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m: 30 Aug. 1870 (co. mar. index v.4 p.39)
to: Elizabeth Kuanieck

LIBAL: Joseph m: 6 Oct. 1871 (co. mar. index v.4 p.51) to: Maria Gust

LIBAL: Stephan m: 27 June 1899 (co. mar. index v.7 p.58) to: Rose Benisek

LIBAL: also have Lybal/Libol See Frantisek Skwor bio. See WILDA


LIBBE: Gerhard Heinr. m: Maria born Donino children: Wilhelm Friedrich (b. 1 Dec. 1856/bapt. 26 Dec. 1856 from record of First German Evang. Luth. ch.)

LIBBE: Heinrich Gerhard m: Marie (nee) Tonino children: Friedrich Heinrich Georg (b. 11/22/1854/bapt. 12/26/1854 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

LIBBE: Joh. Friedrich m: Sophie Magdalena born Gent children: Wilhelmine Johanne Ernstine (b. 2 Mar. 1855/bapt. 25 Mar. 1855 from record of First German Evang. Luth. ch.)

LIBKE: Herman m: 18 Oct 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.411) to: Helen Jochimsen


LIBOL: Wencelaus m: 8 Dec. 1873 (co. mar. index v.4 p.76) to: Anna Kucera

LIBOL: also have Lybal/Libal


LICHTE: Friedrich (Lichke on co. mar. index) res: Centerville p: Christian & Theodora (Ebeling) Lichte of Selssen, Amt Hameln, Hannover, farmer m: 27 Sept. 1860, First Ger. Evang. Luth. Ch. (co. mar. index v.2 p.113) to: Karoline Scharfschwerdt p: Gottfried and Maria (Muller) Scharfschwerdt of Radensdorf bei Konigsberg in Preussen

LICHTER: Christian m: 01 Dec 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.93)

LICHTER: Friedrich Marriage Date: 27 Sep 1860 Vol:01 Page:0028 Vol:A Sequence:09035 to: Caroline L Schwendt Marriage Date: 27 Sep 1860 Vol:01 Page:0028 Vol:A Sequence:09036

LICRASKI: John m: 20 Jul 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.285/he is not on index) to: Pelagia Konieczka

LIEB: Jacob Peter b: Bomerheim, Germany res: Tn. Meeme, farmer m: 28 May 1855 at Tn. Meeme (co. mar. index v.1 p.73) to: Christina Amalia Ecke p: Charles Ecke

LIEBAL: Wencel Jun. m: 10 Feb. 1866 (co. mar. index v.3 p.32) to: Anna Jensch

LIEBENOW, C., & Son From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Dealers in Watches Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Spectacles. Our specialty, Repairing; our aim, Low Prices; our principle, Honest Dealing.

LIEBENOW: H.F. b: 5 May 1839, in Goldberg, Germany. p: Christian and Georgina Liebenow. m: 15 Jan. 1877, in Chicago, Ill. to: Josephine Sproehnle p: Francis and Martina Sproehnle. children: Two, both of whom died in infancy. SOCIAL RECALLS WEDDING DAY Mr. and Mrs. Liebenow Twenty-Five Years Wedded. A quiet family party at the home of H.J. (sic) Liebenow Wedneday evening marked the happy time when human hearts have rounded the twenty-fifth milestone of wedded life. Unostentatious as was the celebration, it was still a fitting one, surrounded by those nearest and dearest the hours passed blithely to the charm of reminiscent thoughts. A supper was served early in the evening and later a delicate luncheon. Only immediate relatives were present, the only attandant from abroad being a sister to Mrs. Liebenow. Mrs. Joseph Sproehnle, of Chicago. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, January 16, 1902 P. (Note: This appears to be the right couple)

LIEBENOW: Julius m: 18 Feb. 1861 (co. mar. index v.2 p.103) to: Catharina Weber

LIEBENOW: Also have Liebnow

LIEBERT: Auguste Johanne confirmed 1864/First German Ev. Luth. ch.

LIEBERT: Carl (Charles on mar. index) m: 26 Nov. 1868 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg (co. mar. index v.4 p.18) to: Sophie Friederike (nee) Wilharms

LIEBERT: Frederich m: 9 Dec. 1871 (co. mar. index v.4 p.52) to: Nina Schneider

LIEBERT: Friedrich (also Friedrick) b: Prussia res: Eaton p: Andrew Liebert and Dorothea Fesher m: 19 Nov. 1857 at Eaton (co. mar. index v.1 p.213) to: Wilhelmina Zutz (Lutz?) p: Michael Zutz (Lutz?) and Christine Schulze children: Wanda Dorothea (b. 6 Feb. 1861/bapt. 30 June 1861/conf. 4 Apr. 1875/Reedsville) Auguste Emilie Lousie (b. 6 Mar. 1863/bapt. 28 June 1863/conf. 25 Mar. 1877/ father Friedrick/Newtonburg) Albert Johann (b. 24 June 1866 in Eden/bapt. 4 Nov. 1866/d. 16 Jan. 1867/Reedsville) Emil Karl (b. 11 Jan. 1869/bapt. 13 Feb. 1869/Reedsville) Gustav (b. 6 Aug. 1870 in Eden/d. 21 July 1881/Reedsville) (also have b. 7 Aug. 1871 from another transcription) Clara (b. 1 Feb. 1872/Reedsville) Ida Louise (b. 10 Nov. 1873/bapt. 26 Dec. 1873/Reedsville) (also have b. 15 Dec. 1874 from another transcription) Friedrich (b. 18 Oct. 1875/Reedsville) Theodor (b. 10 June 1877/Reedsville) (child. info from records of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch. Reedsville/Newtonburg)

LIEBERT: John A. (Johann in ch. record) b: 13 Aug. 1842 or 1843, in Prov. Posen, Prussia res: Manitowoc p: Matthaeus Liebert and Anna Rosine Kurzmann m: 10 Oct. 1869 (co. mar. index v.4 p.32) to: Emilie Rietz from record of First German Evang. Luth. ch. Manitowoc/also listed as Amalie Reitz b: 19 Aug. 1852 in Prov. Pommern, Preussen res: Manitowoc p: Friedrich Rietz and Friederike Uka

LIEBERT: John A. From Der Nord Westen, 11 Oct. 1894: Mr. and Mrs. John A. Liebert celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary yesterday.


LIEBKE: Gottlieb m: Friedrika Fender children: Ida Amalia (b. 31 Oct. 1872, Liberty/bapt. 7 Mar. 1873 Methodist Episc. ch.)


LIEBNOW: From the Manitowoc Pilot, Thursday, September 13, 1888: Mrs. Henry Liebnow left for Dakota this week to join her husband who is superintending work on his large farm there.

LIEDER: Andreas Gottfried Friedrich b: Frohse res: Centerville, wheelright p: Andreas and Sophie (Muller) Lieder m: 16 Oct. 1854 at Centerville (co. mar. index v.1 p.48) to: Margaretha Egloff p: John and Katharina (born Gauer) Egloff

LIEDERS: G.F. m: 19 Nov. 1865 (co. mar. index v.4 p.3) to: Hannah L Kriegsmanny

LIEDKE: Edward m: 12 Jan 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.21) to: Auguste F.M. Terborg

LIELENSKI: Peter m: 06 Mar 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.375) to: Ludorica Skroypcopnaki

LIEMER: John A. m: 20 Dec. 1870 (co. mar. index v.4 p.44) to: Friedricke Bauder


LIEN: Theodore O. m: 22 May 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.158) to: Mathilda F. Steensland

LIEN: Tosten m: 18 July 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.393) to: Clara P. Toten

LIENAU: (there is also a Linau) See KRAUSS See WULF

LIERMANN: Albert Johann Wm. m: 24 Apr 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.401) to: Wilhelmine Kraase

LIERMANN: Carl Fried. Aug. (Carl on co. index/Aug. on child's birth) b: Eberstein, Germany/residing in Tn. Liberty, laborer p: Fried. and Caroline Liermann m: 20 May 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.39)(m: same date in church at Newton/ wit: Carl Liermann, Maria Schnell) to: Henriette Schnell res: Tn. Liberty p: Joachim Schnell and Friederike nee Nagel children: Friedr. Johann Carl (b. 1 Sept 1893 in Tn. Liberty/bapt 24 Sept 1893/father Aug./ sponsors: Carl Liermann, Joh. Schnell, Mrs. Albert Wienke) (from Trinity Lutheran ch. records, Liberty twp.)

LIERMANN: Carl Joh. Fried. b: Eberstein, Germany res: Grimms Station, Wis., blacksmith p: Friedrich and Caroline Liermann m: 31 Oct 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.60)(same date/mar. Luth. St. John Church at Newton/ wit: Albert Liermann, Ida Schulz/from records of Trinity Luth. ch. Liberty Twp.) to: Mary Schnell (Maria on ch. record) res: Liberty p: Friedrich and Henriette Schnell

LIERMANN: Carl Johann Friederich m: 23 Sep 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.369/she is 28 Sep) to: Maria Johanna Caroline Hacker

LIERMANN: Ernst F. m: 22 Dec 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.435) to: Augusta W. Pinkerton

LIERMANN: Heinrich Friedrich m: Sophie Dorothea (nee) Hagedower children: Karl Heinrich Dietrich (b. 3/3/1868/bapt. 3/22/1868/St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

LIERMANN: Nicolaus p: Ludowic Liermann and Emma Koerper m: 18 May 1899 (St. Wendel Cath. ch.)(co. mar. index v.7 p.47) to: Anna Schmidt (Schmitt on ch. record) p: Peter Schmitt and Margaretha Arends THEY WANT TO MARRY. Clerk Maresh Is Kept Busy Issuing Licenses. County clerk Fred Maresh is kept busy these days answering questions regarding the new marriage license law and although a license is necessary there seems to be no decrease in the number of the people who desire to wed. Yesterday was a red letter day, four licenses having been issued. Miss Anna Schmidt, of the town of Centerville, applied for a license to wed Nicholas Liermann. The groom is a resident of Chicago and as it was necessary to have a license from the county where the ceremony is to be performed, his bride-to-be took the necessary steps. Her application was granted and she departed with the document closely grasped in both hands. Manitowoc Daily Herald, May 10, 1899 (Note: There were 4 marriages in this article, I split them up and put the notices with the separate marriages)

LIERMANN: Paul A. Farmer and Breeder of Pure Bred Brown Swiss Cattle Sect. 29 Cato, Valders, b. Wisconsin 1892 m. Martha Gaedke Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago


LIESE: Peter res: Kaukauna, Wis. m: 14 Apr. 1891 (St. Wendel Cath. ch.)(co. mar. index v.6 p.93/he is not on index) to: Margaretha Salm


LIESEFELD: Peter m: 5 Nov. 1867 (co. mar. index v.4 p.14)

LIESEFELD: Peter b: 26 Feb. 1843, Prussia p: Peter Liesefeld and Susanna Nick m: 31 Dec. 1867 from record of St. Wendel Catholic ch. to: Maria Ana Mallman b: Aug. 1843, Prussia p: Joseph and Ana Maria Merten






LIGSTADT: Ole O. (Ligstait on co. index) m: 18 Mar 1875 (co. mar. index v.4 p.91) to: Sizorie Thompson



LIJEWSKI: Teodor m: 5 June 1906 (co. mar. index v.7 p.443) to: Rosalia Paszko From Der Nord Westen, 31 May 1906: Marriage License obtained Th. Lijewski of Milwaukee and Rosalia Passin of Manitowoc

LIKEMAN: See Hubert Simon, Sr. bio.

LILL: Robert m: 5 Feb. 1887 (co. mar. index v.5 p.341) to: Mary Kulenek From Der Nord Westen, 10 Feb. 1887: Marriage of Robert Lill from Manitowoc, with Miss Mary Kulanek from Manitowoc Rapids on 05 Feb. by Justice of the Peace John O'Hara.

LILZ: August m: 06 Feb 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.236)



LIMMER: Peter m: 25 Aug. 1856 to: Rosa Aumann


LINAU: (there is also a Lienau) See KRAUSS

LINCH: Thomas m: 17 Jan. 1869 (co. mar. index v.4 p.56) to: Johanne Oconer

LINCH: also have Lynch

LINCOLN: See Charles S. Esslinger bio. See Michel Lafond bio.

LIND: Gustav Wm. (these may be the same people as William G. Lind) m: 7 Sept. 1861 (co. mar. index v.2 p.120) to: Rebecca Danielson

LIND: William G. m: 07 Sep 1861 m: Rebecca Donaldson children: Amanda (b. 1 Aug. 1864, Manitowoc/d. 28 Jan. 1947, Seattle, King co., WA/m. Homer Wilmer Sykes, Edward Sechrist)

LINDA: Josephus m: 09 Jan 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.376)

LINDAN: Joseph m: 26 Sept. 1906 (co. mar. index v.8 p.17) to: Mary Goenert

LINDAU: Joseph m: 16 May 1864 (co. mar. index v.4 p.5) to: Amalia Burkhard

LINDAUER: John b: Steinen Baden Germany res: Town of Meeme, farmer p: Henry and Maria Lindauer m: 10 June 1855 at Town of Herman, Sheboygan co.,Wis.(co. mar. index v.1 p.146) to: Elisabeth Kubler p: John Henry and Dorothea Kubler

LINDAUN: John b: Germany res: Manitowoc p: Peter Lindaun and Elisabeth Lindenan m: 1 July 1856 (co. mar. index v.1 p.121) to: Mary Partell p: Michael and Walburga Partell


LINDEMAN: Claus Johann (see Claus Lindemann)(also Nicolaus Johann) b: Ruserm, Holland d. died 22 April 1867 res: Newton, farmer p: Claus Johann Lindeman and Margaretha Paters m: 14 Sept. 1854 at Newton (co. mar. index v.1 p.112) to: Dorothea Hoefke p: Heinrich Hoefke and Magdalena Meyer children: Carl Friedrich (b. 27 Apr 1856/bapt. 20 July 1856/mother HAEFEKE) sponsors: Carl Nagel, Friedrich Haaker, Maria Waak August Johann Friedrich (b. 12 Aug 1859/bapt. 27 Nov 1859/father LINDEMANN) sponsors: Johann Haaker, Johann Friedrich Waak. Ernst Joachim Friedrich (b. 22 Mar 1862/bapt. 25 Mar 1862/father Nicolaus Johann Lindemann/ sponsors: Joachim Pingel, Carl Waak Louise Marie Friederike (b. 16 Sept 1863/bapt. 20 Sept 1863/father LINDEMANN) sponsors: Louise Lindloh, Marie Moldenhauer, Joh. Friedrich Wehausen Martha Anna Friederike (b. 21 May 1866/bapt. 27 May/Father LINDEMANN) sponsors: Christian Hacker, Johann Waak, Mrs. Wehausen (child. info from records of Trinity Luth. ch., Liberty)

LINDEMAN: John m: 17 Nov. 1891 (St. Joseph Cath. ch.) to: Gertrude Wessling

LINDEMANN: Carl (see Karl Lindemann) m: Emilie nee Winke children: Carl Wilhelm Otto (b. 19 June 1889/bapt. 7 July/sponsors: Carl Waack, Wilhelm Winke, Ottilie Schulz) (from Trinity Lutheran ch. records, Liberty twp.)

LINDEMANN: Christian Margarethe confirmed 1861/First German Ev. Luth. ch.

LINDEMANN: Claus (see Claus Lindeman) m: Dorothea (nee) Hafshe children: Martha Anna Friederika (b. 5/21/1866/bapt. 5/27/1866/St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

LINDEMANN: Daniel m: Elsie Tiedemann Daniel and his brother Carl (Charles) were the first farmers to settle in the Kiel area. Daniel's buildings were located at about 712 4th Street. His wife Elsie was a sister of Christian Tiedemann, Kiel's first surveyor. At one time Christian owned the Kiel Hotel. Daniel's brother Carl owned the farm located where Joseph Beumler had farmed and operated a gravel pit. When Daniel and Elsie retired they moved to Reed City, Michigan to live with their oldest daughter, Emma who married George Messner. Photo

LINDEMANN: Emil m: 16 Oct 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.184) to: Jennie A. Frosch From Der Nord Westen, 17 Oct. 1901 Marriage License: Emil C. Lindemann and Jennie A. Frosch both of Meeme

LINDEMANN: Gustav Herman res: New Denmark, WI m: 28 June 1896, St. John's United Church of Christ, Manitowoc city wit: Gustav Tegen and Helene Lindemann (co. mar. index v.6 p.358) to: Mary Lenz res: Liberty

LINDEMANN: Herman M. (His picture is in the glass negative photos) b: Town of Schleswig p: August Lindemann and Frederike Reseberg m: 14 Jan 1896 in civil ceremony Town of Schleswig (co. mar. index v.6 p.335) to: Bertha Arnold b: Town of Schleswig p: Christoff Arnold and Charlotte Stark

LINDEMANN: John m: Maria children: Maria Magdalena (b. 24 June 1886/bapt. 1 July 1886 St. Joseph Cath. ch.)

LINDEMANN: John m: 20 Nov 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.153) to: Mary (don't have a surname for her)

LINDEMANN: Karl (see Carl Lindemann) b: Town Liberty p: Nicolaus Lindemann and Dorothea Hofke m: 10 May 1878 (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg) (co. mar. index v.4 p.130) mar. at Luth. ch. in Liberty/wit: Wilhelm Wienke, Sophie Schulz and August Lindemann to: Emilie (nee) Wienke b: Kueltz, Pomerania p: Ferdinand Wienke and Wilhelmine Borad children: Maria Wilhelmine Johanne (b. 21 Jan 1881/bapt. 20 Feb 1881/sponsors: Dorothea Lindemann, Wilhelmine Wienke, Joachim Schulz) Alvine Louise Ida (b. 31 Mar 1883/bapt. 22 Apr 1883/sponsors: Heinrich Hoefke, Louise Wahlers, Ida Wienke) Anna Wilhelmine Auguste (b. 21 Nov 1884/bapt. 14 Dec 1884/sponsors: Wilhelmine Otto, Auguste Waack, Ernst Pleuss) Martha Anna Josephine (b. 10 June 1887/bapt. 3 July 1887/sponsors: Martha Pleuss, Anna Wienke, Joachim Hoefke) Emil Heinrich Johannes (b. 22 Oct 1891/bapt. 8 Nov 1891/father Carl/mother Emilia/ sponsors: Johann Wahlers, Heinrich Hoefke, Mrs. Wm. Wienke) Hermann Heinrich Friedrich (b. 29 Nov 1893 in Tn. Liberty/bapt. 10 Dec 1893/ father Carl/sponsors: Emma Hoefke, Friedr. Hoefke, Heinrich Wehausen) (from Trinity Lutheran ch. records, Liberty twp.)

LINDEMANN: Louise confirmed: 11 Apr. 1878 (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg)

LINDEMANN: Martha confirmed: 1 Apr. 1880 (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg)

LINDEMANN: Oscar m: 5 Oct 1921 to: Rose Glander

LINDEMANN: Walter Louis Eduard b. 5. September 1902 d. 17. November 1983 Short biography

LINDEMANN: William/Wilhelm See William Lindermann


LINDER: A. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Commercial Hotel. Newly Refitted and Refurnished for Commercial Trade. Village of Kiel.

LINDER: Magnus m: 1 Dec. 1887 (co. mar. index v.5 p.383) to: Wilhelmine Hecht

LINDERMANN: William (Wilhelm Lindemann in ch. records) b: Germany, residing in Tn. Meeme, Manitowoc co. Wisc., farmer p: Herm. Lindemann and Friederike nee Timm m: 23 Apr 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.148/she is 13 Apr on index) (23 Apr. 1892 in Ev. Luth. Trinity Church at Tn. Liberty/wit: Gustav Lindemann, and Emil Lindemann/from Ev. Luth. Trinity ch. records) to: Adelia Haese b: Manitowoc Co., Wisc./residing in Reedsville p: Albert Haese and Catharina nee Baryenbruch children: Emma Maria Hedwig (b. 13 Jan 1893 in Tn. Meeme/bapt. 26 Feb 1893/father Wilhelm Lindemann- mother Haes/sponsors: Hedwig Lindemann, Mrs. Wm. Selle, Albert Haes) (children from Trinity Lutheran ch. records, Liberty twp.)



LINDHOLM: Alfred b: 25 March 1859, in Manitowoc Rapids, WI. p: Edward and Louise Lindholm formerly from Sweden. m: 1899 to: Ellen Johnson. children: Elmer, Olive, Edward and Albert.

LINDHOLM: Alfred (see above entry..same people?) m: 9 Nov. 1900 (co. mar. index v.7 p.129) to: Elin (sic) Johanson

LINDHOLM: Oscar m: 31 Jan. 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.253) to: Catharine Van Zon

LINDHOLM: Olear M. m: 21 Sep 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.403)

LINDLOGE: Wilhelm m: 6 June 1858 (co. mar. index v.2 p.6) to: Margretha Jaeckel



LINDNER: August b: 18 March 1849, in Germany/d. 24 Sept. 1910 p: Not given. m: 1870 to Elizabeth Kasper (also Elise) b: 13 Apr. 1841, Germany/d. 15 Nov. 1896 children: Flora, Edgar George, Hugo W., Walter, Hedwig, and Thekla, and one who died in childhood.

LINDNER: Gottfried b: 26 Jan. 1819, Germany/d. 8 Mar. 1904 m: Christine Hanske b: 10 Jan. 1825, Germany/d. 16 Feb. 1891

LINDNER: Hugo H. p: August and Elisa Lindner (from Hugo's obit in cem. #82) m: 11 Sept. 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.177) to: Mathilda Gessert From Der Nord Westen, 05 Sep. 1901 Marriage License obtained: Hugo W. Lindner and Tillie Gessert both of Kiel

LINDNER: Magnus m: 15 Dec. 1883 (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg)(co. mar. index v.5 p.174) to: Louise (nee) Kassbom

LINDNER: (Divorce - 1884) Lindner, Magnus, vs. Lindner, Louise Married 15 December 1883, Lutheran Church, Town of Newton, Manitowoc County. He is 23, she is 26, both Germans by birth.



LINDOW: Ernst H. m: 30 Nov. 1882 (co. mar. index. v.5 p.102) to: Mathilda L. Mund

LINDOW: Frank m: 21 Dec. 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.196) to: Martha Ley From Der Nord Westen, 19 Dec. 1901 Marriage License obtained: Frank Lindon of Herman and Martha Ley of Meeme


LINDSAY: See Hon. Albert H. Schmidt bio.

LINDSTEDT: Alvin m: Apr. 12, 1901 to: Ann Grun LEAVE HOME CITY TO WED. Manitowoc Young People Steal March on Their Friends. With a stealtn (sic) that completely covered their purpose and deceived friends, Miss Ann Grun and Alvin Lindstedt, well known young people of the city, recently visited abroad and took the vows that united them for life. The ceremony was performed at Mishicott, Friday, April 12, and announcement of the event has just been made public. Mr. and Mrs. Lindstedt are at present in Kewaunee county, where they will remain for some time. The marriage is no surprise to friends of the contracting parties, who were aware that the young people contemplated taking the step, although the near approach of the consummation was unknown. Mr. and Mrs. Lindstedt have the well wishes of many wishes. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Wednesday, April 24, 1901, p. 1 (Note: This marriage is not on the co. index)

LINDSTEDT: Julius b: 27 April 1836, in Holstein, Germany m: 16 June 1864 (co. mar. index v.7 p.267/also v.5 p.68) to: Emma Schmidt (also Smith on co. mar. index) children: 5 sons, 2 dau.

LINDSTEDT: Julius m: 26 Sep 1889 (co. mar. index v.6 p.3) to: Sophia Levenhagen From Der Nord Westen, 10 Oct. 1889: Marriage of Julius Linstedt with Miss Sophie Levenhagen in Mishicott last week.

LINDSTEDT: Julius Manitowoc, Wis. Member Tripoli Shriners Temple, Milwaukee 1917 From: Roster of the Members of Tripoli Temple A.A.O.N.M.S. 1917

LINDSTEDT: Leona b: 31 Oct. 1892, Manitowoc/bapt. 5 Dec. 1909, St. J./conf. 31 Mar. 1910 from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc

LINDSTEDT: (also have Linstead/Linstadt) See BUSSE See HOPNER See ZANDER




LINK: Florian m: 07 May 1870 (co. mar. index v.4 p.36) to: Rosa Kunz From the Files of the Pilot - Fifty Years Ago (1870) Married at the Branch on May 7th, 1870 by Byron Mason, Esq., Justice of the Peace, Mr. Florian Link and Miss Rosa Kunz, all of the town of Manitowoc Rapids. Manitowoc Pilot, Thurs., May 13, 1920

LINK: Florian m: 07 May 1907 (co. mar. index v.8 p.58)

LINK: Franz A. m: 4 June 1866 (co. mar. index v.4 p.28) to: Maria M Schmell

LINK: Wilhelm m: 18 May 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.404) to: Clara Bertha Rau


LINKE: Fred O. m: 25 Sept. 1868 (co. mar. index v.4 p.23) to: Anna F D Runge


LINNANE: Edward m: 11 Jan. 1870 to: Ellen Gureen MARRIED LINNANE-GUHEEN At the Catholic Church in Maple Grove, Jan. 11, 1870 by the Rev. Joseph Fessler, of Manitowoc, Mr. Edward Linnane and Miss Ellen Gureen, all of Maple Grove. Manitowoc Pilot, 20 Jan. 1870 ******** From the Files of the Pilot - Fifty Years Ago - (1870) Married at the Catholic Church in Maple Grove, January 11, 1870, by Rev. ??, Edward Lennane(sic) and Miss Ellen Guheen(sic), all of Maple Grove. Manitowoc Pilot, Thurs., Jan. 22, 1920

LINNANE: Peter m: 24 Jan. 1900 (co. mar. index v.7 p.88) to: Nelly Sheehy Notes from Maple Grove: The marriage of Miss Nellie Sheahy and Peter J. Linnane, to be celebrated in the near future was announced in St. Patrick's Church Sunday. Miss Sheahy is a popular young lady of Franklin and possesses an amiable disposition which justifies her popularity. Mr. Linnane is an earnest, successful teacher; a young man who has hosts of friends and who is worthy of them all. We extend heartfelt congratulations. Manitowoc Pilot, Thurs., Jan. 11, 1900



LINSMAIER: Jacob m: 15 May 1878 (co. mar. index v.4 p.137) to: Margaretha Linsmaier

LINSMEIER: Also have Linzmeier See RAMIKER

LINSMAYER: John m: 21 Apr 1881 (co. mar. index v.5 p.50/she has same numbers but 1882 on index) to: Anna Espen

LINSMEYER: Andrew m: 15 Jun 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.412) to: Susana Rapel

LINSMEYER: John photo

LINSMEYER: John m: 15 Jan 19?? (co. mar. index v.7 p.430)(in with 1906) to: Anna Remiker From Der Nord Westen, 11 Jan. 1906: Marriage License obtained John Linsmeyer of Cato and Anna Remiker of Franklin

LINSMEYER: John Farmer and Breeder of Graded Holstein Cattle Sect. 16 Cato, Cato m. Anna Remiker Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago


LINSTADT: (also have Lindstedt/Linstead/Linsted) See THOMAS

LINSTEAD: See Frank Hoffmann bio.

LINSTED: See John G. Scheuer bio.

LINSTEDT: (unknown which Linstedt) Newspaper article

LINSTEDT: See Fred Raatz bio.

LINTELMANN: Christian m: 24 Dec. 1881 (co. mar. index. v.5 p.51) to: Bertha Peterge

LINTELMANN: Geo. (Leintelmann on mar. index) m: 03 Oct 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.380) to: Emma Teska


LINTNER: Wm. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library, Calumet county section. Cheese Factory. Manufacturer of Chedders and Flats Cheese. Born Waukesha 1855. Wife born Manitowoc county 1860. Married 1880. Have six children. Post Office, Brillion; Section 21, Brillion township, Calumet county.

LINZMEIER: Mathias m: 10 Nov 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.58) to: Catharina Tenor

LINZMEIER: Also have Linsmeier See LEIST


LIPPE: Gerhardt m: Marie (nee) Tonino children: Wilhelm Friedrich (b. 12/01/1856/bapt. 12/26/1856/St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)


LIPPERT: Adolph From Der Nord Westen, 04 Feb. 1909: In list of marriage licenses Adolph Lippert and Anna Wehausen both of Liberty

LIPPERT: August b: 10 July 1866, in Newton twp., Manitowoc Co. p: John and Sophia Lippert m: 06 Jul 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.413) to: Minnie Kieselhorst p: Louis Kieselhorst. Children: Hedwig and Erna.

LIPPERT: August confirmed: 1 Apr. 1880 (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg)

LIPPERT: August m: 6 July 1888 (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg)(co. mar. index v.5 p.413) to: Mina (nee) Kieselhorst (co. mar. index has Kisselhorst)

LIPPERT: Charles From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Ash Maple Stock and Dairy Farm. Born in Liberty 1862. Wife born in Newton 1863. Married 1885. (Karl Lippert/m: 21 May 1885/co. mar. index v.5 p.251/see Karl Lippert) Settled farm 1888. Parents came to America 1851. Post Office, Rube; Section6, Newton Township.

LIPPERT: Christian m: 27 May 1881 (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg) (Christian - 02 May 1881/co. mar. index v.5 p.23) to: Mina (nee) Warnke (Louise Warnke/co. mar. index 27 May 1881, v.5 p.23)

LIPPERT: Christian From Der Nord Westen, 07 June 1906: Mr. and Mrs. Christian Lippert celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary last Friday.

LIPPERT: EDMUND p: Lewis Lippert m: Dec. 20, 1917 to: Anna Schnell p: John Schnell A wedding took place on the 20th of December at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Schnell, it being the marriage of their daughter, Anna, to Edmund Lippert; a son of Lewis Lippert. The ceremony took place at the home of the bride at 6 o'clock p.m. The attending couple was Marie, a sister of the birde, and Erwin Welk from Manitowoc. The young people are both from here and are well known by all. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Saturday, December 29, 1917 P.4 (From the section "Liberty News")

LIPPERT: Ernst b: Town Liberty p: Johann Lippert and Sophie Genz m: 15 Oct. 1877 in Luth. ch. in Liberty (co. mar. index v.4 p.121) wit: Loui Lippert and Franz Nass (ch. has 5 Oct. 1877) to: Marie Luebke p: Gottlieb Luebke and Friederike Fender children: Alwine Anna Wilhelmine (b. 14 Jan 1878/bapt. 10 Mar 1878/sponsors: Johann Lippert, Mina Lippert, Mina Luebke) (from Trinity Lutheran ch. records, Liberty twp.) Louis Julius Wilhelm (b. 4 Dec 1880/bapt. 6 Feb 1881/sponsors: Julius Luebke, Mina Warnke, Loui Lippert)(from Trinity Lutheran ch. records, Liberty twp.) Heinrich Wilhelm August (b. 13 Apr 1883/bapt. 10 June 1883/sponsors: Anna Lutzke, Wilhelm Lutzke, Heinrich Wahlers)(from Trinity Lutheran ch. records, Liberty twp.) Amande Marie Louise (b. 21 July 1885/bapt. 23 Aug 1885/sponsors: Karl Lippert, Louise Luebke, Marie Lippert)(from Trinity Lutheran ch. records, Liberty twp.)

LIPPERT: Johann confirmed: 2 Apr. 1882 (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg)

LIPPERT: Johann m: Sophia Magdal nee Gens children: Wilhelmine Johanne Ernestine (born 2 Mar 1855, baptized 25 Mar.) Wit: Johann Roehl, Mrs. Katharine Roehl, Marie Lewant Ernst Christian Johann (b. 24 Mar 1856/bapt. 25 May 1856) Sponsors: Ernst Schwarz, Christine Haaker, Johann Schnell. Louise Dorothea Friederike (b. 22 May 1860/bapt. 1 July 1860) Sponsors: Friedrich Commens, Maria Roehl, Elise Goettgen. Carl Wilhelm Heinrich Friedrich (b. 21 Nov 1862/bapt. 6 Mar 1863) Sponsors: Carl Wilhelm Commens, Heinrich Goetke, Friedrich Gens August Friedrich Karl (b. 10 July 1866, bapt. 16 Sept. 1866) Sponsors: Karl Holdorf, August Fenskow, Susanna Kommens Johann Ludwig Christian (born 23 Oct 1867, baptized 18 Nov. 1867) Sponsors: Johann Lippert, Joh. Christian Borgwardt, Mrs. Friedrich Kommens (this entry from records of Trinity Luth. ch., Liberty)

LIPPERT: Johann (John on mar. index) m: 11 Sept. 1891 (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg)(co. mar. index v.6 p.113) to: Augusta (nee) Krueger

LIPPERT: John From Der Nord Westen, 27 Aug. 1903: Mr. and Mrs. John Lippert of Town Liberty will celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary tomorrow to which the entire family has been invited.

LIPPERT: Karl confirmed: 11 Apr. 1877 (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg)

LIPPERT: Karl b: Liberty, farmer p: Johann Lippert and Sophie Gens m: 21 May 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.251) in parental home of bride wit: August Lippert, Johann Leverenz, Mina Kieselhorst, Pauline Schenk to: Auguste nee Pleuss b: Tn. Newton p: Friedrich Pleuss and Marie Leverenz children: Edwin Johann Wilhelm (b. 3 Apr 1887/bapt. 24 Apr 1887/sponsors: Johann Lippert, Wilhelm Kamenz, Marie Pleuss) Wanda Wilhelmine Maria (b. 11 May 1890/bapt. 6 July/father Carl/sponsors: Elisabeth Kieselhorst, Wilhelmine Kieselhorst, Maria Lippert) (children from Trinity Lutheran ch. records, Liberty twp.)

LIPPERT: Louis b: Liberty m: 24 Nov. 1882 at Lutheran ch., Liberty (co. mar. index v.5 p.98) wit: Johann Kieselhorst and Ernst Pleuss to: Maria Keiselhorst (Keiselhers on index) b: Newton p: Ludwig Kieselhorst and Catharine Margaretha Pleuss children: Adolph Karl Loui (b. 16 Aug 1883/bapt. 16 Sept 1883/father Loui/ sponsors: Ludwig Kieselhorst, Karl Lippert, Anna Kieselhorst) Sophie Catharine Johanne (b. 11 Mar 1886/bapt. 26 Mar 1886/father Loui/ sponsors: Sophie Lippert, Catharine Kieselhorst, Johann Lippert) Friedrich Ludwig Wilhelm (b. 13 Mar 1887/bapt. 24 Apr 1887/father Loui/ sponsors: Wilhelmine Kamenz, Loui Kieselhorst, Friedrich Horstmann) Louis Ernst Martin (b. 16 Apr 1889/bapt 20 May/sponsors: Louis Commings, Ernst Lippert, Magdalene Horstmann) Hermann August Arthur (b. 30 Sept 1891/bapt. 22 Nov 1891/father Ludwig/ sponsors: Herm. Kieselhorst, Aug. Lippert, Anna (Kieselhorst crossed out)Ludwig Pastor H. C. Zarwell) Edmund Wilhelm Arthur (b. 30 Mar 1894 in Tn. Liberty/bapt. 6 May 1894/ sponsors: Ernst Kieselhorst, Wm. Kamentz, Mrs. Ernst Pleus) (children from Trinity Lutheran ch. records, Liberty twp.)

LIPPERT: Louis Julius (Louis Julias on ch. mar. record) m: 2 June 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.386) (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg) to: Emma Fried Doruth (nee)Behm

LIPPERT: Wilhelmine confirmed: 5 Apr. 1868 (St. John's Ev. Luth. ch./Newtonburg)




LIPSKI: Ignac m: 15 Aug. 1879 (co. mar. index v.4 p.155) to: Anna Stefaniak

LIPSKI: Ignac m: 14 Nov. 1879 (co. mar. index v.4 p.151) to: Anna Stefanek

LIRS: Conrad m: 23 Jan. 1873 (co. mar. index v.4 p.76) to: Margareth Priester

LISACK: Joseph b: Farmer –born Town of New Holstein p: John Lisack and Justina m: 12 Feb 1895 in Catholic ceremony at Kiel (co. mar. index v.6 p.288) Wit. Robert Stahl, Victor Jandy, Theresa Lisack and Elizabeth Jandy to: Anna Jandy (also Janty) b: Town Russell, Sheboygan County p: Nicholas Jandy and Katherine Goche


LISCON: Byron CHAPTER 7. AN ACT to change the name of Byron Liscon to Arthur Chandler Smith. The people of the state of Wisconsin, represented in senate and assembly, do enact as follows: SECTION 1. The name of Byron Liscon is hereby changed to Arthur Chandler Smith, who is a resident of the town of Cato, in Manitowoc county, and state of Wisconsin. SECTION 2. The said person whose name is thus changed by section one of this act, shall be the child and heir of Silow Smith, and [the] obligation of child to parents and parents to child, shall pertain as fully between the parties herein named, as in the case of natural parentage, and descent: provided, that within sixty days after the passage of this act, the said Silow Smith shall file with the county judge of the county within which he resides, together with a copy of this act, a statement under oath, and sworn to before some officer authorized to administer the same, expressing his assent to the provisions of this act; and the said county judge shall file and record the same, together with a copy of this act, in the book of last wills and testaments. SECTION 3 This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage. Approved March 26, 1863. Charters of Incorporated Companies, Passed By The Legislature of Wisconsin, In The Year 1863", Published by Authority., Madison, Wis.; Wm. J. Park, State Printer-Harding's Block. 1863, Page 12


LISHOUT: John Van m: 26 Sep 1899 (co. mar. index v.7 p.66)(I also listed this in V's) to: Margurite Lallensack



LISKI: Martin p: Joseph Liski and Maria Holstein m: 16 Apr. 1872 (St. Fidelis Cath. ch.) to: Mathilda Henke p: Julius Henke and Justina Priebe

LISKOM: Lowel m: 1 Dec. 1878 (co. mar. index v.4 p.136) to: Mertie J. Sweet



LISOTT: Fabian b: Canada res: Two Rivers, laborer p: Peter and Marie Lisott m: 1 Nov. 1855 at Two Rivers (co. mar. index v.1 p.88) to: Octavia LaFleur p: Anthon LaFleur and Marie LaFleur (mar. announcement in the Manitowoc Herald, 24 Nov. 1855)






LIVANETZ: Joseph m: 05 Aug 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.287) to: Emma Kafka From Der Nord Westen, 30 July 1903: Marriage License: Jos. Livanetz of Two Rivers and Emma Kefka of Manitowoc


LIVASH: John m: 10 Apr 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.399) to: Anna Rady

LIVERT: Charles Marriage Date: 28 Jul 1873 Vol:02 Page:0237 Vol:A Sequence:14725 to: Christine Rohl Marriage Date: 28 Jul 1873 Vol:02 Page:0237 Vol:A Sequence:14726

LIVERT: Dan'l m: Louise children: ___line (b. 5 Aug. 1860/bapt. 2 July 1865) Wilhelm Fridrich (b. 17 Mar. 1865/bapt. 2 July 1865) (this entry from records of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch./Reedsville)


LLEWELYN: David b: ca. 1786, Wales/d. 26 Apr. 1875 m: Francis d: 2 Sept. 1875

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