Graduate List for Manitowoc County 1913-1919
Graduate List North Side High School 1897
Teacher and School Official Directory by Township 1913-1914
1875-1876 Teacher Certificate and Contract
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At the bottom of this list is schools identified only by their district number,
as they are identified by name they will be linked in the top section.

Some of the school histories, contain lists of students.

Listed by Township
I am still determining which schools go in which township. As I figure it out, I will list each school by township.

[Cato] [Centerville] [Cooperstown] [Eaton] [Franklin]
[Gibson] [Kossuth] [Liberty] [Manitowoc]
[Manitowoc Rapids] [Maple Grove] [Meeme] [Mishicot] [Newton]
[Rockland] [Schleswig] [Two Creeks] [Two Rivers]

School NameLatitudeLongitudeUSGS 7.5' Map
Adams School 440517N 0873950W Manitowoc
Bethany Evangelical Lutheran School 440542N 0874116W Manitowoc
Brockville School (historical) 441418N 0874512W Whitelaw
Brookside School (historical) 441005N 0875827W Reedsville
Calumet School (historical) 440140N 0880048W Potter
Case Elementary School 440951N 0873354W Two Rivers
Cato Falls School (historical) 440543N 0875406W Valders
Cedar Grove School (historical) 440120N 0875408W Valders
Center School
Centerville District #4
435518N 0874542W Cleveland West
Chase School
Gibson Dist. #5
No longer in existence Gibson
Clarke Middle School 441037N 0873508W Two Rivers
Cleveland School 440516N 0874019W Manitowoc
Cooperstown School (historical) 441847N 0874653W Denmark
Crystal Springs School (historical)
Two Rivers Dist. #3
441112N 0873731W Mishicot
East Twin Lutheran School 441427N 0873824W Mishicot
Elder Grove School (historical) 435920N 0880124W Kiel
Elm Grove School (historical) 440029N 0874712W Clarks Mills
Elm View School (historical) 441306N 0874616W Whitelaw
Fairview School (historical) 440432N 0875541W Valders
Fillmore School (historical)
Two Rivers Dist. #5
440913N 0873749W Mishicot
First German Evangelical Lutheran Grade School 440516N 0873927W Manitowoc
Fountain Park School 435751N 0875631W School Hill
Francis Creek School (historical) 441238N 0874315W Mishicot
Franklin Elementary School 440533N 0874125W Manitowoc
Garfield School 440533N 0874026W Manitowoc
Goodwin School (historical) 440819N 0874027W Mishicot
Greenstreet School (historical) 441518N 0874747W Denmark
Highland School (historical) 441148N 0874807W Whitelaw/Town of Franklin
Hillside Grove School 435724N 0875855W School Hill
Hillside School (historical) 440634N 0874614W Clarks Mills
Holmes School (historical) 441808N 0874029W Larrabee
Holy Cross Grade School 441402N 0873821W Mishicot
Holy Family Conservatory of Music 440517N 0873942W Manitowoc
Holy Innocents School 440632N 0873957W Manitowoc
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Grade School 440625N 0873934W Manitowoc
Jackson Elementary School 440640N 0874010W Manitowoc
Jambo Creek School (historical) 441553N 0874047W Larrabee
Jefferson Elementary School 440449N 0874002W Manitowoc
Kellnersville School (historical) 441332N 0874917W Whitelaw
Kettle Range School (historical) 441630N 0873838W Larrabee
Kiel Grade School (historical) 435452N 0880207W Kiel
Kiel High School 435527N 0880155W Kiel
Kiel Middle School 435452N 0880209W Kiel
Kingsville School See Shoto School Below Shoto
Koenig Elementary School 440837N 0873459W Two Rivers
La Follette School
Centerville Dist. #2
435754N 0874647W Cleveland West
Lakeshore Christian Academy 440521N 0873946W Manitowoc
Liberty Bell School 435935N 0874918W Cleveland West
Lincoln High School 440449N 0873925W Manitowoc
Lincoln School 440309N 0874213W Manitowoc
Long Lake School (historical) 440753N 0880120W Brillion
Lowell School (historical) 440721N 0875407W Valders
Lutheran High School (historical) 440551N 0873920W Manitowoc
Madison Elementary School 440602N 0873906W Manitowoc
Madsen School (historical) 440503N 0874918W Clarks Mills
Magee Elementary School 441000N 0873457W Two Rivers
Manitowoc County Teachers Training School 440610N 0874009W Manitowoc
Manitowoc Lutheran High School 440639N 0874153W Manitowoc
Maple Corner School 435332N 0875631W School Hill
Maple Grove School (historical) 441333N 0880108W Brillion
Maple Leaf School
Centerville District #5
No longer standing Centerville
Maple Rock School (historical) 440806N 0875901W Reedsville
Maple View School (historical) 441846N 0874445W Larrabee
Marquette School (historical) 441254N 0875733W Reedsville
McAllister School 440727N 0874235W Manitowoc
McKinley School 440609N 0873940W Manitowoc
Meadow Brook School (historical) 441125N 0874050W Mishicot
Melnik School (historical) 441518N 0874442W Larrabee
Mineral Springs School 435538N 0875215W Cleveland West
Mishicot High School 441420N 0873802W Mishicot
Monroe Elementary School 440407N 0874004W Manitowoc
Niles School (historical) 440213N 0875821W Valders
Oakland School (historical)
Two Rivers Dist. #7
441256N 0873446W Two Rivers
Palm Grove School (historical) 441056N 0874617W Whitelaw
Pigeon River School 435422N 0875407W School Hill
Pine Grove School (historical) 441309N 0873733W Mishicot
Pleasant Hill School
Centerville Jt. #3 (with Meeme)
435507N 0874652W Cleveland West
Pleasant View School (historical) 441703N 0873650W Two Creeks
Point River School
Centerville Dist. #1
435756N 0874347W Cleveland East
Range Line School (historical)
Two Rivers Dist. #6
441242N 0873337W Two Rivers
Red Arrow School
Centerville District #5
No longer standing Cleveland(formerly Centerville, Hika)
Reedsville Elementary School 440853N 0875710W Reedsville
Reedsville High School 440913N 0875711W Reedsville
River View School (historical) 441427N 0874202W Mishicot
Roncalli Catholic High School 440736N 0873756W Mishicot
Rosecrans School (historical) 441548N 0875047W Denmark
Roselawn School (historical) 440239N 0875144W Clarks Mills
Sacred Heart School 440916N 0873406W Two Rivers
Sacred Heart School 440551N 0873924W Manitowoc
Saint Andrews School 440438N 0873959W Manitowoc
Saint Anne Grade School 441149N 0874311W Mishicot
Saint Boniface School 440512N 0873941W Manitowoc
Saint Francis Cabrini Middle School 440513N 0874031W Manitowoc
Saint Gregory Grade School 440020N 0875534W Valders
Saint James School 441906N 0874638W Denmark
Saint John and James Lutheran School 440910N 0875659W Reedsville
Saint Johns Lutheran Grade School 440857N 0873402W Two Rivers
Saint Johns Lutheran School 441616N 0874824W Denmark
Saint Johns School 440305N 0874529W Clarks Mills
Saint Johns School 441806N 0874220W Larrabee
Saint Marks School 440838N 0873443W Two Rivers
Saint Mary-Patrick School 440916N 0875740W Reedsville
Saint Mary's Parochial School 440540N 0875144W Clarks Mills
Saint Michael Grade School 440842N 0874936W Whitelaw
Saint Pauls School 440537N 0874042W Manitowoc
Saint Peter and Paul School 435443N 0880208W Kiel
Saint Peters Lutheran School 440405N 0875934W Valders
Salvatorian Seminary 435956N 0875532W School Hill
Sandy Hill View School (historical)
Two Rivers Dist. #1
441059N 0873258W Two Rivers
Saxonburg School (historical) 441453N 0873706W Two Rivers
Schultz Elementary School 441417N 0873745W Mishicot
Shadyside School (historical) 440430N 0874639W Clarks Mills
Shoto School (historical)
Two Rivers Dist. #4
No longer in existence Shoto
Silver Creek School 440305N 0874020W Manitowoc
Silver Lake College 440416N 0874434W Manitowoc
Sisters of Charity School No longer in existence Shoto/Two Rivers
Stangel Elementary School 440717N 0873802W Manitowoc
Sunny Crest School (historical) 440307N 0875406W Valders
Sunny Slope School (historical) 441004N 0874842W Whitelaw
Tannery School (historical)
Two Rivers Dist. #2
441058N 0873421W Two Rivers
Taylor School 435425N 0874935W Cleveland West
Tisch Mills School (historical) 441848N 0873631W Two Creeks
Trinity Lutheran School 440212N 0874918W Clarks Mills
Twin Elder School (historical) 441545N 0873309W Two Creeks
Twin River School (historical) 441845N 0874936W Denmark
Two Rivers Catholic Central School 440859N 0873400W Two Rivers
Valders Elementery School 440407N 0875317W Valders
Valders High School 440407N 0875304W Valders
Washington High School 440934N 0873405W Two Rivers
Washington Junior High School 440449N 0874032W Manitowoc
Webster School (historical) 440239N 0874919W Clarks Mills
White Trail School 435941N 0874426W Cleveland East
Whitelaw School (historical) 440753N 0874916W Whitelaw
Whittier School 440122N 0874317W Manitowoc
Wilson Junior High School 440634N 0873937W Manitowoc
Woodland Park School (historical) 435738N 0880121W Kiel
Woodland School 435744N 0875405W School Hill
Zander School No longer in existence Zanders/Zandersville/Town of Gibson
Zielanis Elementary School 435504N 0880139W Kiel

Grimms (Cato, Joint District No. 7)
Valders (Cato, Joint Dist. No. 3)

Cooperstown (District No. 4)

Franklin 1 – Grassy Knoll
Franklin Jt. 2 – Clearview
Franklin Jt. 3 – McKinley
Franklin 4 – Riverside
Franklin Jt. 6 – Highland
Franklin Jt. 8 – Sunny Slope
Franklin Jt. 9 – Kellnersville
Franklin 13 – Franklin
Franklin Jt. 14 – Menchalville

Kossuth (District No. 4)

Branch (Manitowoc Rapids District No. Jt. 10)
Manitowoc Rapids (District No. 3)


Meeme (District No. 6)
Meeme (District No. 1)

Mishicot (District No. Joint 1)

Newtonburg (Newton Dist. No. 1)

Schleswig District 7

Two Creeks (District No. 2)