City of Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: Southeast side of Mishicot Road, between 39th and 41st Street, City of Two Rivers.Earliest remaining stone, 1872.
Updated by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society 2010, added to this site Feb. 2011.
I have combined the city record with the transcriptions. The city record when used is in brackets [ ].
The first two numbers of an entry are the section and lot numbers.

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Maps of the cemetery


[F-30-5]-Earl L./1918-May 1968, ossw:
[F-30-5]-Lillian E./1916-Feb. 1946 Tombstone Earl/Lillian

ABRAMOVICH: [B-7-6]-A. Pat. Abramovich/Apr. 14, 1933/June 2, 2000/ SSGT US Air Force-Korea [d. Aug. 11, 2000] Tombstone

ADAMS: [A-31-4]-Edward L. Adams/1902-May 1940 Tombstone [Unk-1-20]-[Adams/bur. 1912] See HARLOW

ADAMSKI: [F-30-7]-Paul/1868-Dec. 1945, ossw: [F-30-7]-Mary/1885-Jul. 1973 Tombstone Paul/Mary

ADLER: [F-13-8]-Arthur J./1902-1982, ossw: [F-13-8]-Dorothy B./1905-2000 (22 May 1905/22 Jan 2000/SSDI) Tombstone Arthur/Dorothy

AHEARN: [B-19-4]-Clement/1903-Oct. 1959 Tombstone, ossw: [B-19-4]-Teresa M./1903-Mar. 1963 Tombstone [B-20-2]-Raymond M./1893-1986 Tombstone, ossw: [B-20-2]-Regina C./1896-Jul. 1966 Tombstone [C-16-1]-George L. Ahearn/1911-1997 Tombstone, ossw: [C-16-1]-Marie E. Ahearn/1913-2000 (24 Jan 1913/11 Jun 2000/SSDI) Tombstone (George and Marie are spouses/from family researcher/see contributors page) [C-17-9]-G. Ruth Ahearn/1920-1994 Tombstone, ossw: [C-17-9]-John J. Ahearn/1918-2008 Tombstone [F-15-3]-William/1882-Apr. 1954 Tombstone, ossw: [F-15-3]-Kathryn/1915-2006 Tombstone, ossw: [F-15-3]-Augusta M./1883-1973 Tombstone [F-33-3]-Marion F. Ahearn/1927-2004 Tombstone

AHRENS: [F-18-8]-Beverly Ahrens/1938-1951 Tombstone

AHRNDT: [A-44-1]-Adeline/1908-1968, ossw: [A-44-1]-Hugo/1906-Dec. 1978, ossw: [A-44-1]-Dorothy/1907-Aug. 1927 Tombstone Adeline/Hugo/Dorothy R.S. (Footstone only between Ahrndt and Prebek)(No one listed with those initials in city records in either plot)

ALBRECHT: [F-14-1]-Elmer J. Albrecht/Wisconsin/Cpl Med Co 8 Cav Regt (Inf)/Korea PH/ Oct 28 1931/Sept 6 1950 Tombstone Photo Photo

ALBRIGHT: [A-28-7]-Mary L. Albright/Mother/1881-[Apr.]1947 Tombstone, next to: [A-28-7]-Edward G. Albright/Father/1877-[Feb.]1926 Tombstone

ALKONIS: [A-3-2]-[Baby Boy/bur. 08-07-1944] [A-23-7]-Joseph [W.]/1873-Nov. 1945 Tombstone, ossw: [A-23-7]-Victoria/1883-Dec. 1964 Tombstone

ALLEN: [F-2-3]-Amelia B. Allen/1896-Sept. 1970 Tombstone

ALLIE: Allie family stone [A-14-3]-Eugene E. Allie/Wisconsin/Tec 5 955 Ord Mtr Veh Distr Co/ World War II/Nov 10 1924/May 16 1945 Tombstone Photo, next to: [A-14-3]-Margaret/Mother/1893-1937 Tombstone, next to: [A-14-3]-Elmer E./Father/1886-May 1954 Tombstone [A-31-2]-Alfred O./1894-Nov. 1970, ossw: [A-31-2]-Blanche M./1895-Mar. 1957 Tombstone Alfred/Blanche [B-23-4]-Hilary/1909-Mar. 1972, ossw: [B-23-4]-Blanche A./1909-Jan.1965 Tombstone Hilary/Blanche [B-29-1]-Donald [J.] (Duck)/1923-1974, ossw: [B-29-1]-Bernice A./1923-2003 Tombstone Donald/Bernice [C-10-7]-Kenneth A. Allie/Jan. 1, 1950/Mar. 17, 2005 Tombstone [C-12-5]-Richard Allie/June 27, 1925/Jan. 19, 2004 Tombstone [F-10-2]-Walter J./1883-Dec. 1962, ossw: [F-10-2]-Josephine/1884-Dec.1968 Tombstone Walter/Josephine, next to: [F-10-2]-Edward J./1909-May 1984, ossw: [F-10-2]-Dotty L./1919-2005 Tombstone Edward/Dotty (Steven Allie/Aug. 30, 1951/July 14, 2000, ossw: Bernard "Milt" Allie/Nov. 1, 1921/June 9, 2008 Tombstone Steven/Bernard Joyce Allie/Apr. 19, 1926/Dec. 7, 2011 Tombstone [Unk-1-2]-[Baby Twins/bur. 08-03-1936] See GOEDJEN

ALTHEN: [F-25-1]-Conrad E. Althen/Pfc 112 Liaison Sq AAF/World War II/ Nov. 19, 1925/June 10 1955 Tombstone

AMMERMAN: [A-8-10]-[John Ammerman/bur. 10-27-1952/age 80] [B-14-4]-Ralph F. Ammerman/Jan. 18, 1928/May 21, 2001, ossw: [B-14-4]-Betty J. Ammerman/1930-2009 Tombstone Ralph/Betty [B-14-4]-Joseph M./1895-Apr.1965, ossw: [B-14-4]-Regina A./1897-Dec. 1981 Tombstone Joseph/Regina

AMMERMANN: [F-18-4]-William/1896-Mar. 1951, ossw: [F-18-4]-Leah Ammerman Strohm/1901-1961 Tombstone William/Leah

ANDERLEY: [A-2-6]-Matthias Anderley/1883-Feb.1936 Tombstone [A-10-4]-Lunette Marie Anderley/June 4, 1903/July 17, 1993 Tombstone, next to: [A-10-4]-Francis Charles Anderley/1930-1931 Tombstone, next to: [A-10-4]-Frank Joseph Anderley/Wisconsin/Yeoman 2 Cl/US N.R.F./July 31, 1934 Tombstone

ANDERSON: [B-3-8]-Clarence H./1915-1984, ossw: [B-3-8]-Cleopha Anderson/June 15, 1917/June 2, 1999 Tombstone Clarence/Cleopha, next to: [B-3-8]-Clyde L. Anderson/1917-2005, ossw: [B-3-8]-Isabel F. Anderson/1918-1999 Tombstone Clyde/Isabel [B-15-9]-Charles O./1894-Nov. 1970, ossw: [B-15-9]-Agnes A./1894-Jul.1962 Tombstone Charles/Agnes [C-25-6]-Charles Henry Anderson/S2 US Navy World War II/ June 6, 1927/Nov. 2, 2007 Tombstone, ossw: [C-25-6]-Charles H. Anderson/1927-2007, ossw: [C-25-6]-Wilma A. Anderson/1931-2001 Tombstone Charles/Wilma

ANDREWS: [C-23-3]-Chad Andrews/Our Son/1965-1970 Tombstone in 2011 Tombstone in 2014 [C-23-3]-Dexter Andrews/Feb. 4, 1932/Dec. 11, 2013 Tombstone

ANTONIE: [A1-40-3]-Peter Antonie/1874-Oct. 1944 Tombstone, next to: [A1-40-3]-Caroline Antonie/1878-1961 Tombstone [B-13-4]-Joseph/1904-Nov. 1967, ossw: [B-13-4]-Victorian/1909-1982 Tombstone Joseph/Victorian [B-26-3]-Cyril J./1907-Sept. 1970 Tombstone, ossw: [B-26-3]-Miranda Z./1910-Aug. 1986 Tombstone Cyril/Miranda [B-27-4]-Melvin C. Antonie/May 29, 1932/Sept. 14, 1972 Tombstone [B-32-9]-Virginia L./Mother/1932-1982 Tombstone [C-7-3]-Phillip Antonie/Dec. 23, 1949/Jan. 14, 2001 Tombstone Felix J. Antonie/1921-2007, ossw: Grace A. Antonie/1923-2008 Tombstone Felix/Grace Jerome J. Antonie/1915-2008 Tombstone

ARBEITER: [F-9-8]-Baby Arbeiter/1956 [Baby Girl] Tombstone

ARLE: [A-16-3]-Joseph/1871-Mar.1939, ossw: [A-16-3]-Magdalena/1876- Mar. 1965 Tombstone Joseph/Magdalena, next to: [A-16-3]-George W. Arle/1901-Sept. 1978 Tombstone, next to: [A-16-3]-Alice Arle BROWNE/1907-1969 [bur. May 24, 1969] Tombstone, next to: [A-16-3]-Cecilia Grace Arle/Apr. 24, 1905/Oct. 25, 1909, ossw: [A-16-3]-Lloyd M. Arle/1903-1985 Tombstone Cecilia/Lloyd

AROSTEGUI: [C-18-9]-Heather Nicole Arostegui/May 4, 1981/June 5, 2007, ossw: [C-18-9]-Pamela Haines/Sept. 28, 1956/Nov. 2, 2004 Tombstone Heather/Pamela [C]-Perla M. Arostegui/June 3, 1986/Dec. 6, 2011 Tombstone See HAINES-have obit

ASCHENBRENNER: [B-15-7]-John/1886-1968, ossw: [B-15-7]-Anton/1884-Nov. 1963, ossw: [B-15-7]-Peter/1889-[Dec.] 1990/age 101, ossw: [B-15-7]-Theresa/1894-Mar. 1983 Tombstone John/Peter/Anton/Theresa

ASHENBRENNER: [B-9-4]-Byron A. Ashenbrenner/1908-Oct. 1970 Photo, ossw: [B-9-4]-Johanna V. Ashenbrenner/1908-1995 Tombstone Byron/Johanna

ASSMANN: [A-20-1]-Helen Assman/1916-1967

AUBUT: [A-4-8]-Varian Aubut/Jan. 29, 1930/Apr. 19, 1930 Tombstone [B-19-4]-Paul J./1907-1959, ossw: [B-19-4]-Catherine E./1911-Apr. 1980 Tombstone Paul/Catherine

AUGUSTINE: [F-24-2]-Victor/1907-1980 (Not buried here/see obit), ossw: [F-24-2]-Loretta/1907-1955 Tombstone Victor/Loretta

AULIK: [F-30-8]-Frank J./1887-1971, ossw: [F-30-8]-Emma A./1887-Nov. 1956 Tombstone Frank/Emma

[ B ]

B: A.B. (Footstone only.)

BABICH: [F-7-6]-Frank Sr./1885-Apr.1957, ossw: [F-7-6]-Rose/1892-Sept.1970 Tombstone Frank/Rose [F-32-3]-[Gary Edward/bur. 10-19-1970]

BACH: [F-16-5]-Caroline M. Bach/May 23, 1927/Dec. 14, 2000 Tombstone

BACHMANN: [C-10-6]-Jeffrey Michael Bachmann/Mar. 21, 1962/Oct 13, 2001 Tombstone

BACKLER: [C-26-5]-Donna L. Backler/1953-1999 Tombstone


BAES: [F-13-7]-[Stephen Richard/bur. 11-07-1964]

BAETZ: Emerson "Pat" Baetz/Mar. 10, 1944/Aug. 10, 2005/from obit

BAILEY: [B-15-1]-Raymond/1930-1986 Tombstone

BAJDAN: [B-6-10]-Walter/May 23, 1906/July 31, 1976, ossw: [B-6-10]-Tanya Marie/Grandchild/Sept. 27-29, 1980 Tombstone Walter/Tanya [B-9-8]-Bronislaw Bajdan/Jan. 6, 1910/Oct. 2, 1980 Tombstone Susan Bajdan/nee Rezachek/d. Mar. 8, 2010 Tombstone/Back side of stone

BAKER: [A-3-6]-Raymond Baker/1905-Apr.1945 Tombstone [A-5-8]-Jacob/1874-1936 (a.k.a. Pieczynski), ossw: [A-5-8]-Agnes/1874-Sept.1960 Tombstone Jacob/Agnes [A-41-3]-Emil Baker/1909-Feb. 1957 [B-7-10]-Harry Baker/1905-1972 Tombstone, next to: [B-7-10]-Famie Baker/Sept. 7, 1910/Sept. 30, 2010 Tombstone [C-18-1]-Maymort J./1914-1986, ossw: [C-18-1]-Donna M./May 3, 1929/July 14, 2012 Tombstone Maymort/Donna [C-20-12]-Catherine Ann Baker/July 13, 1951/June 26, 1990 Tombstone [F-12-4]-Daniel J. Baker/Wisconsin/Sn US Navy/ Nov 24 1942-July 31, 1965 Tombstone, ossw: [F-12-4]-Bernice Hildebrand/1923-2010 Tombstone Daniel/Bernice See HILDEBRAND-have obit

BALDWIN: [C-12-10]-Lucy P./1927-1995, ossw: [C-12-10]-Richard H. Baldwin/1931-1989 Tombstone

BALTHAZOR: [A-4-6]-[Theo./bur. 1924]

BARCZINSKI: [A-6-10]-[Mary/bur. 01-17-1938] [A-6-10]-[Anton BARCZYNSKI/bur. 11-29-1941/age 89]


BARMAN: [A-26-7]-Charles P. Barman/1912-1992, ossw: [A-26-7]-Norma M. Barman/1914-2009

BARNER: [B-11-6]-George E./1904-1981, ossw: [B-11-6]-Leona/1911-Nov.1972 Tombstone George/Leona [C-11-4]-Marilyn D. Barner/1942-1997/married Oct. 17, 1964 Tombstone [C-13-1]-Brian Keith/Feb. 19, 1958/Sept. 1, 1987 Tombstone [C-13-1]-Howard G. “Barney” Barner/June 1, 1931/Oct. 10, 2001 Tombstone

BARNEY: [F-9-5]-Christopher J. Barney/Jan. 19, 1971 Tombstone

BAROUN: Baroun Babies/1965-1965 (Klein & Stangel Funeral Home marker) [F-9-6]-[Christine/bur. 04-13-1965]

BARSUL: [F-27-6]-John J./1891-Feb.1950, ossw: [F-27-6]-Anna/1891-Oct.1975 Tombstone John/Anna [F-27-6]-Veronica Barsul/1916-1999 Tombstone

BARTEL: [A-37-1]-Joseph/1877-Mar.1945, ossw: [A-37-1]-Catherine/1882-1973 Tombstone Joseph/Catherine

BARTELME: [A-14-10]-John Bartelme/1880-Oct. 1940 Tombstone, next to: [A-14-10]-Julia Bartelme/1888-1961 Tombstone [F-33-4]-Harold/1911-Jan. 1983, ossw: [F-33-4]-Alvina [M.]/1915-Dec. 1962 Tombstone Harold/Alvina, ossw:WETENKAMP

BASHAW: [C-18-8]-Alvin L./1916-1987, ossw: [C-18-8]-Genevieve/1918-2000 Tombstone Alvin/Genevieve

BAST: [C-9-9]-Eugene M. Bast/TEC5 US Army/World War II/ Jan. 10, 1918/Mar. 15, 1993/Purple Heart Tombstone, ossw: [C-9-9]-Eugene M. Bast/1918-1993 Tombstone

BASTIAN: [B-11-7]-Elmer J./1917-1969, ossw: [B-11-7]-Esther [M.]/1918-Jul.1968 Tombstone Elmer/Esther [B-14-9]-Lawrence/1909-1964, ossw: [B-14-9]-Monica/1911-1998 Tombstone Lawrence/Monica

BASTIN: [A-4-3]-[Baby/bur. 11-27-1936]

BATEMAN: [F-9-2]-Cassidy Lynn Bateman/Apr. 23, 2001/July 1, 2001 Tombstone [F-11-1]-Kermit/1906-Oct.1961, ossw: [F-11-1]-Margaret C. Bateman/Oct. 13, 1905/Mar. 9, 2001 Tombstone Kermit/Margaret, next to: [F-11-1]-Footstone: Kermit (KUETHER also on large stone.)

BATTERS: [B-12-2]-Mary Batters/1923-____, ossw: [B-12-2]-Frances [G. MERRIER]/1901-1967 (25 Dec 1901/Nov 1967/SSDI) Tombstone Mary/Frances

BAUCH: [A1-40-1]-Ann Bauch/1910-Dec.1965 Tombstone, next to: [A1-40-1]-Gordon Bauch/1924-Aug.1944 Tombstone, next to: [A1-40-1]-Agnes Bauch/1905-Aug.1947 Tombstone, next to: [A1-40-1]-Arthur A. Bauch/1902-Feb.1974 Tombstone

BAUERS: [A-4-10]-Gail Bauers/Our Baby/1950-1951 Tombstone

BAUGNIET: [F-13-1]-[Carol Joan/bur. 04-19-1956] [F-13-1]-Archie/1893-Nov. 1958 Tombstone, ossw: [F-13-1]-Julia/1896-Feb. 1964 Tombstone, ossw: [F-13-1]-Carol/-1934- Tombstone Archie/Julia/Carol, next to: [F-13-1]-Orin C./Oct. 17, 1918/Apr. 24, 1969, ossw: [F-13-1]-Beatrice E. Baugniet Hansen/1920-1995 Tombstone Orin/Beatrice [F-13-1]-Leigh H. Baugniet/1943-2001 Tombstone [F-13-2]-Robert [Eug.] Baugniet/Son/1941-1955, ossw: [F-13-2]-Daniel F. Baugniet/1916-2004, ossw: [F-13-2]-Evelyn A. Baugniet/1916-2010 Tombstone Robert/Daniel/Evelyn

BAUKNECHT: [A-6-2]-[Baby/bur. 09-15-1949] [B-8-6]-Francis A./1909-Mar.1970, ossw: [B-8-6]-Victoria/1909-Mar. 1988 Tombstone Francis/Victoria [C-10-6]-Michelle Rose/May 27, 1984/May 21, 1989 Tombstone [C-10-5]-Floyd How./Apr. 18, 1918/June 4, 1989 Photo, ossw: [C-10-5]-Elizabeth R./1919-2012 Tombstone Floyd/Elizabeth [C-24-5]-Bob/Nov. 12, 1922/Feb. 4, 1996/married Apr. 2, 1945, ossw: [C-24-5]-Dorene/May 11, 1923/Mar. 26, 1994 Tombstone Bob/Dorene [F-13-6]-Albert [A.]/1887-1965, ossw: [F-13-6]-Clara/1891-1972 Tombstone Albert/Clara, next to: [F-13-6]-Frank A./1885-Oct. 1954, ossw: [F-13-6]-Margaret/1885-1970 Tombstone Frank/Margaret

BEAUPRE: [A1-36-4]-Irma R. Beaupre/Mother/1891-Jul.1944 Tombstone, next to: [A1-36-4]-Alfred E. Beaupre/Father/1884-May 1963 Tombstone (Note: Also have Bopray)

BEBEAU: [A-13-9]-Edward Bebeau/1890-Nov. 1950, next to: [A-13-9]-Ida Bebeau/1893-Dec. 1949 [A-13-9]-Pauline Bebeau/1888-Nov. 1962, next to: [A-13-9]-Roger Bebeau/1922-May 1967 [A-27-7]-Frank/1883-1944, ossw: [A-27-7]-Jennie/1890-Aug. 1983, ossw: [A-27-7]-Floyd/1915-Oct. 1977 Tombstone Frank/Jennie/Floyd

BECKER: [A-21-8]-Emil Becker/Father/1859-1931, next to: [A-21-8]-Elizabeth Becker/Mother/1859-May 1948, next to: [A-21-8]-Peter E. Becker/Father/1881-Mar. 1929 Tombstone, next to: [A-21-8]-Baby Tombstone [B-5-9]-Arnold E./1909-1974, ossw: [B-5-9]-Edith F./1913-2003 Tombstone Arnold/Edith [B-9-8]-Edward F./1912-1994 (2 Apr 1912/20 Nov 1994/SSDI), ossw: [B-9-8]-Marion I./1919-2012 Tombstone Edward/Marion [B-10-3]-Hugo L./1915-Apr. 1973 Tombstone, ossw: [B-10-3]-Esther/1917-1996 Tombstone [B-15-5]-Milton M./1911-Dec. 1963, ossw: [B-15-5]-Adeline/1913-1992 Tombstone Milton/Adeline [B-24-7]-Clarence R./1902-1987, ossw: [B-24-7]-Clarence A./1924-1945/killed in action, ossw: [B-24-7]-Ella F./1903-1986 Tombstone Clarence/Clarence/Ella [F-7-5]-Daniel Becker Sr/1882-May 1957 Tombstone [F-9-8]-Michael W. Becker/May 21, 1957/Oct. 15, 1957 Tombstone [F-14-6]-Frank T./1873-Mar.1959, ossw: [F-14-6]-Louise C./1879-Oct.1974 Tombstone Frank/Louise [F-24-4]-Darlene Becker/July 3, 1935/March 13, 1993, ossw: [F-24-4]-August Becker/1933-1993 Tombstone Darlene/August [F-24-4]-August W. Becker/US Army Korea Nov. 30, 1933/Dec. 12, 1993 Tombstone [F-25-3]-Arthur E./1908-Apr. 1981, ossw: [F-25-3]-Marie J./1915-2005/Married Oct. 31, 1935, ossw: [F-25-3]-Emma GASPER/1881-1956 (See GASPER-have obit) Tombstone Arthur/Marie/Emma [F-31-3]-Raymond P. Becker/1905-Jun. 1946, ossw: [F-31-3]-Susan Becker/11 Jan. 1907/3 May 1996 Tombstone Raymond/Susan See GASPER See KAPITZ

BEEMAN: [A-28-6]-Harold/1900-1924, ossw: [A-28-6]-Clara/1902-Sept.1935 Tombstone Harold/Clara

BEGOLD: [Unk-1-20]-[Carolina/bur. 1914]

BEHLOW: [B-17-8]-John/1883-Dec.1959, ossw: [B-17-8]-Anna/1884-Jul. 1978 Tombstone John/Anna

BEHNKE: [F-9-6]-Karen & Cathy Behnke/1965-1965 Marker Karen/Cathy William R. Behnke/Nov. 9, 1941/April 7, 2005 Tombstone See GLANDT

BEHRENDT: [A-4-8]-Baby/June 22, 1936 [bur. 06-23-1936] Tombstone [A-41-4]-Ernst/1877-Mar. 1954 Tombstone, ossw: [A-41-4]-Emma/1885-Aug.1959 Tombstone [A-41-4]-[Baby Boy/bur. 07-06-1954] [A-41-4]-[Christian/bur. 11-14-1927] [A-]-Christian E. Behrendt/1905-1923 Tombstone [B-13-8]-Arthur E./1907-Sept. 1980 Tombstone, ossw: [B-13-8]-Violet/1909-May 1966 Tombstone [B-22-8]-Norman/Oct. 12, 1918/Mar. 23, 1992/ F1 US Navy WWII Tombstone, ossw: [B-22-8]-Norman/1918-1992 Photo Tombstone, ossw: [B-22-8]-Joyce [G.]/1917-Oct. 1962 Tombstone Norman/Joyce, next to: [B-22-8]-Betty Jane Behrendt/July 13, 1922/Mar. 26, 2006/ PM3 US Navy WWII Tombstone [B-28-4]-Alfred/1923-____, ossw: [B-28-4]-Lois/1924-Feb. 1972 Tombstone [F-7-3]-Clem W./1911-1957, ossw: [F-7-3]-Hulda/1909-1994 Tombstone Clem/Hulda See LANGER

BEHRENS: [B-12-3]-Elden C./1917-1976, ossw: [B-12-3]-Sylvia Behrens-Steinhardt/1914-2009, ossw: [B-12-3]-William C./1947-1968 Tombstone Elden/Sylvia/William [B-12-3]-William C. Behrens/Wisconsin/SGT Signal Corps/Vietnam PH/ Jan. 23, 1947/Jan. 31, 1968 Tombstone [F-24-3]-Isadora M. Behrens/Oct. 22, 1897/Dec. 21, 1985 Tombstone, next to: [F-24-3]-Christ Behrens/Wisconsin/Cpl Co B 20 Engineer/World War I/ May 7, 1882/March 11, 1955 Tombstone

BEIER: [F-13-6]-Phillip John Beier/July 14, 1992 Tombstone

BEITZEL: [A-9-5]-John G. Beitzel/Father/1876-Nov. 1941, next to: [A-9-5]-Monica Beitzel/Mother/1876-Mar. 1932, next to: [A-9-5]-Joseph J./1911-Jan. 1970, ossw: [A-9-5]-Adella M./1915-2002 [B-19-8]-Edward J./1906-1960, ossw: [B-19-8]-Agnes Beitzel Krey/1909-1988 Tombstone Edward/Agnes [B-28-8]-Joseph P./1910-1981 Tombstone, ossw: [B-28-8]-Myrtle L./1907-1994 Tombstone Joseph/Myrtle [F-17-10]-George E. Beitzel/Wisconsin/Tec 5 229 General Hosp/World War II/ Oct 31, 1916/Feb 1, 1966 Tombstone, next to: [F-17-10]-Lauretta M. Beitzel/1917-Dec. 1952 Photo Tombstone, next to: [F-17-10]-Clement L. Beitzel/Wisconsin/Cpl 3613 Suc Comd Unit/World War II/ July 8, 1908/June 16, 1971 Tombstone [F-27-5]-Archie/Father/1910-Aug. 1979, ossw: [F-27-5]-Emma/Mother/1914-1988, ossw: [F-27-5]-Richard/Son/1937-1950 Tombstone Archie/Emma/Richard

BELISLE: [A-11-7]-Felix Belisle/Father/1868-July 1928, next to: [A-11-7]-Elizabeth Belisle/Mother/1869-Apr. 1955, next to: [A-11-7]-Virginia Belisle/Daughter/1915-Mar. 1934 [B-18-3]-Herman A./1892-May 1978, ossw: [B-18-3]-Marie A./1892-May 1978 Tombstone Herman/Marie

BELONGER: [A-13-6]-Caroline Belonger/1903-Apr. 1932 [A-17-2]-Peter Belonger/Father/[bur. 02-18-1941] Tombstone, next to: [A-17-2]-Delia Belonger/Mother/1874-Feb.1952 Tombstone, next to: [A-17-2]-Amanda [C.] Belonger/Daughter/1895-[Jul.]1955 Tombstone [A-36-1]-Robert N. Belonger/Wisconsin/Pvt US Army/World War I/ Sept. 13, 1896/April 11 1969 Tombstone, next to: [A-36-1]-Cecilia Belonger/Mother/1895-Apr. 1931 Tombstone [A-45-4]-[Harold/bur. 07/28/1928] [B-5-5]-Clarence [P.] "Spike"/1904-1991 (09 Jan 1904/26 Jun 1991/SSDI), ossw: [B-5-5]-Mildred/1908-2006 Tombstone Clarence/Mildred [B-28-1]-Harry J./1912-Mar. 1985 Tombstone, ossw: [B-28-1]-Catherine/1916-2004 Tombstone Harry/Catherine [B-29-12]-Isadore A./1900-1976, ossw: [B-29-12]-Cecelia A./1903-1992 Tombstone Isadore/Cecelia

BELONGIA: [A1-36-3]-Simon/1875-1955, ossw: [A1-36-3]-Virginia/1884-Sept. 1960 Tombstone Simon/Virginia [B-30-6]-Agatha T./Mother/Sept. 25, 1908/May 31, 1981 Tombstone See HALLADA

BELZ: [A-16-8]-George T./1899-Oct. 1977, ossw: [A-16-8]-Elaine B./1918-2000 (01 Aug 1918/15 Jul 2000/SSDI) Tombstone George/Elaine, next to: [A-16-8]-Josephine Belz/1897-Mar.1941 Tombstone, next to: [A-16-8]-Anna Belz/1870-Apr.1943 Tombstone, next to: [A-16-8]-Henry Belz/1873-1924 Tombstone [A-38-1]-Anthony Belz/Baby/1931-Aug.1931 Tombstone [A-38-1]-[Baby Girl/bur. 10-17-1951] [A-38-1]-Jeanette Johannes Belz/1912-1992, ossw Johannes Tombstone Walter/Anna/Jeanette [F-3-4]-Anton/1887-Oct.1955, ossw: [F-3-4]-Frances/1889-May 1954 Tombstone Anton/Frances

BENNETT: [B-8-9]-Joan/1931-Jul. 1971 Tombstone

BENTHIEN: [C-23-9]-Elayne R. Benthien/1928-1994 Tombstone

BENZINGER: [A-32-6]-Francis Benzinger/Mother/1865-May 1931 Tombstone, next to: [A-32-6]-John Benzinger Sr/Father/1859-Dec. 1940 Tombstone [B-10-7]-Joseph F./1908-Dec. 1969 Tombstone, ossw: [B-10-7]-Theresa C./1907-1981 Tombstone Joseph/Theresa [F-22-1]-Arthur Benzinger/1906-1995, ossw: [F-22-1]-Margaret Benzinger/1909-1994 Tombstone Arthur/Margaret

BENZSHAWEL: [A-4-10]-Scott Benzshawel/-1951- [C-11-6]-Richard R. Benzshawel/SFC US Army Korea/ Feb. 23, 1931/Sept. 11, 1999 Tombstone, ossw: [C-11-6]-Richard R./1931-1999 Tombstone Richard [C-14-4]-Donald Benzshawel/1929-2001 Tombstone

BERDSELL: [Unk-1-20]-[Rosa Berdsell/bur. 1912]

BERGE: [B-6-10]-Ella L./Mother/1888-1981 Tombstone

BERGER: [A-9-1]-Margaret Berger/1882-Feb.1953 [A-20-3]-Roger Berger/1926-1930 Tombstone, next to: [A-20-3]-Joseph/1883-Aug.1951, ossw: [A-20-3]-Etta/1885-Feb. 1973 Tombstone Joseph/Etta [A-20-3]-[Baby Girl/bur. 03-18-1941] [C-12-6]-Helen E. Berger/CPL US Marine Corps/World War II/ Mar 26, 1920/Mar 29, 1984 Tombstone [C-12-6]-Victor J. Berger/SGT US Marine Corps/World War II/ June 30, 1920/June 16, 2002 Tombstone [C-12-6]-Victor J./1920-2002, ossw: [C-12-6]-Helen E./1920-1984 Tombstone Victor/Helen

BERO: [B-24-2]-William J./1898-Aug. 1978, ossw: [B-24-2]-Rose M./1897-May 1976 Tombstone William/Rose [B-28-2]-Donald J./1921-Sept. 1971, ossw: [B-28-2]-M. Betty/1921-Sept. 1971 Tombstone Donald/M. Betty

BERTRAM: [A-2-2]- Walter Bertram/1917-Feb.1934 Tombstone [A-3-10]-Alice/1873-1961, ossw: [A-3-10]-Louis/1874-1945 Tombstone Alice/Louis

BETH: [A-7-2]-Mary Beth/1871-1938 Tombstone, next to: [A-7-2]-Nick Beth/1872-Jun. 1937 Tombstone [A-33-2]-Carl P./1876-Nov. 1939, ossw: [A-33-2]-Barbara M./1879-1968 Tombstone Carl/Barbara [B-13-1]-Claude P./1914-Oct. 1967, ossw: [B-13-1]-Rose E./1916-1995 Tombstone Claude/Rose [B-16-7]-Roland [J.]/1898-Sept. 1959 ossw: [B-16-7]-Theresa G./1898-Feb. 1985, ossw: [B-16-7]-Karl/Grandson/B&D/Apr. 8, 1968 Tombstone Roland/Theresa/Karl [B-16-7]-David [Paul]/Grandson/Feb. 22, 1972/Feb. 24, 1972 [B-21-8]-Aloysius M./1912-Sept. 1961, ossw: [B-21-8]-Laverne/1913-1976/KOSLOWSKI Tombstone Aloysius/Laverne See KOSLOWSKI-have obit

BEVER: [B-26-7]-William J./1910-Apr. 1967, ossw: [B-26-7]-Rose L./1912-Aug. 1973, ossw: [B-26-7]-Elroy J. Bever/Nov. 2, 1942/July 4, 2010, ossw: [B-26-7]-Michael L./1953-2011 Tombstone William/Rose/Elroy/Michael

BIALAS: [A-21-2]-Joseph Bialas/Father/1869-Mar.1929

BIALKOWSKI: [A-30-4]-Theodore/1890-Dec. 1957 ossw: [A-30-4]-Mary/1893-May 1978, ossw: [A-30-4]-Florentine/1928-[Nov.]1929 Tombstone Theodore, Mary, Florentine, next to: [A-30-4]-Gerald/1931-1931, ossw: [A-30-4]-June/-1941-, ossw: [A-30-4]-Gene/-1941- (these three are not on city record) Tombstone Gerald/June/Gene

BIECHLER: [A-4-1]-[Douglas/bur. 11-06-1947]

BIEKER: [A-2-5]-[Marilyn] Baby Brull/1941-1941 (See BRULL-have obit), ossw: [A-2-5]-Eugene Bieker/1915-Jun. 1929, ossw: [A-2-5]-[Joseph] Baby KONITZER/1956-1956 Tombstone Baby Brull/Eugene/Baby Konitzer see BRULL

BIES: [F-24-10]-John/1890-1961, ossw: [F-24-10]-Mary/1887-1952 Tombstone John/Mary

BIRKHOLZ: [C-8-5]-Richard E./Mar. 3, 1930/Aug. 17, 1998, ossw: [C-8-5]-Rose Marie/Aug. 13, 1930/June 9, 2007 Tombstone Richard/Rose

BIRR: [C-13-3]-Mary M. Schmitt Birr/Sept. 19, 1923/Nov. 26, 1984, ossw: [C-13-3]-Willard E. Birr/1924-2008/US Marine Corps Tombstone Mary/Willard


BISHOP: [A-19-3]-[George H./bur. 10-06-1970/age 66] [A-19-3]-[Leonard/bur. 12-13-1952/age 52] [Unk-1-9]-[Caroline Bishop/bur. 1929]

BJARNARSON: [B-27-1]-Katelyn Christine/-Dec. 8, 1995- Tombstone

BLAHA: [A-12-2]-Wenzel Blaha/Father/1863-Mar. 1956, next to: [A-12-2]-Mary Blaha/Mother/1864-Sept. 1936, next to: [A-12-2]-Ethel L. Blaha/1891-Apr. 1941, next to: [A-12-2]-Bess Blaha/1893-1966 [B-19-6]-Otto/1892-May 1959, ossw: [B-19-6]-Emily/1896-1981 Tombstone Otto/Emily [C-27-2]-Wilbur (Bill) Blaha/Dec. 31, 1928/Feb. 2, 2001 Tombstone [F-35-5]-Anton M./1869-Jun.1948, ossw: [F-35-5]-Antonia A./1871-Jul.1965 Tombstone Anton/Antonia [F-36-4]-Joseph F./1910-1989, ossw: [F-36-4]-Ruth H./1918-Sept. 1949 Tombstone Joseph/Ruth

BLAHNIK: [B-15-2]-Francis/1913-Dec. 1963, ossw: [B-15-2]-Hazel/1919-1994 Tombstone Francis/Hazel (1st husband Francis Blahnik/2nd husband Mandel) [B-21-2]-Joseph A./1893-Jul. 1963, ossw: [B-21-2]-Tillie/1897-1970 Tombstone Joseph/Tillie [B-22-2]-Glenn Francis/July 11, 1942/July 9, 2001/ SGT US Marine Corps-Vietnam Tombstone [B-22-2]-Frank [J.]/1917-[Nov.] 1989 (24 Feb 1917/14 Nov 1989/SSDI), ossw: [B-22-2]-Patricia/1918-2002, ossw: [B-22-2]-James P./1945-Sept. 1964 Tombstone Frank/Patricia/James Photo See MANDEL


BLANDIN: [F-18-9]-Edna/Aug. 23, 1900/Oct. 2, 1987 Tombstone

BLASCZYK: [B-6-7]-Daniel Blasczyk/Sk 3 US Navy/World War II/ Feb 28, 1928/Feb 11, 1975 Tombstone, ossw: [B-6-7]-Daniel Blasczyk/1928-1975 Tombstone [C-13-2]-Raymond J. Blasczyk/PFC US Army/Korea/ June 21, 1929/July 7, 1990 Tombstone [F-16-2]-[Baby Girl Blasczyk/bur.10-30-1965] See BLASZCZYK-Cem records have all of the above as BLASZCZYK

BLASZCZYK: [C-19-8]-Richard J./1929-2006 Tombstone [F-18-2]-Ernest/1898-Jun. 1968, ossw: [F-18-2]-Mary/1900-1999, ossw: [F-18-2]-Paul/1932-1951 Tombstone Ernest/Mary/Paul Tombstone Photo

BODENSTAB: [B-11-4]-(Agnes (Shauer) Bodenstab/June 24, 1901/April 23, 1996/from obit) [B-30-11]-Leonard/1903-1984, ossw: [B-30-11]-Victoria/1907-1976 Tombstone Leonard/Victoria

BODWIN: [B-32-11]-Everett E./1916-1980, ossw: [B-32-11]-Florence/1915-2003 Tombstone Everett/Florence [B]-Frances K. Bodwin/1915-2011 Tombstone

BOEHMKE: [A-16-5]-Irene/1907-1984 Tombstone [F-30-3]-Charles C./1893-Jul. 1953 Tombstone, next to: [F-30-3]-Isabella Boehmke/1897-1947 Tombstone

BOELDT: [B]-Evelyn K. Boeldt/Mar. 30, 1915/Oct. 20, 2008 Tombstone

BOESELAGER: [B-6-6]-Ervin C./1901-1985, ossw: [B-6-6]-Viola/1901-1998 Tombstone Ervin/Viola

BOETTGER: [B-3-4]-Arthur A. Boettger/PFC US Army/World War II/ Oct 17 1907-Sep 5 1987 Tombstone [B-5-2]-Walter P. Boettger/1906-1981 Tombstone [B-28-8]-Mary J./1912-1987, ossw: [B-28-8]-Hilary L./Aug. 24, 1909/Sept. 12, 1994/ SGT US Army Air Corps WWII [F-18-10]-Herman J./1871-Dec. 1961, ossw: [F-18-10]-Anna K./1878-Sept. 1966 Tombstone Herman/Anna [F-31-1]-Arnold J. Boettger/1911-2000, ossw: [F-31-1]-Sylvia E. Boettger/1911-1992 Tombstone Arnold/Sylvia [F]-Elenor J. Boettger/Jan. 19, 1924/June 22, 2010, ossw: [F]-Edwin F. Boettger/1917-2011 (Veteran) Tombstone Elenor/Edwin

BOHLMAN: [A-4-3]-Norman Bohlman/May 3, Sept. 29, 1935 Tombstone [A-4-5]-Melvin Bohlman/Baby/[bur. 01-13-1928] Tombstone [A-4-5]-[Walter/Baby/bur. 12-21-1929] Elaine Bohlman/Born & died/Dec. 19, 1930 Tombstone [B-30-11]-Walter/1908-1984, ossw: [B-30-11]-Ann/1908-1984 Tombstone Walter/Ann

BOHM: [B-5-7]-Bethel W. “Beatle” Bohm/March 17, 1925/Feb. 19, 2004/ CPL 3 Marine Div. US Marines WWII Tombstone [B-5-7]-Bethel W./Mar. 17, 1925/Feb. 19, 2004 Photo Tombstone [B-5-7]-Patrick D. Bohm/Dec. 5, 1959/May 29, 1977 Tombstone [B-20-8]-Ernest Arthur/1901-Oct. 1960, ossw: [B-20-8]-Angeline/1907-[Sept.] 1991 Tombstone Ernest/Angeline

BOHNE: Bohne famly stone [A-3-7]-Anne Bohne/Sister/1893-Jan. 1946 Tombstone [A-7-5]-Lucy/Mother/1880-Nov. 1945 Tombstone, next to: [A-7-5]-Joseph/Father/1876-Nov. 1932 Tombstone [A-35-4]-Frank/1889-Nov. 1972, ossw: [A-35-4]-Pauline/1890-Jun. 1931 Tombstone Frank/Pauline, next to: [A-35-4]-Footstone: Pauline/1890-1931/mother [B-11-6]-Rienze J./1904-1981, ossw: [B-11-6]-Marie S./1905-1984 Tombstone Rienze/Marie [B-13-6]-Maynard Joseph/1914-1986 Tombstone [B-13-6]-Gladys/1918-2014 Tombstone [B-23-3]-Alvin L./Aug. 25, 1912/May 31, 1971, ossw: [B-23-3]-Dolores/Nov. 14, 1915/Apr. 2, 1999 Tombstone Alvin/Dolores [B-25-8]-Ralph W./1908-1980, ossw: [B-25-8]-Caroline M./1911-1996 [F-6-1]-Edward F./1905-1989, ossw: [F-6-1]-Christine/1905-May 1989, ossw: [F-6-1]-Wesley E./1933-Jan. 1957 Photo Tombstone Edward/Christine/Wesley [F-22-3]-William/1884-Jan. 1965, ossw: [F-22-3]-Catherine/1883-Nov. 1957 Tombstone William/Catherine [Unk-1-1]-[Baby Boy/bur. 12-13-1943]

BOLZENTHAL: [F-29-2]-Walter G./1894-May 1970, ossw: [F-29-2]-Clara E./1892-1977 Tombstone Walter/Clara, next to: [F-29-2]-Joseph W. Bolzenthal/Son/1922-[Sept.]1948 Tombstone

BONCHER: [B-14-5]-Michael A./1898-Apr. 1965, ossw: [B-14-5]-Vivien D. Boncher/1912-1995 Tombstone Michael/Vivien

BONFIGT: [B-11-5]-Isabel F./1901-1991 [bur. 06-06-1991/age 90 yr.], ossw: [B-11-5]-Caroline/1903-1999 Tombstone Isabel/Caroline [B-31-12]-John G./1914-1988, ossw: [B-31-12]-Josephine M./1915-2008 Tombstone John/Josephine [B-31-12]-Richard/1940-1987 Tombstone [B-31-12]-Roland W. Bonfigt/1943-2009 Tombstone [B-33-4]-John G./1897-1979, ossw: [B-33-4]-Marie V./1900-2003 Tombstone John/Marie [C-19-4]-Clarence Bonfigt/1917-1995, ossw: [C-19-4]-Eleanore Bonfigt/1922-2003 Tombstone Clarence/Eleanore Joann Bonfigt/May 24, 1938/Apr. 14, 2010 Tombstone

BONK: [A-10-6]-Frank Bonk, Sr./1861-Apr.1956, next to: [A-10-6]-Johanna Bonk/1867-Oct.1931/Mother, next to: [A-10-6]-Martha Bonk/1895-Dec.1967, next to: [A-10-6]-Richard W. Bonk/1934-1952 [A-10-4]-Frank [J.] Jr./1885-Apr. 1955, ossw: [A-10-4]-Mary/1885-Jan.1970 [A-13-1]-Anton S./1873-May 1952, ossw: [A-13-1]-Mary/1873-Jan.1941 [A-27-7]-Joseph [Sr.]/Father/1865-Jul.1949, ossw: [A-27-7]-Tekla/Mother/1878-Apr.1926 Tombstone Joseph/Tekla [A-36-6]-John Bonk/Father/1866-Feb.1947 Tombstone, next to: [A-36-6]-Anna Bonk/Mother/1872-Apr.1941 Tombstone, next to: [A-36-6]-Joseph J. Bonk/Son/1894-1970 Tombstone [B-1-3]-George J./1918-1982, ossw: [B-1-3]-Charlotte Bonk/1918-1997 Tombstone George/Charlotte, next to: [B-1-3]-John F. Bonk/1945-2009 Tombstone [B-6-1]-James/1929-May 1974 Tombstone Photo [B-8-4]-George A./1891-May 1973, ossw: [B-8-4]-Marcella J./1902-1996 [B-11-2]-Leo A./1913-Feb.1969, ossw: [B-11-2]-Edna L./1915-1991 Tombstone Leo/Edna (1st spouse Leo Bonk/2nd spouse Koeble/bur. with 1st husband) [F-2-3]-Peter G. Bonk/1901-Nov.1969 Tombstone [F-5-5]-Wallace John Bonk/US Army/World War II/ Mar 13, 1923/Jul 18, 1979 Tombstone [F-5-3]-John/1888-Oct.1956, ossw: [F-5-3]-Mabel/1895-Jan. 1968 Tombstone John/Mabel [F-20-8]-Paul P./1902-Nov.1952/Father, ossw: [F-20-8]-Marian A./1908-1981/Mother (not in city record) Tombstone Paul/Marian See KOEBLE See RYBARCZYK

BONN: [A-12-8]-Frank Bonn/May 9, 1868/Jan. 28, 1937, next to: [A-12-8]-Minnie Bonn/May 1, 1871/May 9, 1946, next to: [A-12-8]-Gertrude Bonn/1905-1980, ossw: [A-12-8]-John C./1910-1989 [A-12-8]-[Barbara/Baby/bur. 02-29-1944/age 1mo.]

BOPRAY: [F-29-1]-Daniel [J.]/1875-1954, ossw: [F-29-1]-Louise/1882-Dec. 1959 Tombstone Daniel/Louise

BORDEN: [A-3-8]-Pearl Borden/1906-Feb. 1949 Marker

BORISCH: [B-19-1]-Janet F. JUCHNIEWICH Borisch/1918-1983 Tombstone See JUCHNIEWICH

BORNEMANN: [B-8-6]-Lawrence/1916-Feb.1972, ossw: [B-8-6]-Marcella/1919-2012

BORUSKY: [A-15-2]-Joseph J./Oct. 22, 1883/Aug. 12, 1939 Tombstone, ossw: [A-15-2]-Rose A./Apr. 27, 1888/Apr. 25, 1973 Tombstone [A-15-2]-Msgr. Sylvester A./Mar. 22, 1916/Aug. 28, 1982/ ordained June 7, 1952 Tombstone [B-4-3]-Anthony/1912-1994 Tombstone, ossw: [B-4-3]-Mary Jane/1925-1996 Tombstone [F-11-3]-Paul/1915-1994 Tombstone, ossw: [F-11-3]-Leona/1917-Oct. 1960 Tombstone [F-21-2]-Marian Borusky/1913-2003 Tombstone [F-21-2]-Frank A./1886-Nov. 1968 Tombstone, ossw: [F-21-2]-Veronica C./1889-Jul. 1969 Tombstone

BOULANGER: [A-21-9]-Jerome H./Aug. 20, 1922/Nov. 29, 1990/PFC US Army WWII, ossw: [A-21-9]-Vivian J. Boulanger/1924-2008 [A-32-2]-M. Emerance Boulanger/1873-1931 Tombstone, next to: [A-32-2]-Edward Boulanger/1908-Feb.1966 Tombstone, next to: [A-32-2]-John J. Boulanger/1870-Mar.1954 Tombstone [A-45-4]-Martin Boulanger/1956-Jun.1956 (Klein & Stangel marker.) [A-45-4]-[Keith J./bur. 04-17-1950/age 3 da.] [B-22-7]-Donald George Boulanger/Apr. 8, 1957/Dec. 10, 1963 Tombstone [B-27-9]-William J./1898-1980, ossw: [B-27-9]-Mae O./1898-[May]1971, ossw: [B-27-9]-Bernard/1934-____ [F-19-5]-Henry [J.]/1896-Nov. 1962, ossw: [F-19-5]-Bernadette/1930-2000/Daughter (11 Jan 1930/06 Jan 2000/SSDI), ossw: [F-19-5]-Helen/1900-Dec. 1988 Tombstone Henry/Bernadette/Helen [Unk-1-7]-[Henry (Baby)/bur. 08-11-1923] [Unk-1-7]-[John Jr./bur. 04-27-1923]

BOURGEOIS: [F-17-9]-Joseph P./1895-Nov.1949, ossw: [F-17-9]-Irene/1898-1974 Tombstone Joseph/Irene, next to: [F-17-9]-Emma M./1890-Feb. 1978/Mother, ossw: [F-17-9]-G. Marshall/1923-May 1951/Son Tombstone Emma/G. Marshall

BOUTIN: [B-14-7]-Leo J./Father/1923-Sept.1964, ossw: [B-14-7]-Anna/1928-1973 Tombstone Leo/Anna, next to: [B-14-7]-Lester M./1897-Feb.1971, ossw: [B-14-7]-Irene/1900-Dec.1972 Tombstone Lester/Irene [B]-Son Boutin/-1987- Tombstone [F-9-1]-[Jamie Lee/bur. 11-07-1983]

BOUVID: [A-4-6]-[Edward/Baby/bur. 03-27-1926] (missing stone?)

BOWSER: [C-13-8]-George J./1919-1986, ossw: [C-13-8]-Annabelle R./1925-2000 Tombstone George/Annabelle

BOYD: [B-22-9]-Smiley S./1903-May 1963, ossw: [B-22-9]-Carol/1902-1999 Tombstone Smiley/Carol [B-22-9]-Joseph Gorham Boyd/1929-1986 [bur. 01-08-1986/age 56 yr.] Tombstone

BRABANK: [A-22-7]-Peter Brabank/Father/1941-Aug. 1928, next to: [A-22-7]-Emerence Brabank/Mother/1853-Jul. 1937

BRABANT: [A-3-1]-Josephine Brabant/1877-Jan.1944 Tombstone [A-3-9]-Cora M. Brabant/1894-Jan. 1946 Tombstone

BRAKER: [A-14-4]-John Braker/1866-Dec. 1936, next to: [A-14-4]-Peter P. Braker/Wisconsin/Saddler 35 Field Arty 12 Div/ Dec 1 1893/Nov. 10 1944, next to: [A-14-4]-William A./1892-1974, ossw: [A-14-4]-Anna C./1894-Apr.1969

BRANDTNER: [A-15-9]-Charles J./1890-Jan. 1973, ossw: [A-15-9]-Maud C./1894-Dec. 1983 Tombstone Charles/Maud

BRAULT: [A-7-9]-Leon/1867-Feb.1937, ossw: [A-7-9]-Armeline/1869-1947 Tombstone Leon/Armeline [A-14-5]-Oscar J./1897-1975, ossw: [A-14-5]-Daniel T./-1935-, ossw: [A-14-5]-Marie T./1898-1987 [A-28-1]-Mary Louise Brault/Mother/July 6, 1869/June 27, 1926 Tombstone [A-28-1]-[Joseph E./bur. 12-20-1955/age 87 yr.] [A-28-1]-[Baby/bur. 08-30-1937] [A-28-1]-[Albert/Baby/bur. 03-22-1926] [A-28-1]-Cecelia Brault Pecha/1906-1947 (See PECHA-have obit) Tombstone, next to: [A-28-1]-Albert Brault/Father/1902-May 1938 Tombstone, next to: [A-28-2]-Bruno/1878-Jun. 1939, ossw: [A-28-2]-Clara/1883-Jul. 1962, ossw: [A-28-2]-John A. Brault/1925-Nov.1950, ossw: [A-28-2]-Eunice Brault/1923-1997 [A-28-2]-Robert/1918-1985 Tombstone Bruno/Clara/John/Eunice/Robert [A-28-5]-[Joseph/Baby/bur. 1925] [A-32-1]-Rose Brault/1876-Dec.1961 Tombstone, next to: [A-32-1]-Edmond Brault/Father/1864-1944 Tombstone, next to: [A-32-1]-Louise Brault/Daughter/1916-1931 Tombstone [B-19-8]-Clarence/1915-Nov. 1984, ossw: [B-19-8]-Cecelia/1917-2003, ossw: [B-19-8]-Dianne/1938-Jul.1958 Tombstone Clarence/Cecelia/Dianne [B-29-5]-Radolph G./Oct. 16, 1906/June 6, 1975, ossw: [B-29-5]-Louise/Mar. 1, 1910/July 4, 2008 Tombstone Radolph/Louise [B-30-6]-Maurice/1909-1985, ossw: [B-30-6]-Pearl/1909-1978 Tombstone Maurice/Pearl [B-31-4]-Ethel [L.]/1916-1985, ossw: [B-31-4]-Sarah/1910-Oct. 1980, ossw: [B-31-4]-Marcella/1921-2008 Tombstone Ethel/Sarah/Marcella [F-34-1]-Clarence J./1905-Nov.1975, ossw: [F-34-1]-Marcia/1906-1962 Tombstone Clarence/Marcia Charles E. Brault/1921-2010 Tombstone Richard Edmund Brault/SP5 US Army Vietnam/ Nov 7, 1946/Nov. 7, 2009 Tombstone, ossw: Richard Brault/Nov. 7, 1946/Nov. 7, 2009 Tombstone [Unk-1-3]-[Mary Therese/bur. 07-11-1936]

BRAUN: [A1-35-3]-Alfred B./1887-[Jul.]1957, ossw: [A1-35-3]-Nellie M./1891-Sept. 1977, ossw: [A1-35-3]-Donald H./1918-Dec. 1942 Tombstone Alfred/Nellie/Donald [B-24-8]-Clarence G./1905-1968, ossw: [B-24-8]-Lucille Braun Niquette/1908-1997 Tombstone Clarence/Lucille [B]-Gretchen A./nee Hofmann/1936-2006 Tombstone [C-19-11]-Charles A. Braun/1919-1999, ossw: [C-19-11]-Anna Marie Braun/1919-1990 [bur. 12-07-1990] Tombstone Charles/Anna [F-9-6]-Ronald/Baby/son of/Roland & Karen/Braun/Jan. 15-16, 1965 Tombstone [F-36-2]-Edward C./1907-Dec.1951, ossw: [F-36-2]-Catherine/1907-1992 Tombstone Edward/Catherine [F-37-1]-[Edward C./bur. 12-11-1990] [F-37-1]-Edward J./1929-Jan. 1974, ossw: [F-37-1]-Eunice M./1923-2012 Tombstone Edward/Eunice

BRECKA: [A-15-6]-Carl Brecka/1869-1948 Tombstone [A-15-6]-Catherine Brecka/1865-1940 Tombstone see TESAR

BREFCZYNSKI: [B-24-10]-Edward J. Brefczynski/Wisconsin/M Sgt HHC 80 Inf Div/Korea/ Vietnam Arcom-PH/Dec 15, 1931-Feb 10, 1968 Tombstone

BRENNAN: [C-8-8]-Donald G. Brennan/SFC US Army/Korea-Vietnam-Persian Gulf/ Feb. 19, 1935/June 29, 1998 Tombstone, ossw: [C-8-8]-Doris M./1936-2003, ossw: [C-8-8]-Donald G./1935-1998 Tombstone Doris/Donald

BRETL: [C-21-10]-Norbert M./Sept. 25, 1919/May 27, 1988 Tombstone

BRICE: [A]-Harold E. Brice/Dad/1921-2008, ossw: [A]-Celestine "Sally" Brice/Mom/1923-2000 Tombstone Harold/Celestine [B-14-4]-Edward/1895-Jan.1972, ossw: [B-14-4]-Mildred/1897-Aug.1965 Tombstone Edward/Mildred

BRICKNER: [F-9-7]-Michael T. Brickner/June 6, 1963/July 26, 1963 Tombstone

BRIDGES: [B-32-9]-Clarence/"Duke"/1908-1984, ossw: [B-32-9]-Eleanore E. Bridges/1912-Nov. 1979 Tombstone Clarence/Eleanore

BRIGHAM: [A-4-1]-Baby [Boy]/Brigham/Dec. 2, 1946 [age 3hr.] Tombstone [C-21-3]-Harlow J./Oct. 11, 1913/Dec. 22, 1991, ossw: [C-21-3]-Alice A./June 3, 1914/Sept. 13, 1995 Tombstone Harlow/Alice

BRILL: [A-3-8]-Dominick Brill/1886-Oct.1950 Tombstone

BROCHER: [B-16-5]-Emanuel M. Brocher/Wisconsin/Gm 2 US Navy/World War I/ May 11, 1899/June 19, 1961 Tombstone, next to: [B-16-5]-Myrtle A. Brocher/Mar. 10, 1904/June 29, 1964 Tombstone

BROECKER: [B-27-8]-Ire/1907-1986, ossw: [B-27-8]-Caroline/1909-Jul. 1977

BROUCHOUD: [A-4-3]-[Baby Girl/bur. 04-11-1936] [B-18-6]-Arthur P./1898-Oct. 1982, ossw: [B-18-6]-Laura/1908-1994 Tombstone Arthur/Laura [B-29-11]-Harvey J./1907-1974/Cpl. Med Tech., ossw: [B-29-11]-Anna F./1913-1995 Tombstone Harvey/Anna [B-32-1]-Ralph James/Sept. 29, 1920/May 15, 1981/TEC5 US Army WWII, ossw: [B-32-1]-Carol C./1919-2006 Tombstone Ralph/Carol [F-13-3]-Maurice/1884-Jun. 1955, ossw: [F-13-3]-Margaret/1889-1981 Tombstone Maurice/Margaret Kathleen Brouchoud/June 29, 1924/Jan. 23, 2010 Tombstone

BROWNE: [A-16-3]-Alice Arle Browne/1907-1969 Tombstone see ARLE

BRUDER: Francis N./Mar. 2, 1922/Feb. 1, 2009, ossw: Sylvia J./Mar. 12, 1925/Sept. 19, 2001 Tombstone Francis/Sylvia


BRULL: [A-2-5]-[Marilyn] Baby Brull/1941-1941, ossw: [A-2-5]-Eugene BIEKER/1915-Jun. 1929 (See BIEKER-have obit.), ossw: [A-2-5]-[Joseph] Baby/KONITZER/1956-1956 Tombstone Baby Brull/Eugene/Baby Konitzer [A-4-9]-[Baby Brull/bur. 08-26-1938] [Unk]-Baby Brull/-Aug. 30, 1939-/possibly same child as above [B-6-6]-Clarence/1917-Nov. 1981 Tombstone [B-16-2]-Frank P./1910-Feb. 1961, ossw: [B-16-2]-Evangeline Brull/1911-1994 Tombstone Frank/Evangeline, next to: [B-16-2]-Adam/1882-May 1973 Tombstone, ossw: [B-16-2]-Anna/1883-Feb. 1962 Tombstone Adam/Anna [F-14-1]-Hilda/1907-[Mar.] 1937, ossw: [F-14-1]-Jacob/1902-Mar. 1957, ossw: [F-14-1]-Margaret/1911-1968 Tombstone Hilda/Jacob/Margaret [F-14-1]-[Arthur/Baby/bur. 03-28-1957] [F-14-1]-Roger Francis Brull/Sep. 13, 1933/Oct 7, 1989/ SP3 US Army Korea Tombstone [F-14-1]-Wilbert P. "Uncle Wibby" Brull/1926-1996 Tombstone (Arthur Brull/d. Dec. 17, 1937/from obituary)

BRUNEAU: [F-12-3]-Napoleon/1901-May 1987, ossw: [F-12-3]-Leona/1907-1993 (14 Sep 1907/Oct 1993/SSDI) Tombstone Napoleon/Leona [F-35-6]-Josephine Bruneau/1894-May 1948 Tombstone

BRUNNER: [A-32-1]-Martin/1883-Nov. 1949, ossw: [A-32-1]-Clara/1890-Oct. 1942 Tombstone Martin/Clara

BRUSKY: [B-17-3]-Louis E./1899-Jan. 1978, ossw: [B-17-3]-Anna/1902-1966 Tombstone Louis/Anna [F-5-6]-Louis/Oct. 5, 1908/Jan. 4, 1989, ossw: [F-5-6]-Johanna/Nov. 8, 1907/Aug. 21, 1997 Tombstone Louis/Johanna

BRYLSKI: Irene Laura (Socha) Brylski/Nov. 19, 1930/Dec. 18, 2005 Tombstone

BUCHHOLZ: [C-16-5]-Roland "Boogie" Buchholz/1942-2002 Tombstone

BUCHNER: [B-14-3]-Robert A./1906-Apr. 1966, ossw: [B-14-3]-Florence/1916-Jun. 1967 Tombstone Robert/Florence

BUDWISER: [Unk-1-20]-[Child/bur. 1897/age 6 mo.]

BUEGE: [B-32-1]-Albert J./1906-1981, ossw: [B-32-1]-Helen M./1910-1994 Tombstone Albert/Helen

BUENZOW: [A-34-1]-Wilma F. Buenzow/1912-Dec. 1987, next to: [A-34-1]-Victor J. Buenzow/1908-May 1990, next to: [A-34-1]-Helen/July 17, 1909/July 9, 1943/dates from obit [A-34-1]-[Baby Boy/bur. 07-06-1943] [F-22-8]-John/1880-Jan. 1958, ossw: [F-22-8]-Anna M./1893-May 1983 Tombstone John/Anna

BUFFONE: [C-22-2]-John P./1928-1997 Tombstone

BUGGS: [B-25-3]-Pearl/1917-2007/married July 15, 1950 (1st husband Kiefer/2nd husband Taddy/ 3rd husband Buggs/she is buried with Norbert Taddy) See TADDY

BUGLER: Bugler family stone (A-16-4]-Rosella Josephine (Bero) Bugler/b. 28 Sep 1918/d. 31 Dec 1988, wife of Albert John Bugler (cremated ashes spread at grave site) (Rosella's information sent in by a researcher/see contributors page) [A-16-4]-Albert [J.] Bugler/1914-Aug. 1970 (Klein & Stangel Funeral Home marker.), next to: [A-16-4]-Robert Bugler/1940-Feb. 1941 Tombstone, next to: [A-16-4]-Mary Bugler/1875-Feb. 1969 Tombstone, next to: [A-16-4]-Anton Bugler/1873-1924 Tombstone [F-7-3]-Anton/1897-Feb. 1974, ossw: [F-7-3]-Mamie/1900-Nov. 1985 Tombstone Anton/Mamie

BUHK: [C-14-9]-Harold Herman/1911-1985 [bur. 08-05-1985/age 73 yr.] (12 Aug 1911/Aug 1985/SSDI), ossw: [C-14-9]-Hazel Martha/1910-1985 Tombstone Harold/Hazel

BUJNOWSKI: [B-4-7]-Jan/1913-Jul. 1979, ossw: [B-4-7]-Jadwiga/1922-2008 Tombstone Jan/Jadwiga

BUNKE: [C-15-4]-Edward W. Bunke/January 22, 1917/November 26, 1996, ossw: [C-15-4]-Celia F. Bunke/1916-2001 Tombstone Edward/Celia Roger D./Aug. 21, 1952/Dec. 24, 2006 Tombstone

BURANT: [B-5-2]-Joseph M./July 4, 1884/Apr. 2, 1978 Tombstone

BURBEY: [B-8-3]-Theodore J./1904-Jul. 1979, ossw: [B-8-3]-Tillie/1905-1997 [B-24-10]-Rufus/1898-1969, ossw: [B-24-10]-Agatha/1902-1986 Tombstone Rufus/Agatha [Unk-1-3]-[Baby Girl/bur. 06-03-1936]

BURGARD: [F-31-6]-John A./1895-1976, ossw: [F-31-6]-Emily/1895-Jun. 1947 Tombstone John/Emily

BURGESS: [F-14-2]-Christine/1912-1990 [F-14-2]-James/1915-1991 [bur. 02-04-1991/age 75 yr.] Tombstone Christine/James

BURMEISTER: [C-11-10]-Faye J./1928-1979 Tombstone [F-11-7]-[Baby Girl/bur. 11-20-1961]

BURNS: [A-29-1]-Zelia Burns/Mother/1892-Jul.1934 Tombstone [A-29-1]-[Mary/Baby/bur. 01-18-1927] See KENNEDY

BURTARD: [A-10-10]-Arno M./Nov. 18, 1898/Mar. 22, 1940, ossw: [A-10-10]-Dora/nee Zorn/Aug. 26, 1903/Nov. 18, 1987 Tombstone Arno/Dora See ZORN

BUSHMAN: [B-3-2]-[Theodore/bur. 08-07-1978] [B-3-2]-Theodore J./1924-Mar. 1985, ossw: [B-3-2]-Lillian M./1924-2008 Tombstone Theodore/Lillian, next to: [B-3-2]-Patrick G. Bushman/1959-Jul. 1977 Tombstone Photo

BUTRYMOWICZ: [B-10-7]-John/1889-1977, ossw: [B-10-7]-Margaret/1903-1984, next to: [B-10-7]-Stanley Butrymowicz/1892-Jan.1970

BUVID: [Unk-1-8]-[Wilfred/bur. 07-01-1922]

BUYNOSKI: [A-23-7]-Adam Buynoski/1885-1959 [B-19-4]-Adam/Jan. 1, 1892/June 4, 1967, ossw: [B-19-4]-Emilija/Dec. 3, 1892/Sept. 24, 1963 Tombstone Adam/Emilija [F-21-3]-[Casimira/bur. 08-18-1971/age 89 yr.] Back to Top