Two Rivers Township, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Location: North boundary is 26th St., City of Two Rivers. South boundary from north sidewalk at east entrance on 25th St.,
west on path located on south side of the grandstand, center of cemetery, west to Forest Avenue.
Copied by Hilary & Ruth Vanderbloemen, Alloy McCully, Marcie Baer and Rose Luebeck,
MCOCS, on Sept. 4, 25, 1977, June 18, July 30, Aug. 13, Sept 10, 24, 1978, June 24, July 22, Aug. 19, Sept. 2, 30, 1979.
Maintained in excellent condition. Earliest remaining stone 1850.
Tombstones re-photographed in April/May and Sept. 2007 by Shari who originally
photographed them in 2001. Where the earlier photo is better I left it, otherwise
it has been replaced
by the newer.

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ABBET: [6-112]-Mary/1885-1950 Tombstone, ossw: [6-112]-Edward/1891-Jan. 1965 Tombstone

ABEL: [2-2ROW]-[Freda/Baby/bur. 1915]

ABRATH: [1-223]-Adolph/1815-1894 [Adolph Abrath/b. 18 Jan. 1815, Germany/d. 19 Dec. 1894/ cause: Consumption/age 79r.], ossw: [1-223]-Louisa/1812-1880, ossw: [1-223]-Otto [CESS]/1893-1965 , ossw: [1-223]-Clara [CESS]/1894-[1989] Tombstone Otto/Clara See CESS for obituaries

AHLGRIM/AHLGRIMM: (All from city records) [6-32]-Catherine/Katrina Algrim/b. 4 Jan. 1818, Germany/d. 5 Nov. 1893/age 75yr./ cause: Old age] Tombstone [6-32]-[Charles/bur. 1911] [6-32]-[Augusta Ahlgrim Schoenborn/bur. 06-18-1927/age 66 yrs.] [6-32]-[Mary/bur. 11-27-1941/Age 66] See SCHOENBORN

AHRENS: [1-75]-[William John/bur. 1920] [4-10]-Friedericke Ahrens/1836-Feb. 1926 Tombstone [4-10]-August F. Ahrens/Co. H/14 Regt./Wis. Inf./Mar.1, 1828/Dec. 20, 1907 Tombstone [4-10]-Louis [Henry]/June 24, 1881/Jun. 17, 1973 Tombstone Louis/Rose, ossw: [4-10]-Rose/1883-Jun. 1973 Tombstone Louis/Rose [4-10]-Marvin/June 25, 1921/Feb. 14, 1922 Tombstone Marvin/Earl/Arthur, ossw: [4-10]-Earl-Baby-/d. 8-20-1924 Tombstone Marvin/Earl/Arthur, ossw: [4-10]-Arthur J./Sep. 12, 1906/Mar. 2, 1993 Tombstone Marvin/Earl/Arthur [4-10]-Robert/1933-1982 Tombstone [5-99]-[Lydia/bur. 7-17-1974/Age 69yr] [6-9]-[Baby/bur. 6-1-1949] [6-9]-[Baby/bur. ? ? ????] [7-52]-Elwood W./Nov. 15, 1893/Dec. 2, 1965 Tombstone, ossw: [7-52]-Elma/1894-1981 Tombstone Elwood/Elma, ossw: Franzmeier [7-52]-[E.W.-Baby- d. 10-28-1923]

AHRNDT: [1-135]-Charley Ahrndt/Jan. 24, 1874/Sept. 8, 1912 Tombstone next to: [1-135]-Minnie Ahrndt/March 3, 1880/May 22, 1943 Tombstone, next to: [1-135]-Edna A. GRIESBACHER/1907-1972/nee Ahrndt Tombstone, next to: [1-136]-William/sohn von G.u.S. Ahrndt/Geb. 2 D Marz 1876/Gest. 19 Apr. 1878 Tombstone, next to: [1-136]-Fred Ahrndt/Oct. 6, 1870/April 1, 1915 Tombstone, next to: [1-136]-Sophia/1848-Feb. 1917 Tombstone Christ/Sophia, ossw: [1-136]-Christ/1835-Dec. 1, 1924 Tombstone Christ/Sophia, next to: [1-136]-Footstones: Vater, Mutter [1-136]-[Mother (no more information)] [1-136]-[Fred/d. 1892/Age 75] [1-136)-[Baby/d. 1893/Age 6 ds.] [1-136)-[Ida/d. 12-12-1903/Age 46 yrs.] (Christine Ahrndt/b. 17 Jan. 1817/d. 17 Feb. 1908/from record of St. John's United Ch. of Christ, Manitowoc)

ALBERTS: [7-81]-Edwin Alberts/Father/1851-Sept. 1940 Tombstone, next to: [7-81]-Lena Alberts/Mother/1861-Dec. 1946 Tombstone

ALBRECHT: Family stone [1-21]-Rubie Albrecht/1899-Aug. 1928 [Ruby] Tombstone, next to: [1-21]-Anton/Father/1858-Jun. 1953 Tombstone Anton/Pauline, ossw: [1-21]-Pauline/Mother/1860-May 1935 Tombstone Anton/Pauline [3-25]-Christina/Oct. 12, 1898/Aug. 9, 1980 Tombstone [3-25]-Albert Sr./April 20, 1896/July 31, 1978 Tombstone [7-10]-John/1887-Nov. 27, 1918 Tombstone, ossw: [7-10]-Alma [R.]/1891-Mar. 1988 Tombstone, ossw: [7-10]-Twins/-1918- Tombstone [7-10]-[John H./d. 5-19-1918] (one of the twins?) [7-10]-[A. Rhode/d. 5-17-1918] (one of the twins?) See KAHLENBERG See RAHMLOW

ALBRIGHT: [4-40]-John Albright/Father/Nov. 2, 1845/July 26, 1899 Tombstone [4-40]-[Baby](John)/b. Two Rivers/d. 22 Dec. 1899/Age 3Mo./cause: Greimpfe]

ALLEN: [1-80]-Hosea L./son of A.J. & E. Allen/born Aug. 6, 1890/died Aug. 7, 1890 Tombstone, next to: [1-80]-[Hannah/b. 22 Oct. 1820, Ireland/d. 12 Nov. 1896/age 76yr./cause: Sorcome(sic) of Liver] [1-80]-[Hosea Sr./d. 1883] Stone top broken off, completely unreadable inscription. [1-86]-Wm. H. Allen/Private/1888-Jun. 1918/died in France/Med. L Corps/A.E.F. Tombstone Large stone on same lot with these two names: ALLEN-ELLIOTT Family stone [4-11]-Andrew [J.] Allen/Father/1860-[Apr.]1942 Tombstone, next to: [4-11]-Gladys SONNTAG nee Allen/Daughter/1885-1966 Tombstone, next to: [4-11]-Etta [Hannah] Allen/Mother/1852-1915 Tombstone

ALLERT: [1-86]-Roy W. Allert/1917-1919 Tombstone

ALTHEN: [Unk]-[Julius/Death record/July 31, 1903/Julius Althen/ co. death record v.7 pg.170/per obit-b. 20 May 1882/bur. 1903/age 21 yrs.] [Unk]-[Christina/Death record/Christina Althen/Feb 13 1903/ co. death record v.7 p.143/bur. 1903/age 62 yrs. (NOTE: She was married to Heinrich so her locations is probably 4-42, buried beside him as is/was the custom] [Unk]-[Baby Althen/bur. 1904] [3-91]-Albert/Sept. 27, 1885/Jun. 10, 1971 Tombstone Albert/Rose, ossw: [3-91]-Rose/1891-Jul. 1964 Tombstone Albert/Rose [4-12]-[Ida Althen/bur. 1929] [4-12]-[John Althen/bur. 04/12/1969/age 96 yrs.] [4-42]-Heinrich [K.] Althen/geboren 4 Jul. 1837,[Germany]/gestorhen 24 Dez. 1895/ Tombstone [4-46]-Henry W. Althen/1883-1963 Tombstone [4-46]-William/1838-1896 Tombstone William/Anna, ossw: [4-46]-Anna/1854-Apr. 1938 Tombstone William/Anna [4-46]-Conrad Althen Sr./Oct. 28, 1894/Sept. 5, 1970 Tombstone Conrad/Nora, ossw: [4-46]-Nora Althen/1899-1936 Tombstone Conrad/Nora [4-46]-[Norman/-baby-/bur. 1919] [5-36]-John Althen/1871-1946 Tombstone John/Bertha/Louise, ossw: [5-36]-Bertha Althen/1869-Jun. 1941 Tombstone John/Bertha/Louise, ossw: [5-36]-Louise C. Althen SCHMIDT/1896-1975 (See SCHMIDT-have obit) Tombstone John/Bertha/Louise [5-45]-Henry Althen/Co. K/11 Wis. Inf. [March 15, 1845/July 19, 1893/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable] Tombstone [5-45]-Henry/1845-1893 [Henry Althen/b. 15 Mar, 1845, Germany/age 48 yr./d. 19 Jul 1893/ cause: Consumpition(sic)] Tombstone Henry/Christine/Christina, ossw: [5-45]-Christine L. CAMPBELL/1887-1973 (See CAMPBELL) Tombstone Henry/Christine/Christina, ossw: [5-45]-Christina/1854-Dec. 1932 Tombstone Henry/Christine/Christina [5-45]-Louis W./1880-1918 Tombstone, ossw: [5-45]-Emma M./1885-Jun. 1961 Tombstone, ossw: [5-45]-Edward J./Aug. 9, 1885/Jan. 6, 1972 Tombstone, ossw: [5-45]-[Emma] Althen/Baby/1891-1892 Tombstone [5-82]-Mary Althen/Mother/1879-Jan. 1958 Tombstone, next to: [5-82]-Henry Althen/Father/1868-Feb. 1935 Tombstone [5-82]-Julia Althen/May 12, 1903/July 12, 1991 Tombstone One large stone with ALTHEN on one side, and the following on the other sides: Family stone [5-82]-J. PETRI & Charlotte PETRI/April 5, 1863-June 3, 1901 Tombstone, next to:PETRI [5-82]-Walter [Walter John Petri]/1889-1961 (See PETRI-have obit), ossw: [5-82]-John [Petri]/1861-1944, ossw: [5-82]-Charlotte [Charlotta Petri]/1863-1901 Tombstone Walt/John/Charlotte [6-75]-Minnie Althen/Mother/1878-Jun. 1935 Tombstone, next to: [6-75]-Henry Althen/Father/1877-Jan. 1958 Tombstone [6-75]-[Helma/bur. 1916] [7-57]-Julius C. Althen/1903-Apr. 1967 Tombstone, next to: [7-57]-Irma E. Althen/1902-Sept. 1977 Tombstone [8-44]-Fred M. Althen [Sr.]/Feb. 10, 1872/Sept. 3, 1916 Tombstone [8-44]-[Hannah Althen/Mrs./bur. 04-22-1933] [8-44]-[Fred Althen Jr./bur. 1923] [8-44]-[Mrs. M./no more information] [8-45]-Seymour/1899-Oct. 1975 Tombstone Seymour/Evelyn, ossw: [8-45]-Evelyn [A.]/1905-Mar. 1983 Tombstone Seymour/Evelyn see WEBER

ALTMAN: [1-45]-[Charles/bur. 1914] [1-45]-[Paul/b. 1878, Two Rivers/d. 23 Feb. 1900]

ALTMANN: [1-45]-Sophia/1853-1945 Tombstone note: buried in same sect. & lot with ALTMAN [6-24]-Ella Altmann/1879-Apr. 1974 NOTE: This marker was broken all apart and I put it together as best I could. I got the dates wrong, also all the numbers and letters were not there. Marker, next to: [6-24]-Anita M. Altmann/1913-May. 1949 Tombstone see LAHEY

AMMERMAN: [1-109]-Emma Ammerman/Dec. 18, 1880/June 13, 1962 Tombstone, next to: [1-109]-John Ammerman/Apr. 11, 1881/Sept. 8, 1924 Tombstone

ANDERBERG: [4-13]-Oscar C./1883-Apr. 1966, ossw: [4-13]-Mary/1892-Jun.1967 Tombstone Oscar/Mary [4-13]-Clifford W. Anderberg/Sgt. U.S. Army WWII/Feb. 4 1920-Nov. 7 1997/Purple Heart, ossw: [4-13]-Gertrude Anderberg/Sep. 25 1928-___ Tombstone Clifford/Gertrude

ANDERSON: Anderson family stone [1-56]-Sophia/1865-1933, ossw: [1-56]-Peter/1861-Dec.1931 Tombstone Peter/Sophia, ossw: [1-56]-Edna B./1894-1984, ossw: [1-56]-Oral/1896-1986 [Jul. 1986](27 Mar 1896/Jul 1986/SSDI) Tombstone Oral/Edna [2-33]-George A. Anderson/1950-Feb.1973 Tombstone, next to: [2-33]-Theresa/Mother/1855-1923 Tombstone, next to: [2-33]-Grace S./1888-Jun. 1967 Tombstone, next to: [2-33]-George W./1889-Dec.1950 Tombstone [8-55]-Jonathan Lee Anderson/1941-May 1950 Tombstone Shirley A. Anderson/Nov. 6, 1915/Aug. 29, 2010/from obit

APEL: [7-79]-C. August Apel/died May 21, 1874/aged 51

ARBAUGH: [4-33]-Robert C./1904-[Oct.]1958,[Robert Cope.] ossw: [4-33]-Adelaide/1907-Aug. 1965 Tombstone Robert/Adelaide

ARIANSEN: [4-41]-[Anna/bur. 1896/age 47 yrs.]

ARNEMAN: [3-50]-Emma Arneman/1868-May 1945 Tombstone, next to: [3-50]-Herman Arneman/1871-Feb. 1947 Tombstone [5-33]-August Arneman [Jr.]/1860-Dec. 1935 Tombstone, next to: [5-33]-Mary Arneman/1861-Jul. 1957 Tombstone see ARNEMANN

ARNEMANN: [3-50]-August Arnemann/1832-1904 Tombstone, ossw: [3-50]-Maria Arnemann/1834-1920 Tombstone, next to: [3-50]-Footstone: Mother [3-68]-Margaret ULRICH Arnemann/1896-1987 Tombstone [3-99]-Catherine Arnemann/1848-1922 Tombstone, next to: [3-99]-John Arnemann/1872-1872 Tombstone, ossw: [3-99]-Catherine Arnemann/1878-1878 Tombstone See PIRE See TURNER

ARNOLD: Arnold family stone [1-200]-Jacob Arnold/born/April 29, 1822/died/May 30, 1890 Tombstone  Tombstone, next to: [1-200]-Katharine Arnold/Geb. den 8 Oct. 1868/Gest. den 28 June (No year of death.) Tombstone  Tombstone [1-200]-[Anne "Annie" Arnold/b. Germany/d. 12 Aug. 18??/d. 4 Jan. 1894/ cause: La Grippe/age 62 yrs.]

ASPLUND: [3-65]-Arvid E. Asplund/March 14, 1908/May 9, 1996/married May 6, 1928, ossw: [3-65]-Leona H. "Kubel"/Oct. 17, 1909/Jan. 2, 1988 Tombstone Arvid/Leona

ASSMANN: [7- ]-Joyce M. Assmann/1915-2009

[AVERY]: [2-2ROW]-[R.-Baby-/bur. 1926]

[ B ]


BACHUS: (on Lessing stone)
[8-11]-Paul Bachus/Geb. 21 Apr. 1858/Gest. 3 Apr. 1919, ossw:
[8-11]-Emelia Bachus/Geb. 24 Feb. 1858/Gest. 14 Mar. 1931 Tombstone Paul/Emelia	


BACON: [4-94]-John M. Bacon/1915-Oct. 4, 1936 Tombstone, next to: [4-94]-Rose [M.] Bacon/1881-Jul.1957 Tombstone, next to: [4-94]-Charles H. Bacon/1888-Aug. 1961 Tombstone

BADECKER: [BAEDKER:] [1-109]-Henrich/tatte von/Cathn. Badecker/gestorben ?????/alter/26 jahre 1 mo./und 24 tage (Stone in four pieces.)

BAEDKER: [1-71]- Mary Baedker/1875-Apr. 1954 Tombstone, next to: [1-71]- Emil Baedker/1872-1924 Tombstone, next to: [1-71]- Elizabeth/gattin von/E. Baedker/Geb./13 Nov. 1872/Gest./15 Juni 1899 Tombstone [1-71]-(Reinhold) ???old/Gest. 24 Juni 1899/alter 12 tage Tombstone [1-229]-Minna/16 Marz 1874/17 April 1880 Tombstone [1-238]-John Baedker/Father/Dec. 12, 1837/Dec. 4, 1919, ossw: [1-238]-Minnie [Wilhelmina] Baedker/Mother/April 15, 1838/July 6, 1928 (Stone off base.) [1-239]-[Wilhelmina/bur. ???] (Minna above?)

BAERWALDT: [4-81]-(Amelia) Schramm/Mother/1846-1923 (See SHRAMM-have obit) Tombstone, next to: [4-81]-Schramm/Father/1827-1893 Tombstone [4-81]-Ethelwyn/1912-Jul. 1962, ossw: [4-81]-Lydia/1887-Apr. 1965, ossw: [4-81]-Erwin/1886-Jun. 1942 Tombstone Ethelwyn/Lydia/Erwin, next to: Tombstone Ethel/Lydia  Tombstone Lydia/Erwin [6-46]-Augusta/wife of Friedrich/Baerwaldt/May 27, 1829/Nov. 28, 1919 Tombstone, next to: [6-46]-Fred'k BAERWALD/Co. D/48th Wis. Inf./Geb. in Schiafelbein Pom/ 24 Oct. 1827/Gest./7 Apr. 1890 [Frederich] Tombstone [6-46]-[Anna Baerwaldt/bur. ????] (missing stone?) [6-65]-Mary F.J./wife of William Baerwaldt/Sept. 12, 1853-May 25, 1923 Tombstone [6-65]-[William Baerwaldt/bur. 05-19-1930]

BAETZ: Baetz family stone [3-88]-Henry/1864-1934 Tombstone, next to: [3-88]-Arthur/1874-Feb. 1959 Tombstone, next to: [3-88]-Ella E./1876-1961 Tombstone [3-88]-Elizabeth/1862-1940 Tombstone, next to: [3-88]-Amelia/1867-1930 Tombstone, next to: [3-88]-Augusta/1854-1925 Tombstone, next to: [3-88]-[Andrew] Father/1828-1919 Tombstone [3-93]-Arthur Byron/1906-Mar. 1967 Tombstone, next to: [3-93]-[Sophia?] Mother/1832-1890 Tombstone, next to: [3-93]-[Gertrude] Grandma/1807-1904 Tombstone, next to: [3-93]-Conrad/1871-Jun. 1940 Tombstone [8-9]-Andrew/1848-1896 Tombstone See SPAHN

BAETZHOLDT: (both from the city record) [5-44]-[Anna/bur. 12-23-1933] [5-44]-[Ferdinand/bur. 12-22-1934]

BALAE: (City record) [6-43]-[Ernestine/Baby/no other information] (Note: May be a typo, as Balge is in sect. 6, lot 43 also)

BALGE: [5-8]-Raymond Balge/1904-1904 Tombstone [6-43]-Carrie Balge/dau. of R. & A. Balge/born/Mar. 27,1890/died/Oct. 26, 1890 Tombstone  Tombstone, next to: [6-43]-Adolph Balge/Father/born Mar. 13, 1859/died Sept. 30, 1898 Tombstone

BANZHAF: [2-2ROW]-Willelm I./sohn von/Rev. I. & M. Banzhaf/Geb. 27 Juni 1862/Gest. 2 April 1871

BARBER: [1-195]-Aaron Barber, Jr./died Aug. 13, 1850/ae. 39 yrs./& 4 mos. Tombstone

BARMEL: [1-74]-Henry/1822-1898, ossw: [1-74]-Martin/1860-1933, ossw: [1-74]-Louise/[bur. 01-10-1947/age 86 yrs.]Tombstone Henry/Martin/Louise

BARTELLE: [1-2]-Catharina FLEISCHER/geboren in Nietter Breizig/Gest./Sept. 1900/ alter 75 ja. 1 mo. 4 ta.,[Cathrine Fleischer], ossw: [1-2]-Christina/Unsere tochter/gattin des/N. BARTELLE starb 19 April 1886/ alter 33 jah. 1 mo. 16 tage Tombstone Catharina/Christina See FLEISCHER-have obit

BARTHELS: Barthels family stone 1  :Barthels family stone 2 [1-168]-Wm. Barthels/Co. A./14th Wis. Inf. [October 26, 1825/August 13, 1884/ from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable] Tombstone [1-168]-William [W.] Barthels/Geb. 26 Oct. 1825/Gest. 13 Aug. 1884 Tombstone, ossw [1-168]-Sophia Barthels/Geb. 7 Feb. 1835/Gest. 9 Aug. 1918 Tombstone, ossw: [1-169]-Friedrich SCHRIEVER/Geb. 10 Nov. 1811/Gest. 23 Nov. 1875, ossw: [1-169]-Dorothea SCHRIEVER/Geb. 26 Feb. 1808/Gest. 5 Oct. 1872 Tombstone Friedrich/Dorothea, ossw: [1-169]-Dorothea S. BURMEISTER/Geb. 31 Mai. 1858/Gest. 31 Dec. 1886, next to: [1-169]-Dorothea [Dorothy] PETRI/Geb. 25 Mai 1845/Gest. 23 Mai 1883, ossw: [1-169]-Friedricke Barthels/Geb. 29 Jan.-Gest. 11 Mar. 1869 Tombstone, ossw: [1-169]-Louisa Barthels/Geb. 18 Dec.-Gest. 26 Dec. 1869 Tombstone [1-168]-Carl F. Barthels/Geb. 11 Juli 1878/Gest. 12 Apr. 1900 Tombstone, ossw: [1-169]-Helena C. Barthels/Geb. 25 Jan.-Gest. 10 Apr. 18[77] Tombstone, ossw: [1-168]-Regina S. Barthels/Geb. 24 April 1872-Gest. 7 Mar. 1880 Tombstone, next to: Footstones: Mutter, D.S., next to: [1-227]-Ludwig Barthels/Jan. 22, 1831-June 19, 1914 Tombstone, ossw: [1-227]-Margaretha Barthels/Okt. 17, 1835/Apr. 5, 1909 Tombstone See BURMEISTER See PETRI See SCHRIEVER

BARTZ: Bartz family stone Footstones: J.L., B.L. located on either side of James/Donald CELLE stone, and near LUEBKE/BARTZ stone. see LUEBKE [3-57]-Henry/1821-1895 Tombstone, ossw: [3-57]-Sophia Johanna/1834-1920 Tombstone, ossw: [3-57]-Alice Luebke/1890-1961 (See LUEBKE-have obit.) Tombstone [6-86]-Hermine TEESCH Bartz/1868-Mar. 1948 Tombstone, next to: [6-86]-Herman Bartz/1864-Jan. 1937 Tombstone, next to: [6-86]-Maria MEDAUS Bartz/1864-1905 Tombstone, next to: [6-86]-Victor Bartz/1900-1902 Tombstone, next to: [6-86]-Lulu Bartz STEINKE/1895-1918 Tombstone, next to: [6-86]-Sgt. Harry H. Bartz/1893-1918 [bur. 1921] Tombstone

BATZOLT: [Unk-1-20]-Gottfret/bur. 1905/age 82 yrs.]

BAUM: [1-53]-Mary Baum/1855-Jan. 1928 Tombstone, next to: [1-53]-Oscar Baum/1841-1904 Tombstone, ossw: [1-53]-Oscar Baum/Co. D/48 Wis. Inf. Tombstone, next to: [1-53]-Cunie Baum/born/March 11, 1894/died/Oct. 11, 1908 Tombstone, next to: [1-53]-Gustav/sohn von/O. & M. Baum/geboren/6 Mar. 1883/starb/2 Juni, 1889 Tombstone [1-78]-Anna/geborene LAURE/Seine gemahlin/starb 22 Sept. 1886/alter 77 jahre/9 monate Tombstone, ossw: [1-78]-Moritz Baum/starb/8 April 1888/alter 71 jahr/?H? Gohlberg Schlesien Tombstone, ossw: [1-78]-Ida BRUNS/geborene/Baum/starb/29 Nov. 1876/alter/31 jahre, 2 mo. Tombstone, next to: [1-78]-Footstone: I.B. [1-78]-[Henry/bur. 1909/no more information] No Tombstone [1-152]-Pauline BAUM/gebne Sonntag/13 Mai 1813/gestorben/24 Apr. 1866 Tombstone [1-154]-Margaret/1892-Nov. 1972 Tombstone, ossw: [1-154]-Oscar/1888-Dec. 1961 Tombstone [1-154]-Alfred O. Baum/1917-1992 (02 Dec 1917/10 Jul 1992/SSDI) Tombstone, ossw: [1-154]-Dolores E. Baum/1917-2014 Tombstone [7-78]-Lilly/1890-Oct. 1942 Tombstone, ossw: [7-78]-Louis/1891-Dec. 1948 Tombstone [7-78]-Marion Baum/1922-Sept. 1973 Tombstone [2-69]-Esther Baum/1893-1939 Tombstone, next to: [2-69]-Otto G. Baum/1890-1951 Tombstone, next to: [2-69]-Anna [M.]Baum/1899-Jun. 1971 Tombstone [4-63]-Ervin Earl Baum/1914-1991 [bur. 02-06-1991/age 76 yr.](02 Oct 1914/01 Feb 1991/SSDI) Tombstone, ossw: [4-63]-Olive Baum/1919-1994 Tombstone See SONNTAG

BEATON: [4-47]-Richard/1845-1899/Co. H 12th Reg Wis Tombstone, next to: [4-47]-Emeilie Beaton/1852-1930, next to: [4-47]-Lora Beaton/[bur. 10/02/1968/age 83 yr.] Tombstone [4-47]-Edwin H. Beaton/[bur. 12-11-1980] Tombstone, next to: [4-47]-Henrietta Beaton [bur. 07-26-1976/age 83 yrs] Tombstone [5-99]-George R. Beaton/1881-Mar. 1963 Tombstone, next to: [5-99]-Ella Beaton/1888-Mar. 1934 Tombstone [5-99]-[Margaret L./bur. 09-16-1991/age 81 yr.]


BECK: [1-35]-Carl Beck/1881-1881 Tombstone, next to: [1-35]-August Beck/1887-1890 Tombstone, next to: [1-35]-Friedrich W. Beck/17 Mar. 1889/12 Dec. 1902 Tombstone, next to: [1-35]-Friedrich Beck/Father/1842-1930 Tombstone, next to: [1-35]-Anna KOEHLER Beck/Mother/1850-Dec. 1931 Tombstone, next to: [1-35]-Edward O. Beck/1882-1921 Tombstone

BECKER: [1-71]-Bertha Becker/Mother/1877-Apr. 1944 Tombstone, next to: [1-71]-Rudolph Becker/Father/1873-Sept. 1944 Tombstone [1-241]-Johann Becker/starb/28 Nov. 1885/alter/61 jahre Tombstone, next to: [1-241]-John Becker/Co. D/48 Wis. Inf. [1824/November 26, 1885/ from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable] [2-11]-Amalie Becker/Aug. 26, 1860/Apr. 24, 1914 Tombstone, ossw: [2-11]-Jacob Becker/March 17, 1857/Jan. 6, 1929 Tombstone, next to: [2-11]-Footstones: Mother, Father [2-13]-George P./1910-Aug. 1980 Tombstone, ossw: [2-13]-Delores/1920-2004 Tombstone [2-18]-Alfred/1912-Jul. 1978 Tombstone, ossw: [2-18]-Herman [B.]/1873-Nov. 1931 Tombstone, ossw: [2-18]-Mary/1887-1918 Tombstone, ossw: [2-18]-Alvin/1914-1916 Tombstone [3-67]-Walter/1884-Mar. 1940 Tombstone, ossw: [3-67]-Gertrude/1888-1971 Tombstone, ossw: [3-67]-Everett G./1914-Mar. 1953 Tombstone [6-31]-(Bernice M. Becker/August 7, 1911/March 7, 1995/from obit) Tombstone WYSZYNSKI

BEDUHN: Beduhn family stone [5-69]-Walter R. Beduhn/1886-Oct.1968 Tombstone, next to: [5-69]-Margaret K. Beduhn/1891-1979 Tombstone, next to: [5-69]-Julius J. Beduhn/Father/1859-Jun. 1949 Tombstone, next to: [5-69]-Augusta L. Beduhn/Mother/1858-1927 Tombstone [5-72]-Arthur A./1888-Jul. 1968, ossw: [5-72]-Norma/1891-Jan. 1981 Tombstone Arthur/Norma, next to: [5-72]-Margaret JONAS/Mother/1856-1932 (See JONAS-have obit)

BEECK: [1-8]-Charles Zoerb/1845-1920/Great Grandfather, ossw: [1-8]-Frieda Zoerb/1853-1904 Tombstone Charles/Frieda, ossw: [1-8]-Norman Beeck/1904-1905, ossw: [1-8]-Norbert Beeck/1904-1917 Tombstone Norman/Norbert [4-23]-Charles Beeck/Father/1862-Mar. 1944 Tombstone, next to: [4-23]-Mathilda Beeck/Mother/1873-1955 Tombstone, next to: [4-24]-Emelea SCHULTZ Beeck/1864-Nov. 1951 Tombstone , next to: [4-24]-Fred Henry Beeck/1864-Apr. 1954 Tombstone, next to: [4-24]-Emelia WENTKER Beeck/1869-1897 Tombstone, next to: [4-24]-Arthur Henry Beeck/1893-1896 [city has 1897] Tombstone , next to: [4-24]-Selma E. Beeck/1896-Nov. 1982 Tombstone [4-24]-[F. Beeck/child/bur. 1896/age 3 yrs.]

BEEK: [4-23]-Henry/Father/Co. D/48 Wis. Inf. Tombstone [Henry Beek/bur. 1902/age 71 yr./civil war vet]

BEGALKE: [6-5]-Edward Begalke/Father/Nov. 7, 1844/Jan. 31, 1929 Tombstone, next to: [6-5]-Mathilda Begalke/Mother/June 4, 1852/Dec. 17, 1937 Tombstone

BEHLOW: [1-131]-Behlow family stone [1-131]-Fred Behlow, Jr./1873-Sept. 1961 Tombstone, next to: [1-131]-Fred C. Behlow/1842-1917 Tombstone, next to: [1-131]-Caroline Behlow/1853-1923 Tombstone

BEHRENDT: [8-43]-[Baby/no other information]

BEHRENS: [1-81]-[Baby/bur. 1915] [4-44]-Albert/1883-1921, ossw: [4-44]-Alvina [B.]/1888-Jun. 1958 Tombstone Albert/Alvina

BEITZEL: [2-43]-Frank/1901-1995, ossw: [2-43]-Leona/1903-1972 Tombstone Frank/Leona

BELZ: [2-45]-Julius [H.]/1882-Dec. 1952, ossw: [2-45]-Anna/1889-1960 Tombstone Julius/Anna, next to: [2-45]-Julius Belz/1847-1924 Tombstone, next to: [2-45]-Catharine Belz/1849-[Dec.]1921 Tombstone [2-45]-[Baby Belz/no other information] [3-1]-Mary Belz/1886-Aug. 1954 Tombstone, next to: [3-1]-Gust Belz/1879-Jun. 1941 Tombstone [3-18]-[Baby Belz/bur. 1899/age 6 mo.] [3-18]-[Emil/bur. 1909] [3-18]-[Katherine/bur. 1910]

BEMIS: [1-58]-Minnie E. Bemis/1850-Jan. 1927 Tombstone, next to: [1-59]-Charles L. Bemis/1879-1917 Tombstone, next to: [1-59]-Harry E. Bemis/1873-Sept. 1939 Tombstone [1-59]-[William Elmer/no other information]

BENDER: [1-205]-[John/bur. 1905] [1-205]-[Louisa/bur. 1905]

BENESH: [8-40]-Anna/1886-Nov. 1951, ossw: [8-40]-Edward/1883-1957 Tombstone Edward/Anna [8-40]-Baby daughter of/E & A Benesh/born and died/Sept. 29, 1924 Tombstone


BENTHEIN: [2-15]-Frank Benthein/Sept. 5, 1885/Oct. 29, 1915 Tombstone

BENTHIEN: William/born Feb. 24, 1877/died Feb. 3, 1920/In loving memory Tombstone  Tombstone [5-34]-[Paul William/bur. 1920/age 32 yrs.] see NISCHKE

BERG: [1-197]-Elva H./June 22, 1924/Mar. 15, 2002 Tombstone

BERGER: [2-5]-George E./1904-Aug. 1968, ossw: [2-5]-Julia A./1906-2000 Photo Tombstone George/Julia [2-5]-Thomas C. Berger/Son/Aug. 20, 1931/Oct. 5, 2004 Tombstone [2-5]-Amelia/1867-1917 [bur. 1917], ossw: [2-5]-[Charles/1861-1927, ossw: [2-5]-[Evelyn/1906-1920 daughter Tombstone Charles/Amelia/Evelyn [6-33]-Lilly Berger/1876-Jul. 1943 Tombstone, next to: [6-33]-Guido Berger/1870-Dec. 1947 Tombstone [6-33]-[Baby Berger/bur. 1896/age 3 da.] [6-33]-[Benjamin/bur. 1897/age 10 da.] [6-33]-[Gottfried/died 07-29-1894/age 74 yrs.] [6-33]-[Maria/bur. 1924] [Unk-1-20]-[Lillie Berger/bur. 1907]

BERGWALD: [6-23]-[Johann/bur. 1901/age 79 yrs.] [6-73]-[Christina/bur. 1914]

BERNERS: [1-57]-Benjamin F./son of N. & J. Berners/died/June 20, 1865/ae. 7 ys. 9 ms. 21 da. Tombstone

BERNHARDT: Bernhardt family stone [1-201]-H. Emelie Bernhardt/gebne KAHLENBERG/Geb./23 Apr. 1828/gestorben/ 20 Aug. 1902 Tombstone, ossw: [1-201]-J. Gottlob Bernhardt/geboren/22 Dez. 1822/gestorben/9 Oct. 1883 Tombstone, next to: [1-201]-Footstone: H.E.B. [1-202]-[Baby Bernhardt/bur. 1895/age 3 wks.] [1-202]-Sophia Bernhardt/Mother/1866-1955 Tombstone, next to: [1-202]-Albert Bernhardt/Father/1858-1930 Tombstone

BERTRAM: [8-47]-[Larry/bur. 05-24-1946/age 8 hr.] [8-47]-[Terry/bur. 05-24-1946/age 8 hr.]

BERTSCHY: [4-52]-Bertschy family stone [4-52]-Walter [M.]/1886-Jan.1951, ossw: [4-52]-Anna/1892-1965 Tombstone Walter/Anna, ossw: [4-52]-Barbara/-1947-, ossw: [4-52]-John/Sept. 1927, ossw: [4-52]-Martin/1917-1920 Tombstone Barbara/John/Martin [4-52]-[Wesley M./bur. 09-10-1956/age 6 da.] [4-52]-Corliss H./Nov. 24, 1912/May 30, 1991/PVT US Army WWII Tombstone

BETH: [6-9]-Walter M. Beth/1913-2004, ossw: [6-9]-Ramona B. Beth/1914-1999 Tombstone  Tombstone

BIEL: [1-131]-[Edna Marian/bur. 04-03-1984/age 66 yrs.] [5-44]-Large stone with BIEL - BEATZHOLDT Family stone, next to: [5-44]-John Biel/1855-1893 Tombstone [5-44]-[August Biel/bur.12-14-1940/age 55 yrs.]

BISCHOFF: [3-28]-Andrew/1856-1925, ossw: [3-28]-Elizabeth/1888-1893, ossw: [3-28]-Caroline/1859-1929 Tombstone Andrew/Elizabeth/Caroline [3-28]-[Elizabeth Bischoff/bur. 08-22-1925]

BISHOP: [1-34]-[Jane Louise/bur. 1922] Tombstone [5-60]-Edward/1876-Jan. 1945, ossw: [5-60]-Nora/1888-May 1973 Tombstone Edward/Nora, next to: [5-60]-Footstone: Vater see HUBNER

BITCHNER: [7-25]-[Wilhelmine/bur. 1880]

BIXLER: [3-93]-Andrew Loy Bixler/1909-2003, ossw: [3-93]-Berniece Bixler/1911 mir 2001/Two treasured souls in life, in love your legacy endures for generations Tombstone Andrew/Berniece [3-93]-[Ella Bixler/bur. May 19, 2004]

BLAHA: [3-34]-Daniel/1899-1973, ossw: [3-34]-Esther/1901-1983 Tombstone Daniel/Esther

BLASHKA: Becky Blashka/Baby/July 12, 1977 [Disinterred] [Cyril Joseph/bur. 09-12-1949/age 40 yrs.[Disinterred/moved to Calvary, Manitowoc]

BLATTLER: [4-85]-John J. Blattler/Mar. 6, 1876/Feb. 27, 1953 Tombstone, next to: [4-85]-Anna Blattler/Aug. 23, 1879/Nov. 26, 1932 Tombstone, next to: [4-85]-Elmer Blattler/Feb. 11, 1805/Aug. 7, 1918 Tombstone

BLESER: [1-7]-Bleser family stone [1-7]-Peter C./Father/1860-1947 Tombstone, next to: [1-7]-Ida/Mother/1863-1925 Tombstone, next to: [1-7]-Roland C. Bleser/Wisconsin/Pvt Co B 18 Machine Gun Bn/World War I/ Oct. 14, 1891/Dec. 18, 1964 Tombstone, next to: [1-7]-Baby [Boy] Bleser/1956-[Nov.]1956 Tombstone (Klein & Stangel, Inc. funeral home marker.) (This marker is now behind the Bleser fam. stone in section 2) [1-7]-Olga M. Bleser/June 23, 1894/Mar. 8, 1992 Tombstone

BLUM: [2-24]-Meta C./1884-Dec. 1961, ossw: [2-24]-William F./1885-Sept. 1968 Tombstone Meta/William  Tombstone Meta/William, next to: [2-24]-Alice Blum/1919-1920 (daughter of William and Meta Wenholz Blum) Tombstone  Tombstone, next to: [2-24]-Edward Blum/1924-1925 Tombstone  Tombstone See JONAS See JURGENS See KEMPFERT

BOCHER: [1-64]-Hilbert A./1907-Nov. 1978 Tombstone, ossw: [1-64]-Alice M./1915-1996 Tombstone [2-76]-Alwin E./1898-Aug. 1968 Tombstone, ossw: [2-76]-Wm. "Bill"/1929-1983 Tombstone, ossw: [2-76]-Agnes/1904-1980 Tombstone [2-79]-Ewald/1883-Jan. 1967 Tombstone, ossw: [2-79]-Emma/1889-June 1965 Tombstone

BOEHM: [4-58]-Anna Boehm/Geb. 16 Oct. 1841/Gest. 14 Mar. 1923 Tombstone, ossw: [4-58]-Ferdinand Boehm/Geb. 19 Apr. 1843/Gest. 29 Oct. 1898 Tombstone  Tombstone, next to: [4-58]-Footstones: Vater, Mutter

BOEHRINGER: Boehringer family stone [3-44]-William/Father/1867-1929 Tombstone, next to: [3-44]-Roy/1896-1903, ossw: [3-44]-Orpha/1901-1901 Tombstone Roy/Orpha, next to: [3-44]-Hulda [C.]/Mother/1870-Feb. 1952 Tombstone [4-33]-Earl P./April 11, 1905/Feb. 4, 1998 [4-33]-Norine B./Oct. 4, 1906/May 8, 2003 Tombstone Earl/Norine

BOELTE: [1-87]-[Irma E./bur. 06-18-1987/age 84 yrs.] [3-17]-Laura Cather. Kurtz Boelte/1882-1968 Tombstone [3-17]-William C. Boelte/1872-1944 Tombstone see KURTZ

BOETTCHER: Boettcher family stone [4-15]-Elmer W. Boettcher/1896-Jul. 1965, ossw: [4-15]-Eliza [M.] Boettcher/1897-[Feb. 1982] (10 May 1897/Feb 1982/SSDI), ossw: [4-15]-Mary MENGES/1884-[1982] Tombstone Elmer/Eliza/Mary, ossw: [4-15]-George [Alber.] MENGES/1887-1960, ossw: [4-15]-Maria MENGES/1852-1941, ossw: [4-15]-Philip MENGES/1853-1938 Tombstone George/Maria/Philip, next to: [4-18]-Bernhard Boettcher/Aug. 20, 1855/Jan. 5, 1928 Tombstone, next to: [4-18]-Mary (Leitz) Boettcher/Sept. 29, 1860/Sept. 5, 1939 Tombstone, next to: [4-18]-Emma Boettcher/Jan. 20, 1889/Dec. 14, 1967 Tombstone [6-127]-Walter C. Boettcher/1885-Apr.1952 Tombstone, next to: [6-127]-Minnie D. HELLER Boettcher/Wife of W.C. Boettcher/1890-1918 Tombstone [7-44]-William/1892-May 1964, ossw: [7-44]-Anna/1897-Oct. 1966 Tombstone William/Anna [7- ]-Orville Boettcher/1926-2007 See MENGES

BOETTGER: [5-26]-Marie Boettger/Aug. 16, 1878/Nov. 24, 1903 Tombstone Tombstone [5-26]-[Baby/bur. 01-??-1904/age 1 mo.]

BOHN: [1-30]-Bohn family stone [1-30]-John C. Bohn/Father/born 1829 died 1877, ossw: [1-30]-Regina Bohn/Mother/born 1834/died 1887

BOHNE: [Unk-1-1]-Baby boy/bur. Dec. 13, 1943 [1-93]-[Baby/bur. 1895]

BOHTE: [5-91]-Ferdinand Bohte/1840-1929 Tombstone, next to: [5-91]-Louise Bohte/1843-1928 Tombstone

BOLDUS: [1-170]-Boldus family stone [1-170]-[Barney E. Boldus/bur. 07-13-1928/age 43 yrs.] [1-171]-(Gesine)/Mother/1852-1904 (Dec. 6, 1904) Tombstone, next to: (information in above parenthesis from newspaper account.) [1-171]-[Frank F.]/Father/185?-1917 Tombstone, next to: [1-171]-William S. Boldus/Feb. 8, 1876/Nov. 25, 1912 Tombstone [1-171]-[Frank/child/bur. 1899/age 5 yrs.] [1-171]-[Walter/bur. 1901/age 22 yrs.] ((Catherine)/Mrs. F. Boldus/d. 14 Feb. 1885/from newspaper) (Gessine Boldus/d. July 21, 1899/age 4/from newspaper) See WALLO

BOPREY: [5-54]-Edward M./1890-Aug. 1967, ossw: [5-54]-Martha L./1894-1981 Tombstone Edward/Martha [5-54]-[Baby Boprey/bur. 11-21-1935]

BORETSKY: [4-1]-Adolph/1870-May, 1928, ossw: [4-21]-Antonia/1876-Jun. 1955 Tombstone Adolph/Antonia, next to: [4-21]-Edward Boretsky/Apr. 25, 1897/Dec. 9, 1973 Tombstone

BORGWALD: (These aren't on the city record) Christina Borgwald/Geb. 14 May 1827/Gest./17 Jan. 1914, ossw: Johann Borgwald/Geb. 14 Feb. 1822/Gest. 23 Juli 1901 Tombstone Tombstone Christina Tombstone Johann  Tombstone Johann

BORNEMANN: [3-47]-Ethel G./May 15, 1918/May 28, 1970, ossw: [3-47]-Roland R./Apr. 29, 1916/May 6, 1992 Tombstone Ethel/Roland

BOUDA: [4-61]-Frank M./1891-Nov. 1955 Tombstone, ossw: [4-61]-Martha/1892-Oct. 1970 Tombstone, next to: [4-61]-Viola D. (not on city record) Tombstone [4-61]-[Paul Bouda/bur. 7-15-2011] (Veteran) [4-61]-[Audrey E. Bouda/bur.6-15-2013] [5-84]-Barbora Bouda/Dec. 3, 1850-Aug. 22, 1908 Tombstone, ossw: [5-84]-Joseph B. Bouda/Mar. 11, 1851/Jan. 29, 1936 Tombstone, ossw: [5-84]-Anna Bouda/Oct. 20, 1884/Dec. 30, 1903 Tombstone, next to: [5-84]-Footstones: Father, Mother

BOUDREAUX: [8-38]-Coulette/-1980- Marker

BRAUN: Braun family stone [1-204]-Charles Braun/Father/1863-Apr. 1933 Tombstone, next to: [1-204]-Clara Braun/Mother/1869-1952 Tombstone, next to: [1-204]-George/Baby/Oct. 17/Oct. 19, 1916 Tombstone, next to: [1-204]-Albert E./1889-Jul. 1952 Tombstone, ossw: [1-204]-Louise M./1888-Oct. 1963 Tombstone [7-7]-Paul/1884-1948 Tombstone, ossw: [7-7]-Esther/1896-1994 Tombstone, ossw: [7-7]-Neal/1924-1924 [Neal John]Tombstone [7-75]-Elizabeth/1861-1924/Mother Tombstone [7-75]-[Herman J./bur. 03-16-1935] No Tombstone see PUFAHL

BREIVOGEL: [1-196]-Henry J./1909-1993 (14 Jul 1909/31 Aug 1993/SSDI), ossw: [1-196]-Marjorie L./1915-2000 (13 Aug 1915/13 Jul 2000/SSDI) Tombstone Henry/Marjorie [5-73]-Chester/1903-1973 (17 Oct 1903/Jun 1973/SSDI), ossw: [5-73]-Emma/1907-Sept. 1990 Tombstone Chester/Emma [6-110]-John and Margaret Breivogel Tombstone, next to: [6-110]-John/son of/Mr. & Mrs. C. Breivogel/1934-May 1937 Tombstone, next to: [6-110]-John J./1875-Dec. 1959, ossw: [6-110]-Mary/1880-Jul. 1948 Tombstone John/Mary [6-110]-[John/bur. 1906] [6-110]-[Margaret/bur. 1911] [6-110]-Milton W./1900-1987, ossw: [6-110]-Frances/1910-1991 [bur. 07-31-1991/age 80 yrs.](17 Aug 1910/Jul 1991/SSDI) Tombstone Milton/Frances [7-63]-Margaretha Breivogel/und Ihre tochter/Anna (No dates.) Tombstone, next to: [7-63]-Peter Breivogel/1841-1919 [1920] Tombstone [7-63]-[Anna/Baby/no dates]

BREMER: [8-41]-Jennie M. Bremer/1880-1970 Tombstone see MUELLER

BRIXIUS: [1-125]-[Clara B./1884-1973 [bur. 01-19-1973/age 88 yrs.]Tombstone see TROSSEN

BROCHER: [2-83]-Hans Brocher/1867-1922 [Hans Peter], ossw: [2-83]-Eva Brocher/1872-[Mar.]1964 Photo Tombstone Hans/Eva, next to: [2-83]-Garth Brocher/Sept. 24, 1935/Sept. 26, 1935 Tombstone [2-83]-[Baby/no more information] [5-93]-Wilfred A. Brocher/Sept. 20, 1914/May 1, 2004, ossw: [5-93]-Edna C. Brocher/Nov. 13, 1919/Sept. 15, 1998 Tombstone Wilfred/Edna

BROECKER: [3-82]-Ella/1895-Dec.1957, ossw: [3-82]-Fred D./1891-1953 Tombstone Ella/Fred, next to: [3-82]-Emma Broecker/Mother/1855-1928 Tombstone, next to: See TEGEN

BROER: [8-23]-J. Hermann Broer/geboren 2 Febr. 1826/gestorben 13 Aug. 1881, ossw: [8-23]-Susanna/gatin des/J.H. Broer/geboren 10 Marz. 1828/gestorben 17 April 1891 Tombstone  Tombstone J. Hermann  Tombstone Susanna, next to: [8-23]-Footstones: J.H.B., S.B. [8-23]-Minnie Broer/Dec. 27, 1856/Nov. 24, 1923 Tombstone [8-23]-Henry J. Broer/1858-1894 Tombstone [8-23]-Fred W. Broer/1863-1918 Tombstone [8-23]-May Broer/1869-[May]1947 Tombstone

BRONCKER: [2-2ROW]-[Carl J./bur. 1921]

BROTHERS: [1-84]-Catherine O. Brothers/1825-1877 Tombstone (Mary Brothers/d. 29 Sept. 1869/age 17/from obituary)

BROWN: [1-116]-George Brown/died/Sept. 26, 1859/Ae. 75 yrs. 1 mon. 22 ds., ossw: [1-116]-Anna/wife of/George Brown/died/Aug. 5, 1864/ Ae. 78 ys. 2 mon. 23 ds. Tombstone George/Anna [3-93]-Gertrude S. Brown/1908-1978/Twin to our hearts eternal Tombstone [6-133]-George Dewey Brown [Jr.]/1918-Nov. 1951, ossw: [6-133]-George C. Brown/1893-1984, ossw: [6-133]-Alma B. Brown/1895-1983 Tombstone George/George/Alma [7-6ROW]-Wade Owen Brown/1910 [Baby] Tombstone

BRUEMMER: [1-67]-[William/bur. 01-12-1952/age 87 yrs.] [1-68]-[Wilhelmina/bur. 09/03/1955/age 84 yrs.]

BRUESSEL: [1-149]-[Louis/bur. 1900/age 85 yrs.]

BRUHN: [6-29]-August Bruhn/1815-1875, ossw: [6-29]-Elizabetha Bruhn/1824-1886, ossw: [6-29]-August Bruhn/1863-1906, ossw: [6-29]-John Bruhn/1881-1884, ossw: [6-29]-Willie Bruhn [Baby]/-1889-, ossw: [6-29]-Edward Bruhn [Baby]/1890-1891, ossw: [6-29]-David Bruhn [Baby]/-1899- Tombstone August/John/Willie/Edward/David, next to: [6-29]-Footstones: Father, Mother, A.J., John, Willie, Eddie, David, August [6-44]-Frederick Bruhn/1857-Nov. 1940, ossw: [6-44]-Mathilda Bruhn/1856-1924 Tombstone August/Elizabetha/Frederick/Mathilda, ossw:

BRUNS: [1-78]-Ida BRUNS/geborene/Baum/starb/29 Nov. 1876/alter/31 jahre, 2 mo. Tombstone  Tombstone, next to: see BAUM

BUCHANAN: [6-52]-Duncan Buchanan/March 1, 1848/April 6, 1914 Tombstone [6-52]-[John/bur. 1913] [6-52]-[Joseph/no other information] [6-52]-[Mother/no other information]

BUCHHOLZ: [2-42]-Rudolph F. Buchholz/1866-Feb. 1946, ossw: [2-42]-Ida A. Buchholz/1869-Feb. 1948, ossw: [2-42]-Emma B. Schultz/1893-Aug. 7, 1967 Tombstone Emma Schultz  Tombstone Ida  Tombstone Rudolph See SCHULTZ-have obit

BUEGE: [1-174]-Albert W. Buege [Sr.]/1875-May 23, 1958 Tombstone, next to: [1-174]-Mabel M. Buege/1884-1971 (b. 9 Apr. 1884/d. Aug. 1971/SSDI) Tombstone

BUENSWSKI: [7-5ROW]-[Adam/bur. 1917]

BUGENHAGEN: [6-70]-Alvina/Bugenhagen/Geb./19 Jan. 1847/Gest. 4 Jan. 1890 Tombstone Alvina  Tombstone Alvina, next to: [6-70]-Footstones: Baby/Mother/Vater/Willie/Mutter/Julius/Richard Footstone Baby  Footstone Julius  Footstone Willie  Tombstone Richard [6-70]-[Edward/bur. 1906] (from death index: d. Jun. 08, 1906/sp. Edward Brycuhagen) [6-70]-(Elisa Bugenhagen/b. Germany/d. May 1934/age 71 yrs./from obituary) [6-70]-[Erna/bur. 1899/age 5 mo.] [6-70]-[Julius/bur. 07-28-1926/age 72 yrs.] [6-70]-[Julius J./bur. 1899/age 14 yrs.] [6-70]-[Reinhold/bur. 1898/age 1 yr.] [6-70]-[Richard/bur. 1888] [6-70]-[William/bur. 1906/age 20 yrs.] [6-70]-[Willie/no more information] [6-74]-Paul F. Bugenhagen/Wisconsin/Pfc 541 Svc Park Unit MIC/World War I/ Oct. 6, 1890/Oct. 30, 1970 Tombstone

BUGLER: [8-6]-[Anna/bur. 1917](Anna (Rittirsch) Bugler/b.03 Mar 1840/d.27 Sep 1917/Wife of Johann Bugler) [8-6]-Johann Bugler/19 Oct. 1840/27 Apr. 1913 Tombstone, next to: [8-6]-Footstones: Vater, Mutter [1-54]-John/1875-[May]1952 (John Bugler, b.20 May 1875, d.15 May 1952/ Son of Johann and Anna (Rittirsch) Bugler), ossw: [1-54]-Audrey SCHREIBER/1963(the following sent in by family researcher/see contributors page) Audrey Schreiber, b. 12 Sept. 1963, d. 12 Sept. 1963/Infant daughter of Myron Edwin and Judith Ruth (Koska) Schreiber. (See Schreiber), ossw: [1-54]-Mary/1876-[May]1940 (Mary (Mandel) Bugler, b.28 Nov 1876, d.09 May 1940/Wife of John Bugler/Daughter of Frederick and Johanna (Wilsmann) Mandel) ossw: [1-54]-Gilbert/1900-[Jan.]1933 (Gilbert Albert Fredrich Bugler, b.01 Jan 1900, d.21 Jan 1933/Son of John and Mary (Mandel) Bugler, Tombstone John/Audrey/Mary/Gilbert ossw: [1-54]-Ada/1911-2006 (See KOSKA-have obit), ossw: [1-54]-Daniel KOSKA/1914-[Mar. 1986] (See KOSKA-have obit) Tombstone Daniel/Ada

BUHSE: [1-118]-[Louis/bur. 11-16-1936] [1-118]-(Louise/d. Mar. 12, 1949/from obit) [1-118]-[Maria/bur. 1905/age 84 yrs.]

BUKOWSKI: [6-2]-[Gladys Guehlstorf Bukowski/bur. 07/11/1977/age 73 yrs.] See GUEHLSTORF

BULHAUPT: (Bulthought on city record) [Unk-1-20]-[Henry Bulhaupt bur. 1898/age 42]

BULLARD: [7-4ROW]-Louise Pawlitzke Bullard/1884-1966 Tombstone see PAWLITZKE

BUNKE: [1-77]-[Sophia/bur. 1899/age 65 yrs.](no stone) [1-77]-Gottlob Bunke/Geb./26 marz 1815/Gest./11 Sept. 1882 Tombstone, ossw: [1-77]-Henriette Bunke/geb/30 Dez. 1813/Gest./24 Okt. 1899 Tombstone, ossw: [1-77]-Herman Bunke/Geb./22 Juli 1854/Gest./15 Mar. 1915 [1916] Tombstone  Tombstone, next to: [1-77]-Footstone: H.B. [1-77]-Frederick Bunke/1850-1903 Tombstone, next to: [1-115]-Bertha MUELLER Bunke/1849-Feb. 1933 Tombstone [1-115]-[Fred's Child/bur. 1894/age 1 yr.] [2-87]-William Bunke/1856-1922, ossw: [2-87]-Margaret Bunke/1858-Dec. 1931 Tombstone William/Margaret [2-87]-[Baby/no other information] [3-102]-Edward/1890-Apr. 1971, ossw: [3-102]-Elsie/1893-Aug. 1955 Tombstone Edward/Elsie

BUNZOW: (In city records as Buenzow) [6-89]-John J. Bunzow/born Jan. 14, 1841/died June 10, 1928 Tombstone, next to: [6-89]-John Bunzow/Co. A/16 U.S. Inf. Tombstone, next to: [6-89]-Carl Bunzow/Vater/Geb. 11 Aug. 1819/Gest. 2 Nov. 1906 Tombstone, next to: [6-89]-Fredericke Bunzow/Mutter/Geb. 14 Jan. 1817/Gest. 1 Apr. 1906 Tombstone


BURGHARD: [7-71]-[????/bur. 1882]

BURK: [4-40]-Isabel S. Burk/1879-[Nov.]1942, ossw: [4-40]-Henry L. Burk/1879-[Oct.]1944 Tombstone Henry/Isabel

BURKE: Fred Burke/Jan. 29, 1853/Feb. 17, 1903/no stone/from death record)

BURMEISTER: [1-153]-Matilda/1891-Nov. 1980, ossw: [1-153]-Carl/1898-1968 Tombstone Carl/Matilda [1-169]-Dorothea Burmeister/see Schriever [2-54]-Fred/Nov. 27, 1877/Dec. 2, 1944, ossw: [2-54]-Bertha/Nov. 25, 1880/Nov. 29, 1944, ossw: [2-54]-Merna L./Sept. 17, 1905/Aug. 2, 1989 Tombstone Fred/Bertha/Merna [3-96]-[Carl/bur. Sept. 1918] [3-96]-[Melvin/bur. 1905/age 1 mo.] [3-96]-Ernstena Burmeister/geboren 29 Sept. 1845/gestorben 2 Febr. 1904 Tombstone  Tombstone [5-57]-Lydia M. Burmeister/1895-Apr. 1970 Tombstone, next to: [5-57]-Baby [Henry] Burmeister/[Jul.]1932 Tombstone [6-105]-Henry Burmeister/Jan. 26, 1868/Feb. 23, 1936 Tombstone, next to: [6-105]-Amelia Burmeister/June 8, 1870/Mar. 2, 1953 Tombstone (Sophia Burmeister/d. June 1891/age 86/from obituary) see BARTHELS

BURT: [5-4]-Caroline A. Burt/1850-1923 Tombstone

BURTARD: [6-73]-[Leo/bur. 12-07-1931] [6-73]-[Yetta/bur. 07-01-1935]

BURTON: [1-55]-Minnie SCHWAKE/Daughter/1872-1892 Tombstone, next to: [1-55]-Vina Burton/Mother/1879-[Apr.]1960 Tombstone Back to Top