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ELDER: William Thomas to: Bertha Mary Ewald b: 6 Feb 1872 Gibson d: 2 Aug 1913 Spokane, WA p: Charles Ewald, Henrietta Polzin

ELDRED: See Richard Kiel bio.

ELDRIDGE: Lawrence John m: Alice Teuber (b. 14 Nov. 1904, Kiel/d. Jan. 1960)

ELDRIDGE: William Frederick (F. Eldridge in newspaper) b: Carton, St. Laurance Co., N.Y. res: Manitowoc, teacher p: Charles Frederick and Harmony Rickery Eldridge m: 5 Sept. 1855 in Manitowoc (co. mar. index v.1 p.94) to: Ann McIntosh Edward p: Thomas Aron Hunt Edward and Henriette Mathilda Edward ****** On Wednesday Eve, Sept. 6th, at St. James Church, in this village, by Rev. M. Hoyt, Mr. W.F. Eldridge, of Canton, N.Y., and Miss Ann M., daughter of Col. T.A.H. Edwards, of this village. Bright as the hopes of the happy couple may have been, their visions of happiness are less glowing than the Elysium which pictures itself to our imagination, when Fancy forms the wish that their future may brighten, and their pathway through life be strewed with roses. And the recollection of the golden evidences of kind regard for the printer, will be engraved deep on Memory's tablets, and perchance will quicken the bounding pulses, when the heart grows old. Manitowoc Tribune, Manitowoc, Wis. Thursday, September 6, 1855 P. 3 ****** (mar. announcement also in Manitowoc Herald, 8 Sept. 1855)

ELDRIDGE: Wm. M. m: Anna children: Anna Laury (b. 15 Jan. 1860/bapt. 10 June 1860 from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc) William Frederick (bapt. 27 Mar. 1863 from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc)

ELFNER: Geo. M. m: 27 Apr 1888 (co. mar. index v.5 p.400) to: Margaretha Schneider

ELFNER: Jacob m: 21 Jun 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.156) to: Resa Pelisheck










ELLER: August m: 26 Dec. 1898 (co. mar. index v.7 p.33) to: Minna Schmidt

ELLER: Henry m: 24 June 1899 (co. mar. index v.7 p.58) to: Theresia M. Trossen From Der Nord Westen, 29 June 1899: Marriage Sat. in Mishicott of Henry Eller with Miss Therese Trossen by Pastor Bastian of Mishicott.

ELLER: Karl Victor m: 12 Sep 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.370) to: Anna Charlotte Rehfeld From Der Nord Westen, 17 Sept. 1896: Marriage Sat. last week of Carl Victor Eiller with Miss Anna Charlotte Rehfeld, by Pastor Machmueller.

ELLER: See Frederick Drews bio. See Richard A. Drews bio.


ELLERMANN: Fred m: 30 July 1877 (co. mar. index v.4 p.118) to: Theresia Simmet

ELLERMANN: Friedrich From Der Nord Westen, 17 Aug. 1899: Mr. and Mrs. Friedrich Ellermann celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Sat. in the company of their children, grandchildren, and many relatives and acquaintances. The couple was married 12 Aug. 1849 in Ottenstein, Braunschweig, and came to America in 1867 settling in Town Cato. 9 children were born to the family of whom eight are still living. Mr. Ellermann who is 76, wore the same clothes at the party which he wore at his wedding. Mrs. Ellermann is 73. The couple, who for the past few years have lived on Washington Street here in Manitowoc, enjoy the best of health and we hope they have many more years together. Two of their children, Mrs. J.H. Schaefer and Mrs. JOHN L. Ploeckelmann live in Manitowoc.

ELLERMANN: George J. m: 11 Oct 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.413) to: Mary Augustin

ELLERMANN: Henry m: 19 Jan 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.283/he is 9 Jan. and she is 19 Jan./ same year and v. p. numbers) to: Bertha Ploeckelmann

ELLERMANN: William m: 24 Nov 1900 (co. mar. index v.7 p.134) to: Anna Mack

ELLERMANN: William m: 30 Jul 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.162) to: Mary Schoknecht


ELLERT: ???? m: Johanna (nee) Ellert children: Friedrich Karl Ferdinand (b. 9/29/1870/bapt. 11/20/1870 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

ELLERT: Johann b: Mecklenburg-Schwerin res: Cato, farmer p: Gerhard Ellert and Friederike nee Witting m: 13 Dec. 1873 wit: Ernst Moldenhauer and Johann Seemann to: Marie Feichtner p: Carl Feichtner and Elisabeth nee Lichtenecker See John Ehlert

ELLERT: Wilhelm Ernst m: 14 May 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.271) to: Minna B. Feuerpfiel From Der Nord Westen, 14 May 1903 Marriage License obtained W.E. Ellert of Cato and Minnie Feuerpfeil of Manitowoc

ELLESTAD: Albert m: Feb. 3, 1916 to: Ella Vetter The marriage of Miss Ella Vetter and Albert Ellestad, well known young people of Liberty was solemnized here yesterday. Judge Chloupek officiating at the ceremony. The couple will make their home in Liberty. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Thursday, February 3, 1916 P.3 ******** Miss Ella Vetting and Albert Ellenstead(sic) were married at the courthouse yesterday. Both are well known young people of Liberty. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Saturday, February 5, 1916 P.3

ELLESTAD: Swen Farmer Sect. 21 Liberty, Valders Came to County 1881 Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago


ELLI: Joseph m: 4 Jun 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.301) to: Mary Rouillier

ELLINGBOE: Bertha Isabella b: 26 Sept. 1889, Gibson

ELLINGBOE: Christ b: Wisconsin m: Erma Geiner Farmer and Breeder of Pure Bred Holstein Cattle Sect. 15 Gibson, PO Mishicot Came to County 1884 Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

ELLINGBOE: Christopher Helgesen b: 1 Feb. 1800, Vang-Valders, Oppland, Norway/d. 13 Feb. 1879, Gibson, Manitowoc co./ p: Helge Helgesen Ellingboe and Rangdi Gulbrandsd. Norsvin m: Berith Andersd. Lerohl children: Helge Christofferson (b. 16 Feb. 1840, Vang-Valders, Oppland, Norway/ d. 9 Mar. 1913, Gibson, Manitowoc co./m. Ingeborg Knudsdatter Sandness

ELLINGBOE: Conrad Roy b: 6 Nov. 1887, Gibson

ELLINGBOE: Edward b: 4 Aug. 1893/d. 10 July 1966, Two Rivers

ELLINGBOE: Family History and pictures contributed by Jim Ellingboe (see contributors page)

ELLINGBOE: Gilbert Helgesen b: 4 Aug. 1881/bapt. 28 Aug. 1881/d. 12 Mar. 1911, Two Rivers p: Helge and Huston Ingeborg Ellingboe

ELLINGBOE: Gilbert From the Two Rivers Manitowoc Co. Chronicle, Tue. June 16, 1891: Mr. Gilbert Ellingboe, of Gibson, cut his leg quite severely in a shingle saw, while at work repairing a pulley that run on the same last week.

ELLINGBOE: Guldbrand (From records of Gibson Evang. Luth. ch.) m: Anna children: Conrad Roy/b. 6 Nov. 1887/bp. 8 Jan. 1888 Bertha Isabella/b. 26 Sept. 1889/bp. 31 Oct. 1889 Harvey Enoch/b. 6 Dec. 1891/bp. 31 Jan. 1892

ELLINGBOE: Harvey Enoch b: 6 Dec. 1891, Gibson

ELLINGBOE: Helge (From records of Gibson Evang. Luth. ch.) m: Ingeborg children: Gilbert/b. 4 Aug. 1881/bp. 28 Aug. 1881 Christopher/b. 11 May 1883/bp. 17 June 1883 Oscar/b. 2 Apr. 1885/bp. 26 Apr. 1885 Walther/b. 20 Apr. 1887/bp. 22 May 1887 Clara Merandy/b. 26 Jan. 1889/bp. 24 Mar. 1889 Edward Orson/b. 20 Nov. 1890/bp. 26 Dec. 1890 Edward/b. 4 Aug. 1893/bp. 10 Sept. 1893 Ellanora/b. 19 Dec. 1895/bp. 2 Feb. 1896

ELLINGBOE: Knuth m: 13 June 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.162) to: Elizabeth Rehbein From Der Nord Westen, 13 June 1901 Marriage License obtained: Knudt Ellingboe and Elizabeth Rehbein both of Gibson


ELLIOT: H. James m: 4 July 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.76) to: Maggie Taylor Mr. James Elliot and Maggie Taylor, both of Two Creeks were married in this city on the evening of the fourth by the Rev. Koehler. Manitowoc Lake Shore Times, Tuesday, July 11, 1882 P. 4.

ELLIOT: Sam m: Oct 1898 to: Martha Koepke From Der Nord Westen, 20 Oct. 1898: Marriage in Green Bay last Sat. of Sam Elliot with Miss Martha Koepke, daughter of John Koepke locally.

ELLIOT: Stephan m: 18 June 1876 (co. mar. index v.4 p.105) to: Josephine Louise Allen

ELLIOT: Stephan (See Stephen James Elliott) m: 8 Dec. 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.325) to: Kate Leahy (also Katherine Lahey) children: James H. (b. 4 Nov. 1887, Two Rivers/mother Katherine Lahey) William (b. Oct. 1889, Two Rivers/mother Katherine Lahey) Henry Stephen (b. 1892, Two Rivers/d. 11 June 1896, Two Rivers/mother Katherine Lahey) Eddie (b. Sept. 1897, Two Rivers/mother Katherine Lahey) Erwin McKinley (b. June 1899, Two Rivers/mother Katherine Lahey) Two Rivers resident buried in a different place: James Harvey ELLIOTT, born at Two Rivers 4 November 1888 [MCVR, Births, vol. 7, p. 263]; killed in action 9 August 1918 while fighting in WWI; buried at Rosieres Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, Picardie region, France [g.s., Section III, Row E, No. 19; His father’s obituary]. James res. at home in 1907 [Two River Dir.]. From Canadian Defense Department website: Private, Army, 5th Battalion, Canadian Infantry (Saskatchewan Regiment). Regimental Number: 1018070. Killed in action during an advance on the Germans by the 2nd Canadian Division and tanks at the Rosières-en-Santerre, the Somme, France. Son of Stephen and Kate Elliott, of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Age: 30. These records list his birthdate as 11 March 1887 [;]. Rosieres Communal Cemetery Extension description []: Rosières-en-Santerre is a village about 32 kilometres east of Amiens and 7.5 kilometres south of the main road from Amiens to St. Quentin. Rosières-en-Santerre was the scene of heavy fighting between the French Sixth Army and the German First Army at the end of August, 1914. It came within the British lines in February, 1917. With the advance to the Hindenburg Line in the spring of 1917, Rosières became part of the back area; but in the German offensive of March, 1918, it was reached by the enemy on the 26th. It was defended on the 27th, in the Battle of Rosières, by the 8th Division and the 16th Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery; but these troops had to be withdrawn in the night. On the 9th August, after a stubborn defence, the village was retaken by the 2nd Canadian Division and tanks. The Extension was made by the units which retook Rosières. It consisted until the Armistice of four rows (Plot I, A-E) containing 97 graves. It was enlarged subsequently by the concentration of graves from the small cemeteries and battlefields surrounding Rosières. There are now over 400 World War I casualties commemorated in this cemetery.

ELLIOT: William Mrs. Elliot last week filed a divorce action against her husband, Town Two Rivers farmer William Elliot. The couple has 3 children. Der Nord Westen, 18 Oct. 1906 ******** (No William Elliot on 1900 Two Rivers census) Possible couple: (1900 Two Creeks census: William Elliott age 57; Mary Elliott 41 and 6 children - 3 with surname Elliott and 3 with surname Allen)


ELLIOTT: Anthony res: Two Creeks m: 1 Jan. 1862 (co. mar. index v.2 p.130) to: Sarah McNeil res: Two Creeks Items From The Pilot Files - Fifty Years Ago (1862) MARRIED. - In the town of Two Creeks, Jan. 1st, 1862, by Rev. Mead Holmes, at the residence of M. McNiel, Esq., Anthony Elliot to Sarah McNiel, and John McNiel to Catherine Buchanan, all of Two Creeks. Manitowoc Pilot Thursday, January 4, 1912 pg. 1 ******** (mar. announcement also in the Manitowoc Herald, 9 Jan. 1862)

ELLIOTT: Blanche b: 1881/d. 1915, Two Rivers

ELLIOTT: Catherine b: 1856/d.1935, Two Rivers

ELLIOTT: Geo. W. m: 24 Nov. 1906 (co. mar. index v.8 p.12) to: Estell Strandy From Der Nord Westen, 22 Nov. 1906: Marriage License obtained Geo. W. Elliot of Sheboygan and Estelle M. Strande of Cato

ELLIOTT: Henrietta b: 20 Nov. 1910 or 1916/d. 29 Nov. 1910 or 1916

ELLIOTT: Howard b: 20 Nov. 1908, Two Rivers/d. 19 Oct. 1988, Two Rivers

ELLIOTT: Stephen (Stephan on co. mar. index) res: Two Rivers p: Joseph and Louisa Elliott m: 10 May 1868 (co. mar. index v.4 p.22) to: Martha Anderson of Manitowoc p: Stephen and Jane Anderson

ELLIOTT: Stephen James (See Stephan Elliot) m: 8 Dec 1886 to: Katherine Lahey (b. July 1856, Wisconsin/d. 1935, Two Rivers) children: James H. (b. 4 Nov. 1887, Two Rivers) William Elliott (b. Oct. 1889, Two Rivers) Henry Stephen (b. 1892, Two Rivers/d. 11 June 1896, Two Rivers) Benjamin Niel Niles (b. 11 June 1894, Two Rivers/d. 1 Apr. 1929, Two Rivers)

ELLIOTT: Stephen James m: Mary Sanders children: Katie (b. 1879/d. 1917, Two Rivers) Elmer (b. 25 Feb. 1881/d. 17 May 1974, Two Rivers) Martha J. (b. 8 July 1885, Two Rivers)

ELLIOTT: William C. m: 25 Mar 1891 (co. mar. index v.6 p.84) to: Maria Adolina Allen

ELLIOTT: William E. Photo

Photo compliments of the Manitowoc Library


ELLIS: E.H. (see church histories/St. James Episcopal church)

ELLIS: Norman W. m: 25 Dec. 1873 (co. mar. index v.4 p.79)

ELLNER: Fritz (Friedric on co. mar. index) (See Fritz Elmer) m: 24 Oct. 1871 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg (co. mar. index v.4 p.62) to: Maria (nee) Bremer children: Friedrich Wilhelm (b. 8/19/1872/bapt. 10/20/1872 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

ELLNER: Luise confirmed: 29 Apr. 1866 (from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)


ELLOTTE: Stephen m: Martha children: Robert Clark (b. 20 Mar. __/bapt. 8 Apr. 1869 from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc)

ELM: Sheldon conf. 22 Dec. 1918 from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc


ELMEGREEN: Aug. T. m: 11 Nov. 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.320) to: Auguste Luedke

ELMEGREEN: Henry b: Farmer in Town of Schleswig –born in Town of Schleswig p: August Elmegreen and Friedericki m: 13 Nov. 1882 civil ceremony in Town of Schleswig (co. mar. index. v.5 p.90) Witnesses August Elmegreen and Michael Strassmann to: Mary Bauer p: Peter Bauer and Dorothea



ELMER: Fritz (also Friedrich) (see Fritz Ellner) m: Marie (nee) Bremer children: Frank (b. 1/4/1874/bapt. 6/20/1875/father Friedrich) Ida (b. 10/3/1875/bapt. 6/27/1880) Loui (b. 3/3/1877/bapt. 6/27/1880) Helene (b. 7/14/1879/bapt. 6/27/1880) (This entry from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

ELMER: Henry A. b: 1885, Wis. m: Anna Lodel General Merchandise and Inventor of Straw Cutter for Threshing Machine Township Chairman, Justice of Peace and Notary Public Maribel Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

ELMER: Wenzel m: 5 Sept. 1868 (co. mar. index v.4 p.16) to: Barbara Skwor

ELMER: Also have Elmar

ELMERGREEN: George m: 22 Dec. 1896 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg (co. mar. index v.6 p.390) to: Rose E. (nee) Wintermeyer (Rosa on co. mar. index)



ELY: William m: Mar. 14, 1916 to: Mayme Carle MISS CARLE BECOMES BRIDE OF WILLIAM ELY Pretty Home Wedding Unites South Side Couple Tuesday A pretty home wedding in which the troth of two of the city's popular young people was plighted under auspicious surroundings and in amost happy manner, was that in which Miss Mayme Carle, daughter of Capt. and Mrs. William Carle became the bride of William Ely at the home of the bride's parents, Rev. George Grether officiating yesterday afternoon. The bride, who is a well known South Side girl, born and reared in the city, has a host of friends who will unite in wishing her happiness in her new life while the groom, though not a resident here very long, has made many acquaintancers and friends who ???? ?? to congratulate him in his choice. He is employed at the Aluminum Goods Manufacturing Co. where he is a trusted employe coming here from Alma Center to accept the position. After a reception at the bride's home on South Ninth street which was attended by relatives and friends of the contracting parties, the happy couple departed on their honeymoon trip to St. Paul and Minneapolis, and after a short stay at Alma Center, the groom's former home, they will return to this city to make their home on south Eleventh street. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Wednesday, March 15, 1916 P.1


EMERSON, Lyman From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Retired.


EMHER: Jacob m: 27 Jun 1882 (co. mar. index v.5 p.94) to: Anna Svatek


EMMER: John (also Emmert) m: 6 Oct. 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.296) to: Anna Hajek children: John Emmer (b. July 11, 1904) Christine Emmer (b. December 18, 1905) Anton Clement Emmer (b. June 27, 1905/probably should be 1906) Clarence Tony Emmer (b. June 29, 1907/d. April 26, 1908) Laura Carie Emmer (b. March 6, 1907/index at the courthouse lists her birth as 1909) Ernine Lotta Emmer (b. June 26, 1911) Lillian Francis Emmer (b. June 24, 1913) Vernon Joseph EMMERS (b. October 2, 1915) Margaret Elizabeth EMMERT (b. October 8, 1917) From Der Nord Westen, 01 Oct 1903 Marriage License: John Emmer of Woodville and Anna Hayek of Cato

EMMERT: Jacob m: 10 Nov. 1900 (co. mar. index v.7 p.133) to: Anna Rohrbach

EMMERT: Wilhelm b: Germany res: Tn. 20 p: Michael and Christina Emmert m: 27 Jan. 1857 at Manitowoc Rapids (co. mar. index v.1 p.158) to: Margaretha Wiegner p: Peter and Johanna Wiegner

ENBERGER: Peter m: 22 Sep 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.377) to: Julia Kearney

ENDERES: Joseph m: 25 Sept. 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.139) to: Therese Reit


ENDERS: B.H. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Agent M.L.S. & W.R.R. Post Office, Reedsville; Section 35, Maple Grove Township.

ENDERSON: Frank m: 08 Jun 1889 (co. mar. index v.5 p.452) to: Anna Simon

ENDERSON: James m: 13 Nov 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.276) to: Christina Pasewalk


ENDHOFF: Anna Maria confirmed 1864/First German Ev. Luth. ch.

ENDHOFF: also have Endthof/Endthoff

ENDRES: Chas. W. m: 30 Oct. 1879 (co. mar. index v.4 p.150) to: Mary Revire


ENDRESS, A. J. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Insurance and Real Estate. Home Insurance Co. of New York.

ENDRESS: Adolph J. m: 21 Oct 1891 (co. mar. index v.6 p.119) to: Calla Wright Luling From the Files of the Pilot - Twenty-Five Years Ago (1891) Endress - Luling At the residence of the bride's parents in this city on Wednesday evening, Oct. 11(sic), by Rev. Mr. Chapin, Mr. A. J. Endress and Miss Calla Luling. Mr. Endress is one of the officers of the T.C. Shove Banking Co., and is a man of large business ability. Though still a young man, he has attained an assured position among the best businessmen of this city. His bride has always been a favorite in this city of her birth. She is the daughter of Hon. Charles Luling. The young couple have with them the good wishes of hosts of friends in this city as well as elsewhere. Manitowoc Pilot, Thurs., Oct. 26, 1916 (Note: Oct. 11, 1891 was a Sunday; Oct. 21, 1891 was a Wednesday)

ENDRESS: C.W. His home in 1891

Photo compliments of the Manitowoc Library


ENDRIES: Joseph b: Germany res: Manitowoc p: Peter and Mary Endries m: 5 Feb. 1856 at Manitowoc Rapids (co. mar. index v.1 p.100) to: Anna Trotten p: Adam and Anne

ENDRIES: Philip m: 25 Nov 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.436) to: Theresia Neuser From Der Nord Westen, 25 Nov. 1897: Marriage this morning of Philipp Endries of St. Nazianz with Miss Theresia Neuser, daughter of John Neuser in Manitowoc Rapids, at the Catholic Church at Silver Lake.

ENDRIES: Peter m: 12 Sep 1893 (co. mar. index v.6 p.210) to: Elisabetha Neuser

ENDRES: John m: 22 May 1889 (co. mar. index v.5 p.451) to: Mary Gellinger

ENDTHOF: Friedrich Wilhelm (also have Endhoff) m: Catharinea Marg. (nee) Bohrens children: Peter August (b. 8/27/1856/bapt. 10/8/1856 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

ENDTHOFF: Friedrich Wilhelm m: Catharina Margaretha (nee) Behrend children: Ernst Heinrich Hermann (b. 1/9/1860/bapt. 2/3/1860 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)


ENGBERTSON: Engbert m: 7 Dec 1893 (co. mar. index v.6 p.226) to: Emma George




ENGEBRETSON: Helge m: 3 Apr. 1858 (co. mar. index v.2 p.29) to: Astrid Tidemanson

ENGEBRETSON: Also have Engbertson See ERIKSON

ENGEL: George m: 26 Sept. 1882 (co. mar. index. v.5 p.83) to: Albine Guse

ENGEL: Hinrich m: 2 Oct 1889 (co. mar. index v.6 p.6) to: Ida Schmidt

ENGEL: Johan m: 28 Nov. 1865 (co. mar. index v.4 p.28) to: Anna M. Scharenbruch

ENGEL: Johan Friedrich Wilhelm (co. mar. index, Friedrich Engel) m: 17 Feb 1863 in Newton, Manitowoc, WI. (co. mar. index v.2 p.157) to: Maria Schuknecht. Both were born in Germany. (co. mar. index, Maria Schoknecht)(donated by family researcher, Alice Scoggan) children: Karl Friedrich Christian (b. 9/24/1866/bapt. 12/23/1866/father Friedrich/ from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

ENGEL: Johann m: 9 Nov. 1880 (co. mar. index v.4 p.169) to: Anna Maria Christmans

ENGEL: John D. b: 28 Nov. 1870, at New Holstein, Calumet Co., WI. p: Frederick and Maria (Edens) Engel. m: 3 Feb. 1899 (co. mar. index v.7 p.36) to: Dora Arnold p: Christoph and Lotta (Stark) Arnold. children: Ruby and Edgar.

ENGEL: Karl Photo

ENGEL: Otto H. b: 14 June 1881, in Manitowoc, WI. p: William and Caroline (Dill) Engel. m: 21 June 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.331) to: Elizabeth Wilke (Louisa Wilke on co. mar. index) children: Elmer Married: Mr. Otto Engel and Miss Lizzie Wilke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilke of the town of Two Rivers, were united in wedlock last Tuesday in the city of Two Rivers. Mr. Engel is a successful teacher of the county. Manitowoc Pilot Thursday, June 23, 1904 pg. 1

ENGEL: Robert Karl m: 22 Nov 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.179) to: Mary K Plukelmann

ENGEL: Wilhelm Carl m: 28 Sept. 1877 (co. mar. index v.4 p.119) to: Caroline Dill

ENGEL: See DAVIS See EBERT See Joseph A. Kellner bio.

ENGELBRECHT: F.W. m: 16 July 1867 (co. mar. index v.4 p.2) to: Ernstina W Becker

ENGELBRECHT: Fried. (See John Fr. Engelbrecht) m: Bertha Buss children: Edwin J.P. (b. 1878 at Cooperstown/d. 4 Oct. 1878/age 5 mo. 23 da.)

ENGELBRECHT: Fritz m: 9 Feb. 1880 (co. mar. index v.4 p.158) to: Anna Martinek

ENGELBRECHT: Herman Alb. Wm. m: 26 Feb 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.397) to: Anna Friedericka Henriette Radtke From Der Nord Westen, 11 Mar. 1897: (From the correspondent in Rosecrans, 10 Mar.) Marriage on 26 Feb. of Hermann Engelbrecht with Miss Anna Radke, both from Manitowoc.

ENGELBRECHT: Hermann m: 21 Jun 1899 (co. mar. index v.7 p.55) to: Albertine Kempfert From Der Nord Westen, 29 Jun 1899 Marriage last week of Hermann Engelbrecht of Two Creeks with Miss Albertine Kempfer of Cooperstown, by Pastor Sieker of Cooperstown.

ENGELBRECHT: Hugo m: Alma Qualman children: Milton (b. 9 Aug. 1913/d. Aug. 1986, Manitowoc)

ENGELBRECHT: John Fr. (See Fried. Engelbrecht) m: 19 Jan. 1875 (co. mar. index v.4 p.91) to: Bertha C M Bruss

ENGELBRECHT: John m: 02 Feb 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.138) to: Dora Schnltz(sic) (wid.)

ENGELBRECHT: Jno. F. m: 27 July 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.287) to: Tillie Muhowsky

ENGELBRECHT: Wilhelm, Jr. m: 07 Nov 1906 (co. mar. index v.8 p.12) to: Julia Guse From Der Nord Westen, 25 Oct 1906: Marriage Licenses: Wm. Engelbrecht and Julia Guse both of Cooperstown

ENGELBRECHT: Wm. Farmer Sect.10 Two Creeks, PO Two Rivers Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

ENGELBRECHT: (there is also Englebrecht) See NICHOLAUS See OLP See PEPER See SCHMOOCK See SKARDA

ENGELBREITH: Ferd R.G. m: 7 May 1887 (co. mar. index v.5 p.351) to: Wilhelmine Boder

ENGELDINGER: Augustine m: 18 May 1897 (co. mar. index v.7 p.15/she is 1898 same date same v. p.) to: Mary Stolla

ENGELDINGER: Mathias m: 4 Jan. 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.295) to: Anna Wittmann

ENGELDINGER: Mathias m: 19 April 1887 (co. mar. index v.5 p.374) to: Caroline Ashenbrenner


ENGELHARD: Stephan m: 15 May 1870 (co. mar. index v.4 p.57) to: Elizabeth Strupp

ENGELLAND: Hans b: 2 June 1837 in Holstein res: Town Mishicot, Wis. p: Hans Engelland and Annje or Innje or Innge Losch m: 10 July 1869 (co. mar. index v.4 p.30) to: Doris Jens from record of First German Evang. Luth. ch. Manitowoc b: 29 Sept. 1850 in Mecklenburg-Schwerin p: Johann Jens and Christ. Schroeder

ENGELLAND: Henning Peter m: 27 Aug. 1871 (co. mar. index v.4 p.48) to: Elizabeth C Lesch

ENGELLAND: K. and William From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: General farming and cheesemakers. Post Office, Mishicot; Section 20, Mishicot Township.

ENGELLAND: William m: 9 Oct. 1900 (co. mar. index v.7 p.122) to: Bertha Retzlaff

ENGELLAND: Wm. Farmer Sect. 6 Two Rivers, PO Two Rivers, 1901 b. WI Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

ENGELMANN: August m: 3 Jun 1893 (co. mar. index v.6 p.199) to: Marie Bruckschen


ENGELS: Albert m: 02 Jun 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.258) to: Annie Stuiber

ENGELS: Karl m: Maria Hodanse children: Minna (b. 5 Feb. 1870/bapt. 1 June 1906 from record of St. John's United Ch. of Christ, Manitowoc)




ENGLE: Rev. G.B. see church histories/St. James Episcopal



ENGMANN: Philipp m: 25 Sept. 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.139) to: Rosina Schott


ENOCHSON: Erick b: Norway res: Sandy Bay, farmer p: Enoch Erickson and Berthe Nilson m: 2 June 1856 at Franklin (co. mar. index v.1 p.167) to: Gunhild Halverson p: Halvor Johnson and Ingeborg Kurannson


ENRIGHT: Thomas b: 1815, Ireland/d. 25 Aug. 1896 m: Mary O'Neil b: Ireland/d. 10 June 1888


ENSINGER: Martin m: 26 Feb. 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.181) to: Aloisia Bixner

ENTINGER: John m: 2 Jun 1865 (co. mar. index v.4 p.162) to: Catharine Heutter

ENTRINGER: John m: 27 Nov. 1857 (co. mar. index v.2 p.205) to: Mary Tufft

ENTZMINGER: Michael m: Wilhelmina Schulz children: Wilhelm (b. 23 Apr. 1873, Newton/bapt. 7 Aug. 1873 Methodist Episc. ch.)

ENZ: Michael m: 12 July 1859 (co. mar. index v.2 p.56) to: Hanna H. Cregar

ENZLEN: Johannes m: 26 Oct 1873 (co. mar. index v.4 p.74) to: Dina Schmittmann

EPPERTS: See Conrad Baetz bio.


ERBSTOESZER: Harvey E. b: 24 Dec. 1925, Manitowoc/d. 4 Aug. 1999, Rhinelander, WI p: William R. Erbstoeszer and Libbie Zeman


ERDLITZ: Frank m: Bertha Friedl (He lived in Manitowoc county but I don't have him anyplace else on this site, unless it's in the census) FRANK ERDLITZ has been a resident of Menominee County since 1874, with the exception of four years spent in his old home at Branch, Wisconsin, and he has gained precedence as a representative business man and influential citizen of the City of Menominee, where he is secretary and treasurer of the Menominee River Brewing Company and where he holds a commanding place in popular confidence and esteem. He served three terms as mayor of the city and is now president of the city council. Mr. Erdlitz is a native of Austria, where he was born on the 14th of January, 1864, and is a son of Joseph and Frances (Munich) Erdlitz, both of whom were likewise natives of Austria, where the former was born on the 1st of April, 1823, and the latter on the 1st of November, 1823; both passed the closing years of their lives in Menominee, where the father died on the 28th of March, 1907, and the mother on the 5th of January, 1906. Of their eight children three are now living: Mary is the wife of F. C. Nowack, of Menominee; Joseph is at present traveling salesman and collector of Menominee River Brewing Company, and Frank, the subject of this sketch, is the youngest of the number. The father was a tailor by trade and he followed this work in his native land until 1866, when he came to the United States on the sailing ship America. From New York City he made his way west to Manitowoc, Wisconsin. In 1870, he sent for his wife and children, who joined him in his new home. He was engaged in the merchant tailoring business at Branch, Wisconsin, until within a few years prior to his death. In politics he was a Democrat, and both he and his wife were members of the Catholic Church. Frank Erdlitz was six years of age at the time when he came with his mother and the other children to America, and he was reared to maturity in the village of Branch, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, in whose public schools he secured his early educational discipline. There he continued his residence until 1879, when he came to Menominee County, Michigan, and secured a position as cook in the lumber camp of K. C. Camp, in whose employ he continued until 1886. He then engaged in the retail liquor business in Menominee and later he purchased the buildings at 417-19 Kirby Street and remodeled them into a hotel which he conducted as the Erdlitz House from 1890 until the 1st of May, 1894, when he disposed of the property and erected his present attractive residence at 423 Kirby Street. Since 1894 he has been secretary and treasurer of the Menominee River Brewing Company, whose plant is of large capacity and has the most improved equipment and whose business extends throughout a wide radius of country tributary to the City of Menominee. Mr. Erdlitz is a man of alert mentality and of decided views in regard to matters of public policy. He has taken a zealous interest in local political affairs and is one of the leaders in the ranks of the Democratic party in this section of the state. He served for some time as chairman of the Democratic County Committee of Menominee County, and he also served as secretary of this body. In the spring of 1893 he was elected a member of the board of aldermen as a representative of the First Ward and his service in the city council has covered a period of twenty years. Of this body he has been president since his retirement from the office of mayor until he resigned as alderman from the Fifth Ward in 1913 owing to ill health. He was first elected mayor of Menominee in 1900, and the popular esteem of his services as head of the municipal government was shown in his having been twice re-elected to this important office and the third term without opposition. His administration was marked by thoroughly business policies and progressive ideas, and during his regime many noteworthy public improvements were made and the first brick pavement was laid under his administration. He and his wife are communicants of the Catholic Church, and he is a member of the St. John Society, of which he has served as treasurer. He has twice served as delegate from this organization to the national convention, which is held under the name of the German-Catholic Central Society. He is affiliated with the Catholic Order of Foresters, in which he has held the office of chief ranger for two years. He was worthy president of the local organization of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in 1909, and has also served as president and treasurer of the Menominee Turn Verein, of which he is an active member. He is a stockholder and director of the Lumbermen's National Bank of Menominee. On the 5th of May, 1885, was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Erdlitz to Miss Bertha Friedl, who was born in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, on the 2Oth of December, 1864, and who is a daughter of John Friedl, who is one of the pioneers of that place where he took up his residence in the '40s. He owned the first ox team that ever entered that city and was one of its honored and influential business men for many years before his death. To Mr. and Mrs. Erdlitz have been born twelve children concerning whose name and respective dates of birth are here indicated: Frank Joseph, April 27, 1887; Charles Wolfgang, October 18, 1888; Ella Sophia, March 17, 1890; Clara Barbara, March 16, 1892; Leo William, October 7, 1893; Mary Theresa, October 8, 1895; Charlotte Elizabeth, June 20, 1897; Arthur Joseph, October 8, 1899; Edward W., September 21, 1901; Marcella Mary, December 26, 1903; Irene Pauline, March 10, 1906; Helen Clara, March 22, 1909. "History Of Michigan" Volume IV by Charles Moore Published 1915 Page 2279-2281

ERDMAN: Wilhelm Albert m: 10 Jan 1891 (co. mar. index v.6 p.71) to: Wilhelmine C.J. Boldt


ERDMANN: Albert m: 15 Sept. 1908, from records of St. Johns United Church of Christ, Manitowoc city wit: Henry Clausen, Adela Schmidt to: Amanda Schmidt

ERDMANN: August From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Prop. Two Creeks Cheese Factory. Born in Sheboygan County 1867. Wife born in Sheboygan County 1867. Married in 1891. Post Office, Two Creeks; Section 11, Two Creeks Township.

ERDMANN: August m: 30 Oct. 1885 (co. mar. index v.5 p.267) to: Bertha Sebina/Sebine

ERDMANN: August F. Wm. m: 12 Sept. 1880 (co. mar. index v.4 p.166) to: Wilhelmiine C. Brandt

ERDMANN: Fiederick m: 27 Sept. 1879 (co. mar. index v.4 p.150) to: Louise C. Roth From Der Nord Westen, 09 Oct. 1879: Marriage of Friedrich Erdmann of Manitowoc, with Miss Louise G. Roth of Centreville, on 27 Sept. in the residence of the bride by Justice of the Peace W.T. Albers of Centreville.

ERDMANN: Friedrich b. 30 Jan. 1856/confirmed 1870/First German Ev. Luth. ch.

ERDMANN: Heinrich m: Wilhelmine Schwalbe children: Ida or Iola Ottilie Emilie (b. 24 May 1876/bapt. 26 June 1877 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

ERDMANN: John m: 10 Aug. 1907 (co. mar. index v.8 p.67) to: Sophia Rosynski

ERDMANN: John m: 10 Aug. 1907 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg to: Sophia (nee) Reszmaski

ERDMANN: Walter m: 4 Oct. 1922 from records of St. Johns United Church of Christ, Manitowoc city wit: Raymond Mueller, Martha Erdmann to: Edna Pentzien



ERECKSON: Anton m: 15 Oct 1889 (co. mar. index v.6 p.6) to: Elizabeth Horn


ERICHSEN: Hans (this family later moved to Kewaunee co., Wis.) m: Henriette children: Matt Broder (b. 21 June 1859 from record of First German Evang. Luth. ch.)


ERICKSEN: Albert m: 18 Jan 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.284) to: Julia Robley Marriage on Fri. of Albert Erickson with Julie Robley, both of Town Cato, by Justice of the Peace J.C. Williger. Der Nord Westen, 24 Jan. 1895

ERICKSEN: Guttorn Theodor m: 3 Jun 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.354) to: Inge Mathilde Evenson

ERICKSEN: Jacob m: 26 July 1879 (co. mar. index v.4 p.145) to: Marit Magd Thompson

ERICKSEN: Knud b: Norway, Europe res: Eaton, farmer p: Erik Olson and Raynhild Knudson m: 17 May 1855 at Eaton (co. mar. index v.1 p.160) to: Thuri Guttornson p: Guttorne Johnson and Ingeborg Knudson


ERICKSON: Andrew m: 16 June 1886 (co. mar. index v.5 p.299) to: Gurine Erickson

ERICKSON: Anton m: 19 Jan 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.338) to: Emilia I. Jackson Marriage Sat. in Town Cato, of Anton Erickson with Miss Amelia Jackson in the home of the bride's parents by Pastor Alfson. Der Nord Westen, Jan. 23 1896 ******** Clark's Mills: Anton Erickson and Emelia Jackson, both of the Town of Cato, were united in marriage Sunday, January 8, at the home of the bride. Your correspondent joins with their many friends in wishing them a long, happy and prosperous future. Brillion News - Fri. Jan. 24, 1896

ERICKSON: Christian m: 17 Apr. 1860 (co. mar. index v.2 p.84) to: Marit Olsdtr

ERICKSON: Edward m: 29 May 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.159) to: Etta Soper Marriage License obtained: Edward Erickson and Etta Soper both of Cato Der Nord Westen, 30 May 1901 ******** Two well known young people of the county Wednesday entered into joys of connubial bliss when the marriage of Miss Ella Soper and Edward Erickson was solemnized at Cato. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Rederus at the Presbyterian church and was witnessed by many friends. A reception was held at the home of the bride’s parents. The contracting parties are both prominent in social circles at Cato and the wedding was the event of the week there. They will reside in Cato. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Friday, May 31, 1901, p. 1

ERICKSON: Erick m: 11 Aug. 1868 (co. mar. index v.4 p.15) to: Sarah Johnson MARRIED: On the 11th inst., by G. Slye, Esq., Branch Mills, Mr. Elex Eleckson (sic) and Miss Sarah Johnson both of Cato. Manitowoc Tribune Thursday, August 27, 1868 pg. 4

ERICKSON: Hans Thos. m: 11 June 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.163) to: Ingeborg Marie Gunderson From Der Nord Westen, 13 June 1901 Marriage License obtained: Hans Thomas Erickson of Milwaukee and Ingeborg Marie Gunderson of Manitowoc

ERICKSON: Magnus b: 29 Dec. 1839, in Sweden m: 6 Feb. 1866 (co. mar. index, 6 Feb. 1867, v.3 p.75) to: Sarah Sabina McAllister children: Harriet V.

ERICKSON: Mr. Manitowoc Tribune 20 July, 1871 (page 4) -All those wishing to enjoy a good dance should notice the advertisement of Mr. Erickson at McAllister's Corners, who is going to let the dancists enjoy themselves at his house on the evening of the 5th of July.

ERICKSON: Ole b: 9 Apr. 1854, Norway/d. 2 Apr. 1939 m: Bertha A. Gilbert/Gulbrandsdtr b: 9 July 1858, Wisconsin/d. 2 Feb. 1934

ERICKSON: Ole K. m: 7 Jan. 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.140) to: Miranda Thor From Der Nord Westen, 03 Jan. 1901 Marriage License obtained: O.K. Erickson of Cato and Miranda Thor of Manitowoc

ERICKSON: Ole m: 20 Jun 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.127) to: Anne M. Erickson

ERICKSON: Otto m: 07 Apr 1884 (co. mar. index v.5 p.187) to: Lina Miller

ERICKSON: Fideman m: 24 Aug. 1873 (co. mar. index v.4 p.73) to: Hedewig Thompson




ERIKSMAEN: Aug. m: 15 May 1899 (co. mar. index v.7 p.47) to: Olga E. Olson Announcement of the engagement of Mr. August Eriksmoen to Miss Olga Olson has been made. The marriage will be soleminized at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Olson, 735 N. Eighth street, Monday evening May 15, at 7 o'clock. Both the young people are well and favorably known and have numberless friends who will extend congratulations. Mr. Eriksmoen is one of the efficient salesmen at the Torrison establishment. Manitowoc Daily Herald, May 5, 1899 P.4 ******** ONE MORE MADE HAPPY. Love's Old Sweet Song Will Ever Be New to the Young. The marriage of Miss Olga Olson to Mr. August Ericksmoen was solemnized last evening, the happy event taking place at the home of the bride's parents, corner of Eighth and Huron streets. About sixty guests including near relatives and intimate friends of the contracting parties were present. Rev. Thorson perfomed the ceremony which united the young lives in wedlock's holy bonds. Miss Nora Olson, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid and Botolf Ericksmoen, a brother of the groom, was best man. Immediately after the ceremony the guests pressed forward to offer congratulations and a wedding breakfast was served. Mr. and Mrs. Ericksmoen left at 10 o'clock for a brief wedding tour to Chicago and upon their return they will take up their abode in a home prepared by the groom on North Tenth stret. Both Mr. and Mrs. Ericksmoen are among Manitowoc's most favored young people. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Olson and is a young lady who enjoys the respect and esteem of a large circle of friends who are free in praise of her charming disposition and amiable character; kind, considerate and sympathetic, attactive in mind and person, she has won the love of all with whom she has come in contact. The groom, perhaps is not so well known. He has been a resident of the city for six years and has been employed as salesman at the O. Torrison establishment. He is a young man of manly character and sterling worth and is in every way worthy of the charming bride he has won. Countless friends will unite in wishing the couple joy and the HERALD extends sincere congratulations. Manitowoc Daily Herald, May 16, 1899 P.1

ERIKSON: Erik b: Norway res: Maple Grove, farmer p: Erik Engebretson and Seborg Engebretsdtr m: 20 July 1854 at Maple Grove (co. mar. index v.1 p.58) Norway Lutheran, J.A. Ottesen to: Ingrid Knudsdtr p: Knud Knudson and Maret Knudsdtr

ERIKSON: Erik m: 6 Feb. 1862 (co. mar. index v.2 p.133) to: Christine Blom

ERIKSON: Knud m: 30 July 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.287) to: Pauline Espen (she isn't on the index) There was a revival of business in the marriage license department Saturday, three permits being issued during the day. The happy couples were....Knud Erickson and Pauline Espen, city. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Monday, July 27, 1903 P. 2





ERLER: Nicolaus m: 24 Jun 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.358) to: Anna Drews From Der Nord Westen, 02 July 1896: Marriage in Mishicott Wed., last week, of Nic Erler with Miss Anna Drews.

ERNLER: Johann Georg res: Saxonburg p: Johann Georg and Anna Maria Ernler m: 5 Nov. 1853 at Saxonburg to: Mrs. Anna Proett p: Friedrich Wm. and Catharina Marianna Umlant

ERNLER: John George m: 9 Aug. 1863 (co. mar. index v.2 p.171) to: Carline Fichter

ERNST: Fredrich m: 17 Feb 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.26/she's not on index) to: Bertha Luckow

ERNST: Otto m: Elisa Hage or Hagen children: Pauline Wilhelmine (b. 27 Aug. 1861/bapt. 13 Oct. 1861 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville.mother Hage) Heinr. Carl Wilh. (b. 1 Feb. 1864/bapt. 13 Mar. 1864 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville..mother Hagen)

ERNST: Wilhelm A. m: 15 Oct 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.171) to: Emma C.S. Schaefler



ERTING: Nicolaus m: 25 Sept. 1870 (co. mar. index v.4 p.53)

ERTZ: Bruno m: 18 Aug 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.364) to: Rosa Stupecky Marriage of Bruno Ertz of Detroit, with Miss Rose Stupecky of Manitowoc, in the home of the bride's parents on Tues. evening, by Justice of the Peace Falge. They will make their home in Detroit. Der Nord Westen, 20 Aug. 1896 ******** From the Files of the Pilot – Twenty-Five Years Ago – (1896) Married at the residence of the bride's parents in this city on Tuesday, Aug. 18, by H. Falge, J.P., Mr. Bruno Ertz and Miss Rose Stupecky. Manitowoc Pilot, Thurs., Aug. 25, 1921

ERTZ: C. C From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Civil Engineer.

ERTZ: See F. Stupecky bio.


ESCH: Charles m: 29 June 1890 to: Miss Martha Knickrehm From Der Nord Westen, 19 Sept. 1889: Mr. Charles Esch, who sometime ago left for Denver, Colorado for reasons of health, has returned to Manitowoc as a married man. While there he married Miss Martha Knickrehm, a Manitowoc native. From Der Nord Westen, 03 July 1890: Marriage of Charles Esch, son of Mr. Henry Esch of Manitowoc, with Miss Martha Knickrehm, on Sun, 29 June, in Denver, Colo. The bride is the daughter of John Knickrehm, formerly a resident of Manitowoc, but now living in Denver.

ESCH: Henry b: 13 June 1830, in Germany. p: None listed. m: Eliza Bierhaus of Manitowoc Co. (also Elisabeth) children: Fred, William, Henry, Charles, Gottfried, Henrietta and Elizabeth.: Friedrich Wilhelm (b. 20 Apr. 1858/bapt. 23 May 1858 from record of First German Evang. Luth. ch.) From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Cloaks, Carpets, Hats, Caps, Groceries, Crockery, Flour and Feed, and all kinds of Farm Produce, cor. Jay and Ninth streets, south side. Henry Esch home, photo compliments of Manitowoc Library.

ESCH: Henry m: 29 Jun 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.411) to: Emily Lillian Rehfeld From Der Nord Westen, 01 July 1897: Marriage Tues. of Henry Esch, Jr. with Miss Emilie Lillian Rehfeld, daughter of Carl Rehfeld, in Manitowoc Rapids in the Reformed Church.

ESCH: Henry & Sons Company General Merchandise Manitowoc Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

ESCH: Hugo Edward (age 28 at marr.) res: Sheboygan p: Charles and Martha Esch of Sheboygan m: 11 June 1926 at Manitowoc; wit: Alfred Nelson, Frank Eggers Jr. to: Nancy Virginia Dodge Eggers (age 24 at marr.) p: Frank and Jessie Eggers of Manitowoc

ESCH: William G. m: 31 Oct 1889 (co. mar. index v.6 p.11) to: Emelia E. Paulus From Der Nord Westen, 01 Aug. 1889: Marriage of Wilhelm G. Eich with Miss Emilie E. Paulus, daughter of Carl H. Paulus, here on 17 July. From Der Nord Westen, 31 Oct. 1889: Marriage of Mr. W. Esch with Miss Emilie Paulus, daughter of Carl H. Paulus, will take place this evening by Pastor Bonekempel of the local Reformed Church. (Note: Both of these entries were in 1889 newspapers)

ESCH: See Henry Groth bio. See William G. Lueps bio. See Paulus Brothers bio.

ESCHE: Christian m: Christine Thieme children: Joh. Christ. Reinold (b. 8 Sept. 1861/bapt. 17 Oct. 1861 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)

ESHER: Christian m: 24 Aug. 1861 (co. mar. index v.2 p.172) to: Christiana Diehm


ESLIN: Frideric m: Theresia children: Andreas Richard (b. 25 July 1875/bapt. 22 Aug. 1875 St. Joseph Cath. ch.)

ESLINGER: Michael m: 14 May 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.247) to: Emma Auguste Wilsman children: Lucille Eslinger/b: 22 Sep 1901/1976/m. Tegen/from obituary cem. #89A Ervin Earl Edgar daughter daughter daughter (Children names from obituary of Lucille)

ESPEN: Christ m: 15 April 1887 (co. mar. index v.5 p.348) to: Paulsina Schwartz From Der Nord Westen, 21 Apr. 1887: Marriage of Christian Espen with Miss Paulina Schwarz, both from Brillion, on 15 Apr. in the home of J.L. Miller, by County Judge Carl H. Schmidt.

ESPEN: Johan res: Manitowoc Rapids m: Catharine Reinhart (mar. announcement in Manitowoc Herald, 1 Dec. 1855)

ESPEN: John m: 19 May 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.348) to: Magdalena Casper

ESPEN: Niclaus m: 05 Jul 1890 (co. mar. index v.6 p.53) to: Ther. Anthols Espen-Morris Miss Anna Espen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nic Espen of Francis Creek and Lester Morris of Mount Olive, Ill., were married at 9 o'clock this morning at St. Anne's Catholic Church at Francis Creek, the Rev. Vondarchek officiating at ceremony. A reception was held at the bride's parents where a wedding breakfast was served to members of the immediate families. Mr. and Mrs. Morris leave tonight for Milwaukee where htey (sic) will make their home. Manitowoc Herald News, Wednesday, September 14, 1921 P. 4 ******* (From 1900 Kossuth census: Nick Espen age 38; Thersie age 32; Thersie age 8; John age 5; Annie age 3 Rinhard age 6/12)

ESPEN: Nicholas From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Espen Homestead Stock and Grain Farm. Born in Kossuth 1862. Wife born in Kossuth 1866. Married in 1890. Settled 1888. One child. Post Office, King's Bridge; Section 13, Kossuth Township.


ESSER: Henry m: 29 Jan. 1880 (co. mar. index v.5 p.1) to: Helena Annen

ESSERMAN: Arthur Richard b: 19 Feb. 1895, Chicago, IL/d. 23 Oct. 1965, Manitowoc p: Henry Esserman and Johanna Michaels m: Rose ___, m: Anna Gertrude LaMotte (b. 5 Jan. 1894, Koblenz, Germany/d. 7 Mar. 1976, Manitowoc) m: Adelaide Catherine Trippler



ESSLINGER: Charles S. b: 1 Nov. 1809, Amerbach, Bavaria. p: Charles Esslinger. m: 26 July 1838 to: Sofie Schlick (d.1898). children: Eleven, five of whom are; Arthur, Mrs. Charles Burmeister, Mrs. Catherine Valentine, Mrs. H.B. Burger, and Anna. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Esslinger celebrate the 50th anniversary of their marriage, to-night. A large number of friends from other states are in the city to congratulate the old people. Manitowoc Pilot, Thursday, July 26, 1888 P. 3


ESTABROOK: Charles E. m: 7 Sept. 1876 (co. mar. index v.4 p.109)

ESTABROOK: Charles Edward b: October 31st, 1847, Platteville, Grant county, Wis.

ESTERBROOK: See John Schuette bio. See Louis Schuette bio.

ESTY: Hiram S. m: 21 Oct. 1866 (co. mar. index v.3 p.60) to: Emily Kind


ETERSKY: Joseph (also Eterisky) m: 4 Feb. 1905 by John Petri, Jr., Justice of the Peace wit: Emil Steiner, Julia Shaffer (co. mar. index v.7 p.368) to: Emma Steiner Notice: TO ALL WHOM THIS MAY CONCERN: Please take notice that my wife, Emma Etersky, has voluntarily deserted me on the 24th day of December, 1905, without any cause or provocation whatsoever; that she now resides with her father, John Steiner, in the town of Kossuth, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin; that I will not in any manner undergo any liability for her maintenance and support; and that I will not be responsible for any debts that she may contract. JOE ETERSKY Town of Franklin, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin Dated March 1, 1906 Manitowoc Pilot Thursday, March 1, 1906 pg. 1


ETIER: Peter b: Canada res: Two Rivers p: Peter and Angele m: 24 Mar. 1856 at Two Rivers to: Henriette Pouchette dau. of Peter and Mary (From the Manitowoc Co. Chronicle Apr. 5, 1856) Married at Two Rivers, on the 24th of March, by the Rev. W. De Yonge, Peter Etier to Miss Harriet Tonchette.


ETZLER: Chas. From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Notary Public, Justice of the Peace. Dealer Wines, Liquors, and Cigars. Born in Bohemia 1853. Came to America 1863. Six children. Post Office, Reedsville; no section given, Maple Grove Township

ETZLER: Chas., Jr. m: 14 Nov. 1905 (co. mar. index v.7 p.417) to: Erna Schaffer Notes From Reedsville: Miss Emma Schaffer(sic) and Charles Etzler were married last Tuesday. The wedding was a quiet affair. We extend congratulations. Manitowoc Pilot Thursday, November 16, 1905 pg. 8 ********** MARRIED: Mr. Charles Etzler, formerly of Reedsville, and Miss Emma Shaffer of Branch were united tin marriage on Tuesday of last week at the Catholic church in Reedsville, Rev. Kolar officiating. Fannie Etzler, sister of the groom, was bridesmaid, while Joseph Shaffer, brother of the bird, officiated as groomsman. Following the ceremony, there was a reception at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Shaffer. The bride is a charming young lady who has a host of friends in the county. The groom is a successful teacher. He taught school in this county for five years. He is now principal of Peterson's Business college in Pennsylvania. The young couple left last Thursday to take up their residence in the Keystone state, and they carried with them the well-wishes and congratulations of numerous friends. Manitowoc Pilot Thursday, November 23, 1905 pg. 1

ETZLER: See John Braun bio. See GRIMM See HAVACEK See KIRCH

EUHNEUER: Johann Ludwig m: Henriette (nee) Jahlen children: Elisabeth Luise (b. 8/2/1867/bapt. 9/1/1867 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)


EVANS: Richard C. m: 17 Feb. 1867 (co. mar. index v.3 p.80) to: Jane A. West (widow) MARRIED: In the town of Cato, on the 17th day of February, by the Rev. I.C. Holmes, Mr. Richard C. Evans, and Mrs. Jane A. West, all of Cato. The Manitowoc Tribune Thursday, March 21, 1867 pg. 4

EVANSON: Abraham m: 7 July 1874 (co. mar. index v.4 p.90) to: Caroline W Blechfeld


EVEMON: Hans m: 20 April 1887 (co. mar. index v.5 p.348) to: Alvina Anderson



EVENSEN: Christopher b: Norway res: Two Rivers p: Even Christophersen and Elisabeth Olsdtr m: 6 Mar. 1854 at Manitowoc (co. mar. index v.1 p.33) to: Maria Stalversdtr p: Halvor Jacobsen and Inger Ericksdtr

EVENSEN: Christopher (from record of Gibson Evang. Luth. ch.) m: Louise children: Albert Martin C./b: 21 Sept. 1866, Manitowoc co./bp. 20 Nov. 1866/ confirmed Gibson Lutheran ch. 27 Nov. 1881

EVENSEN: Christopher (from record of Gibson Evang. Luth. ch.) m: Louise children: Carl Walther b. 8 Oct. 1882/bp. 19 Nov. 1882 (Note: This may be the same family as Christopher/Louise above, but due to the age disparity of the children, I listed them separately)

EVENSEN: Edwin m: 2 Nov. 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.352) to: Sadie Mickelsen From Der Nord Westen, 03 Nov 1904: Marriage License: Edwin Evenson of Cato and Sadie Mickelson of Two Creeks

EVENSEN: Even (from record of Gibson Norwegian Evang. Luth. ch.) (Even Evenson on co. mar. index) b: Gibson, Manitowoc co. (age 22 at marriage) p: Christopher and Louise Evensen m: 4 July 1887, at parsonage, Gibson, Wis. (co. mar. index v.5 p.359) to: Justina Remery (Rummery on co. mar. index) b: Town Two Rivers (age 19 at marriage) p: Ferdenand and Randi Rumery

EVENSEN: Even (from record of Gibson Norwegian Evang. Luth. ch.) m: Justina children: Laura Meranda/b. 18 May 1888/bp. 24 June 1888 Guy Clarence/b. 17 June 1890/bp. 31 Aug. 1890 Eva Louise/b. 13 Dec. 1893/bp. 2 Jan. 1894 Chester Ferdinand/b. 1 Aug. 1896/bp. 15 Nov. 1896

EVENSEN: Olaf m: 23 Jun 1894 (co. mar. index v.6 p.252) to: Marit Andersen

EVENSEN: Thorvald m: 23 Oct 1898 (co. mar. index v.7 p.19) to: Ida Knudson


EVENSON: Anton b: 1863, Wis. m: Tillie Ulnas Farmer Served as Road Overseer Sect. 7 Liberty, PO Valders Taken from 1921 Manitowoc County Patron Directory from Standard Atlas of Manitowoc County Wisconsin published by Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers and Engravers, Chicago

EVENSON: Christopher (from record of Gibson Evang. Luth. ch.) m: Louise children: Carl Walther/b. 8 Oct. 1882/bp. 19 Nov. 1882

EVENSON: Christopher (from record of Gibson Evang. Luth. ch.) m: Louise children: Albert Martin C. b. 21 Sep 1866, Manitowoc co./bp. 20 Nov 1866/ conf. 26 Nov 1881, Gibson church

EVENSON: Elmer Photo

EVENSON: Engebret b: Norway res: Two Rivers, common work p: Even Knudson and Thore Olsdaughter m: 27 Oct. 1854 at Two Rivers (co. mar. index v.1 p.55) to: Sigred Knudsdaughter p: Knud Olsen and Ingeborg Andersdtr

EVENSON: Even (Evensen on record of Gibson Evang. Luth. ch.) b: Gibson, Manitowoc co. age 22 and farmer at marriage p: Christopher and Louise Evensen m: 4 July 1887 at parsonage in Gibson, Wis. (co. mar. index v.5 p.359) to: Justina Rummery (Remery on church record) b: Town Two Rivers, Manitowoc co., age 19 at marriage p: Ferdenand Rumery and Randi Rumerij children: Laura Meranda Evensen/b. 18 May 1888/bp. 24 June 1888/from record of Gibson Evang. Luth. ch.)

EVENSON: Martin m: 16 Mar 1897 (co. mar. index v.6 p.399) to: Emma Marie Robley

EVENSON: Ole From Wisconsin Histories - microfilm #18, Patron's Directory 1893, Two Rivers Library: Evenson Stock and Grain Farm. Born in Norway 1822. Wife born in Norway 1825. Served in the ??(bad spot on film) in the 52d Regiment, Wisconsin. Served four months. Post Office, Eaton; Section 7, Liberty Township.

EVENSON: Ole Photo

EVENSON: Ole m: 3 Apr. 1880 (co. mar. index v.4 p.160) to: Astrid Aabol

EVENSON: Ole m: 9 Jun 1892 (co. mar. index v.6 p.154) to: Emma Ingris Hoideberg

EVENSON: Toryer m: 22 Feb. 1877 (co. mar. index v.4 p.114) to: Anna H Hoidelberg




EVERSON: Hover (Hover Eeverson on co. index) m: 8 Sep 1868 (co. mar. index v.4 p.15) to: Mary Olson

EVERSON: Ingvert m: 07 Dec. 1893 to: Emma George From Der Nord Westen, 14 Dec. 1893: Marriage of Ingvert Everson of Sheboygan, with Miss Emma George, daughter of John George, on Thurs. of last week in the English Methodist Church by Rev. Williams.

EVERSON: Knud m: Thurs Guttormson at Eaton (mar. announcement in the Manitowoc Herald, 23 June 1855)


EVERT: Friedrich M. m: 9 Apr. 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.320) to: Emma Augusta Liese Fred M. Evert, of Oak Park, Ill. came here for his bride and were wedded at Gibson today to Miss Emma Liese, of that town. Miss Liese has beeen making her home at Chicago for some time past and only recently returned to her home in this county. The prospective groom being uninformed of the Wisconsin marriage license law neglected to secure the necessary permit and was forced to apply to Judge Chloupek for a special dispensation which was granted. Manitowoc Daily Herald, Saturday, April 9, 1904 P. 4

EVERTS: Paul Eugene m: 14 Sept. 1904 (co. mar. index v.7 p.343) to: Hattie C. Fricke From Der Nord Westen, 08 Sep. 1904: Marriage License: Paul Everts of Milwaukee and Hattie Fricke of Manitowoc

EVERTS: Wilkens m: 10 Nov 1874 (co. mar. index v.4 p.87) to: Lizzie R. Leneville

EVESEN: Anton m: 27 Jun 1896 (co. mar. index v.6 p.360) to: Tilla Oline Ulness

EWALD: Adolph August m: 15 May 1906 (co. mar. index/he is v.7 p.452/she is v.7 p.453) to: Elizabeth B. Schramm From Der Nord Westen, 17 May 1906: Marriage License obtained Adolph Ewald and Elizabeth Schramm both of Manitowoc Rapids

EWALD: Alb. m: 14 May 1883 (co. mar. index v.5 p.127) to: Bertha Vogel

EWALD: Carl Ludwig (also Charles) m: 15 May 1859 (co. mar. index v.2 p.268 also v.2 p.24 (two entries) to: Henriette A.F. Polzin children: Alvinia (b. 10 Aug. 1862, Gibson/d. 26 Mar. 1951, Marinette, WI) Louis (b. 5 Sept. 1865, Gibson/d. 11 Sept. 1949, Menominee, MI) Matilda (b. 18 Feb. 1867, Gibson/d. 5 Dec. 1942, Stephenson, Menominee, WI/ m. William Winter) Wilhelmina (b. 25 Dec. 1869, Manitowoc co./d. 5 Oct. 1954, Marinette, WI) Bertha Mary (b. Mar. 1872, Manitowoc co./d. 1 Aug. 1913, Spokane WA./ m. William Thomas Elder)(Also have b. Feb. 1873/d. 1 Aug. 1931) William (b. 8 Nov. 1874, Gibson/d. 29 June 1912, Pentland, Luce, MI/ m. Augusta Tessmer) Emil P. (b. 18 June 1876, Manitowoc co./d. 7 June 1961, Menominee, MI) John (b. 25 Apr. 1878, Manitowoc co./d. 13 Dec. 1961, Powers, Menominee, MI) Charles (b. 18 June 1883, Gibson/d. 12 Apr. 1957, Pontiac, MI) Rosaline W. (b. 7 May 1885, Gibson/d. 17 Jan. 1971, Battle Creek, MI) Pauline (b.___, Manitowoc co./d. 1872, Manitowoc co.)

EWALD: Christian m: Johanne (nee) Ehrenreich children: Christian Friedrich Hermann (b. 10/12/1854/bapt. 12/26/1854 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

EWALD: Christian H. (See Hermann Christian Ewald) m: 17 Sept. 1901 (co. mar. index v.7 p.177) to: Clara A.E. Hackmann From Der Nord Westen, 12 Sep. 1901 Marriage License obtained: Hermann Ewald and Clara Hackmann both of Manitowoc Rapids

EWALD: Christoph b: 1789, Westpreussen, Germany/d. 29 Dec. 1876, Gibson m: Anna Elizabeth Strehlau children: Henrietta (b. 5 Nov. 1833, Prussia/d. 29 Jan. 1906, Manitowoc)

EWALD: Ferdinand Theod. res: Farmer, Sect. 29 Manitowoc Rapids, PO Manitowoc b: 1881, Wis. from 1921 Patron's Directory m: 25 Oct. 1906 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg (co. mar. index v.8 p.10) to: Ella (nee) Ludwig children: Elda Wilhelmine Henriette (b. 7/30/1907/bapt. 8/27/1907 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg) Olga Margareta Adolfine (b. 10/22/1908/bapt. 11/19/1908 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg) From Der Nord Westen, 18 Oct. 1906: Marriage License obtained Ferdinand Ewald of Manitowoc Rapids and Ella Ludwig of Newton

EWALD: Heinrich Karl (not on co. mar. index) m: 22 Dec. 1902 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg to: Anna (nee) Schmidt children: Eulalia Marg Wilh. (b. 4/5/1904/bapt. 5/7/1904 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg) Elsworth Johann Friedrich (b. 8/22/1905/bapt. 10/14/1905 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

EWALD: Hermann confirmed: 18 Apr. 1869 (from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

EWALD: Hermann Christian (Christian H. Ewald on co. mar. index) m: 17 Sept. 1901 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg (co. mar. index v.7 p.177/see Christian H. Ewald) to: Clara (nee) Hackmann children: Elmer John Heinrich Adolf (b. 8/10/1902/bapt. 8/10/1902 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg) Amanda Louise Sophia (b. 10/18/1903/bapt. 11/01/1903 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

EWALD: Johann (John on co. mar. index) m: 2 May 1874 from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg (co. mar. index v.4 p.81) to: Margarethe (nee) Meyer

EWALD: Johann m: Margaretha (nee) Mayer children: Hermann Christian (b. 3/14/1875/bapt. 4/6/1875) Heinrich Karl Johann (b. 1/14/1877/bapt. 2/18/1877) Ferdinand Gottlieb Theodor (b. 12/11/1881/bapt. 1/1/1882) (This entry from records of St. John's Ev. Luth. ch., Newtonburg)

EWALD: Karl m: Maria Meier children: Ida Auguste Henriette (b. 16 Oct. 1868/bapt. 21 Nov. 1868 from record of St. John-St. James Evang. Luth. ch., Reedsville)


EWEN: George Q. m: 3 Jul 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.306) to: Adele J Boecher From the Files of the Pilot – Twenty-Five Years Ago – (1895) Married on Monday, July 1, by Rev. Mr. Chapin, Mr. George Ewen and Miss Adele Boecher. Mr. Ewen has for the last year been a resident of Janesville though formerly a Manitowoc County boy. He is a young man of sterling worth and will prove a successful one. His bride has for some years been a teacher in the north side school of this city and enjoys, as she deserves, the respect of all who know her. Manitowoc Pilot, Thurs., July 1, 1920

EWEN: John b: 28 June 1870 Francis Creek, Manitowoc Co. p: Mathias (photo) and Catherine (Cheha) Ewen. m: 11 June 1895 (co. mar. index v.6 p.301) to: Mary Kerscher (b. Kossuth, Manitowoc Co.) p: Wenzel and Theresa (Stauber) Kerscher. children: Rosie, Edwin and William. Farmer and Breeder of Registered Friesian-Holstein Cattle. Served as Township Chairman and President of State Bank of Francis Creek. Sect. 23 Kossuth, PO Francis Creek (from 1921 Patron directory)

EWEN: Mathias m: 22 June 1903 (co. mar. index v.7 p.284) to: Mathilda Trost

EWEN: Quirin M. (Quinn Even on co. mar. index) m: 1 May 1869 (co. mar. index v.4 p.24) to: Ida Schaffland children: Margaret Wilhelmina (b. 22 Mar. 1876/bapt. 27 July 1881 from record of St. James Episc. ch., Manitowoc) MARRIED: At the residence of the bride's father by H. Sibree, Esq., on the 1st inst., Mr. Querin Ewen of this Village, and Miss Ida Schefffland of Manitowoc Rapids. Manitowoc Tribune Thursday, May 6, 1869 pg. 4 ******** From the Files of the Pilot – Fifty Years ago - (1869) Married At the home of the bride's father at Manitowoc Rapids, in the evening of the 1st inst. By Henry Sibree, Esq., Mr. Querin Ewen of the village of Manitowoc to Miss Ida Schaffland of Manitowoc Rapids. The Pilot tenders to the newly married couple above named its sincerest and heartiest congratulations and good wishes. Having long known the bridegroom to be one of the most intelligent, deserving, high-toned and best appreciated young men in our community and the bride to be as gifted as she is fair and sprightly as she is winning, we ardently hope and anticipate for them a long life of connubial happiness and domestic felicity. May heaven's benediction accompany them through all of life's journey and may they find a safe haven of rest at its close. Manitowoc Pilot, Thurs., May 8, 1919



EWERT: Carl m: 7 Feb. 1878 (co. mar. index v.4 p.131) to: Minna Roth


EYSTER: Henry m: 28 Dec. 1908 to: Blanche Spevacek

EZYKORSKI: C (not on co. mar. index) Marriage Date: 24 Oct 1869 Vol:02 Page:0080 Vol:A Sequence:03439 to: Carolina Weinschenke Marriage Date: 24 Oct 1869 Vol:02 Page:0080 Vol:A Sequence:03440 Back to top