov 1859, Two Rivers/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index

ALTHEN: John m: 29 Nov 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.434) to: Ida Schmidt From Der Nord Westen, 02 Dec. 1897: Marriage Mon. of John Althen of Two Rivers with Miss Ida Schmidt of Neschoto.

ALTHEN: William (info sent in by anonymous) m: 24 May 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.76) m: Anna Weiss (Weis on mar. index) children: Albert/b. 27 Sep 1885/m. Rose Hascheck Elsie/b. 5 Jul 1888/m. Edwin or Alvin Moss Emma/b. 19 Mar 1890, Two Rivers/m. Walter Fricke Julianna/b. 16 Feb 1892, Two Rivers/m. Leo Klinke Conrad Edward William/b. 28 Oct 1894, Two Rivers/d. 5 Sep 1970, Manitowoc m: Nora Stueck; Bernice Peterson (Peterson was her maiden name/she was also married to a Schmidtmann Conrad was her 2nd husband)



ALTHOF: Heinrich m: Friedericke Garrzen children: Emma Johanna Christine/b. 9 May 1871, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.2 p.395)


ALTMANN: August m: Augusta Ruecken or Kuecken children: Minna L./b. 6 Mar. 1877, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.3 p.315)

ALTMANN: C.F. (Charles Fred) m: 20 July 1906 (co. mar. index v.7 p.449) to: Ella W. Stockmeyer

ALTMANN: Carl m: Augusta Krihen children: Clara E. (b. 21 Aug. 1878/co. bir. index v.3 p.435) (probably the same Clara in the next entry)

ALTMANN: Carl m: Augusta Kuchen children: Clara El Altmann/b. 21 Aug 1878/mother Auguste Kuhn/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index Reinhold W.H./b. 2 Dec. 1880, Manitowoc City/co. bir. index v.5 p.163) Alfred P.M./b. 19 Nov. 1882/co. bir. index v.5 p.283) William F.A./b. 23 May 1885, Manitowoc/par: Charles F Altman, Augusta Kuken/ state microfiche Reel: 117 Record: 1382 Louisa Bertha/b. 31 July 1890/co. bir. index)

ALTMANN: Carl H S (possibly Karl Altmann/don't have Carl Altmann on this date) m: 04 Jun 1876 (microfiche: vol.02, pg.0347, vol.A, sequence 00081) to: Augusta Zantner (microfiche: vol.02, pg.0347, vol.A sequence 00082)

ALTMANN: Chas. (Carl) m: 20 May 1874 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.82) to: Sophia Hallauer children: Georg Paul/b. 10 July 1875, Two Rivers/twin/co. bir. index v.3 p.425) Sophia M./b. 10 July 1875 ,Two Rivers/twin/co. bir. index v.3 p.425) Carl F./b. 2 Jan. 1879/co. bir. index v.3 p.431/father Carl, same mother)

ALTMANN: John m: Maria Cluma children: Frank/b. 29 Sept. 1884/co. bir. index v.7 p.31)

ALTMANN: Joseph m: Fili Jachinski children: Josef/b. 25 Mar. 1895/co. bir. index v.10 p.1)

ALTMANN: Karl Fried. Aug. m: 11 June 1876 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.104)

ALTMANN: Michael m: 9 Jan 1895 (co. mar. index. v.6 p.284) to: Ottilia Jaschinsky children: Anton Frank/b. 10 Apr. 1895, Newton/co. bir. index v.9 p.277/mother Ottilia Jaczyneski) Mick/b. 5 June 1904/co. bir. index v.13 p.102/father Mick/mother Otilia Jassinski)

ALTMANN: Reinhardt W. m: 20 Dec. 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.363) to: Anna D. Puls

ALTMANN: Wilhelmine b: 13 Dec. 1859/conf. 11 May 1873 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)


ALTMEIER: Jacob m: 13 Nov. 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.94) to: Anna Ripp

ALTMEIER: John m: Margarita Altmeier children: Sebestian (b. 6 Dec. 1863, Mishicott/co. bir. index v.5 p.294)

ALTMEIER: Nicolaus (may be Altmeyer next entry) m: Susanne Grosse (also spelled Susan Grass; Susanna Gross) children: Philipp Michael (b. 3 Jan. 1863/bapt. 6 Apr. 1863 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville) Johann Gottfried (b. 20 Oct. 1867/bapt. 26 Jan. 1868 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville) Christian (b. 20 May 1870/bapt. 5 Mar. 1871 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

ALTMEYER: ____ (may be Altmeier above entry) m. Susana children: Maria Margarethe (b. 25 May 1865/bapt. 23 July 1865 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

ALTMEYER: A. m: Caroline children: Caroline/b. 22 Feb. 1878/co. bir. index v.4 p.325) Caroline/b. 22 Feb 1878, Two Rivers/father Peter/Wisconsin Births-Christenings Index

ALTMEYER: Albert m: no date 1899 (co. mar. index. v.7 p.42) to: Anna Loucher

ALTMEYER: John m: Margaretha children: Louis (b. 28 Oct. 1868, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.4 p.147)

ALTMEYER: Peter m: Maria Oberberger children: Philomena/b. 25 Mar. 1874, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.4 p.250)


ALTON: Henry m: 22 June 1862 (co. mar. index v.2 p.144) to: Christiana Miners

ALTRIDGE: Eli m: 16 May 1877 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.117) to: Allice Niles


AMAND: Christian O m: 28 Sep 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.169) to: Andrea Jackson



AMBLER: Edgar b: 15 Sept. 1906 in Philadelphia, Pa./bapt. 5 Mar. 1922/conf. 23 Apr. 1922/ from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc

AMBLER: Eyrus Edw. (not on co. mar. index) m: 14 October 1901 to: Nina L. Wilbur

AMEIGH: Jacob (not on co. mar. index) m: Mary Holzer children: Viola C. (b. 25 June 1905/co. bir. index v.14 p.91)



AMENT: Jacob m: 10 Oct. 1876 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.112) to: Catharina Bauer CATHERINE AMEND Chilton Times JUNE 8, 1895 On Saturday night, June 1st, Catherine, wife of Jacob Amend, aged 41 years and 3 months. Catherine Bauer was born, March 2, 1854, At Manitowoc, Rapids. She spent her childhood days in that community and when she grew to womanhood was married to Jacob Amend in 1876. The same year she came to Chilton with her husband to reside. During her residence here she has made friends with all our people. She was a living and devoted wife and mother, a kind and obliging neighbor. She has been in poor health for several weeks, her sickness finally terminating in Bright's disease. She was buried on Tuesday from St. Mary's Catholic Church, of which she was a devout member. Her remains were followed to the grave by relatives and a large number of friends. A heart broken husband, one son and four daughters mourn her death. On May 20th her mother Catherine Bauer died in this city.

AMENT: Joseph m: (no mother listed children: William Peter/b. 22 Feb. 1865, Eaton/co. bir. index v.1 p.208)

AMERMANN: August (also have Ammermann) m: 9 Jan. 1858 (co. mar. index) to: Mary Smith

AMES: James B. m: 11 Sept. 1871 (co. mar. index. v.4, p.48) to: Julia Cunningham From the Files of the Pilot – Fifty Years ago – (1871) Married at Clark's Mills, Sept. 8, 1871 at the residence of Ira Clark, by J. P. Wickert, Justice of the Peace, Mr. J. B. Ames and Miss Julia Cunniingham. Manitowoc Pilot, Thurs., Oct. 6, 1921



AMLING: Wilhelm (not on co. mar. index) m: Louise Kriedeweis children: Walter A.W./b. 28 May 1892, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.8 p.253) Herbert Arnold/b. 1 Dec. 1894, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.9 p.253/mother Kreiderveiss) Martin/b. 12 Feb. 1897, Manitowoc/co. bir. index v.10 p.256)

AMMA: H. m: Wilhelmina Abel children: Carl Albert/b. 29 Nov. 1865, Meeme/co. bir. index v.1 p.225)

AMMA: Hermann m: G. Stabel children: Joseph G./b. 18 Apr. 1868, Meeme/co. bir. index v.1 p.269)

AMMA: Herman m: Wilhelmina children: Anna Maria/b. 6 Nov. 1870, Woodville/co. bir. index v.2 p.322)

AMMANN: Henry J. or I. b: Feb. 8, 1869 Town of Rhine m: 22 Sep 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.167) to: Flora Louisa Lindner b: 3 Nov. 1870, Illinois/d. 27 Mar. 1957 children: Norma/b. 27 Aug. 1893, Kiel/co. bir. index v.9 p.78) (Female)Amman (b. 26 July 1898, Kiel/co. bir. index v.10 p.396/same parents) (Note: She is listed under Aumann with a note in the book to also see Amman) Marion Ammon/1 Jul 1906, Kiel/par: Henry Ammon, Flora Luidner/state microfiche Reel 123 Record 524 From Der Nord Westen, 19 Nov. 1891 (From the correspondent in Kiel, 10 Nov.): Marriage of our cigar maker Henry Amman with Miss Flora Lindner, daughter of our postmaster (no date mentioned). (Note: There is a big discrepancy in the dates possibly engagement notice?) From Der Nord Westen, 29 Sept. 1892: Marriage of H.J. Ammann with Miss Flora Lindner, both from Kiel, on Wed. of last week by Justice of the Peace Heins of Kiel. The couple will honeymoon in Rockford, Chicago, and other cities.

AMMANN: H. J. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Manufacturer of Fine Cigars of Foreign and Domestic Tobacco, Village of Kiel, East end of Fremont street.

AMMANN: Theodor From Der Nord Westen, 05 Aug. 1909: Mr. and Mrs. Theodor Ammann in Kiel celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary Tuesday last week.

AMMANN: See August Lindner bio.


AMMERMAN: John Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago Palace Livery 1618 16th Street Two Rivers First Class Rigs and Safe Drivers

AMMERMAN: Justus Friederich res: at mar. Tn. Kossuth m: 29 Nov. 1853, Vill. Manitowoc by Chas. A. Reuter, J.P. (co. mar. index) wit: August Herman, Anton Herman to: Johanna Rauber

AMMERMANN: Jacob m: Louise children: Wilhelm L./b. 26 Apr. 1882, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.5 p.227)

AMMERMANN: Jacob (Annermann on mar. index but children are Ammermann ) m: 12 May 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.19) to: Louise Sophia C. Holtje children: Louis T.or F. Amermann/b. 12 Mar. 1884/co. bir. index v.6 p.180) Walter W.T.H. (b. 29 June 1887, Gibson/co. bir. index v.7 p.195/mother Louise Hultje) Ira Edward/b. 29 Oct. 1890/co. bir. index) Orena Anna/b. 7 Mar. 1894, Mishicot/co. bir. index v.9 p.188/mother Elise Holtje)

AMMERMANN: Joseph (can't find on mar. index) m: Mary Braeger children: Johanna A./b. 4 Mar. 1894, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.9 p.159/mother Mary Bregger) Caroline (b. 10 May 1901/co. bir. index v.12, p.4)

AMMERMANN: Joseph m: Margaretha Brecker children: William/b. 26 Mar. 1896, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.10 p.57)

AMMERMANN: Joseph m: Mary children: Joseph Xaver/b. 11 Sept. 1883, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.6 p.79) Jane/b. 27 Feb 1886, Two Rivers/state microfiche Reel: 117 Record: 1638

AMMERMANN: Xavier From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Forrest Home Stock and Dairy Farm. Born in Kossuth 1867. Wife born in Germany 1872. Married 1892. Settled farm in 1891. Post Office, Manitowoc; Section 25, Kossuth Township.

AMMERMANN: Xavier m: 22 Mar 1891 (co. mar. index v.6 p.143) to: Maria Davey/Dube/Duve (Xavier's obit says Duve) children: (Female) Ammermann/b. 18 Apr. 1893, Kossuth/co. bir. index v.9 p.17) (Anna/b. 18 Apr. 1893/from her obituary in Calvary cem., Two Rivers) Joseph Martin/b. 19 June 1895, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.9 p.330/mother Dube) Martin John/b. 30 July 1896, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.10 p.125/mother Maria Dube) John Anton/born 3 Oct. 1903, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.13, p.2/mother Maria Duve) Xavier Amerman/17 Feb 1906, Two Rivers/par: Xavier Amermann/Mary Dune/state microfiche Reel: 123 Record: 344 Michael Amermann/17 Feb 1906, Two Rivers/par: Xavier Amermann/Mary Dune/state microfiche Reel: 123 Record: 343 Martha Helena/b. 28 Apr. 1907, Two Rivers/co. bir. index v.14 p.207/father Amermann/mother Mary) Michael Ammermann birth: 17 February 1906 Two Rivers, Wis. death: 3 May 1906 Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin residence: 1906 Two Rivers father: Xavier Ammermann mother: Mary Wisconsin, Deaths and Burials, 1835-1968

AMMERMANN: (also have Amermann/) See ANNERMANN See HENDRICKSON See Louisa SCHAEFER bio See TIM


AMUNDS: Boye m: Anna Aabol children: Nora Estelle/b. 18 Mar. 1879, Cato/co. bir. index v.3 p.386)


AMUNDSON: Berge m: 5 Mar. 1854 to: ??? Olsdatter

AMUNDSON: Boye b: Norway res: Two Rivers p: Amund Boyesen and Ingrid Tomsdtr m: 5 Mar. 1854 at Maple Grove (co. mar. index v.1 p.33) to: Anne Olsdthr p: Ole Olsen Aabol and Ragnhild Knudsdtr