The Hoffmanns of Mishicot

John Klein  and Frances Freitag worked on this research for several years.  
Several members of the Jacquette family and every imaginable resource in 
Wisconsin and Manitowoc county were scoured. In many cases, the trail of 
information ran out. Future indexes to the census may be helpful.
A special thanks to notably Harold Jacquette, now deceased, and Lynn Sweetman. 

Mathias Hoffmann and wife, Catherine Scheuer, came from Kinheim, Wittlich 
Province of Rheinland along the Mosel River. They likely came to America 
in the summer of 1849 since son Philipe was born in Germany in April 1849 
and the family was in Mishicot in the 1850 and 1860 census. Mathias’ father 
Philip, was with them.  The search of ship manifests of that periods is 
on-going in 2003. There are some indications that Mathias Hoffmann and 
wife, had two children before coming to America. But Margaret’s obituary 
says she was born in America.  Information has been found on the eldest 5 
children. The census provided the only evidence of the younger children. 
The whole family was missing in the 1870 Mishicot census and reappeared in 
1880. No County or church records of births. The Hoffmann farm was 40 acres 
and children moved away. It is complicated by Hoffmann being such a common 
In the "History of Manitowoc Co." by Dr. Falge, published in 1911-1912, 
Vol. 1, pg. 329, Trossen, Scheuer, and Rau are among the early settlers of 
Mishicott that came from the Wittlich Province or Rheinland, along the Mosel 
river near Luxemburg. The Hoffmanns, Breiders and Geimers of Mishicott were 
also from there.
The children of Mathias Hoffmann:
Margaret - 1848 - 1938, 
Married Louis Field in 1866 and lived on a farm in Two Creeks until 1881, when 
he moved the family to Sheboygan to work on the Breakwater and later was 
employed in woodworking. They had 12 children. The last 4 were born in Sheboygan.
Phillipe - born 1849 in Kinheim, Germany
Married Barbara Breider in 1875. They had just 2 children. He owned and operated 
the Mishicot flour mill and died of smallpox at 46 yrs. His daughter stayed in 
Mishicot, his son moved to California.

Catherine - born 1852 in America.
Married Frank Jacquette in 1872. They lived and died on the Jacquette homestead 
on the Mishicot Rd. near Tannery Rd. They had 15 children. We have considerable 
information on their descendents, as well as the Jacquette family.
John - born 1854 in Manitowoc Co.
Married Eva Breider in 1883. They had 9 children, 5 survived him. He farmed in 
the town of Mishicot and died of pneumonia. His children mostly stayed in 
Wisconsin. They lived in Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Kenosha and Grafton.

Jacob - born 1856 in Mishicot.
Married Elizabeth Bebeau in 1883. They had 3 children before he died of TB at 
age 30. After his death she remarried to Victor Jacquette, whose wife had died. 
And left him with children. They lived in Sheboygan. And had two more children. 
The following children found in the census, but no birth or marriage records 
found in Manitowoc county. 

Elizabeth - born 1857

Peter - born 1860

Henry - born 1865

Mathilde - born 1877

We welcome additions and corrections.

After you have done a body of research on your family tree, and find it 
connected to the Hoffmanns, we will be happy to exchange information not 
Below are just the surnames of those connected by marriage in the first few
generations after the Hoffmanns came to Mishicot.

	Researchers:  -  JOHN R. KLEIN
The following email address is no longer valid. 
                       FRANCES FREITAG
Barmel, Bebeau, Benzinger, Boesch, Bolzenthal, Brandt, Braun, Breider, Bugler, 
Carl, Christoffel Christopher, Cloida
Fields, Funk, 
Haertl, Heck, Hoffmann, Holsen 
Jacquette (Jackett), Jacob, Jochem
Lalette, Lesperence, Lemke
Manthei, Meier, Murphy
Ott, Orth
Polczynska, Peot
Riemer, Rothmund, Rottinger
Samz, Scheuer, Shaffer, Siebenthal, Sporer, Sprang, Sprung  
Wachtel, Walters, Weiss, Werner
Zahn, Zipperer