City of Manitowoc, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin

Location: The cemetery is bounded by 18th Street on the East, Revere Drive on the Southeast, Prospect Ave. and Michigan Ave. on the North, and by the Chicago & Northwestern R.R. on the West and Southwest. Burials go back to about 1847, and the cemetery is maintained in excellent condition. It contains over 20,000 burials, and because of the size, the transcription was being done one section at a time, with the oldest section being done first. This section was transcribed on five different days in June and July 1976 by Dick and Carol Cote of the Wisconsin State Old Cemetery Society. The balance of the cemetery was copied in the summers of 1980 through 1983 by members of the Manitowoc Old Cemetery Society. A special thanks to Marcie Baer for lending me her copy for these pages. I have the cemetery computer records. They will be enclosed in brackets [ ] Other sources will be enclosed in parenthesis ( ).
Updated by the Manitowoc Genealogy Society, 2006, added to this site Nov. 2010.

A brief history of Evergreen Cemetery

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Today's definitions of diseases of the 1800's

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[E2-73-2]-Iver Olsen Aaberg/dod 11 Febr. 1870/64 Aar
           [Mr. Eyfer, Sr./bur. 02-13-1870] Tombstone
           [Note from cem. office: Eyfer sounds like Iver. Lot diagram book has 
            #1 Mr. Eyfer Sr. crossed out and #2 Ivor Olson Aaberg with same burial ID #]

AARHUS: [E-34-2]-[Marie Helen (Orth) Aarhus/b. 5 Mar. 1914/d. 23 Sept. 1997/age 83/ cremains/Everly Crematory VA/parents: Edward Orth and Minnie Lindenau] [I-11-6]-Astrid Aarhus/1913-1936 Tombstone

AASTAD: [G-3-2]-Inga [G.] Aastad/1875-1937 Tombstone [G-3-2]-Isaac Aastad/1865-1937 Tombstone [K-18-2]-Emma AASTAD Meisnest/1872-1958 (See Meisnest/have obit) Tombstone [K-18-2]-Amund Aastad/1871-1918 Tombstone [K-18-2]-Aastad/O'Hara Family stone [K-18-2]-[Ralph H. Aastad/born 3/22/1910/died 5/9/1962] [W2-129-1]-Photo of plot [W2-129-1]-[Ingeborg Aastad/d. unk./age 9 yrs.] [W2-129-1]-Martha K. Aastad/Mother/Oct. 16, 1830/Mar. 30, 1905 Tombstone, next to: [W2-129-1]-Hannah C. [Hannah E.] Aastad/Sister/Feb. 27, 1876/Apr. 3, 1890 [bur. 04-06-1891/age 15 yrs./cause: tuberculosis] Tombstone [W2-129-1]-Karen A.[Carrie] Aastad/Sister/Oct. 7, 1866/May 20, 1887 [cause: typhoid fever] Tombstone [W2-129-1]-Christen Aastad/Father/Mar. 20, 1820/Feb. 29, 1884 Tombstone [W2-129-1]-Ingeborg M. Aastad/Sister/Nov. 6, 1863/Dec. 13, 1872 Tombstone [W2-129-1]-Amund Aastad/Brother/Aug. 11, 1861/Aug. 12, 1871 Tombstone [W2-129-1]-[Amund Astat/bur. 04-21-1872/age 10 yrs.](Should be Aastad?) See MEISNEST

ABBOTT: [E2-28-2]-Morris E.(Eugene) Abbott/son of E.L. & L.M. Abbott/(born Aug. 13, 1843) died July 28, 1852/AE 8 yrs. 11ms. (cause: drowned in river) Tombstone

ABEGGLEN: [L-26-1]-Baby Abegglen/5-17-2004/5-17-2004 [W2-112-4]-Steffani Marie (Hilgendorf) Abegglen/6-11-1976/12-3-2006 Tombstone

ABEL: [Unk]-[August Abel/bur. 06-28-1877] [G-7-16]-Clara Abel/1880-1942 Tombstone [G-7-16]-Ida Abel/1878-1968 [d. 03-18-1968, Milwaukee, WI/age 89 yrs./bur. on Mrs. Ida Gerrity lot] Tombstone [H-5-3]-Carl Abel/Geboren/29 Marz 1822/gestorben 14 Juni 1884, ossw: [H-5-3]-Wilhelmina Abel/geb. 29 Jan. 1828/gest. 9 Dec. 1908 [H-5-3]-Caroline Abel/1854-1928 [H-5-3]-August Abel/1851-1927 [L-1-8]-[Arlene Abel/bur. 04-11-1922/age 9 yrs/cause: convulsions] [S-52-2]-Albert G. Abel/1893-1925 Tombstone [S-52-2]-William Abel/Captain 2 Wis. Inf./December 14, 1942 Tombstone [S-52-2]-Ida Abel/1860-1939 Tombstone [S-52-2]-Walter C. Abel/Wisconsin/Major 127 Infantry Div./World War I/ Aug. 28, 1882/Aug. 18, 1959 Tombstone [S-52-2]-Alice B. Abel/1889-1955 (Am. Leg. flag holder)[d. 09-06-1955/age 65 yrs./bur. on William Abel lot] Tombstone [U-12-6]-Clarence Abel/Mar. 23, 1905/Dec. 19, 1990 [d. at Holy Family Memorial Hosp. His first wife was Elizabeth Abel. His 2nd wife was Agnes R. Abel. She is listed under Glaeser], ossw: [U-12-6]-Elizabeth Abel/1902-1957 Tombstone Clarence/Elizabeth [U-28-10]-[Agnes R. (Glaeser) Abel/July 27, 1904/Apr. 8, 1991/age 86 yrs./ widow of Bernard Glaeser and Clarence Abel] Tombstone, ossw: [U-28-10]-Bernard Glaeser/1908-1965 (See GLAESER-have obit) Tombstone

ABENDSCHEIN: [B-22-2]-Olga P. Abendschein nee FEHRING/1892-1975 Tombstone [B-22-2]-Arthur L. Abendschein/1887-1956 Tombstone [I-27-3]-Edwin [H.] Abendschein/1894-1971 Tombstone, ossw: [I-27-3]-Winifred H. Abendschein/Dec. 26, 1899/Mar. 9, 1976 (War vet flag) Tombstone

ABI: (Mabel O. Abi/d. 6 Aug. 1879/age 9 mo./cause cholera infantum/from St. James Episc. church record.)

ABITZ: [A-5-4]-[William Abitz/bur. 02-28-1903/age 71 yrs.] [A-5-4]-Albertine Abitz/Gattin von W. Abitz/Gebne TEGGE zu Mudach/ bei Amlam Pommern/15 Mai 1840/Gest. 27 Dez 1896 Tombstone [A-5-4]-Footstone: A.A.

ABRAMOVICH: [S-43-41]-Dorothy E. Abramovich/Jan. 26, 1934/May 17, 1986 Tombstone [S-43-41]-David Abramovich/Mar. 27, 1926/Mar. 18, 2010 Tombstone

ABRAHAMSON: [Unk]-[?? Abrahamson/bur. 04-02-1874] [Unk]-[?? Abrahamson/bur. 02-23-1875/child]

ACHENBACH: [E2-46-2]-Elisabeth Achenbach/geb. den 31, Aug/1856/gest. den 24, April [1860]/(rest of the date underground) Tombstone [E2-46-2]-Sohn von/J. Achenbach/Tod geb'n/am 20. Marz 1861 Tombstone [W2-176-2]-Adam Achenbach/1811-1882 [bur. 02-14-1882] Tombstone [W2-176-2]-[Mrs.]Elisabeth Achenbach/1815-[01-20-1881] Tombstone [W2-176-2]-Heinrich Achenbach [Henry]/1810-[bur. 07-11-1880] Tombstone [W2-176-2]-Henry Achenbach/1869-1927 Tombstone [W2-181-1]-Charles Achenbach/1884-1970, ossw: [W2-181-1]-Edith Monroe Achenbach Hoover/Apr. 1, 1890/Sept. 19, 1980, ossw: [W2-181-1]-Jacob Achenbach/1838-1917, ossw: [W2-181-1]-Elizabeth Achenbach/1849-1934, ossw: [W2-181-1]-Jacob Achenbach/Geb. 5 Mai 1838/Gest. 13 Mar. 1917 Tombstone TombstoneCharles/Edith/Jacob/Elizabeth [W2-181-1]-[Mina Achenbach/bur. 06-10-1880]


ACKER: [I-18-3]-Acker family stone [I-18-3]-Flora [E.] Acker/Mother/1896-1949 Tombstone [I-18-3]-[Charles A. Acker/Dec. 18, 1887/24 May 1980/age 92 yrs] Tombstone [I-18-3]-Emma E. Acker/Mother/1853-1942 Tombstone See BERRES

ACKERMANN: [P-33-3]-Max H. Ackermann/1906-1975, ossw: [P-33-3]-Lulu Ackermann/nee GRANT/1900/Sept. 25, 1990/BASSMAN [d. 09-25-1990 at Sheboygan WI/ age 90 yrs./cremains/widow of Adolph Bassman/widow of Max Ackermann] Tombstone Max/Lulu

ACKLEY: [L-30-1]-Brian Ackley/Nov. 3, 1961/Mar. 18, 1965 [space #361] Tombstone [L-30-2]-Steven Ackley/June 3, 1954/Nov. 15, 1954 [space #301] Tombstone

ADAMS: [D-35-2]-Rose PILGER Adams/1864-1929 No Tombstone [D-39-1]-Beatrice Adams [bur. 04-20-1901/age 2 mo.] Footstone [D-39-1]-Margaret T. Adams/July 27, 1856/Oct. 13, 1910/Mother Tombstone [D-39-1]-Thomas Adams/1861-1940 Tombstone [D-39-1]-Mary SPENCER Adams/1864-1942 Tombstone [D-39-1]-Thomas J. Adams/1896-1954 (U.S. War Vet marker) Tombstone [D-39-1]-Grace A. Adams/1904-2005 Tombstone [E-9-7]-Samuel J. Adams/3-18-1897/3-4-1981 Tombstone, ossw: [E-9-7]-Tillie C. Adams/Oct. 21, 1907/Feb. 23, 1999 Tombstone [E-10-3]-Richard S. Adams/May 31, 1939/Dec. 18, 2012 Tombstone [E2-27-2]-F.W. Adams/Born Charleston, N.H./Sept. 9, 1819/died March 4, 1860 Tombstone [F-4-2]-Edward J. Adams/1893-1965 (war vet flag) Tombstone, ossw: [F-4-2]-Julia E. Adams/1894-1958 Tombstone [I-1-10]-Donald H. Adams/1900-1950 No Tombstone [I-1-10]-Hallie M. Adams/1899-1979 No Tombstone [L-32-9]-John [E.]Adams/-Oct. 28, 1937- [bur. 10-29-1937/age 6 months/cause: premature birth] Tombstone [P-2-4]-Emma Adams/1884-1973 Tombstone, ossw: [P-2-4]-Alexander Adams/1884-1946 Tombstone [R-20-4]-Frank R. Adams/Aug. 27, 1968/Aug. 15, 1995 Tombstone [T-19-7]-Louis Adams/1900-1972 Tombstone, ossw: [T-19-7]-Emma Adams/May 15, 1902/Feb. 28, 1984 Tombstone [T-19-7]-Paul L. Adams/Son/PFC/28th Marian 5th Div. World War II/ Nov. 2, 1923/Mar. 2, 1945 Tombstone [W2-147-3]-Irma WITTMAN Adams/1886-1975 Tombstone

ADAMSKI: [Y-5-35]-Clara Louise Adamski/Aug. 9, 1916/Jan. 23, 2006 [Y-5-35]-Peter Henry Adamski/Dec. 29, 1924/Apr. 7, 2005 Tombstone Clara/Peter See BLOOM

ADAMSON: [L-20-2]-[Nels Adamson/bur. 11-24-1914/cause: heart failure]

ADE: [T-38-6]-Ralph Ade/1899-1972 Marker

ADELMANN: / ADELMAN: [R-38-6]-Daughter Adelmann/Nov. 28-30, 1925 Tombstone, ossw: [R-38-6]-Hilary L. Adelmann/11-28-1925/11-7-1989 [age 63 yrs./bur. on Leo Adelmann lot] (b. 28 Nov 1925/d. 7 Nov 1989/SSDI) Tombstone, ossw: [R-38-6]-Blanche [M.] Adelmann/2-10-1900/1-1-1977 Tombstone, ossw: [R-38-6]-Leo G. Adelmann/Jan. 21, 1899/Aug. 16, 1989 Tombstone [Y-5-37]-John Theodore Adelmann/Feb. 14, 1942/Jan. 29, 1987 Tombstone

ADLER: [O-8-3]-Harland A. Adler/1912-1936 Tombstone, ossw: [O-8-3]-Linda S. Adler/1897-1917 Tombstone [O-23-6]-George C. Adler/1898-1969 Tombstone, ossw: [O-23-6]-Arline Adler/1898-1966 Tombstone [P-26-6]-Adolph Adler/Father/1860-1949 Tombstone, ossw: [P-26-6]-Augusta Adler/Mother/1865-1942 Tombstone [V-15-9]-Robert C. Adler/Dec. 23, 1927/Jan. 5, 1996 [d. at Milwaukee WI/age 68 yrs./cremains/married] Tombstone, ossw: [V-15-9]-Mary A./1928-2010 Tombstone

ADRAKTIS: [U-33-3]-[Anest A. Adraktis/d. 03-15-1956/removed to Wildwood cemetery Sheboygan WI 5/9/1978] Tombstone [V-16-3]-Nickolas [A.] Adraktis/1899-1972 Tombstone

AFFELD: [D-10-2]-Emilie Affeld/6 April 1863/22 Sept. 1901 Tombstone, ossw: [D-10-2]-August Affeld/5 Mar. 1852/25 Apr. 1925 Tombstone, ossw: [D-10-2]-Emma Affeld/1872-1957 Tombstone

AHLGREEN: [L-13-6]-[Baby Ahlgreen/bur. 03-08-1906/stillborn]

AHLMANN: [V-15-5]-Hugo A. Ahlmann/June 20, 1893/Sept. 15, 1985 Tombstone, ossw [V-15-5]-Molly Ahlmann/1-3-1897/4-25-1987 Tombstone

AHLSWEDE: [P-27-10]-Rose Ahlswede/Mother/1886-1959, ossw: [P-27-10]-Benjamin Ahlswede/Father/1884-1941 Tombstone Rose/Benjamin [P-32-6]-Charles Ahlswede/1880-1961, ossw: [P-32-6]-Minnie Ahlswede/1882-1970, ossw: [P-32-6]-Elmer [C.] Ahlswede/1913-1957 (war vet flag) Tombstone Charles/Minnie/Elmer [R-18-2]-Arthur Ahlswede/1903-1932 Tombstone [R-18-2]-Estelle [H.] Ahlswede EULERT/1909-1992 [d. 05-18-1992 at Park Ridge IL/age 83 yrs./ widow of Arthur Ahlswede and Walter Eulert/cause: broncho pneumonia] [T-3-11]-Lester C. Ahlswede/Dec. 4, 1920/Feb. 19, 2000 [Cremation/Lee Memorial Park & Crematory, Lehigh Acres FL] [U-31-2]-August Ahlswede/1885-1968, ossw: [U-31-2]-Emma Ahlswede/1891-1953 Tombstone August/Emma See EULERT


AHRENS: [E-21-6]-Clifford R. Ahrens Sr./Aug. 27, 1910/Nov. 6, 1989/husband of Laverne E. Ahrens Tombstone [E-21-6]-Laverne Emma Ahrens/Dec. 19, 1913/Feb. 9, 2003 Tombstone [E-41-4]-Walter A. Ahrens/Sept. 6, 1904/June 11, 1978 Tombstone, ossw: [E-41-4]-Anne M. Ahrens/June 16, 1908/June 17, 1997 Tombstone [I-24-4]-Ahrens Family stone [I-24-4]-Wesley W. Ahrens/1903-1913 Tombstone [I-24-4]-Harry H. Ahrens/1888-1918 (war vet flag holder) Tombstone [I-24-4]-Gladys L. Ahrens/1912-1974 Tombstone [I-24-4]-Richard W. Ahrens/Apr. 23, 1892/Feb. 2, 1983 Tombstone [I-24-4]-Ottilie Ahrens/Mother/1859-1931 Tombstone [I-24-4]-August F. Ahrens/Father/1859-1941 Tombstone [L-1-10]-Twin daughters/W. & J. Ahrens/Mar. 27, 1926 Tombstone [Space in baby section purchased by William Ahrens, N 11th St, Manitowoc] [P-19-6]-William J. Ahrens Sr./1866-1945 Tombstone, ossw: [P-19-6]-Anna Ahrens/1861-1957 Tombstone [T-9-4]-Edward A. Ahrens/1885-1968 Tombstone, ossw: [T-9-4]-Ida Ahrens/1894-1963 Tombstone [T-17-1]-Mae Ahrens/1912-1964 Marker See CHADEK


ALBA: [Unk]-[?? Alba/bur. 03-22-1875]

ALBEE: [T-16-9]-Lena B. Albee/2-19-1902/1-9-1978 Tombstone [W2-158-3]-Jane S. Albee/1862-1950, ossw: [W2-158-3]-George H. Albee/1853-1908 Tombstone Jane/George [W2-158-4]-Elizabeth Mary Albee/wife of J. Albee/died Jan. 9, 1872/ AE 61 yrs. 10 ms.[removed from E2-43-5] Tombstone, ossw: [W2-158-4]-Frederick J. Albee/son of J. & E.M. Albee/died Dec. 22, 1862/ AE 18 yrs, 11 ms.Tombstone, ossw: [W2-158-4]-Ann Cordelia ___/Ed RAND/died Febr. 22, 1870/AE 30 yrs. 6 mos. Tombstone Elizabeth/Frederick/Ann Tombstone Ann Cordelia [W2-158-4]-Tombstone James Albee no apparent inscription [from computer printout of cem. records: James Alby/bur. 09-29-1889/age 76 yrs./cause: hurt by falling from a window/James Albee is listed as owner of lots 3 & 4.]

ALBERSKI: [E-44-2]-Joseph J. Alberski, Sr./Jan. 9, 1919/May 12, 1987 Tombstone

ALBERT: [Unk]-[John Albert/bur. 06-23-1881/child] No Tombstone [O-25-5]-Elmer Albert/24 Feb 1919/31 Jul 1994 Tombstone, ossw: [O-25-5]-Eleanor Albert/4-9-1919/04-27-1991/age 72 yrs./wife of Elmer Albert Tombstone

ALBERTS: [R-7-13]-Irwin N. Alberts/Mar. 22, 1899/Nov. 8, 1984, ossw: [R-7-13]-Dorothy L. Alberts/Nov. 6, 1898/Nov. 7, 1971 Tombstone Irwin/Dorothy

ALBRECHT: [E2-9-5]-[George Albrecht, Jr./bur. 01-16-1894/age 36 yrs.] Tombstone [E2-9-5]-[Catherine Albrecht/bur. 01-23-1903/age 83 yrs.] Tombstone [E2-9-5]-[Hans C. Albrecht/bur. 04-02-1906/age 81 yrs.] Tombstone [E2-9-6]-George [W.] Albrecht/died Sept. 26, 1855/Aged __ Tombstone [L-13-6]-[Cerial Albrecht/bur. 09-10-1906/age 7 mo.] No Tombstone [P-10-5]-Arthur W. Albrecht/Dec. 29, 1921/Feb. 1, 2004 Tombstone [R-35-9]-Robert M. Albrecht/Apr. 6, 1926/Dec. 17, 1926 Tombstone, next to: [R-35-9]-Arthur [F.] Albrecht/Sept. 30, 1888/Feb. 28, 1964, ossw: [R-35-9]-Mathilda R.(Nickels) Albrecht/7-27-1888/12-17-1976 Tombstone Arthur/Mathilda [R-35-9]-Clarence E. Albrecht/July 29, 1919/May 30, 1991, ossw: [R-35-9]-Virginia A. (GRALL) Albrecht/Mar. 14, 1922/Dec. 4, 1992 Tombstone Clarence/Virginia [R-35-9]-Vernon R. Albrecht/Oct. 20, 1927/Jan. 25, 2006 Tombstone [R-35-10]-Ernestine Albrecht/Mother/Nov. 10, 1861/May 25, 1944 Tombstone [R-35-10]-Conrad Albrecht/Father/July 23, 1843/Jan. 14, 1928 Tombstone [U-22-4]-Victor M. Albrecht/Oct. 31, 1901/Oct. 10, 1995 at Milwaukee WI Tombstone [V-30-4]-Arnold H. Albrecht/1914-1972, ossw: [V-30-4]-Elizabeth [M.]"Betty" (DRUMM) Albrecht/9-11-1915/7-1-2001 Tombstone Arnold/Elizabeth [W2-208-1]-Caroline Albrecht/Geb. BURWITZ/geboren 21 Juni 1797/starb/14 Nov. 1880 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-208-1]-Emilie Albrecht/geboren 7 Feb. 1843/starb 6 Dec. 1923 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-208-1]-Albert WITTENBERG/geboren 25 Aug. 1825/starb 3 Jan. 1893/Aus. Ueckmnd Preussen (have obit), ossw: [W2-208-1]-Johanna WITTENBERG/Geb'ne Albrecht/16 Dec. 1822/Gest. 13 Jan. 1910 (have obit), ossw: Tombstone Albert/Johanna, ossw: [W2-208-1]-Adolph BRAXMEIER/1875-1943 (have obit), ossw: [W2-208-1]-Ella BRAXMEIER/1877-1945 (have obit) Tombstone Adolph/Ella Tombstone Caroline/Emilie/Albert/Johanna/Adolph/Ella, ossw: See BRAXMEIER See WITTENBERG

ALBRIGHT: [A-24-5]-[Otto Albright/bur. 10-19-1891/age 4 yrs./cause: peritonitis] [A-24-5]-John Albright/1850-1901/Father Tombstone [A-24-5]-Sophia Albright/1859-1928/Mother Tombstone [A-24-5]-Louis Joseph Albright/1885-1906 Tombstone See EBERHARDT

ALBRITS: [Unk]-[Tosset Albrits/child/bur. 08-28-1877] No Tombstone [The burial register appears to say "buried the child of Mrs. Fosset, Albritz lot $1"; otherwise, it could be child of Mrs. Fosset Albritz but then the word lot still follows the name and wouldn't make sense (child of Mrs. Fosset Albritz lot). I definitely think it is Fosset instead of Tosset though based on his other capital F's and T's. Unfortunately, I don't show an Albritz/Albrits being a lot owner or burial here. The Albright lot I have was purchased later than 1877. The Albritz/Albrits lot may have either been quit claimed to someone else or repossessed in 1951 due to non-payment of annual care.

ALDER: [B-40-4]-James W. Alder/1873-1958 Tombstone [B-40-4]-Linda KUNZ Alder/1883-1961 Tombstone

ALDRICH: [D-32-1]-Aldrich family stone [D-32-1]-Henry A. Aldrich/June 25, 1835/Apr. 10, 1902 (Civil War vet) Tombstone, ossw: [D-32-1]-Mary L. Aldrich/Apr. 12, 1844/Nov. 18, 1900 Tombstone Henry/Mary [D-32-1]-H.A. Aldrich/Co. D/27th Wis. Inf Tombstone

ALECKSEN: [R-20-8]-Talmadge [G.] Alecksen/Aug. 19, 1907/Aug. 27, 2000 Tombstone, ossw: [R-20-8]-Millie Alecksen/Feb. 6, 1908/May 19, 1976 Tombstone, ossw: [R-20-8]-Donna Jean Alecksen/1929-1930 Tombstone [R-20-8]-Georgina Alecksen/1879-1942 Tombstone [R-20-8]-Lars Alecksen/1869-1928 Tombstone [R-20-8]-David Alecksen/Feb. 16, 1943/Aug. 11, 1994 Tombstone, ossw: [R-20-8]-Vernon R. Alecksen/Oct. 14, 1915/July 20, 1991 [at Farmington WI/age 75 yrs./cremains/bur. on Lars Alecksen lot/wife Ruth Alecksen] Tombstone, ossw [R-20-8]-Ruth Caroline Alecksen/Apr. 15, 1910/Jan. 25, 2005 Tombstone [R-20-8]-Karen Glee Alecksen/Nov. 1, 1944/Nov. 26, 1999Tombstone


ALFREDSON: [E-2-12]-Shirley Alfredson/1925-1962 Tombstone [U-11-7]-Ruben Alfredson/1910-1957 Tombstone, ossw: [U-11-7]-Irene I. Alfredson/Feb. 14, 1912/Oct. 14, 1997 Tombstone

ALLEE: [V-22-1]-John C. Allee/1883-1968 ["Family said that name was Allee, but when the family came to U.S., they changed to Allen"] Tombstone John Allen

ALLEN: [B-3-4]-[Mrs. M.E. Allen/bur. 10-05-1892/age 75 yrs./cause: bronchitis and old age/wife of Alan Allen](This is probably Electa Smith Alan, see Smith) Tombstone [D-20-4]-Lloyd [A.]Allen/1908-1973 Tombstone, ossw: [D-20-4]-Lillian M. Allen/June 6, 1899/Jan. 1, 1987 Tombstone, ossw: [D-20-4]-Lloyd A. Allen/Wisconsin/Cpl. U.S. Army/Feb. 8, 1908/Feb. 26, 1973 Tombstone [E2-5-5]-[Abraham Allen/bur. 1-05-1893/age 80 yrs./cause: old age] [E2-11-1]-Allen Family stone [E2-11-1]-Neal Allen/1848-1849 [This burial was moved here from another (unknown) location. The city bought the land for the cemetery in 1852 & our first burial was Judge Jeremiah Colby in May 1853] Tombstone [E2-11-1]-Emerson [Lyman] Allen/1856-1902 Tombstone [E2-11-1]-Margaret Allen/1819-1903 Tombstone [E2-11-1]-James Allen/1813-[bur. 05-01-1859]Tombstone [L-?-?]-[J. Allen/bur. 08-21-1876/burial register has buried Mr. J. Allen - juge - frie ground, $2.50] [L-31-10]-Baby [girl] Allen/-May 10, 1943- [stillborn/daughter of Adrian Allen] Tombstone [O-10-3]-George W. Allen/Father/1867-1955, ossw: [O-10-3]-Louise Allen/Mother/1874-1917 Tombstone George/Louise [O-10-3]-Esther M. Allen/1901-1964 Tombstone [O-10-3]-Archie R. Allen/Wisconsin/PFC-Med Dept./World War I/ Feb. 24, 1896/Jan. 28, 1969 Tombstone [O-15-2]-Mary Allen/Mother/1849-1918 Tombstone [O-15-2]-Albert Allen/Father/1850-1927 Tombstone [O-15-2]-Lillie Allen/Daughter/1875-1927 Tombstone [O-15-2]-[Howard Albert Allen/bur. 04-17-1914/cause: diarrha/bur. on Albert Allen lot] [O-15-2]-[Baby Allen/bur. 12-07-1914/cause: premature birth/bur. on Albert Allen lot] [O-15-2]-[Edward E Allen/bur. 01-11-1917] No Tombstone [O-15-2]-[James A. Allen/bur. 8-30-1927/cause: general debility/place of death: Neenah, WI/ bur. on Albert Allen lot] [O-15-2]-[Baby Allen/bur. 12-08-1928/cause: premature birth/bur. on Edward S. Allen lot] [O-15-2]-Gertrude Allen/1889-1953 Tombstone [O-15-2]-Edward Allen/1884-1936 Tombstone [O-29-4]-[Glenn Roy Allen/bur. 1-4-1936/age 6 hrs./cause: premature/ bur. on Charles A. Allen lot] [O-29-4]-Jane M. Allen/1913-1923 Tombstone [O-29-4]-Mabel F. Allen/1881-1952, ossw: [O-29-4]-Charles A. Allen/1874-1940 Tombstone Mabel/Charles [R-6-11]-Paul George Allen/Br 3 US Navy/World War II/ Feb. 18, 1920/Dec. 14, 1978 Tombstone (note: he was disinterred from Knollwood #33 and moved here on 6/13/1995) [R-6-11]-Marjorie E. Franke Allen/Apr. 23, 1923/Apr. 25, 2009 Tombstone [S-46-9]-John [Edward] Allen/Brother/June 28, 1929/Apr. 29, 1937 Tombstone [S-51-5]-Evelyn E. Allen/Jan. 18, 1908/July 30, 2008, ossw: [S-51-5]-Franklin T. Allen/Feb. 24, 1912/June 24, 1976 Tombstone Evelyn/Franklin [U-16-8]-Alice Allen/July 9, 1917/16 Feb. 16, 1985Tombstone, ossw: [U-16-8]-George I. Allen/Sept. 21, 1910/Apr. 29, 1986/age 75 yrs./widower of Alice Allen] Tombstone [U-27-4]-George C. Allen/1910-1956 Tombstone [U-27-4]-Clarence E. Allen/Feb. 28, 1912/Jan. 23, 1986 Tombstone [U-27-4]-Helen M. Allen/1912/Feb. 7, 1996 Tombstone Clarence/Helen [U-27-7]-[Mary Helen Allen/d. 04-11-1955/stillborn] [W2-168-2]-[John Allen/bur. 10-20-1878] [W2-168-2]-J.S. Allen/Co. K/27th Wis. Inf. Tombstone [John Allen/buried October 20, 1878/from Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable) Tribune article 1897 [W2-168-2]-[Abraham Allen/bur. 12-08-1893/age 86 yrs./cause: old age] [W2-168-2]-[Martha Allen/bur. 07-20-1901/age 80 yrs.] [W2-231-1]-Frank B. Allen/Husband/May 13, 1891/Apr. 14, 1954 Tombstone [W2-235-7]-Luhman Allen/1839-1920 Tombstone [W2-235-7]-Frederica [L.] Allen/1862-1939 Tombstone See ALLEE See GILES See PEASHEK

ALLERTON: [L-15-2]-[O.H. Allerton/bur.01-01-1899/age 50 yrs./cause: general debility]

ALLGER: [D-29-4]-Mary Allger/1863-1938 Tombstone [R-46-8]-James W. Allger/9 Jan 1913/6 Jul 1999 Tombstone [R-46-8]-Jane B. Allger/Jan. 6, 1922/Mar. 12, 2005 Tombstone James/Jane

ALLIE: [E-12-6]-Claude Peter Allie/May 25, 1906/Nov. 1, 1996 Tombstone, ossw: [E-12-6]-Bernice Virginia Allie/Mar. 24, 1910/Apr. 12, 2003 Tombstone

ALLINSON: [L-6-2]-[John Allinson/bur. 08-05-1905] No Tombstone


ALLWARDT: [Unk]-[?? Allwardt, Jr./bur. 12-24-1882/child] [E-28-10]-Lester C. Allwardt/1901-1965, ossw: [E-28-10]-Virginia C. Allwardt/1902-1971 Tombstone Lester/Virgina [W2-207-3]-John Allwardt/1879-1948, ossw: [W2-207-3]-Emma Allwardt/1880-1928 Tombstone John/Emma [W2-207-4]-[Charles ALWART/bur. 09-10-1877/cause of death: miscarriage] [W2-207-4]-[Baby AHLWARDT/bur. 03-06-1907/age 2 mo./cause: congesture defects] [W2-207-4]-Caroline Allwardt/Geb. 4 Nov. 1845/Gest. 6 Aug. 1928, ossw: [W2-207-4]-Charles Allwardt/1873-1932 Tombstone Caroline/Charles, ossw: [W2-207-4]-Carl Allwardt/Geb.12 Aug. 1838/Gest.18 Apr. 1930 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-207-4]-Wilhelm Alvin Heinrich [William ALWART]/Geb. 3 Mai 1881/gest. 28 Jan. 1882, ossw: [W2-207-4]-Friederike Ida Johanna [Fredericka ALWART]/geb. 11 Mar. 1877/ gest. 11 Nov. 1882 [age 6 yrs.] Tombstone Wilhelm/Friederike, ossw: [W2-207-4]-Louisa Sophia Johanna [Louise ALWARDT]/tochter von/C. & C. ALLVERDT/ geboren 5 Sept. 1869/gestorben 30 Sept. 1890 [cause: suicide] Tombstone Louisa Tombstone Caroline/Charles/Carl/Wilhelm/Friederike/Louisa [W2-207-4]-Footstone: W.A./F.A./L.S.J./Vater/Mutter/Charles

ALMSTAT: [Unk]-[?? Almstat/bur. 02-27-1878] No Tombstone

ALQUIST: [W-16-3]-Marjorie B. Alquist/May 17, 1914/Sep. 8, 1996 Tombstone

ALSWEDE: [E2-3-7]-Richard Alswede/1893-1942 Tombstone, ossw: [E2-3-7]-May Alswede/1888-1975 Tombstone

ALT: [B-39-2]-Stephen K. Alt/1950-1971 Tombstone [B-39-2]-[Baby Alt/bur. 2-19-1931] No Tombstone [B-39-4]-Harold C. Alt/Jan. 5, 1908/Sept. 25, 1997 [age 89yr./Cremains/Forest Lawn Memorial/ widower of Josephine Alt] Tombstone [B-39-4]-Josephine V. Alt/Dec. 22, 1909/Dec. 4, 1989 [d. at Osseo MN/age 79 yrs./wife of Harold C. Alt] Tombstone [B-39-4]-Rosemary Alt/1928-2010 Tombstone [T-8-10]-Carl W. Alt/May 1, 1880/Mar. 18, 1976 Tombstone, ossw: [T-8-10]-Anna S. Alt/1885-1965 Tombstone

ALTER: [Unk]-[E. Alter/bur. 03-13-1873]-(infant) [A-29-3]-Minnie J. Alter/1869-1958 Tombstone [A-29-3]-Otto W. Alter/1859-1935 Tombstone [E2-13-1]-Caroline F.W.H. V. Alter/Gebne V. KUTZLEMEN/Geb. 19 Nov. 1798/ Gest. 21 Apr. 1870/Groszmama Tombstone [E2-13-2]-[Carl Alter/d. unk] Tombstone [E2-13-2]-[Bruno Alter/d. unk] Tombstone [E2-13-2]-[Eugenia Alter/d. unk] [E. Alter/bur. 04-10-1873] [E2-13-2]-Eugen O.G. Alter/Born Apr. 9, 1832/Died July 15, 1882 Tombstone Tombstone, ossw: [E2-13-2]-Margaret Alter/wife of Eugene Alter/Born Feb. 3, 1840/Died Mar. 26, 1920 Tombstone Tombstone Margaret [E2-13-2]-Father/Mother/Eugene/Bruno/Carl [E2-13-4]-Eugene G. Alter/1887-1959, ossw: [E2-13-4]-Natalie V. Alter/Apr. 19, 1887/Jan. 30, 1989 [at St. Louis MO/cremains/widow of Eugene G. Alter] Tombstone Eugene/Natalie [E2-13-4]-Oscar A. Alter/1861-1945 Photo/Tombstone [E2-13-4]-Dora BEER Alter/1860-1919 Tombstone [F-11-4]-George H. Alter/Oct. 24, 1896/Apr. 14, 1993/WWI Vet. [age 96 yrs./widower of Elsie Alter] Tombstone, ossw: [F-11-4]-Elsie [P.] Alter/Mar. 21, 1898/Aug. 31, 1986 Tombstone [R-11-11]-Alter Family stone [R-11-11]-Hattie Alter/nee GUTTMANN/1868-1958 Tombstone [R-11-11]-Gustav E. Alter/1863-1936 Tombstone [R-11-11]-Irma Alter/Mar. 4, 1899/Feb. 12, 1976 [age 76 yrs./widow of Clarence Alter/ bur. on Gustave Alter lot](Am. Leg. flag) Tombstone [R-11-11]-Clarence Alter/1894-1972 (war vet flag) Tombstone [R-11-12]-Mary MacKenzie Alter/1897-1934 Tombstone [R-11-12]-Fred L. Alter/1892-1972 (war vet flag) Tombstone See BACH

ALTERGOTT: [L-1-9]-Maria F. Altergott/8 Oct. 1918/26 Feb. 1922 Tombstone [L-1-12]-Leo G. Altergott/26 Juli 1920/17 Dec. 1922 Tombstone [L-16-3]-Herbert Altergott/(no dates on stone) [bur. 04-26-1916] Tombstone [O-28-6]-Dorothy Altergott/Mother/1851-1926 Tombstone [O-28-6]-[Alexander Altergott/bur. 04-28-1918/age 8 mo] [O-28-6]-[Baby Altergott/d. 11-15-1946/bur. on Alex Altergott lot] Marker

ALTHEN: [G-8-3]-George F. Althen/1880-1951 Tombstone [G-8-3]-Martha MILLER Althen/1878-1947 Tombstone [R-14-11]-Bernice M. PETERSON Althen/Sept. 10, 1908/Aug. 8, 1977 Tombstone See PETERSON

ALTMAN: [R-41-3]-Alfred P. Altman/1882-1950, ossw: [R-41-3]-Rickie T. Altman/July 31, 1886/Aug. 15, 1977 [d. at Sheboygan WI/widow of Alfred Altman] Tombstone Alfred/Rickie [R-41-3]-Lamar C. Altman/July 1, 1913/May 5, 1983 [bur. on Alfred and Ricke Altman lot] Tombstone [S-47-12]-Lois E. Altman/Mar. 17, 1927/Jan. 27, 2001 Tombstone [W2-117-2]-Carl Altman/1848-1920, ossw: [W2-117-2]-Augusta [C.] Altman/1850-1949 Photo Tombstone Carl/Augusta

ALVORD: [T-9-1]-Guy [E.] Alvord/1889-1961 Tombstone, ossw: [T-9-1]-Addie [L.] Alvord/1886-1962 Tombstone


AMATANGELO: [E2-4-9]-Karen Amatangelo/1947-2011 Tombstone

AMBLER: [U-13-9]-Edgar Ambler/1906-1958 (War vet flag) Tombstone, ossw: [U-13-9]-Leone E. Ambler/May 10, 1910/Sept. 22, 1986 Tombstone [U-24-3]-Annie Ambler/1886-1955 Tombstone, ossw: [U-24-3]-Fred Ambler/1884-1960 Tombstone

AMBROGIO: [W2-235-3]-Dominic N. Ambrogio/1907-1974 Tombstone

AMES: [E2-21-5]-(Julia Catherine Cunningham Ames/d. 20 April 1881] [U-34-4]-Carlton C. Ames/June 25, 1897/June 12, 1976 (war vet flag), ossw: [U-34-4]-Lillian T. Ames/July 29, 1897/30 Sept. 30, 1985 Tombstone Carlton/Lillian [U-34-4]-Michael Ames/1954-1955 Tombstone [U-34-4]-Donald C. Ames/Dec. 29, 1925/May 5, 2003 Tombstone

ANDERLE: [E2-7-7]-Anderle Family stone [E2-7-7]-Lillian Anderle/1904-1926 Tombstone [E2-7-7]-Anna Anderle/1873-1919 Tombstone [E2-7-7]-James Anderle/1868-1945 [d. 10-10-1945 at Sheboygan, WI/age 77 yrs.] Tombstone [L-29-8]-[Barbara Anderle/bur. 02-06-1918] [W2-103-4]-Johanna Anderle/Geb. 18 Mar. 1849/Gest. 3 Nov. 1879 Tombstone, ossw:ROCKHOFF

ANDERSEN: [C-1-6]-Viola Andersen/Aug. 14, 1890/Dec. 6, 1979 Tombstone, ossw: [C-1-6]-Alfred Andersen/1890-1951 (War vet flag) Tombstone [T-6-8]-Rose Marie K. Andersen/June 27, 1923/Jan. 13, 1989 Tombstone [T-6-8]-LeRoy K. Andersen/Jan. 5, 1922/July 22, 2007 Tombstone [W2-173-2]-A. Andersen/Fod. 10 Apr. 1826/Dod 18 Jan. 1889 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-173-2]-Anne Andersen/Fod 30 Nov. 1804/Dod 24 Sept. 1878 [Mrs. Anna Anderson/bur. 09-25-1878] Tombstone

ANDERSON: [Unk]-[(Child) Anderson/bur. 12-10-1864/burial register has buried the child of Mr. Anderson] [Unk]-[Anton Anderson/bur. 02-27-1875/burial register has buried the child of Andon Anderson, $1] [Unk]-[A. Anderson/bur. 03-05-1875/child/burial register has buried the child of Andon Anderson] [Unk]-[Miss Anderson/bur. 10-06-1878/burial register has buried Miss Anderson Norwager [a Norwegian] $2] [A-18-1]-[Oscar Anderson/bur. 12-28-1906/age 26 yrs./cause: consumption] [A-18-1]-(Georgiania PETERSON Anderson/age 65/bur. 3 July 1913/from record of St. James Epis. ch., Manitowoc) [B-9-3]-James Anderson/Father/1856-1925 Tombstone [B-9-3]-[Christina Anderson/d. 07-26-1942] [C-1-6]-Viola Anderson/1890-Dec. 6, 1979 [E2-23-5]-[Ch. Mrs. Anderson/bur. 08-09-1866] [E2-23-5]-[Christian Anderson/bur. 08-24-1897/age 71 yrs.] [E2-23-5]-[Sarah Anderson/bur. 09-08-1897] No Tombstone [E2-38-1]-Oscar Anderson/d. Feb. 2, 1860 Tombstone [E2-38-5]-[Emma Louise Anderson/d. 12-10-1941 at San Francisco, CA/bur. 03-18-1942/age 72 yrs/ cause: embolis of iliac artery/cremains/bur. on Henry Wetenkamp lot.] Tombstone [E2-46-5]-[Ole Anderson/bur. 06-12-1898/age 39 yrs./cause: typhoid fever] [E2-93-5]-[H.J. Anderson/bur. 06-02-1887] [E2-93-5]-[?? Anderson/bur. 10-31-1871/child/burial register has buried the child of H. J. Anderson, lot 5 blok 93, $1.25] [E2-93-5]-[Henricka Anderson/bur. 03-24-1937] [G-3-8]-Barbara Anderson/1874-1952 Tombstone [G-3-8]-Nellie Anderson/1877-1929 Tombstone [G-3-8]-Marie Anderson/1849-1939 Tombstone [G-3-8]-Peter Anderson/1841-1935 Tombstone [G-3-8]-Peter M. Anderson/1879-1956 Tombstone [G-3-7]-Hannah Anderson/1876-1963 Tombstone [G-3-7]-Henrietta Anderson/1885-1963 Tombstone [I-9-10]-[Charles Anderson/bur. 01-14-1909] [I-9-10]-Alvina Anderson/1874-1938, ossw: [I-9-10]-Charles B. Anderson/1872-1941 Tombstone Alvina/Charles [I-20-3]-Libby K. Anderson/Aug. 14, 1887/Oct. 21, 1985 Tombstone [K-6-5]-Lloyd C. Anderson/1895-1918-son Tombstone [L-5-6]-[Margaret Anderson/bur. 08-29-1899/age 2 mo./cause: indigestion] [L-6-1]-[Inga Anderson/bur. 08-09-1905/age 88 yrs./cause: old age] [L-15-4]-[Knud Anderson/bur. 12-26-1899/age 78 yrs./cause: paralysis] [L-32-11]-[Baby Anderson/bur. 01-23-1933] Tombstone [O-11-6]-[Christian Anderson/bur. 3-24-1916/age 63 yrs] [O-11-6]-Alice M. Anderson/d. unknown/bur. 11 Sept. 2002/Cremation/arranged by mother Pam Moh] [O-11-6]-Norman C. Anderson/1904-1966 Tombstone, ossw: [O-11-6]-Gladys [T.] Anderson/1903-1972 Tombstone [O-11-6]-Alice Anderson/Mother Tombstone [O-11-6]-Christopher Anderson/Father Tombstone [O-11-6]-Cora Anderson/d. 1915 Tombstone [O-11-6]-Ambrose Anderson/d. Oct. 22, 1918/from obit Tombstone [O-18-3]-[Charlotte Anderson/bur. 06-02-1913] No Tombstone [O-22-4]-Nils J. Anderson/1872-1940/Spanish War Vet/1898-1902 Tombstone [O-22-4]-Rosa Anderson/1874-1960 Tombstone [O-22-4]-Anna Anderson/Mother/July 6, 1888/Jan. 7, 1919 Tombstone [P-18-7]-Lester N. Anderson/1897-1970 (Am. Leg. Flg), ossw: [P-18-7]-George A. Anderson/1903-1945 Tombstone Lester/George [P-27-1]-Carl Anderson/Father/1879-1951, ossw: [P-27-1]-Edna Anderson/Mother/1892-1941 Tombstone Carl/Edna [P-34-5]-Theodore C. Anderson/1870-1942, ossw: [P-34-5]-Enanda Anderson/1875-1951, ossw: [P-34-5]-Mildred Anderson/Sept. 12/Sept. 22/1900 Tombstone Theodore/Enanda/Mildred [P-34-5]-Margaret Anderson/1910-1955 Tombstone [R-22-9]-Anderson Family stone [R-22-9]-George T. Anderson/1862-1931 Tombstone [R-22-9]-Ida VETTING Anderson/1868-1943 Tombstone [R-22-9]-Ella J. Anderson/Dec. 6, 1890/Sept. 22, 1979 Tombstone [R-22-10]-Theodore O. Anderson/1859-1940 Tombstone [R-22-10]-Mayme MUTH Anderson/1876-1932 Tombstone [S-43-20]-John C. Anderson/Aug. 20, 1907/Aug. 4, 1979 (Pfeffer Funeral Home marker) [S-43-46]-John A. Anderson/1923-2013 Tombstone [S-43-48]-Carl Nels Anderson/Mar. 23, 1929/Mar. 19, 2000 Tombstone [S-45-1]-Albert N. Anderson/1881-1928, ossw: [S-45-1]-Regina Anderson/1884-1967 Tombstone Albert/Regina [S-45-1]-Doris Anderson/1926-1928 Tombstone [S-45-7]-Orbina Anderson/1881-1931 Tombstone [S-45-7]-Gilbert A. Anderson/1880-1924 Tombstone [T-2-6]-Esther [W.](Bargmann) Anderson/Sept. 21, 1902/Feb. 26, 1993, ossw: [T-2-6]-Harold A. Anderson/1900-1965 Tombstone Esther/Harold [T-4-20]-Marcella Anderson/April 23, 1911/June 20, 1976 Tombstone [T-11-6]-Gustave Ceaglske/1905-1966 (See CEAGLSKE-have obit), ossw: [T-11-6]-Edith C. Anderson/1911-1972 [d. 06-20-1972/age 61 yrs.] Urn Tombstone Gustave/Edith [T-15-6]-Edna N. Anderson/1888-1974 Tombstone, ossw: [T-15-6]-Anton O. Anderson/1880-1948 Tombstone [T-30-10]-Mary SHEEHAN Anderson/1881-1948, ossw: [T-30-10]-Helen Sheehan/1886-1968 (See Sheehan/have obit), ossw: [T-30-10]-Charlotte Sheehan REILLY/1892-1958 (See Reilly/have obit) Tombstone Mary/Helen/Charlotte [U-3-6]-Ethel E. Anderson/Sept. 30, 1912/Apr. 8, 1997 Tombstone, ossw: [U-3-6]-Louie Anderson/Dec. 23, 1913/Oct. 27 1984 Tombstone [U-27-10]-Noble Ben Anderson/Aug. 8, 1906/Dec. 31, 1995 Tombstone, ossw: [U-27-10]-Lonaverne Y. Anderson/1911-1973 Tombstone [U-39-2]-Oscar L. Anderson/Apr. 6, 1896/Jan. 4, 1972 (Am. Leg. Flag) Tombstone, ossw: [U-39-2]-Hazel F. Anderson/Sept. 20, 1899/6 Nov. 6, 1983 Tombstone [V-5-1]-Scott H. Anderson/1973/09-15-1987 Tombstone [W-16-8]-Everett E. Anderson/SSGT US Army/World War II Feb. 25, 1911/Apr. 8, 1996 Tombstone [W-16-8]-Olive M. Anderson/July 22, 1905/Apr. 2, 2003 Tombstone [W2-130-2]-[Jacob Anderson/bur. 08-02-1872] [W2-130-2]-[Anna C. Anderson/Mrs./bur. 05-17-1891/age 70 yrs./cause: injury from a fall] [W2-147-1]-Andreas Anderson/Father/Born June 12, 1842/Died June 5, 1885 Tombstone [W2-147-1]-Andrea Anderson/Mother/Born Aug. 9, 1844/Died July 16, 1875 Tombstone [W2-147-1]-Nels Peter and Marie Anderson/Babies Tombstone [W2-147-1]-[Nels Anderson/d. unk] Tombstone [W2-147-1]-[Peter Anderson/d. unk] Tombstone [W2-147-1]-[Marie Anderson/d. unk] Tombstone [W2-161-2]-Andrew M. Anderson/1884-1937 Tombstone [W2-162-4]-Thurine Anderson DOXROD (see Doxrod) [listed as Mrs. Thwaine Doxrod Anderson/bur. 03-11-1889/age 78 years/cause: old age] Tombstone [W2-162-4]-N. N. Anderson [Andres Anderson]/Died Mar. 17, 1896/ aged 52 years [cause: Brights disease] Tombstone, ossw: [W2-162-4]-N.T. Anderson [Nils]/His son/Died Mar. 30, 1878/Aged 9 years Tombstone [W2-162-4]-Niels Anderson DOXROD (see Doxrod) [Nels Anderson/bur. 07-31-1886/age 77 yrs.] Tombstone [W2-170-3]-Chester M. Anderson/Dec. 11, 1906/Dec. 9, 1987 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-170-3]-Anita U.(Uek) Anderson/Aug. 13, 1907/May 2, 1995 Tombstone [W2-184-1]-Andrew Anderson [Andreas]/Father/Born July 25, 1835/Died Feb. 4, 1912 [cause: exhaustion] Tombstone [W2-185-4]-[Jean Harriet Anderson/bur. 6-7-1927] [W2-185-4]-[James Anderson/bur. 5-11-1927] Photos/Tombstone [W2-185-4]-[Evalina Anderson/bur. 10-18-1930/age 84 yrs] [W2-185-4]-Family stone reads: Anderson-GAREY-McFARLANE-NOBLE [1,2,3, & 4 in block 185 of W2, so 1/4 of the monument is on each lot.], ossw: [W2-185-4]-John Anderson/Jan. 16, 1806/Nov. 2, 1872 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-185-4]-Harriet SIBREE Anderson/Born June 17, 1816/Died Aug. 6, 1873 Tombstone John/Harriet, ossw: [Mrs. Anderson/bur. 08-08-1873] From cem. office: [W2-185-4]-John Anderson/Born Jan. 16, 1806/died Nov. 2, 1872, ossw: [W2-185-4]-Harriet SIBREE Anderson/Born June 17, 1816/Died Aug. 6, 1873 I think these 2 couples are the same people. They were originally buried on E2-89-5 and then appear to have been moved to W2-185-4. E2-89-5 is a 5-space lot. There are already 4 traditional burials and one child burial on the lot that are located. The burials for John & Harriet were not located on the lot, and I believe that is because they were moved. I did not have exact burial dates for the burials in E2-89-5 (Harriet Anderson - sometime in 1873 and John Anderson - sometime in 1872). The burials also had 900xxx burial id #'s which indicate to me that they were probably moved onto the lot from somewhere else. [W2-185-4]-Harriet Anderson GAREY/wife of J.E. GAREY/Born Jan. 11, 1848/Died Dec. 9, 1880 [John E. Garey lot](See GAREY-have obit), ossw: [W2-185-4]-Sarah McFARLANE/wife of Rev. Walter McFARLANE/Died Dec. 5, 1881/Aged 70 years, ossw: [W2-185-4]-Rev. Walter McFARLANE (bal. uncut), ossw: [W2-185-2]-Jean Anderson NOBLE/wife of Wm. H. NOBLE/Born Nov. 29, 1846/Died Aug. 21, 1884, ossw: [W2-185-2]-William H. NOBLE/Born Feb. 6, 1837/Died Oct. 21, 1894 (See NOBLE-have obit) [W2-211-1]-Andrew C. Anderson/Father/1865-1942 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-211-1]-Amelia Anderson/Mother/1875-1956 Tombstone Andrew/Amelia [W2-211-1]-William C. Anderson/Sept. 6, 1909/June 16, 1917 Tombstone [Y-1-9]-John P. Anderson/S A US Navy/Aug. 29, 1942/July 4, 1977 Tombstone [Y-5-17]-Genevieve (Jean) Anderson/Aug. 27, 1912/July 13, 1994 Tombstone, ossw: [Y-5-17]-Charles J./Feb. 16, 1908/Dec. 9, 1984 Tombstone [Y-5-19]-Alvin Ronald "Andy" Anderson/Mar. 19, 1931/Aug. 13, 2006 Tombstone See WETERKAMP family plot

ANDES: [R-41-3]-Caroline [D.] SIMPSON Andes/1882-1964 Tombstone See SIMPSON

ANDRASTEK: [E-5-4]-Martin J. Andrastek/Nov. 6, 1908/July 5, 1982 Tombstone, ossw: [E-5-4]-Bernice M. Andrastek/1908-1973 Tombstone [E-5-5]-Edmund Andrastek/May 30, 1906/Sept. 7, 1978 Tombstone [E-5-8]-Stanley S. Andrastek/May 1, 1911/Oct. 27, 1984 Tombstone, ossw: [E-5-8]-Viola B. Andrastek/Apr. 3, 1914/Mar. 30, 1998 Tombstone

ANDREASEN: [W2-130-1]-Jacob Andreasen/fod. Melsomvig Norge/11 Nov. 1797/dod i Chicago, Ill. den 22 Febr. 1880 Tombstone, ossw: [W2-130-1]-Ingeborg Helene Andreasen/fod i Melsomvig, Norge den 25 Jan. 1797/ dod in Manitowoc, Wis. den/22 Dec. 1873 Tombstone

ANDREASON: [Unk]-[Niels Andreason/bur. 05-20-1872/burial register has buried the child of Mr. Nils Andreason, $1.25]

ANDREE: [W2-161-2]-Gottfried Andree/1842-1879[bur. 09-25-1913/removed from 3-22-E2/bur. on I.O.O.F lot] Tombstone

ANDREW: [E-14-9]-Jacob Dylan Andrew/2007-Mar. 11, 2012 Tombstone

ANDREWS: [Unk]-[?? Andrews/bur. 11-08-1861] No Tombstone [E2-55-3]-[James Andrews/bur. 01-11-1913] No Tombstone [E2-55-3]-[Anna Andrews/bur. 02-18-1907/age 78 yrs.] No Tombstone [E2-55-3]-Alice/dau. of J. & A. Andrews/Dec 29, 1864/Jan 8, 1888 Tombstone, ossw: [E2-55-3]-Willie (nothing else) Tombstone, also footstones: W.A. and A.A. [L-29-22]-[Bessie Andrews/bur. 09-20-1955/age 54 yrs./cause: carcinomatosis/city relief case/space #220] No Tombstone [T-13-7]-Malcom Andrews, Dr./1879-July 29, 1952/age 73 Tombstone, ossw: [T-13-7]-Mable Andrews/d. 02-27-1955 Tombstone Malcom/Mable

ANDRUSAK: [R-19-1]-[Mary Andrusak/Miss/bur. 2-10-1936/age 19 yrs] Photo No Tombstone [S-43-70]-William G. Andrusak/Aug. 28, 1944/Oct. 12, 1996 Tombstone [T-16-9]-[Mary Andrusak/d. 10-04-1949/age 64 yrs.] No Tombstone

ANGELIS: [Unk]-[Max Angelis/bur. 01-05-1878]

ANGER: [L-1-9]-[Baby Anger/bur 01-25-1921/stillborn/space #24]

ANHALT: [E-7-9]-Joseph A. Anhalt/1915-1972, ossw: [E-7-9]-Kathryn L./1917-2011 Tombstone Joseph/Kathryn [L-31-1]-Baby boy Anhalt/Mar. 21, 1986/Mar. 21, 1986/stillborn/space #431] Tombstone [V-18-3]-McKinzie Anhalt/Jan. 27, 1979/Jan. 27, 1979, Green Bay, WI/fetal death/ cremains/bur. on Mrs. William R. McConnell lot] [V-33-7]-Michael E. Anhalt/Apr. 4, 1912/Jan. 4, 1982, ossw: [V-33-7]-Esther Hilda Anhalt/Sept. 26, 1920/June 13, 2006 Tombstone Michael/Esther

ANIC: [W2-234-8]-John [M.] Anic/1889-1967, ossw: [W2-234-8]-Minnie Anic/1889-1953, ossw: [W2-234-8]-John Anic Jr./-1921-, ossw: [W2-234-8]-Joseph Anic/-1923- Tombstone John/Minnie/John/Joseph [Baby Anic/bur 04-10-1923/premature birth/bur on John M Anic lot]

ANKLAM: [Y-5-9]-Glen Gordon Anklam/Mar. 20, 1942/Dec. 31, 1995 Tombstone

ANSCHULTZ: [S-43-70]-Sarah Anschultz/June 15, 1925/May 15, 2005 Tombstone

ANSORGE: [F-8-3]-Myrtle V. Ansorge/Nov. 3, 1898/Apr. 5, 1998 Tombstone [F-8-3]-Ruth E. Ansorge/Jan. 18, 1926/Oct. 19, 1928 Tombstone [F-8-3]-Anna L. Ansorge/Mar. 16, 1930/Mar. 21, 1930 [cause: marasmus/bur. on Henry Ansorge lot] Tombstone [G-1-1]-Alvin J. Ansorge/May 26, 1910/Aug. 26, 1995 Tombstone [G-3-4]-Herman F. Ansorge/Jan. 22, 1884/Mar. 25, 1925 Tombstone [L-2-10]-Emelie/Mother/wife of Hy. Ansorge/1850-1920 Tombstone [L-15-3]-Heinrich Ansorge [Henry]/Geb. 15 Juli 1816/Gest. 4 Mai 1900 Tombstone [L-31-12]-Douglas E. Ansorge/1950-1952 [space #281] Tombstone [M]-Helen Kathryn/Mar. 23, 1917/Feb. 8 2011, ossw: [M]-Herbert Arno/Aug. 19, 1918/Apr. 18, 2008 Tombstone Helen/Herbert [O-24-2]-[Edwin Ansorge/bur. 7-5-1927/age 1 yr/cause: pneumonia/bur. on Ernst Ansorge lot/ removed from Newton] [O-24-2]-Ernst Ansorge/Father/Feb. 7, 1880/Nov. 14, 1918 Tombstone next to: [O-24-2]-Metha Ansorge/Mother/Nov. 27, 1877/Jan. 10, 1946 Tombstone [O-24-2]-Edwin Ansorge/sohn von E. & M. Ansorge/Geb. 7 Mar. 1906/Gest. 1 Dec. 1907 (Edwin William Heinrich Ansorge/d. 12/01/1907/Bur. 12/03/1907/from records of St. John's Evang. Luth. Ch.) Tombstone [O-24-2]-Ida A. Ansorge/May 10, 1911/Dec. 28, 1967, ossw: [O-24-2]-Frederick F. Ansorge/Nov. 26, 1902/Feb. 6, 1979 Tombstone Ida/Frederick [O-24-2]-Edwin Ansorge/1906-1907 Tombstone [O-24-2]-Baby Ansorge/1913-1913 [Babe Ansorge/bur. 03-18-1913/cause: premature birth/bur. on Ernst Ansorge lot] Tombstone [P-25-11]-Harry E. [DIEDRICH]/1907-1943, ossw: [P-25-11]-Violet O. (Diedrich) Ansorge/May 29, 1908/Mar. 12, 2000] [From cem. office: This is actually Harry E. Diederich and his wife Violet Diederich (she married an Ansorge after Harry's death). The lot was purchased by Mrs. Violet Diederich.-I have them also entered under the surname Diedrichs from transcriptions] Tombstone Harry/Violet

ANTAL: [T-11-7]-Rhoda Mae PEPPLER Antal/1937-1972 Tombstone

ANTHOLD: [R-38-5]-George Anthold/1890-1956, ossw: [R-38-5]-Erma Anthold/Mar. 16, 1901/Apr. 1, 2000 Tombstone George/Emma

ANTHOLZ: [R-24-8]-William G. Antholz/1895-1958, ossw: [R-24-8]-Viola Antholz/Mar. 22, 1898/July 11, 1991 [widow of William Antholz] Tombstone William/Viola [R-24-8]-Amelia Antholz/Mother/1865-1936 Tombstone [R-24-8]-Heinrich Antholz/Father/1859-1929 Tombstone

ANTONSEN: [T-12-2]-James B. Antonsen/1885-1971 Tombstone

ARCHAMBAULT: [E-34-13]-Louise V. Archambault/Mother/1888-1972 Tombstone [E-38-8]-Thomas G. Archambault/1958-1972, ossw: [E-38-8]-June [J.] Archambault/1925-1969 Tombstone Thomas/June

ARCHAMBEAU: [B-19-4]-Willlard Archambeau/Jan. 24, 1912/Apr. 12, 2000 Tombstone

ARGALL: [L-26-1]-Baby Argall/Apr. 20, 2002/Apr. 20, 2002/bur. 7 Aug. 2002/fetus]

ARMSTRONG: [T-34-6]-John Armstrong/1883-1950 Tombstone, ossw: [T-34-6]-Josephine Armstrong/Jan. 14, 1893/Aug. 2, 1978 Tombstone [W-18-7]-William H. Armstrong/Jan. 8, 1923/Nov. 26, 1995 [WWII vet] Tombstone

ARNDS: [L-8-6]-[Baby Arnds/bur. 10-28-1895/age 2 mo./cause: convulsions]

ARNDT: [G-4-8]-Richard Arndt/1894-1930 (U.S.Vet flag) [T-6-10]-Adam Arndt/1982-2013 (veteran) Photo/Tombstone [T-6-11]-John Arndt/1891-1971 (Am. Leg. flag) Tombstone, ossw: [T-6-11]-Lillian Arndt/Apr. 9, 1901/Mar. 16, 1978 Tombstone John/Lillian [T-8-8]-Paul J. Arndt/Aug. 23, 1925/May 28, 2015, ossw: [T-8-8]-Ruth M. Arndt/Oct. 4, 1926-__ [T-30-5]-Amanda M. Arndt/1892-1957 Tombstone, ossw: [T-30-5]-Herbert T. Arndt/1893-1948 (Am.Leg.flag) Tombstone [T-30-5]-Ralph R. Arndt/Tec3 US Army/World War II/ Aug. 2, 1925/Nov. 24, 2002 Tombstone [T-30-5]-Robert Charles Arndt/Oct. 28, 1923/Jan. 6, 2004 Tombstone [V-5-8]-Esther A. Arndt/Dec. 2, 1912/Feb. 5, 2000 [widow of Emil Arndt] Tombstone [V-5-8]-Emil A. Arndt/Dec. 24, 1901/31 Mar. 31, 1985 Tombstone See Augustin

ARNESON: [I-3-3]-Arne Arneson/Uncle/1852-1930 Tombstone

ARNETT: [U-22-5]-Englebert [O.] Arnett/1900-1957 (Am. Leg. flag), ossw: [U-22-5]-Minnie Arnett/1906-1973 Tombstone Englebert/Minnie

ARNOLD: [O-16-6]-Francis Arnold/1915-1916 [Francis Arnold/bur. 04-17-1916/cause: peritonitis/ bur. on Otto Herman lot](see Herman) Tombstone [S-45-11]-Leo May Arnold/1880-1971, ossw: [S-45-11]-Elmer E. Arnold/1878-1934 Tombstone Leo/Elmer [T-13-9]-Donald K. Arnold/May 22, 1938/Aug. 25, 1993 [widower of Mattie Arnold], ossw: [T-13-9]-[Mattie Jo Arnold/1938/Sept. 15, 1990 [age 52 yrs./wife of Donald Arnold] Tombstone Donald/Mattie [W2-117-3]-John Arnold/geb. 20 Feb. 1836/gest. 27 Juni 1910, ossw: [W2-117-3]-Bertha Arnold/Nee SPINDLER/Geb. 30 Mai 1846/Gest. 4 Juni 1932 Tombstone Tombstone John/Bertha, ossw: HOLZKNECHT and BUGLER

ARNOLDE: [L-1-12]-[John Arnolde/bur 04-23-1923/premature birth/space #30] No Tombstone

ARNST: [T-1-4]-John Arnst/1906-1962 Tombstone, ossw: [T-1-4]-Mary Arnst/1909-1973 Tombstone

ARPIN: [E-38-10]-Adrian P. Arpin/Feb. 5, 1904/Oct. 19, 1990 [husband of Adeline A. Arpin] Tombstone, ossw: [E-38-10]-Adeline Anna Arpin/Dec. 25, 1910/Aug. 30, 2002 [widow of Adrian P. Arpin] Tombstone [T-38-7]-Marion Platt Arpin/Sept. 29, 1896/Mar. 19, 1988 Tombstone

ARSIMUK: [I-1-5]-Alex Arsimuk/1893-1974 (Am.Leg.flag) Marker

ARSINEAU: [T-22-6]-Raymond C. Arsineau/1913-1965 (VFW flag) Tombstone, ossw: [T-22-6]-Verona A. Arsineau/Sept. 20, 1913/Dec. 31, 2003 Tombstone

ARTER: [W2-193-2]-[Anna Arter/bur. 10-03-1913/age 32 years/cause: chronic endocarditis/bur. on John Johnson lot]

ARTIS: [V-26-2]-William G. Artis/Sept. 25, 1903/July 4, 1973, ossw: [V-26-2]-Lucile K. Artis/Apr. 16, 1913/Mar. 23, 1979 Tombstone William/Lucille

ARTS: [U-34-3]-Frank L. Arts/1895-1959, ossw: [U-34-3]-Minnie H. Arts/1897-1972 Tombstone Frank/Minnie

ARTZ: [E-32-6]-Liliane Y. Artz/1928-1967 Tombstone [K-12-2]-Carmen Artz/Oct. 7, 1905/Mar. 18, 2003 Tombstone [U-34-5]-Sarah E. Artz/Jan. 19, 1899/Aug. 15, 1978 Tombstone [Y-4-3]-Gloria A. Artz/Dec. 15, 1934/July 4, 1998 Tombstone

ARULSON: [E2-62-4]-[C. Arulson (child)/bur. 08-29-1862/lot owner Sievert Arnolsen/ burial register has buried the child of Cever(?) Arulson (Arnlson?) L4, B62]


ASCHENBACH: [F-33-2]-[Baby Aschenbach/d. 01-25-1939/age 7 months/cause: premature/bur. on Herman Wilke lot]

ASCHENBRENNER: [E-2-10]-Henry R. Aschenbrenner/1910-1964 Tombstone, ossw: [E-2-10]-Angeline [I.] Aschenbrenner/1910-1962 Tombstone [E-5-1]-Godfrey Aschenbrenner/1908-1965 Tombstone, ossw: [E-5-1]-Emma Aschenbrenner/Sept. 26, 1906/July 2, 1993 [widow of Godfrey Aschenbrenner] Tombstone [E2-4-9]-Henry Aschenbrenner Sr./1887-1947 Tombstone, ossw: [E2-4-9]-Dorothy Aschenbrenner/Apr. 19, 1886/Jan. 19, 1977 Tombstone, next to: [E2-4-9]-Peter Aschenbrenner/1912-1919 [bur. 12-8-1919/cause: hemorrage of nose and stomach/bur. on Henry Aschenbrenner Sr. lot] Tombstone [E2-4-9]-James C. Aschenbrenner/1958/Apr. 25, 1998 Tombstone [E2-4-9]-Arline L. Aschenbrenner/1922/Jan. 14, 1988 Tombstone [E2-4-9]-Edward Aschenbrenner, Capt./Apr. 8, 1918/Aug. 24, 2004/ US Navy WWII Tombstone

ASHBY: [F-27-2]-[Lulu Ashby/bur. 10-04-1910/cause: convulsions]

ASHENBRENER: [R-14-9]-John J. Ashenbrener/July 23, 1916/07 May 1993 [cremains] Tombstone

ASHENBRENNER: [S-43-24]-Alois W. Ashenbrenner/June 12, 1911/Jan. 14, 1995 Tombstone, ossw: [S-43-24]-Evelyn V. Ashenbrenner/Sept. 28, 1921/July 20, 1986 Tombstone

ASHFORD: [T-2-3]-Nina J. Ashford/1929-1966 Tombstone, ossw: [T-2-3]-Mason L. Ashford/Feb. 3, 1913/May 1, 2002 Tombstone [wives Nina Ashford/Jermaine Moldenhauer]


ASLAKSON: [A-2-3]-[Miss Olava Aslakson/bur. 08-16-1890/age 30 yrs./cause: consumption] [A-2-3]-[Martha Aslakson/bur. 03-16-1892/age 61 yrs./cause: La Grippe] [A-2-3]-[Oliver ASLACKSON/bur. 08-18-1904/age 72 yrs.] [C-22-2]-[Baby Aslakson/bur. 04-12-1920/stillborn/bur. on H.G. Rudie lot]

ASMUS: [B-27-3]-Elaine R. Asmus/1911-2009 Tombstone

ASSACK; [Unk]-[?? Assack/bur. 02-13-1868] Tombstone

ASUMA: [C-19-4]-Francis J. Asuma/Apr. 3, 1904/Oct. 20, 1970 Tombstone, ossw: [C-19-4]-Gertrude Asuma/Aug. 24, 1897/Feb. 19, 1988 Tombstone

ATGES: [Unk]-[?? Atges/bur. 02-01-1870]

ATKINSON: [T-9-4]-[Baby girl Atkinson/d. 12-26-1973/stillborn/dau. of Wanda Atkinson/bur. in same coffin as grandmother: Gloria Augustin]

ATTRIDGE: [I-3-3]-Photo of plot [I-3-3]-Raymond Attridge/born May 14, 1883/died Jan. 5, 1907/ Age 23 yrs. 7 m. 22 d. Tombstone, ossw: [I-3-3]-Charlotte COOK Attridge/born (no date listed/died Oct. 29, 1912 Tombstone

AUBERG: [Unk]-[(Oskar?) Auberg/bur. 02-28-1884/age 19 yrs./male] [D-18-1]-[Knut S. Auberg/bur. 11-09-1911] No Tombstone [D-18-1]-[Mary Auberg/bur. 01-07-1910/cause: hemorrhage] No Tombstone [Note: Knut S. and Mary Auberg are on the lot with Emma O'Connell. In the 1868-69 EDWARDS DIRECTORY "Auberg K.S., carpenter, r. ws 8th cor. Marshall," so I think that Knut's & Mary's last name should be Auberg, since the obit for Emma O'Connell & the directory both have the same spelling./from cemetery office] (They are also on the 1860, 1870, 1880 census as Auberg) See Oberg

AUDE: [C-20-3]-Joachim Aude/Geb. 6 Mar. 1842/Gest. 5 Nov. 1896 Tombstone, ossw: [C-20-3]-Caroline Aude/Geb. 17 Dez. 1842/Gest. 1 Apr. 1929 Tombstone [C-20-3]-footstone: Joachim/Caroline

AUGUSTIN: [E-40-11]-Clarence J. Augustin/May 19, 1913/Mar. 13, 2001 Tombstone [T-9-4]-Gloria Augustin/1932-1973 Tombstone [T-9-4]-George Augustin/Wisconsin/Sgt.TRP D.8 Calvary/World War II Dec. 27, 1928/Sept. 27, 1965 Tombstone [Y-2-19-]-John C. Augustin/Dec. 3, 1903/Oct. 23, 1989 [widower of Laura Augustin], ossw: [Y-2-19-]-Laura E. Augustin/Dec. 10, 1895/Mar. 29, 1982 Tombstone John/Laura

AUGUSTINE: [D-36-3]-Louise Augustine/1872-1936 Tombstone [D-36-3]-Anton J. Augustine/1869-1934 Tombstone [E2-74-5]-George J. Augustine/Nov. 3, 1892/May 16, 1980 Tombstone, ossw: [E2-74-5]-Julia C. Augustine/1890-1981 Tombstone [L-30-4]-Shawn David Augustine/1971-1971 Marker [S-42-16]-Steven Roy Augustine/Dec. 11, 1962/Aug. 23, 2012 Photo/Tombstone [U-36-8]-Dale M./May 12, 1947/Mar. 23, 2010 Tombstone

AULIK: [E-4-3]-John W. Aulik/1894-1975 Tombstone, ossw: [E-4-3]-Julia C. Aulik/1896-1975 Tombstone [E-16-4]-Allen Charles Aulik/July 15, 1934/Jan. 12, 2004 Tombstone [E-26-10]-Daniel V. Aulik/1906-1971 Tombstone, ossw: [E-26-10]-Alice B. Aulik/Dec. 3, 1908/Mar. 12, 1987 Tombstone [M-12-17]-Elizabeth A. Aulik/Mar. 3, 1981/July 11, 2000 [Cremated/Pfeffer Funeral Home] Tombstone, ossw: [M-12-17]-Ricky E. Aulik/Feb. 24, 1958/Nov. 11, 1994/Cremated/Pfeffer Funeral Home] Tombstone [M-12-17]-Agnes Aulik/May 9, 1936/Oct. 24, 2009 Tombstone [T-28-8]-Joseph F. Aulik/Father/Nov. 30, 1891/Feb. 15, 1983 Tombstone, ossw: [T-28-8]-Anna KAPINOS Aulik/Mother/1898-1947 Tombstone [T-28-8]-Robert F. Aulik/May 2, 1925/Dec. 29, 1992 [d. at Marengo Township MI/age 67 yrs./ cremains/single/cause: hepatic failure/bur. 03-26-1993] Tombstone [U-10-18]-Raymond Aulik/Mar. 7, 1920/Jan. 1, 1990 Tombstone [Y-5-31]-Nancy Lou Aulik/1945/Aug. 12, 1997 Tombstone

AUMANN: [B-7-4]-Charles Aumann/1866-1933 Tombstone, ossw: [B-7-4]-Jennie Aumann/1867-1943 Tombstone [E-20-3]-Lloyd E. Aumann/Jan. 1, 1927/May 12, 1992 Tombstone [E-20-3]-Shirley Elaine Aumann/Mar. 28, 1927/Dec. 4, 2005 Tombstone [T-9-10]-Paul F. Aumann/Mar. 22, 1915/Aug. 14, 1990 [husband of Marjorie Aumann] Tombstone [T-9-10]-Marjorie Mae (Plinske) Aumann/Dec. 9, 1923/Aug. 10, 2005 Tombstone [T-28-2]-Adelia Aumann/1898-1948 Tombstone, ossw: [T-28-2]-Clifford J. Aumann/1897-1963 Tombstone [T-28-10]-Catherine Aumann/1886-1947 Tombstone, ossw: [T-28-10]-Walter Aumann/1884-1960 Tombstone [U-23-7]-Elsie L. Aumann/1894-1971 Tombstone, ossw: [U-23-7]-Edward L. Aumann/1888-1968 Tombstone [U-25-7]-Edwin [L.] Aumann/June 1, 1907/Dec. 18, 1989 [cremains] Tombstone, ossw: [U-25-7]-Louis J. Aumann/1882-1955 Tombstone, ossw: [U-25-7]-Polly Aumann/1885-1966 Tombstone [U-25-7]-Reuben F. Aumann/1892-1970 Tombstone, ossw: [U-25-7]-Mathilda M. Aumann/1895-1968 Tombstone [U-25-7]-Vernette M./Mar. 20, 1930/Dec. 29, 2008 Tombstone, ossw: [U-25-7]-John D./June 28, 1929/Aug. 26, 2012 Tombstone See HAAG

AUSMAN: [E-26-9]-John G. Ausman/Oct. 23, 1899/June 4, 1986 Tombstone, ossw: [E-26-9]-Irene C. Ausman/Mar. 28, 1902/Apr. 21, 1994 Tombstone

AUSTIN: [L-30-4]-Tera Austin/1972-1972 [space #386] Marker [Y-4-23]-Victoria Austin/Jan. 8, 1925/Feb. 7, 2003 Tombstone, ossw: [Y-4-23]-Albert (Al.)/1925-2009 Tombstone

AUTON: [W2-141-2]-Lennie Auton [Leonh. Auton]/1873-1874 [bur. 08-31-1874] Tombstone [W2-141-2]-[Leonard Auton/1839-1886 Tribune article Tombstone [W2-141-2]-Catharine Auton/1850-1922 Tombstone [W2-141-2]-Anna Auton BURK/1875-1940 (See BURK-have obit) Tombstone [W2-141-2]-Katherine Auton/1871-1948 Tombstone [W2-182-3]-Arthur J. Auton/1881-1958 Photo, ossw: [W2-182-3]-Emma R. Auton/1881-1970 Tombstone Arthur/Emma

AVERY: [U-21-4]-Loren Avery/1911-1965 Tombstone, ossw: [U-21-4]-Joyce C. Avery/1915-1973 Tombstone [U-22-3]-Donald Avery/1909-1956 Tombstone, ossw; [U-22-3]-Amanda Avery/1911-1999 [Amanda Bertha Wagner/d. 5-31-1999/age 89 yrs./Donald Avery was her first husband](28 Mar 1911/31 May 1999/SSDI) Tombstone [U-22-5]-Linda Avery/Granddaughter/-1961- No Tombstone, ossw: [U-22-5]-Virgil D. Avery/1904-1961 Tombstone, ossw: [U-22-5]-Pauline B. (Frozena) Avery/May 1, 1908/Dec. 24, 2000 Tombstone Virgil/Pauline [W-14-6]-Dale W. Avery/July 21, 1934/Jan. 27, 2013 Tombstone [Y-5-14]-Debra L. Avery/Oct. 12, 1961/July 5, 1992 [bur. on Neil Avery lot] Tombstone, ossw: [Y-5-14]-Laverne L./June 17, 1941/May 22, 1999 Tombstone, ossw: [Y-5-14]-Neil L./Jan. 26, 1938/May 19, 2007 Tombstone

AWE: [B-4-6]-Johann Awe/Geb. 16 Jan. 1823/Starb. 28 Feb. 1891 Tombstone, ossw: [B-4-6]-Marie Awe/Seine Gattin/Geb. 13 Aug. 1825/Gest. 28 Nov. 1914 (Henrietta in her obituary) Tombstone [B-4-6]-Footstone: J.A. [B-4-6]-Jno. ARVE/Co. E/27th Wis. Inf. Tombstone (John Awe/January 16, 1823/February 28, 1891/from the Manitowoc County Civil War Roundtable) Tribune article [U-11-3]-Elsie Awe/Mother/1889-1957 Tombstone [U-13-1]-Pamela Susan Awe/Oct. 15, 1957/Nov. 8, 1958 Tombstone, ossw: [U-13-1]-Scott Awe/Dec. 8, 1967 Tombstone [U-13-1]-Howard Emil Awe/July 28, 1930/Oct. 9, 1996 Tombstone, ossw: [U-13-1]-Carole/1936-2010 Tombstone

AXEN: [Unk]-[E. Axen/bur. 09-17-1870] No Tombstone [E2-91-3]-A. Sophie Axen [A. Sophia Mrs. Enoch Axen]/gattin von Iven Axen/ geboren 21 Juni 1819/gestorben 23 Aug. 1870 Tombstone


AYOTTE: [S-43-77]-Todd Gerald Ayotte/Apr. 18, 1968/May 4, 1997 Tombstone [S-43-89]-Kathryn Hazel Ayotte/Dec. 20, 1952/Nov. 7, 2003 Tombstone [S-43-91]-Arthur Joseph Ayotte/Nov. 22, 1930/May 24, 2003 Tombstone

AYRES: [H-16-3]-Charlotte Ayres/[bur. May 6, 1922/on Schuette lot] Tombstone [H-16-3]-Florence S. Ayres/Feb. 20, 1890/July 7, 1985 at Eau Claire WI/age 95 yrs./cremains/ widow of Albert O. Ayres/bur. on Fred Schuette lot] Tombstone Back to Top