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LABANSKI: John m: 19 Oct 1891 (co. mar. index v.6 p.117) to: Antonia Sapinska

LABBUS: Herman (also Labburs) res: Mishicot m: 19 Mar. 1874, in Gibson by J.P. Wm. Zander (co. mar. index v.4 p.80) to: Anna Detjen res: Mishicot From Der Nord Westen, 26 Mar. 1874 Marriage of Hermann Labburs with Anna Detjen on 19 Mar. in Gibson by Justice of the Peace Wm. Zander. Both from Mishicott.

LABEL: Fred A.E. m: 26 Apr. 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.295) to: Maria C.S. Brandt

LABELLE: Mozes (also Moses)(Moise Labell in newspaper) b: 30 Aug. 1834, Lower Canada/d. 15 Nov. 1917 res: Manitowoc Rapids, tavernkeeper p: Peter and Victoire Labelle m: 18 Feb. 1855, in French Creek (co. mar. index v.1 p.66) to: Margeritha Belanger (also Marguerite) p: Lewis and Maria Belanger (mar. announcement in Manitowoc Herald, 24 Feb. 1855)

LABELLE: Pierre (also Lebel) b: m: Marie Victoire Beaufort Brunel



LABONAJTYS: Jos. m: 26 Aug 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.158)

LABORALSKI: Joseph (Lboralski on index) m: 04 May 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.349) to: Mary Burry

LABRECHE: George Decorator and Painting Contractor 112 No. Eighth St. Manitowoc Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

LABS: Richard A. m: 02 Sep 1902 (co. mar. index v.7 p.229) to: A.U. Ernestine Bratz From Der Nord Westen, 28 Aug 1902: Marriage License: Reinhard Labs of Wrightstown and Tina Braatz of Maple Grove


LABUDDA: Frank m: 29 Dec. 1906 (co. mar. index v.8 p.29) to: Meta Schibblak Marriage License obtained Frank Labudda and Meta Schibblack(sic) both of Two Rivers Der Nord Westen 27 Dec. 1906 ******** A marriage license has been issued to Frank Labudda and Meta Schibblek (sic) both of Two Rivers. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Wednesday, December 26, 1906 P. 2

LA BUTE: Alexander m: 13 June 1854, Wash., Door co., Wis. by M.E. Symms, J.P. (co. mar. index v.1) wit: Willett P. Ramey, Adeline K. Symm, Naomi Ling, Cynthia Sweet to: Mary M. Davison res: at mar. Bay de Noquit, Mich.

LACEY: Francis H. m: 1 July 1877 (co. mar. index v.4 p.117) to: Adeline M. Shepard


LACHS: Henry m: 7 June 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.331) to: Anna Heinrichs


LACKEMANN: Andreas From Der Nord Westen, 19 Oct. 1899: Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Lackemann in St. Nazianz celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 04 Oct.

LACKERMANN: Michael m: 04 Oct 1887 (co. mar. index v.5 p.366) to: Blazia Steinfest

LACLAIR: (also have LeClair/Leclare) See PILON

LACLAIRE: Arthur m: 05 Jul 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.392)


LACOSSE: See Horal Nelson bio.

LACOUNT: George b. about 1822, New York

LACOUNT: George m: 24 Nov. 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.220) to: Charlotte Paltzin

LACOUNT: Joseph m: 26 Jan. 1864 (co. mar. index v.2 p.187) to: Catharine Cox

LACOUNT: (Divorce - 1867)(LaCourt on court record) LaCourt, Joseph, vs. LaCourt, Catharine Her name before marriage was Catharine Cox. Married 1 January 1864 Manitowoc. Living in Manitowoc Rapids. No issue.



LADD: Martin Marriage Date: 01 Nov 1864 Vol:01 Page:0116 Vol:A Sequence:09095 to: Mary Lobster Marriage Date: 01 Nov 1864 Vol:01 Page:0116 Vol:A Sequence:09096


LADE: Richard m: 10 Mar. 1899, from records of St. Johns United Church of Christ, Manitowoc city wit: Heinr. Lade and Auguste Schmidt (co. mar. index v.7 p.39/08 Mar. 1899/she is not on index) to: Rosalie Schmidt VERY MUCH MARRIED. Knot to Be Tied Twice Within the Course of Five Days. Two loving hearts were made one by Justice Faige on Wesnesday (sic) of this week, and the Judge says he tied a real hard knot that naught but a divorce court or death could manage to untangle. Nevertheless the two loving hearts are to be still further welded to-morrow. Within the tale lies a romance of more than the every day kind. Richard Lade is a young man who makes his living as a fisherman and like the unwary fish he one day found himself hopelessly caught in cupid's net. The partner of his joys is Rosa Schmidt, a daughter of August Schmidt, a blacksmith on South Main street. For several months Richard and Rosa have loved each other ardently and they finally decided that as they were the only persons who had much to say about it anyway, they would settle the mattar (sic) without any unnecessary publicity. Last Wednesday they appeared blushingly before the Justice and asked that the law make them man and wife. A few moments later Mrs. Lade repaired to her home to notify her parents of the step she had taken. Up to this time all had been plain sailing but now the trouble began. Neither the parents nor the Rev. Rosenfeldt, pastor of the church which the family attends, approved of a civil marriage contract and insisted that another knot be tied. Their wish will be respected and tomorrow afternoon at the home of the bride's parents will take place a wedding and this time the Rev. Rosenfeldt will officiate. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Saturday, March 11, 1899 P.3

LADEMANN: See Gustavus A. Gartzke bio.

LADEWIG: Christoph b: 4 Feb. 1844 in Mecklenburg-Schwerin res: Manitowoc p: Carl Ladewig and Sophia Paarmann or Baarmann m: 11 May 1872 from record of First Ger. Evang. Luth. ch., Manitowoc (co. mar. index v.4 p.60) to: Caroline Keubke b: 2 Aug. 1853 in Manitowoc p: Heinrich Keubke and Maria Haase

LADEWIG: Friedrich b: Schwetzius in Mecklenburg-Schwerin (age 23 at marr.) res: Manitowoc p: Carl Ladewig and Sophia born Pohlmann m: 26 Sept. 1873 from record of First Ger. Evang. Luth. ch., Manitowoc (co. mar. index v.4 p.74) to: Marie Pingel b: Manitowoc (age 19 at marr.) p: John Pingel and Maria born Hinz


LADWIG: August Karl m: 30 Sept. 1899 (co. mar. index v.7 p.68) to: Anna Maria Kohls From Der Nord Westen, 21 Sep. 1899: Marriage License issued for: August Ludwig(sic) and Anna Kohls both from Manitowoc. ******** The marriage of August Ladwig to Miss Annie Kohls will take place at the home as (sic) the bride's parents on South Twelfth street Saturday afternoon Sept. 30th. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, September 28, 1899 P.2 ******** From Der Nord Westen, 05 Oct. 1899: Marriage Sat. of August Ladwig with Miss Anna Kohls by Pastor Machmueller in the local Lutheran Church. Afterwards a joyful party, to which 75 guests were invited, took place in the home of the bride's parents.

LADWIG: Carl Joachim Fred. m: 9 Oct. 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.37) to: Emma Maria Christina Rasch

LADWIG: Charles m: 8 April 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.375) to: Minnie Collin Farmer Sect. 5 Schleswig, Kiel, 1894 b. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1883 m. Minnie Collins Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

LADWIG: Edward m: 16 Nov 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.356) to: Josephine Gretz (Grezca on mar. index)

LADWIG: Heinrich Johann b: 24 Jan. 1838, Germany/d. 9 June 1922 m: Fredericka Brey b: 26 Feb. 1835, Germany/d. 23 July 1917

LADWIG: Henry L.C. m: 26 Sep 1891 (co. mar. index v.6 p.111) to: Helena Brocker

LADWIG: Wilhelmine b. 21 Sept. 1858/confirmed 7 April 1872/First German Ev. Luth. ch.



LAE PLANT: Phillis (Lae Plant on index, La Plant on record) b: Canada res: Town of Mishicott, farmer p: Phillis La Plant and Amelia La Plant m: 3 Sept. 1873 (co. mar. index v.4 p.72) in Town of Gibson by Charles Wm. Chatterton witnesses: Clara La Plant and Lewis Kiyan to: Julia Vass p: Jacob Vass and Rose Vass


LAERX: Girhard (not on index) Marriage Date: 25 Feb 1889 Vol:04 Page:0071 Vol:A Sequence:09689 to: Hulda Jerimeke Marriage Date: 25 Feb 1889 Vol:04 Page:0071 Vol:A Sequence:09690


LAFLEUR: Peter m: 27 Nov. 1850 at Tn. Two Rivers by Lor Peterson, J.P. (co. mar. index) wit: Joseph LaFlour, Allover Lanzow to: Matilda Pelong (15 yrs, mother's declaration) From Der Nord Westen, 30 Nov. 1899: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lafleur of Two Rivers celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Mon. Mrs. Lafleur was only 12 yrs. old when she married and is now 62.

LAFLEURE: Edward m: 16 May 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.259) to: Jane Hurd

LAFLOWER: Alexander m: 20 Aug. 1900 (co. mar. index v.7, p.112) to: Ida LeClair


LAFOND: Alfred b: 1845, Canada/d. 27 June 1935 m: Andrienne Backus b: 1846/d. 1880 children: Alfred Jr. David Henry Edward Emily (m. Lonzo) Harriet (m. Gauthier) Lucy (m. Napiecinski) Odelia (m. Allie) Louise (m. Gauthier) Family photo With photo: Family of Alfred LaFond St. (1845-1935) and his wife Andrienne (1847-1880) Pictured are: Alfred LaFond Sr., Alfred LaFond Jr., David LaFond, Henry LaFond, Edward LaFond, Emily LaFond Lonzo, Harriet LaFond Gauthier, Lucy LaFond Napiecinski, Odelia LaFond Allie, Louise LaFond Gauthier. Courtesy of the Two Rivers Historical Society.

LAFOND: Alfred m: 23 Jul 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.424) to: Ladiana Allie

LAFOND: Alfred m: 27 Nov. 1902 (co. mar. index v.7 p.250) to: Mary Josephine Landre

LAFOND: David m: 24 Nov 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.428) to: Catharine Griesner From Der Nord Westen, 02 Dec. 1897: Marriage Wed. of David Lafond with Miss K. Geimer, the eldest daughter of innkeeper J. A. Geimer, in the Catholic Church by Father Geissler. Afterwards there was a joyful wedding party in the house of the bride's parents.

LAFOND: Edward m: 21 Apr 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.52) to: E. St Peter (she is listed in P instead of St. Peter)

LAFOND: Edward m: 24 Apr 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.297) to: Mary Weis

LAFOND: Elide Photo

Photo compliments of the Manitowoc Library

LAFOND: Emanuel m: 12 May 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.51) to: E. Louisier

LAFOND: Frank m: 03 Jan 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.3) to: Etudrenne Martelle (as such on index, but her name was Julia)

LAFOND: Henry m: April 1895 to: Mary Krueger From Der Nord Westen, 11 Apr. 1895: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 08 Apr.) Marriage last week of Henry Lafond with Miss Mary Krueger, both from here. He is of French-Canadian ancestry, but was born and raised here. She came to this country with her parents and is the eldest daughter of Heinrich Krueger.

LAFOND: John m: 24 May 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.315) to: Theresia Gagnon From the Manitowoc Co. Chronicle, Tuesday, May 25, 1886: John B. Lafond and Mrs. V. Gagnon were married at the Catholic church yesterday. The occasion was duly celebrated by the friends of the contracting parties.

LAFOND: John B. b: 25 Nov 1812, Canada/d. 19 July 1888 p: Joseph LaFond m: Celestina

LAFOND: John Batias b: 1811, Canada/d. 1893 m: Mary, d. in 1866 at 45 yrs. of age. children: Alicia, John, Joseph, Michel, Godfrey, Frank and Alfred.

LAFOND: Joseph m: 17 Nov 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.64) to: Hedwige Cajo

LAFOND: Joseph m: 22 June 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.258) to: Adeline Sanville

LAFOND: Michel b. 26 Jan. 1837 in Canada p: John and Mary Lafond m: 9 Sept. 1857 to: Margaret Jurden (sic) children: Liza, Susan, George,(all of whom died in infancy), and John Baptiste, Michel, Joseph, Fred, Mary, Jessie, and Louisa Celebrate Golden Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel LaFond Sr(sic) celebrated their golden wedding last Monday. Mass was read at St. Luke's church. After the services at the church the wedding was celebrated at their residence with a sumptuous wedding dinner. A large number of guests were at the celebration. From outside of the city were: Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Jordan, Wm Coyou and wife of Kewaunee, Mesdames Mary Stone of Antigo and Jessie Allie of Houghton, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel LaFond enjoy a large circle of friends who extend their congratulations. The Reporter, Sat., Sept. 13, 1907

LAFOND: Michael m: 08 Jan 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.169) to: Edith Fontaine

LAFOND: Mitchel b. in Canada immig 1853 m. abt. 1857 name unknown

LAFOND: Peter m: 12 May 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.226) to: Mari Gagnon

LAFOND: Peter m: 20 Feb 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.289) to: Anna Loussean


LAFONT: Joseph m: 4 July 1867 (co. mar. index v.4 p.8) to: Angela Binna


LAFRAINER: Theofil m: 01 Sep 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.57) to: Carolina Lindan Note: He is listed as Frainer on co. mar. index)


LAGELLE: John m: 11 Sept. 1909, from records of St. Johns United Church of Christ, Manitowoc city wit: H. Pasche, F. Flint to: Tillie Schmidt





LAGRODNICK: John m: 5 June 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.391) to: Anna Trozyna


LAHAY: John Jr. m: 08 Jun 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.24) to: Kattie Lahay

LAHEY: Daniel H. m: 10 Jan. 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.140) to: Mary S. Altmann First Events In New Century. A Birth, Marriage and Death That Are Eventful Because of the Time Some persons are born to notoriety; some achieve it while some have it thrust upon them. No sooner had the old century become ancient when things began to happen and persons looking for the attention of historians got it. The first marriage license was granted to D.H. Lahey and Mary Allman of Two Rivers, Wedneday January second. We do not know whether this was notoriety achieved or thrust, but are inclined to favor the latter. Manitowoc Daily Herald Thursday, Jan. 5, 1901, p. 1 ******* At Two Rivers Friday, the marriage of Miss Mary Altman to Dr. H. Lahey was solemnized by Rev. Davidson. The couple are both well known here. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Saturday, Jan. 12, 1901, p. 5

LAHEY: Edward m: 27 Oct 1870 (co. mar. index v.4 p.39) to: Anna Williamson

LAHEY: Edward m: 9 o'clock p.m. (co. mar. index v.6 p.438/he is just before the 10 Jan 1898 entry)

LAHEY: Thomas m: Anna Connors children: Michael Thomas (b. 3 Apr. 1872/bapt. 21 Apr. 1872/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.19)

LAHEY: Also have Lahy/Leahy See ELLIOTT

LAHN: Charles F. m: 24 Aug. 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.288) to: Jennie Lahn WED A SECOND TIME. Two Rivers Physician Reunited to Former Wife Here. Romance played a part in a marriage ceremony solemnized at the offices of Probate court Monday under a dispensation setting aside the five day license limit. The principals were Dr. Charles F. Lahn of Stevens Point, who recently engaged as a practicing physician at Two Rivers and Mrs. Jennie Lahn, of Bergen, this state, who are united after a separation of a year. Mrs. Lahn came here from Stevens Point and application was made for a dispensation. Judge Schenian performed the ceremony and the couple immediately departed for Two Rivers where they will reside. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Tuesday, August 25, 1903 P. 1

LAHN: Johann Adam (there is also a Luhn) m: Margarethe born Hase children: Martha Elisabeth (b. ? Feb. 1857/bapt. 7 Mar. 1858 from record of First German Evang. Luth. ch.)

LAHY: Johann res: Two Creeks, Wis. m: 19 Apr. 1874 (from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.390) to: Anna Cody res: Meeme

LAINZ: Edward Marriage Date: 23 Jun 1903 Vol:05 Page:0341 Vol:B Sequence:03460 to: Anna Koch Marriage Date: 23 Jun 1903 Vol:05 Page:0341 Vol:B Sequence:03049


LAKATUS: Michael m: 09 Aug 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.163/she is not on index) to: Mary Shuber


LAKOATKA: (also have a Lokotka) See ZEMANN

LALKA: Kazena m: 03 Jun 1907 (co. mar. index v.8 p.42) to: Katherine Leilinska (no first name on index)

LALLEMENT: Augustus m: 23 Oct 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.424) to: Theresa Neuser From Der Nord Westen, 28 Oct. 1897: Marriage Sat. of August Lallemann with Miss Theresia Neuser, daughter of W. Neuser of Cato.

LALLEMONT: Elizabeth b: 1 June 1888 at Sturgeon Bay, Wis./bapt. 18 Apr. 1908, Manitowoc from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc

LAMAC: John m: 13 Feb. 1870 (co. mar. index v.4 p.35)

LAMACH: Frank m: 27 Aug. 1907 (co. mar. index v.8 p.58) to: Christina Moseler

LAMACH: Mollie b: 26 July 1887/bapt. R.C./conf. 12 Apr. 1903 from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc

LAMAC: John m: 19 Apr 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.400) to: Anna Branik


LAMBERT: Karl m: 3 July 1883 (St. Joseph Cath. ch.) to: Katharina Gerber children: Louisa Elisabetha (b. 13 Dec. 1885/bapt. 19 Mar. 1886 St. Joseph Cath. ch.) Anna Katharina (b. 24 June 1889/bapt. 21 July 1889 St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

LAMBERT: Otto Lakeview Garage Sect. 10 Two Creeks, Two Rivers, b. Wisconsin 1899 High Class Automobiles and Repairing Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

LAMBERT: See Charles H. Fricke bio. See IHLENFELDT

LAMBRECHT: E. Carl m: 11 Jun 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 pg. 74) to: I. Louise Dumke From Der Nord Westen, 15 June 1882: Marriage of Erich Lambrecht with Miss Ida Dumke, both from Manitowoc, on Sun. 11 June by Justice of the Peace Emil Baensch.

LAMBRIES: Adam m: 26 Oct 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.318/she is v.5 p.319) to: Elizabeth Holzer

LAMBRIES: Domence m: 02 May 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.68) to: Elizabeth Ganterer

LAMBRIES: George m: 22 Nov 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.429) to: Mina Winkelman From Der Nord Westen, 29 Nov. 1888: Marriage of George Lambries with Miss Minna Winkelmann, both from Manitowoc Rapids, on Thurs., 22 Nov. in Hemschemeyer's Hotel at Silver Lake by Justice of the Peace John O'Hara. ******* Mr. and Mrs. George Lambries celebrated the tenth anniversary of their marriage yesterday. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Wednesday, November 23, 1898 P. 4

LAMBRIES: Nicholas m: 03 Jun 1907 (co. mar. index v.8 p.41/almost looks like 13 June) to: Gertrude Lallesack

LAMBRIES: Nicolas m: 17 Jun 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.409) to: Agnes Mary Von Zon From Der Nord Westen, 24 June 1897: Marriage of Nick Lambries with Miss Agnes Vanson, both of Manitowoc Rapids, Thurs. last week by Pastor Peil.

LAMBRIES: See A.F. Pierce bio.








LAMON: Stephen b: Conn. res: Two Rivers, merchant p: S.H. Lamon and E.B. Lammon(sic) m: 8 Sept. 1857 in Two Rivers (co. mar. index v.1 p.204) wit: A.C. Billings to: Mary Billings p: A.C. and Mary Billings



LAMPERT: Barth. m: Mary nee Stork children: Nelson Norman (b. 19 Mar. 1872, Newton/bapt. 27 Apr. 1872 Methodist Episc. ch.)

LAMPERT: Joseph m: 11 Jan 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.182) to: Eliza Cretton From Der Nord Westen, 14 Jan. 1892: (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 12 Jan.) On Thurs, 07 Jan., Joseph Lambert of Town Mishicott, wed Miss Lizze Cretton of Town Gibson. The ceremony was performed by Father Welbes in the Catholic Church in Francis Creek.

LAMPKA: John Marriage Date: ?? --- 18?? Vol:01 Page:0047 Vol:A Sequence:09051 to: Mary Kohna Marriage Date: ?? --- 18?? Vol:01 Page:0047 Vol:A Sequence:09052


LAND: Ernst m: 30 May 1875 (co. mar. index v.4 p.93) to: Ricke Crans


LANDAU: (also have Lantau) See ROSLER

LANDEMANN: Theodore m: 12 Sept. 1906 (co. mar. index v.8 p.16) to: Hertha Werbke From Der Nord Westen, 13 Sep. 1906: Theodor Landsmann of Washburn, South Dakota, and Hertha Werbke of Manitowoc From Der Nord Westen, 20 Sep. 1906: Wednesday evening last week Miss Hertha Werbke, the daughter of our friend Charles Werbke, married Theodor Landmann of Washburn, North Dakota. A wedding party was held in the residence of Mrs. Theodor Jorsch.

LANDERS: Benjamin m: 10 Apr. 1874 (co. mar. index v.4 p.121) to: Theresa Reif

LANDES: Benjamin m: 05 Nov 1870 (co. mar. index v.4 p.40) to: Theresia Ruf

LANDES: Benjamin m: 15 Nov. 1870 (co. mar. index v.4 p.57)

LANDGRAF: Henry m: 24 Nov. 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.326) to: Ann Hepel


LANDOUSKI: John m: 5 July 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.394) to: Rozalia Mrotek




LANDRETH: Albert b: 4 Feb. 1858, in Bristol, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. m: 6 Oct. 1880 (co. mar. index v.4 p.168) to: Annie F Hoes



LANDT: August m: 21 Nov 1891 (co. mar. index v.6 p.127) to: Mary Schroeder

LANDT: John m: 11 Oct 1898 (co. mar. index v.7 p.18) to: Catherine Weiss Miss A. Weiss and Mr. John Landt, both of Two Rivers, were married at that place Tuesday, Rev. Father Geisler officiating. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Manitowoc, Wis. Wednesday, October 19, 1898 P. 8

LANDT: See FRITSCH See KUMBALEK See John L. Schroeder bio. See WEBER

LANDUA: Thomas F. b: Town of Schleswig -carpenter in Schleswig p: Leonard Landua and Margarita Stecker m: 09 Feb 1892 in civil ceremony, Manitowoc County (co. mar. index v.6 p.137) Witnesses Catharina Landua and Valentine Arndt to: Malinda Arndt p: Gottfried Arndt and Henrietta Scharfschmerdt

LANG: Alois m: 23 Aug 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.378) ******** SOUTH SIDE GIRL IS BRIDE Hopf--Lang Wedding an Event of Day at St. Boniface Church Nuptial ties, pronounced at St. Boniface church this morning, bind Miss Hattie Hopf and Louis Lang, well known South Side young people, the marriage being the outgrowth of courtship of some time. The bride is a daughter of Mrs. Rose Hopf and is a young lady popular with a large circle of friends. Mr. Lang is a sculptor and carver employed by the American School Furniture Supply Co. in the local plant and has been a resident of the city for the past three or four years. The couple will reside on Washington street. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Wednesday, August 23, 1905 P. 1

LANG: Alvin From Der Nord Westen, 19 Mar. 1891: Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Lang had a party on Mon. to celebrate their Tin Anniversary.

LANG: Charles m: 20 Feb 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.61) to: Maddlena(sic) Flieschmann

LANG: Frederick d. bef. Feb. 10, 1870 probate

LANG: John (also Joanis) p: John Lang and Anna Stelzer m: 15 May 1895 (St. George Cath. ch.)(co. mar. index v.6 p.332) to: Rosalia Kohn p: Martin Kohn and Martha Wagner children: Regina Catharina (b. 28 May 1897/bapt. 30 May 1897 St. Wendel Cath. ch.) From Der Nord Westen, 09 May 1895: To be married on Thurs., 14 May, are John Lang with Miss Rosa Kohne, with Pastor Dejalle officiating. (Note: Thursday is 16 May)

LANG: John m: Theresia Kohn children: Marsella Margareta (b. 12 Dec. 1898/bapt. 18 Dec. 1898 St. George Cath. ch.)

LANG: Joannis m: Catherine Klockl children: John Bernard (b. 29 Nov. 1880/bapt. 5 Dec. 1880 St. George Cath. ch.)


LANGBUND: See Laryland

LANGE: August m: 11 June 1923 from records of St. Johns United Church of Christ, Manitowoc city wit: Mervin Lange, Martha Erdmann to: Amanda Erdmann

LANGE: Bernhard H. m: 20 Jan 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.233) to: Maria Martha Miller From Der Nord Westen, 25 Jan. 1894: Marriage of Bernhard Lange with Miss Marie Miller, both of Town Manitowoc on Sat. by Pastor Machmüller, at the home of the bride's brother in Town Manitowoc.

LANGE: Carl (______ __ ______ ____ Circuit Court of Manitowoc Co. _____ 25 July 1869) b: 14 Nov. 1843 in Mecklenburg-Schwerin res: Manitowoc p: Friedrich Lange and Maria Schroedter m: 11 Aug. 1869 (co. mar. index v.4 p.31/Charles Lunge on mar. index) to: Friederike Kansier b: 30 Oct. 1847 in Mecklenburg-Schwerin res: Manitowoc p: Johann Kansier and _____

LANGE: Carl Friedrich Th. b: Hof Sylten, Mecklenburg Schwerin res: Manitowoc p: Friedrich Lange and Maria Schroeder m: 18 Oct. 1866 (co. mar. index, v.3 p.90) to: Helene Hinz b: Grausee, Preussen p: Michael Hinz and Laura Hermann

LANGE: F.G. m: 5 July 1869 (co. mar. index v.4 p.34) to: Ottilie Muhlenbruch

LANGE: Friedrich res: Mishicot, farmer p: Christian & Friederike (Rentpager) Lange of Mecklenburg Schwerin m: 18 Nov. 1862, Evan. Luth. ch., Manitowoc co. (co. mar. index v.2 p.156) mar. by Philip Koehler to: Christina Kippel p: Heinrich & Maria (Sabel/Saebel) Kippel of Mecklenburg Schwerin

LANGE: Friedr. August b: Sachsen Schleitz res: Maple Grove, farmer m: 11 May 1862 (co. mar. index v.2 p.154) to: Caroline March

LANGE: Herman C. m: 16 Feb. 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.145) to: Maria L. Gross From Der Nord Westen, 31 Jan. 1901 Marriage License obtained: Hermann Lange of Lyndon and Mary Gross of Kiel

LANGE: Hermann J. m: 11 Mar 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.112) to: Margaretha C. Meyer

LANGE: Herman Johann m: 11 Sep 1900 (co. mar. index v.7 p.116) to: Anne Johanna Buntscheck (Beneschek in newspaper)

LANGE: J. Gottl. (may be Joh. Gott. below) m: _____ Rosine _____ children: Johann Heinrich (b. 26 Sept. 1860/bapt. 5 Dec. 1860 at St. John- St. James Evang. Luth., Reedsville)

LANGE: Joh. Gott. b: 4 Nov. 1820 at Gustau, Schlesien res: Charlestown, Calumet Co., WI p: Christ. Lang and Dor. Eliesebeth Lindner m: 17 Oct. 1859 to: Charlotte Rosine Hillmann b: 2 Mar. 1835 at Horningern Schlesien res: Rantoul, Calumet Co., WI p: Carl D. Hillmann and Marie Eliseb. Garbe

LANGE: John m: 26 Nov 1872 (co. mar. index v.4 p.65) to: Kathrina Kelekel

LANGE: John m: Catharina children: Joseph (b. 24 Dec. 1873/bapt. 27 Dec. 1873 St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Ida Maria (b. 6 Jan. 1875/bapt. 12 Jan. 1875 St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Rosa (b. 28 Apr. 1879/bapt. 2 May 1879 from records of St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

LANGE: (Divorce - 1857) Lange, Elise, vs. Lange Ludwig Married May 1854 Martinsville, Erie County, New York. One child, a girl, two years old. Plaintiff lived in Two Rivers

LANGE: Berthold Hermann Wilhelm Otto m: 20 Oct 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.319) to: Anna Wilhelmine Laux

LANGE: William F. m: 11 Feb. 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.180) to: Mary Staudt



LANGENHAHN: Edwin m: 30 June 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.338) to: Emma Oemichen

LANGENHAHN: Frederick m: 15 Aug. 1878 (co. mar. index v.4 p.132) to: Eliza Kolwey From the Manitowoc Pilot, August 22, 1878: Married - By C.H. Schmidt Esq., at his office in 3d Ward, City of Manitowoc on the 15th day of August 1878, Mr. Frederick Langenhahn and Miss Eliza Kolwey, both from Meeme From Der Nord Westen, 22 Aug. 1878: Marriage of Friedrich Langenhahn with Mrs. Elise Langenhahn (nee Kolwey), both from Meeme, on 15 Aug. 1878 by and in the office of the Justice of the Peace Carl H. Schmidt, City of Manitowoc. Mrs. Langenhahn is the daughter of Mr. H. Kolwey, owner of the Meeme Mill, and Mr. Langenhahn is brother of the young bride's first husband.


LANGENHAHN: Bern. Nic. m: 4 June 1872 (co. mar. index v.4 p.62) to: Elise Kolwey

LANGENKAMP: Anton m: 6 Aug. 1871 (co. mar. index v.4 p.47)

LANGENKAMP: Edward m: 24 Nov 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.163/also v.6 p.51) to: Sophia Wagner(at v.5 p.163) (listed as Caroline at v.6 p.51)

LANGENKAMP: Edward m: 26 June 1906 (co. mar. index v.8 p.4) to: Mary E. Benesh From Der Nord Westen, 28 June 1906: Marriage License obtained Edward Langenkamp and Mary Benesch both of Mishicott From Der Nord Westen, 28 June 1906: (From the correspondent in Mishicott, 26 June) The marriage of Ed. Langenkamp with Miss M. Benesh was held today in the Catholic Church by Rev. St. Louis, after which the wedding guests adjourned to the residence of Joseph Benesh, the bride's father, for a joyful wedding celebration

LANGENKAMP: Joseph P. m: 26 June 1907 (co. mar. index v.8 p.57) to: Alma Halberg

LANGENKAMP: V. m: 11 Jan. 1881 in Tisch Mills, Kewaunee Co. to: Lidia Gaschek From Der Nord Westen, 20 Jan. 1881: Marriage of V. Langenkamp with Miss Lidia Gaschek on 11 Jan. in Tisch Mills, Kewaunee Co., by Father Maih.





LANGHOFF: See William E. Seibel bio.

LANGJAHR: Otto b: in the US - Stone mason at Kiel p: William Langjahr and Emilie Winker m: 16 Nov 1893 in religious ceremony in Kiel (co. mar. index v.6 p.220) Witnesses Herman Lueloff and Louisa Langjahr to: Emilie Lueloff b: in the US p: Gottfried Lueloff and Sophia Grandbolt

LANGLOIS: Esram m: 30 Apr. 1879 (co. mar. index v.4 p.149) to: Regnie Elsberger

LANGLOIS: Oliver b: Montreal, Canada resided Two Rivers at time of marriage; occupation, fisherman p: Oliver and Roma Langlois m: 4 Aug. 1856, in Manitowoc by J.F. Zinns, J.P. (co. mar. index v.2 p.10) to: Adestine Bellerose p: Jos. and Monique Bellerose

LANGLOIS: Joseph E. Joseph E. Langlois, passenger conductor Lake Shore Division, was born in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, in 1850; commenced railroading, in 1869, on construction on the Sheboygan & Fond du Lac Railway. The following year he began as brakeman, continuing with that company till 1872, when he engaged with the Milwaukee, Manitowoc & Green Bay Railway, as conductor on construction train. Commenced as freight conductor in 1873; continued in that position till 1876, when he was promoted to passenger conductor. From 1878 to November, 1880, he made his home in Manitowoc; then moved to Two Rivers, where he now resides. Has been in the company's service, under the different administrations, nine years. Source: History of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Western Historical Company, Chicago; A.T. Andreas Proprietor, 1881, pg. 1398-1402


LANGUEDOC: Alberic b: Canada res: Mishicot, laborer p: Peter and Mary Languedoc m: 4 July 1855 in Mishicot (co. mar. index v.1 p.79) to: Philomena Buerbic p: Michael and Mary Buerbic

LANGUM: Ival A. (sic) m: 26 July 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.339) to: Martha P. Tostenson


LANGYAHA: William b: Switzerland res: Meeme p: M. and T. Langyaha m: 25 Oct. 1855 at Meeme (co. mar. index v.1 p.91) to: Auguste Winklin p: Goshelf and Charlotte Winklin

LANK: John m: 1 Jan. 1870 (co. mar. index v.4 p.35) to: Anna Stelzer


LANSA: Friederich Marriage Date: 14 Feb 1882 Vol:03 Page:0243 Vol:A Sequence:09531 to: T H Kuantie Marriage Date: 14 Feb 1882 Vol:03 Page:0243 Vol:A Sequence:09532

LANTAU: Leonard (also have Landau) m: Margaritha Aoeker children: Josefina (b. 6 May 1869/bapt. 28 Nov. 1869 St. Joseph Cath. ch.)

LANTRY: (Divorce - 1886) Lantry, Mary, vs. Lantry, John Married 7 December 1884 Chicago, Illinois. Defendant has been a resident of Manitowoc County for 15 years. No children. ********* NOTICE. Whereas my wife Mary Lantry has left my house without my consent this is to forbid all persons trusting her on my account as I will pay no debts she may contract from and after this date. John Lantry. Manitowoc Wis. Jan. 18, 1886. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, January 19, 1886 P.3 ********* Judge Kirwan, at a special term of circuit court, heard arguments on a motion to summon John Lantry to show cause why he should not be held to fulfill the terms of a judgement given by the court in the divorce proceedings in which his wife, Mary Lantry secured a decree two years ago. It appears the Mrs. Lantry has married again but Lantry is required to care for a child and the proceedings at this time are with a view to forcing him to do this. Mrs. Lantry resides in the central part of the state now. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Saturday, November 17, 1906 P. 2

LANTRY: John m: 06 May 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.404) to: Anna Prochazka

LANTRY: (Divorce - 1900) Lantry, Annie, vs. Lantry, John Married 6 May 1900 City of Manitowoc. Plaintiff is 25, defendant is 72. One child, Rosa, 3 years old. Plaintiff's maiden name was Prohaska. She was remarried to a Peters. File contains a premarital contract.

LANTRY: John TROUBLES NOT ENDED Aged John Lantry and His Divorced Wife in Court Again Domestic troubles of aged John Lantry, whose wife secured a divorce a year ago shortly after an ineffectual attempt to commit suicide, are not at an end, again being brought before the public by a criminal charge that has been preferred by his former wife. The case was called in Court and adjourned until Feb. 19. Since the annulment of the marriage by the Courts, Lantry and the woman have occupied the same house for a greater portion of the time, residing at the southern outskirts of the city, and this is the cause of the present trouble. Lantry is past 60 years of age and the woman, who was his third wife, about 30. The marriage took place nine years ago and in the last five years the two have frequently furnished sensations for the public gossips. Lantry is possessed of considerable property and charges that this prompts the prosecution against him. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Tuesday, February 10, 1903 (Note: I couldn't find a follow-up story)

LANTRY: Julia From the Manitowoc Pilot, Thursday, September 13, 1888: Miss Julia Lantry of this city was married in Milwaukee recently and has taken up her residence in Chicago.

LANTRY: Patrick m: 8 Dec. 1867 (co. mar. index v.4 p.9) to: Ann Savage


LANZING: August m: 11 May 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.19) to: Amalie Raasch



LAPEK: See John Gretz bio.


LA PLANT(E): Alexander m: Sophia Douville (b. 16 Sept. 1853, Manitowoc/d. 9 May 1934, Jacksonport, Door co., WI)


LAPLOUNT: Dr. O.W. Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon Manitowoc Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

LAPOINT: Edward m: 24 Apr. 1851 by L. Peterson, J.P. (co. mar. index v.1) wit: Antwan Ledoc(her father) and Josepf(sic) Silvas to: Mary Ledoc

LA PONT: Frank M. Jr. (age 27 at marr.) res: Michigan p: Frank M. and Lulia La Pont of Mich. m: 29 Apr. 1919 at Manitowoc; wit: Mrs. A.L. Clement, Mrs. F.P. Keicher to: Lilah M. Clement of Manitowoc (age 20 at marr.) p: Alfred and Annie Clement of Manitowoc


LAPS: Johann Wilhelm (widower) p: Johannes & Eva (Sheffers) of Preussen m: 11 July 1863, First Ger. Evang. Luth. Ch. (co. mar. index 11 June 1863 v.2 p.170) to: Wilhelmine Pollack (widow) p: Johann Pollack & Dorothea (Klemm) of Preussen

LAPS: John m: 20 Jan. 1862 (co. mar. index v.2 p.36) to: Caroline Krase


LARCHE: Frederick res: Cooperstown, Brown co. Wisconsin m: 2 Dec. 1851 in Tn. of Manitowoc by M. Fellows, J.P. wit: Christian Larche(Brown co.) and Mrs. Mary Fellows(Manitowoc co.) to: Anna Jensen res: Cooperstown, Brown co., Wisconsin

LARENEUZ: Fred m: 2 July 1875 (co. mar. index v.4 p.95)

LA RHEIN: Peter b: Canada res: Kewaunee, laborer p: Peter and Louise m: 14 Jan. 1856 at Manitowoc Rapids (co. mar. index v.1 p.97) to: Nancy Harington p: Timothy and Olive

LA RHEIN: Peter b: Canada res: Francis Creek, farmer p: Joseph and Catherine m: 21 July 1856 in Manitowoc Rapids (co. mar. index v.1 p.124) to: Angela Bergeon p: John and Angela

LARINE: Frank Marriage Date: 30 Aug 1865 Vol:01 Page:0120 Vol:A Sequence:09097 to: Nelly M Smith Marriage Date: 30 Aug 1865 Vol:01 Page:0120 Vol:A Sequence:09098


LARS: Anton (Lax on state microfiche) m: 28 Dec. 1869 (co. mar. index v.4 p.34) to: Fredericka Fischer




LARSEN: Andreas b: Sweden res: Manitowoc Rapids p: Lars Anderson and Annike Nelson m: 15 Feb. 1855 at Maple Grove (co. mar. index v.1 p.171) to: Groe Steenson p: Steen Anunson and Anne Osmundson

LARSEN: Carl L. m: 24 May 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.404) to: Raznit O. Olsen

LARSEN: Christen m: 14 June 1860 (co. mar. index v.2 p.80) to: Anna Maria Nilsdtr

LARSEN: Christian m: 12 Aug. 1857 (co. mar. index v.2 p.31) to: Anne Madson

LARSEN: John b: Manitowoc co. - farmer in Town Eaton p: John Larsen and Ragnild Larsen m: 1 Aug. 1878 religious ceremony in Valders Wit: Ole Larsen and Toffel Nelson (co. mar. index v.4 p.133) to: Minna B. Syvertsen p: Arne Syvertsen and Ingeborg (The following sent in by Bob Domagalski) Larson, John (Jan. 2, 1817-June 7, 1887 –husband of Ragnild Olsdatter [married May 28, 1843 at Vestre Slidre, Norway] –son of Lasse Johnsen and Ingeborg Larsdatter –born at Alvstad in Ostre Slidre, Norway –lived in Nord-Aurdal and Oyer, Norway before emigrating to America in 1850 –was shown as “insane” in 1880 census –on April 2, 1855 was granted 80 acres of swamp land in Section 1, Town of Eaton –a log house was then built –this log cabin is the cabin now owned by the St. Nazianz Area Historical Society –it was moved to St. Nazianz as a museum piece in 1986 –his widow Ragnild lived here until her death in 1883 –on Nov. 24, 1882 Regnhild (sic) sold this farm to her son John B. Larson) –buried at West Valders Cemetery, Town of Liberty Larson, John B. (March 2, 1854- husband of Minnie Bertine Syvertsen [married Aug. 1, 1878 at Valders] –son of John Larson and Ragnild Olsdatter –on April 3, 1888 purchased his parents’ farm in Section 1, Town of Eaton –lived on this farm until selling on Sept. 11, 1894 –in 1900 moved to Ogema, Price County) Larson, Minnie Bertine nee Syvertsen (Nov. 30, 1859- -wife of John B. Larson [married Aug. 1, 1878 at Valders] –daughter of Arne Syvertsen Aaberg and Ingeborg Amundsdatter –born at Valders –in 1900 moved to Ogema, Price County] Larson, Ragnild nee Olsdatter (Dec. 10, 1814-Jan. 8, 1883 –wife of John Larson [married May 28, 1843 at Vestre Slidre, Norway] –daughter of Ole Tidemandsen and Ragnild Haldorsdatter –born at Widste in Vestre Slidre, Norway) –buried at West Valders Cemetery, Town of Liberty

LARSEN: Kittil b: Norway res: Maple Grove, farmer p: Lars Knudson and Aslang Kittelson m: 16 Jan. 1856 at Maple Grove (co. mar. index v.1 p.166) to: Karen Knudson p: John Knudson and Thuri Johnson

LARSEN: Lars m: 24 Feb 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.9) to: Louisa Amunds

LARSEN: Mathias m: 8 Oct. 1876 (co. mar. index v.4 p.147)

LARSEN: Mathias Marriage Date: 27 Nov 1877 Vol:02 Page:0496 Vol:A Sequence:09367 to: Juliante Martinssen Marriage Date: 27 Nov 1877 Vol:02 Page:0496 Vol:A Sequence:09368

LARSEN: Mathias (From records of the Gibson Evang. Luth. Ch.) m: Guliante Martinsdtr. children: Carl/ b. 25 June 1881/bp. 17 July 1881/mother Guliante Martinsdtr. Walther Ludvig/b. 25 July 1885/bp. 6 Sept. 1885/mother Guliante Olga Mary/b. 3 Oct. 1889/bp. 10 Nov. 1889/mother Julia

LARSEN: Ole From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Farmer and stock breeder. Born in Norway 1822. Wife born in Norway 1818. Married in 1849. Settled farm 1849. Post Office, Clark's Mills; Section 34, Cato Township.

LARSEN: Ole m: 29 Sept. 1878 (co. mar. index v.4 p.147) to: Ella Franzo

LARSEN: Thor m: 11 Dec. 1857 (co. mar. index v.2 p.30) to: Aase Iaimo


LARSON: Charles Farmer Sect. 32 Manitowoc Rapids, Manitowoc, b. Wisconsin 1865 m. Hanna Larson(sic) Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

LARSON: Christian From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Estate. Farmer and stock breeder. Born in Norway 1832. Wife born in Norway 1835. Married in 1857. Four children. Post Office, Oslo; Section 26, Cato Township.

LARSON: Christian m: 12 Feb 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.340) to: Hannah Larson

LARSON: Coen m: 21 Jun 1906 (co. mar. index v.8 p.4)

LARSON: Edw. m: 07 Jun 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.383) to: Amanda Mueller From Der Nord Westen, 08 June 1905: Marriage yesterday of Edward Larson and Miss Amanda Müller, daughter of our former Document Registrar Bruno Müller. The couple will honeymoon in the east and then make their home here.

LARSON: Even m: 21 June 1906 (co. mar. index v.8 p.4) to: Emma Hoker Marriage License obtained Even Larson of Valders and Emma Hacker of Cato Der Nord Westen, 21 June 1906

LARSON: George M. m: 31 Dec. 1902 (co. mar. index v.7 p.260) to: Olga O. Dreng Marriage License obtained Geo. M. Larson and Olga Olson Deang(sic) both of Manitowoc Der Nord Westen, 01 Jan. 1903

LARSON: Gilbert m: 20 May 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.190) to: Nellie Johnson

LARSON: Hiram Peter m: 10 Jun 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.354) to: Clara Christine Larson

LARSON: J.B. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Farmer and Stock breeder. Born in Wisconsin 1855. Wife born in Wisconsin 1863. Married in 1878. Settled farm in 1879. Six children. Post Office, Clark's Mills; Section 1, Eaton Township

LARSON: John m: 29 Oct 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.321) to: Rognild Trondson Clarks Mills: Mr. John Larson and Miss Nellie Thorndson(sic), both of the Town of Cato were married Tuesday, Oct. 28, by Rev. A.O. Alfsen at the Lower Norwegian Church. Brillion News - Fri., Oct. 11, 1895

LARSON: Captain John D. m: 10 May 1873 to: Cornelia Moody

LARSON: Lars m: 23 Jan. 1880 (co. mar. index v.4 p.158) to: Hannah M Sorensen

LARSON: Ludwig m: 30 Jun 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.44) to: Petrea Oliva Berntsen

LARSON: Ole m: 02 Nov. 1874 (co. mar. index v.4 p.87) to: Mathilda Halverson Marriage of Ole Larson to Matilda Halverson, Cato Taken from official sources, of those who have become entangled in the matrimonial noose. The time runs from the first of November till date. By statue the official performing the ceremony, is enjoined to file a certificate in the Register's office. We find they are somewhat remiss. Another requirement of law is, that the married couple should file in the Register's office a record of the result, generally within one year from date of marriage. This law is seldom complied with. Manitowoc Tribune, Nov. 12, 1874

LARSON: (Divorce - 1885) Larson, Ole, vs. Larson, Ella Married about 14 October 1878 County of Manitowoc. No children.

LARSON: Theo G. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Farmer and stock breeder. Born in Manitowoc County 1864. Wife born in Manitowoc County 1862. Married in 1884. Four children. Parents born in Norway. Post Office, Clark's Mills; Section 32, Cato Township.

LARSON: Theodor From Der Nord Westen, 30 Sept. 1909: Mr. and Mrs. Theodor Larson of Valders celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary last week.

LARSON: T.G. & Sons Automobiles, Tractors and Supplies Valders Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

LARSON: Walter m: 14 Nov. 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.303) to: Maria A. Iverson From Der Nord Westen, 12 Nov 1903 Marriage License: Walter E. Larson of Shiocton and Mary A. Iverson of Valders


LARYLAND: Peter m: 24 Jun 1902 (co. mar. index v.7 p.220) to: Elizabeth Pitchke From Der Nord Westen, 12 June 1902 Marriage License: Peter Langbund of Green Bay and Elizabeth Pitshke of Two Rivers note: Since I can't determine which is right, I have cross-referenced this from Langbund.


LASERON: David m: Francis children: Charles Francis (b. 9 Dec. 1887/bapt. Jan. 1887? from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc)


LASERON: Rev. David see church histories/St. James Episcopal




LASKEE: Joseph m: Constance children: Joseph John (b. 9 Jan. 1886/bapt. 11 Mar. 1886/from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch. bk.1 p.52)

LASKOSKI: Nicolai (also Lascoski) m: Josephina Ramion (also Romian) children: Margaretha Maria (b. 20 Feb. 1861/bapt.30 Aug. 1861, Centerville) Peter (b. 6 Dec. 1863/bapt. 8 Dec. 1863 from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Maria (b. 30 Nov. 1865/bapt. 10 Dec. 1865 St. George Cath. ch.)

LASKOSKI: Peter m: 25 May 1889 (co. mar. index v.5 p.455) to: Susanna Zimmer

LASSIG: Henry (also Lessig)(Lasseg on co. mar. index) res: Chicago, Ill. m: 7 Jan. 1888 (St. Wendel Cath. ch.)(same date, co. mar. index v.5 p.389) to: Agatha Wagner children: Ruben Dominic (b. 13 Aug. 1899/bapt. 15 Aug. 1899 St. Wendel Cath. ch.)

LAST: August m: 23 Feb 1898 (co. mar. index v.6 p.446) to: Minna Kracht From Der Nord Westen, 03 Mar. 1898: Marriage of August Last of Two Creeks with Miss Minna Kracht on Wed. last week.

LAST: Charles F. m: 7 May 1902 (co. mar. index v.7 p.213) to: Anna Resach Marriage licenses have been granted to John Scherer and Mary Becker both of Eaton, and Charles Last and Anna Rezash (sic), of Two Creeks. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Tuesday, April 29, 1902 P. 4

LAST: John m: 02 Jan 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.339) to: Friedericke Messmann

LAST: John, Jr. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Farmer and Stock breeder. Post Office, Two Creeks; Section 10, Two Creeks Township.

LAST: Rudolf m: 17 May 1893 (co. mar. index v.6 p.206) to: Mary Blaha

LAST: Theodore L. m: 13 Dec 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.431) to: Anna H.J. Thurn




LATHAM: Silas G. res: Manitowoc Rapids m: Charlotte Jane McCallister res: Manitowoc Rapids p: Charles McCallister (mar. announcement in Manitowoc Herald, 1 Mar. 1856)

LATHAM: Wm. J. m: 25 Oct. 1865 (co. mar. index v.3 p.16) to: Emma E. Jackson




LATZKOWSKI: Peter (also Latezkouskie) m: Joanna Gorni (also Gorney) children: Maria Margarita Latzkowski/mother Gorni/b. 8 Sept. 1881/bapt. 1 Oct. 1881/bk.1 p.38) Rosanne Agnes Latezkowskie(sic)/mother Gorney/b. 8 Mar. 1883/bapt. 16 Apr. 1883/bk.1 p.44) (entry from records of St. Isidore Cath. ch.)

LAU: Carl (see Karl Lau below) m: Augustine Mueller children: Auguste Rosaline (b. 2 Oct. 1873/bapt. 2 Nov. 1873 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

LAU: Carl m: Wilhelmine Bubolz children: Theodor (b. 10 Aug. 1861) Emilie (b. May 1865) (entry from records of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

LAU: Emilie b: 22 May 1866 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

LAU: Ernst m: 15 June 1877 (co. mar. index v.4 p.117) to: Mary Zerger

LAU: Karl Z. (see Carl Lau above) m: Justine Mueller children: Wm. Friedrich Karl (b. 21 July 1869/bapt. 15 Aug. 1869) Johanne Bertha Auguste (b. 21 August 1871/bapt. 24 Sept. 1871) Alexande Heinrich Carl (b. 4 Dec. 1875/bapt. 25 Dec. 1875) (entry from records of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

LAU: Robert Carl Friedrich b: 12 Mar. 1854 in Pommern res: Rockland, farmer p: Karl Lau and Wilhelmine born Bubolz m: 27 Nov. 1879 from record of First Ger. Evang. Luth. ch., Manitowoc (co. mar. index v.4 p.154) to: Eleonore Schroeder (also Leonore) b: 3 Nov. 1859 p: Gottfried Schroeder and Maria born Rutkofsky children: Bertha Emilie Louise (b. 9 Jan. 1881 in Rockland/bapt. 16 Jan. 1881 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

LAU: Rosa Lina b: 17 Feb. 1857/conf. 2 Apr. 1871 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

LAU: Theodore C.A. m: 29 Mar. 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.288) to: Caroline Schroeder

LAU: William F. b: Farmer in Town of Eaton –born in Town of Eaton p: Michael Lau and Auguste Strassman m: 05 Jan 1892 civil ceremony, Kiel (co. mar. index v.6 p.131) Witnesses Frank Lau and Franz Holzer to: Walburga Holzer b: Town of Eaton p: George Holzer and Barbara Singer (Note: Holzer on 1870 and Halser on 1880 Eaton census)


LAUBE: Benedict m: Justina children: Maria Mathilda (b. 13 Aug. 1861/bapt. 13 Sept. 1861/St. George Cath. ch., Centerville)



LAUBER: Adam m: 31 May 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.37) to: Welhelmina B.A. Kuhl From Der Nord Westen, 05 June 1890: Marriage of Adam Laube(sic) of Manitowoc, with Miss Bertha Kuehl from here, on Sat. by Pastor Siegler (extensive details). (Note: I believe this belongs with this entry)

LAUBER: Adam m: 15 Apr 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.294) to: Johanna C. Sieker From Der Nord Westen, 18 Apr. 1895: Marriage Monday of Adam Lauber of Two Rivers, with Johanna Sieker of Manitowoc Rapids, in the Lutheran Church.

LAUBER: Adam m: 05 Nov 1898 (co. mar. index v.7 p.22) to: Emma L.C. Mandel

LAUBER: See Friedrick A. Mandel bio. See SIEKER


LAUER: Joannis (also Joanis) (see Laurer possibly same people?) m: Katharina Barth (also Catharina) children: Maria (b. 1 Aug. 1863/bapt. 2 Aug. 1863 from record of St. Wendel Cath. ch.) Peter (b. 7 June 1865/bapt. 17 June 1865 St. Joseph Cath. ch.) Michael (b. 17 Feb. 1867/bapt. 19 Mar. 1867 St. Joseph Cath. ch.) John (b. 22 Aug. 1870/no bapt. date St. Joseph Cath. ch.) Katharine (b. 12 May 1872/bapt. 19 May 1872 St. Joseph Cath. ch.) Peter (b. 18 Jan. 1874/bapt. 25 Jan. 1874 St. Joseph Cth. ch.)

LAUER: Johan m: 25 Jan. 1858 (co. mar. index v.4 p.26) to: Catharina Barth

LAUER: John m: Kathrina children: Wilhelm (b. 31 Oct. 1875/bapt. 20 Nov. 1875 St. Joseph Cath. ch.)

LAUER: John m: Katharina Poth (possibly Barth above?) children: Maria (b. 17 Oct. 1868/bapt. 25 Oct. 1868 St. Joseph Cath. ch.)

LAUER: John (also John Jr.) m: Maria Francisca Schussler (also Schuessler) children: Maria Katharina (b. 5 July 1896/bapt. 12 July 1896/bk.1 p.19) John Nicolaus (b. 9 June 1898/bapt. 12 June 1898/bk.1 p.20) Henry Wilhelm (b. 14 Jan. 1901/bapt. 20 Jan. 1901/bk.1 p.22) (this entry from records of St. Fidelis Cath. ch.)

LAUER: John res: Meeme m: 30 Dec. 1857 in Meeme (co. mar. index v.1 p.215) to. Cath. Bart

LAUER: Michael m: 29 Feb 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.142) to: Elisabeth (Elias) Hauck

LAUER: Peter Marriage Date: 27 Dec 1860 Vol:02 Page:0055 Vol:A Sequence:09149 to: Maria Berner Marriage Date: 27 Dec 1860 Vol:02 Page:0055 Vol:A Sequence:09150

LAUER: Xaverius m: 30 Sep 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.371) to: Christina Urban



LAUGHLAN: Daniel m: 24 Aug. 1863 (co. mar. index v.2 p.253) to: Eleonra(sic) Goggan

LAUGHLIN: Daniel Marriage Date: 07 Jan 1868 Vol:02 Page:0177 Vol:A Sequence:09231 to: Bridget Halloran Marriage Date: 07 Jan 1868 Vol:02 Page:0177 Vol:A Sequence:09232



LAUMACH: J. m: March 1895 to: Alvine Madson From Der Nord Westen, 14 Mar. 1895 (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 11 Mar.) Marriage last Tues. of J. Laumach with Miss Alvine Madson, daughter of "tailor" Madson.

LAUN: J.B. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Dealer in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Pickets, Sash, Doors and Blinds. Brick Draining Tile. Real Estate. Building. Estimates furnished on short notice. Village of Kiel.

LAUN: Jacob Bernard b: 5 Aug. 1863, in Manitowoc Co. WI. p: John Henry and Catherine Laun. m: 10 Sep 1891 (co. mar. index v.6 p.109) to: Paulina Heins p: Charles Heins of Kiel, WI. children: Albert, Carl and Lucile. From Der Nord Westen, 17 Sept. 1891: Marriage of Jacob B. Laun with Miss Paula Heins last Thurs. in Kiel by County Judge Baensch.

LAUN: See Rudolph Heins bio. See Herman Mattes bio. See Otto Stoelting bio.

LAUPER: Edward m: 1 Jan. 1860 (co. mar. index v.2 p.59) to: Josephine Brown



LAURANCE: William m: 23 Jun 1898 (co. mar. index v.6 p.459/she is 12 Jun) to: Rosa Bunke

LAURANT: Antonie m: 8 Apr. 1861 (co. mar. index v.2 p.109) to: Celesta Raigner

LAURER: John (see John Lauer..same people?) m: Catharina Bath children: Mathias (b. 2 Feb. 1862/bapt. 11 Feb. 1862, Cath. ch., Centerville)

LAURER: Peter m: Maria Berner children: Anna Laurer (b. 17 Oct. 1861/bapt. 4 Nov. 1861, at Cath. ch., Meeme)




LAUROSCH: John b: Albershausen Germany res: Mishicot p: George and Johanna Laurosch m: 17 Apr. 1856, Mishicot (co. mar. index v.1 p.108) to: Johanna Amalia Mislitz p: Carl August and Carolina


LAUSON: George m: 13 Aug 1898 (co. mar. index v.7 p.6)

LAUTENSTEIN: See Peter Stange bio.


LAUTERBACH: Frank m: 11 Dec 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.125) to: Bertha K. Raddatz From Der Nord Westen, 05 Dec. 1901 Marriage License obtained: Frank Lauterbach of Portage and Bertha Raddatz of Manitowoc



LAUX: David Farmer and Breeder of Full Blooded Holstein-Freisian Cattle Ridgewood Stock Farm Sect. 25 Schleswig, Kiel, b. Wisconsin 1863 m. Augusta Eick Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

LAUX: Fritz m: 04 Sep 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.271) to: Anna Kretsch Laux, Fred (7 Dec. 1859 – 6 June 1951) Fred Laux, a well-known resident of the town of Colby, died last week Wednesday night at 8:30 o’clock at the age of 91 years, at the home of his son and daughter in law, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Laux, with whom he resided in the town of Colby. Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon in the Evangelical and Reformed church, Rev. F. P. Puhlmann officiating, and internment was made in the Colby cemetery. Pall bearers were August Spann, Fred Stecker, Nick Schaeffer, Leo Duvall, Frank Will and Fred Zassenhaus. Mr. Laux was born in Two Rivers on December 7, 1859. He was married at Kiel in 1894 to Miss Anna Kretsch who died 53 years ago. Mr. Laux resided in the town of Colby since shortly after his marriage. Surviving are two sons, Edgar and Paul, of the town of Colby, a daughter, Mrs. Henry Lake of Spencer; seven grand children; eight great grand children; two brothers, David and Peter Laux of Kiel; and two sisters, Mrs. August (Bertha) Schumann of Colby and Mrs. William (Emma) Olm of Cleveland. Mr. Laux was a devoted husband, a kind and indulgent father, honest in all his dealings. His devotion to his family and kindness to everybody will long linger as a fragrant memory in the hearts of his children and relatives. Out of town people here for the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lake of Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Liebl and son of Auburndale, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lake and children of Elgin, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lake of Huntly, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Lange and Mrs. Louis Kellner and sons, Jimmie and Louis, of Marengo, Ill., Percy Lake of Hamshire, Ill., Mrs. George Thorp, Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Blanke and daughter, Kay Louis and Mrs. Oscar Marx of Cleveland, Mrs. Edward Doherty and son, James, of Plymouth, Mr. and Mrs. George Koene and son, Wayne, and Clarence Laux of Kiel, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hanke of Athens, Frank Hanke of New Holstein, Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Blatz and son, Robert, of Calvary, Pvt. Wilbur Lake of Fort Sill, Okla., who is in the armed forces, was unable to attend the funeral.

LAUX: Fritz b: Two Rivers - Carpenter at Millhome p: David Lax and Katherine Boos m: 25 Apr. 1902 in Evangelical ceremony at Millhome, Town of Schleswig. Wit: Peter Laux, Anna Drake (co. mar. index v.7 p.209) to: Emilie Davenport nee Drake b: Town of Schleswig p: William Drake and Friedericke Gehrhe From Der Nord Westen, 10 Apr. 1902: Marriage License: Fritz Laux and Emilie Davenport both of Schleswig

LAUX: Peter Farmer and Breeder of Full Blooded Holstein Cattle Silver Poplar Farm Served as School Director Sect. 36 Schleswig, Kiel, b. Wisconsin 1869 m. Bertha Tagga Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

LAUX: Philipp m: Anna Maria born Schneider children: Philipp (b. 8 Dec. 1857/bapt. 24 May 1858 from record of First German Evang. Luth. ch.)

LAUX: Philipp P. m: 24 June 1875 (co. mar. index v.4 p.93) to: Ada Dettmeyer


LAVA: Joseph m: 04 April 1899 to: Anna Johannes From Der Nord Westen, 06 Apr. 1899: Marriage Tues. evening of Joseph Lava with Miss Anna Johannes by Justice of the Peace O'Hara. (Note: Possibly Hlava?)

LAVAKE: John m: 23 Oct. 1863 (co. mar. index v.2 p.174) to: Nancy Barker

LAVALLE: August m: 04 Apr 1899 (co. mar. index v.7 p.41) to: Annie Johanek August L. Lavle and Miss Anna Johannic were married at the residence of E. Schindler this morning. Justice O'Hara performed the ceremony and only a few relatives were present. The bride was attended by her sister, Miss Mary Johannic and Henry Meany was best man. Both of the contracting parties are well known in this city and have countless friends who will wish them joy. Mr. and Mrs. Lavle left of Menasha this afternoon where they will spend a few daye (sic) visiting friends. Manitowoc Daily Herald, April 5, 1899 (Note: I believe this announcement goes with this marriage)

LAVALLEE: also have Le Valet See POCAN

LAVALLEY: also have Le Valet See LAWRENCE

LAVECK: Theodore F. m: 27 Jan. 1900 (co. mar. index v.7 p.90) to: Minna H. Fricke

LAVENHAGEN: Charles A. m: 02 Oct 1880 (co. mar. index v.5 p.298/notation says rec in 1881)

LAVERANZ: Carl F.A. m: 18 Nov 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.430) to: Emelia E.A. Sell

LAVERANZ: Ferd A.J. m: 28 Dec 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.434) to: Hulda E. Bruss

LAWE: John, Judge Photo


LAWLER: Denis W. m: 19 Oct 1897 (co. mar. index v.7 p.16)

LAWMATCH: Anton m: Sept. 1898 to: C. Ditt From Der Nord Westen, 15 Sep. 1898: (From the correspondent in Two Rivers, 12 Sep.) To be married next Sat. will be Anton Lawmatch, director of the National Band, with Miss C. Ditt of Gibson. Many guests are invited. Naturally, the National Band will be there.

LAWRENCE: Charles m: 5 July 1875 (co. mar. index v.4 p.94) to: Emilia Stahn

LAWRENCE: Curtis S. (age 23 at marr.) res: Manitowoc p: Louis and Marion Lawrence of Manitowoc m: 21 Aug. 1920 at Manitowoc St. James Episc. ch. wit: John H. and Marie K. Spinker to: Estella May Spatz (age 20 at marr.) p: Charles LaValley and Mrs. Spatz of Manitowoc

LAWRENCE: Elizabeth mortgage foreclosure

LAWRENCE: Enoch B. (Lawrenz on co. mar. record) b: State of Vermont res: Manitowoc p: Jos. W. Lawrenz and Elisabeth Lawrence (from mar. record) m: 28 Nov. 1854 at Manitowoc (co. mar. index v.1 p.60) to: Anna Urison p: Trond and Julia Urison children: Cora Maria (b. 5 Aug. 1863/bapt. 23 Feb. 1879) Laura Adelle (b. 31 Oct. 1866/bapt. 13 Apr. 1879) Herbert Sherman (b. 28 Aug. 1869/bapt. 13 Apr. 1879) Edna Inez (b. 28 Jan. 1872/bapt. 13 Apr. 1879) (child. info from records of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc)

LAWRENCE: Geo. W. m: Isabel children: Anna Elizabeth (b. 31 July 1859/bapt. 11 Apr. 1879 from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc)

LAWRENCE: Herbert H. m: 12 Dec 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.80) to: Nellie Nitermark

LAWRENCE: Ira m: 26 Sept. 1854 to: Mary R. Nea? Married on Tuesday, Sep. 26th by Chas. A. Reuter, Esq., Mr. Ira J. Lawrence, to Miss Mary R. Nea?, both of this village. Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Saturday, September 30, 1854 P. 3

LAWRENCE: Jos. W. p: E.B. Lawrence and Annie Throndson m: 7 Nov. 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.159) to: Flora P. Tyler p: Lyman M. Tyler and Mary T. Francis We understand some of the young people of this locality had invitations to attend the marriage ceremony of Mr. Jos. Lawrence, of the Branch, and Miss Flora Tyler, of Eaton, at the home of the birde's parents on Wednesday, but owing to the inclemncy of the weather, they could not attend. The friends extend their best wishes for the future happiness and prosperity of the young couple. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, November 13, 1883 P. 1

LAWRENCE: Lewis Sherman m: Mary Ann children: Mattie Bell (b. 28 Feb. 1886/bapt. 25 Apr. 1891) William John (b. 18 Oct. 1887/bapt. 25 Apr. 1891) Mary Adelia (b. 31 Dec. 1889/bapt. 25 Apr. 1891/conf. 31 Mar. 1910) (this entry from records of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc)

LAWRENCE: Selden Lefar m: 26 Feb. 1879 (co. mar. index v.4 p.141) to: Berthe J.C. Strutz

LAWRENCE: Selden L. m: 24 Feb. 1879 (co. mar. index v.4 p.156)

LAWRENCE: Selden L. m: 26 Dec 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.281) to: Karoline M. Wegner

LAWRENCE: Warren m: 17 Dec. 1878 (co. mar. index v.4 p.137) to: Sophie Oehloff


LAWRENZ: H.J. Carl m: 21 Sep 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.83) to: W.J. Auguste Schapert

LAWRENZE: August Farmer Sect. 19 Meeme, Kiel, 1894, b. Germany 1860 m. Lell Lawrenze(sic) Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

LAWRIE: Daniel J. m: 10 June 1891 to: Mertha? Uretta Duvall

LAWSON: Hans C. m: 11 June 1862 (co. mar. index v.2 p.143) to: Dorothea Plough

LAX: Franz X. m: 26 Jan 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.141) to: Amalia Zuber They are in cemetery #21